The Future Door

The Future Door A mystery is afoot at Baker Street but will Griffin Sharpe be able to figure out the clues before the future catches up with the past When Sherlock Holmes moves out of Baker Street a new tenant

  • Title: The Future Door
  • Author: Jason Lethcoe
  • ISBN: 9781400317301
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • A mystery is afoot at 221 Baker Street, but will Griffin Sharpe be able to figure out the clues before the future catches up with the past When Sherlock Holmes moves out of Baker Street, a new tenant moves in a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has long been a fan of Holmes When she discovers that Griffin and his uncle are also detectives, she becomes very friendly SoA mystery is afoot at 221 Baker Street, but will Griffin Sharpe be able to figure out the clues before the future catches up with the past When Sherlock Holmes moves out of Baker Street, a new tenant moves in a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has long been a fan of Holmes When she discovers that Griffin and his uncle are also detectives, she becomes very friendly So when Elizabeth goes missing along with a special invention, Griffin sets out to rescue her But finding Elizabeth will take them on a race against the clock that bends time itself

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    1. Jason Lethcoe Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Future Door book, this is one of the most wanted Jason Lethcoe author readers around the world.


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    1. I rather enjoyed this book, as well as the first one, No Place Like Holmes Even though it is considered a children s book, I think any age of Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy it Because the time traveling idea is rather complex, and some of the diction is large, and the darker scenes, I would say this book is appropriate for ages around eight and up.Griffin is a remarkable young boy, who trusts God and tries to see the best in every situation I think that aspect of him is really encouraging to [...]

    2. The Future Door is actually the second book in a series Normally I would go and read the first book first, but I had this sent to me by Vine for review so I decided I d jump right in rather than seeking out the first book I hadn t read the first book but recognizing that it is aimed at a younger middle grade audience I hoped it would either work as a stand alone or give me enough details to catch me up if I needed material from book 1 The concept sounded fun The overall series is about a young b [...]

    3. Sherlock Holmes is a crime solving legend to those who have read the Arthur Conan Doyle stories and watched the old tv shows and films But with his exploits slowly fading into the literary past, what about the younger generation Will they never get to experience the brilliance of the world s greatest detective Thankfully, Jason Lethcoe has brought Sherlock Holmes to the realms of juvenile literature with the series, No Place Like Holmes A charming combination of history, adventure, and subtly pr [...]

    4. The author s notes are amusing, as they tell the story like it was true All the things he says Griffin did, however, seem slightly less believable As sequels go, I liked this very much Most sequels don t seem to turn out very good or maybe I m just thinking of movies but this one was done well There are many times when Mr Lethcoe keeps repeating what amazing observational skills Griffin has This takes away from the real feeling of the story, because if it were a real tale, he wouldn t have to re [...]

    5. The second book in Lethcoe s juvenile mystery series, following No Place Like Holmes, brings back Griffin Sharpe, the World s Most Secret Detective He s a twelve year old boy who travels through time using his uncle s invention Rupert Snodgrass, Griffin s uncle, was an inventor and a would be detective who lived at 221A Baker Street in the apartment next to Sherlock Holmes Rupert was a bitter man, angry that he was overshadowed by Holmes, and equally angry that his inventions didn t make him fam [...]

    6. FTC Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the Vine program in exchange for an honest review.The Future Door No Place Like Holmes Volume 2 by Jason LethcoeFrom the back of the book Griffin Sharpe and his uncle Rupert Snodgrass are fast on their way to becoming the most secret and skilled detectives in London since Sherlock Holmes retirement Griffin s unique ability to notice everything combined with his uncle s fabulous inventions make them an unbeatable team until Rupert s time travel d [...]

    7. I received my copy of The Future Door for free from Booksneeze which is a great resource offering bloggers the chance to read books free in exchange for their honest reviews Check it out everyone So I was browsing the selection of available print books on the website and since I am trying to read some YA Children s books in order to recommend them to my niece and nephew I decided that this is the one I wanted to try I was skeptical at first because I have read other YA books that were dealing wi [...]

    8. THE FUTURE DOOR by Jason Lethcoe is the 2nd story revolving around Sherlock Holmes neighbor, the mechanical genius detective wanna be Rupert Snodgrass and his 12 year old nephew Griffin Sharpe Griffin, although just 12, has the unique Sherlock Holmes style ability to observe even the minutest details surrounding him, while Snodgrass is always trying to invent something that will enable him to become a famous detective In this story Rubert Snodgrass invents a time machine Sherlock Holmes has move [...]

    9. The Future Door , by Jason Lethcoe, is the second in a series written and directed towards the younger teenage reading group As I did not read the first in the series, I had to learn the characters from the start, which was not a problem in the least Lethcoe has a knack for reaching the younger mind and I m sure that this selection will be a hit with the reader group.The main character, Griffen Sharpe, is a young man around the age of 10 to 12 years who has a gift of being able to remember every [...]

    10. This was the second book in the No Place Like Holmes series It was a better book in some ways, but in other ways, it was not quite as good.This book has some quite far fetched ideas view spoiler like surviving a car accident, time travel, and a teapot being a time traveling device, as well as time paradoxes such as two of the same person object existing in the same place at the same time hide spoiler.Under the wide branch of fiction fantasy, this is totally fine, but the author s notes leave the [...]

    11. For me this was just an okay read I have tried to put the story in the context of the characters, but again I didn t think it was all that believable But, I am not so sure that the believability matters After all, how believable is Sherlock Holmes I say that as a huge Holmes fan Again, this was a fun and light read If you don t think about it too much then you ll definitely enjoy it.I like the dynamics between Griffin and Snodgrass a lot in this book than in the first I was not at all shocked t [...]

    12. For children s fiction written about Sherlock Holmes, I m impressed This book presented so much adventure, it can keep anyone intrigued Above all, I m stunned with how well the author inserts little tidbits about young Griffin s life as a Christian It seems so effortless, and I wonder why other authors cannot achieve the same level of presenting true Christian children in their stories The Future Door had me hooked I don t think I m giving anything away by saying that my favorite parts happened [...]

    13. Reviewed at Over A Cuppa TeaReview date 18 Jan 2012Review link cleffairy p 6619This is the second time I read Jason Lethcoe s book The first one was No Place Like Holmes and I must say that this book does not disappoint I absolutely love this book and I enjoyed it as much as the precedessor.There s so much to be discovered in this book and I couldn t get the mystery out of my head when I read this book Absolutely page turning and I wouldn t mind reading this book again and again in the near futu [...]

    14. The second in a kid s mystery series that combines steampunk and Sherlock Holmes Griffin and his uncle have raced home to see what has happened to his parents only to almost be killed as soon as they ve arrived Why The answer lies back in London and may lead to the end of the world as we know it I was enjoy this book despite some over writing until I hit the climax which was a cheap way to end things Not a bad book, but a disappointing finish.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    15. It was kind of disappointing I really enjoyed the first book in the series, and was looking forward to reading the second, but it was so dark feeling I mean, there was a bit of creepy ness with Moriarty, that I didn t care for, and his future self was so sad It had its good spots, but I don t know that I really want to re read this one I prefer to keep my memories of the first one unspoiled.

    16. An enjoyable, and what appears to be the last, Griffin Sharpe Rupert Snodgrass mystery All the inventions mentioned here were fun and added to the steampunk feel to the story And, we get a glimpse of Holmes and Watson in this story, rather than a mention Sadly, I don t see any further adventures but this story seemed to wrap things up nicely.

    17. Great story lots of action and excitement I loved the steam punk elements The time travel parts got a little confusing but then it s been handled worse My favorite part though was the message at the end of the book view spoiler Sometimes you just have to kill the bad guy hide spoiler It s not something that shows up in children s book very often.

    18. This second book in this series is much like the first, earnest but engaging, pious but not overly so It was a quick and enjoyable read for the most part but it felt a little thin to be honest As if some of the creativity had leaked out of the hook the second time around.Then again, the young folks reading this series might not expect the depth and complexity I do.

    19. a brilliant ending to this two parter book the characters and plot line make it an easy and quick read love the hint of God quotes from Griffin along the way as he looks inwardly at his uncle have a feeling there will be of these

    20. still an enjoyable series age appropriate for its target audience and a fun and quick read for parents and kids alike.

    21. Still difficult to suspend my disbelief, but better than the first book I was able to focus on this book, and it was an enjoyable diversion that had God in it, which are nice to have.

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