Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors An elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family from unimaginable evil A young couple rece

  • Title: Smoke and Mirrors
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family from unimaginable evil A young couple receives a wedding gift that reveals a chilling alternative history of their marriage These tales and much await in this extraordinary book, revealing one of our most giftAn elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family from unimaginable evil A young couple receives a wedding gift that reveals a chilling alternative history of their marriage These tales and much await in this extraordinary book, revealing one of our most gifted storytellers at the height of his powers Includes extra material exclusive to this Headline Review edition.

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    1. Neil Gaiman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Smoke and Mirrors book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman author readers around the world.


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    1. I keep saying, one Neil Gaiman book and I ll figure out what the big deal is Spoiler, I haven t yet Though, I did enjoy some of these stories indicated by a There s far that weren t enjoyable.Introduction PLEASE skip this is so, so long It s a short story in and of itself Though, technically he hid another short story within that The Wedding Present Originally written as a wedding present, this marriage slowly but surely sinks to the pits of despair Chivalry A cute story about an elderly lady [...]

    2. Smoke and Mirrors is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman This title was first published in 1998, while Fragile Things came out in 2006 Having read Fragile Things mere months ago I was doing quite a bit of comparison between the two as I worked my way through Smoke and Mirrors While there are a lot of similarities between the two, there are also many differences.Both collections involve Gaiman doing what he does best, that is taking our own myths, fables, and folklore, [...]

    3. This collection of short works, some not quite complete, is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them , but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the general audience And I say that as one of those fans I really like what Gaiman does, both in traditional and graphic novel form, but Smoke and Mirrors is not representative of his best work Basically, it is a collection of things he never bothered to give a final polish to Much of SM is things that wer [...]

    4. Initially read in 1999 or thereabouts Not reviewed at the time.Upon re reading The Goldfish Pond and Other Stories by Neil GaimanI m usually not that interested in the whole glamour of Hollywood theme, but this is probably the best commentary on it I ve ever read Clearly partially autobiographical, this tells the story of a British writer who s flown out to L.A to talk about converting his bestselling novel into a movie A shifting cast of film execs gradually morph his story past recognition Mea [...]

    5. Bearing in mind I read this on my kindle, so some stories weren t included in the version I read Also this is hella long.All ratings including notes indicates favouriteThe Wedding Present Yes, I religiously read introductions 4 In which a picturesque couple are given a quaint wedding present that seems to be a retelling of their coupling it spins a story of how their marriage could have went wrong Though this premise may seem outlandish and bizarre, it s terribly relevant and poses significant q [...]

    6. A little disappointing, though with some flourishes of fabulousness.I m a huge Neil Gaiman fan So much so, I cite him as one of the authors that made me want to write Most of his books are fantastically imaginative, exciting and wonderfully plotted, and a couple of them rank among my all time favourite books As a result, I launched into his collection of short stories with high expectations I should say, for the record, I like short stories I apprediate the whole bite sized concept, that you can [...]

    7. Drops of water fell like diamonds from the Angel Lucifer s perfect fingers From the short story, Murder Mysteries About half way through this volume of short s I was thinking this would probably be a 4 star, maybe a 3.5 actual Now that I am at the end, having examined the work as a whole, and considering the power of the last 2 stories, I had to rate this a 5 I love the way Neil mixed it up The collection seemed to be a potpourri of short stories, prose, poetry and lyrical verse I could feel his [...]

    8. A guilty pleasure, sure, but with Ray Bradbury s death, I d suggest that Neil Gaiman is the best storyteller we have today.Consider the words of Harry Bailly he of the Tabard Inn, not George s brother And which of yow that bereth hym best of alle That is to seyn that telleth in this caas Tales of best sentence and moost solaas Shal have a soper at oure aller cost And I d buy Gaiman a meal or three for this sundry collection of tales pulled together from over the years and published in Smoke and [...]

    9. I hate saying this, but I m only giving this one 3 stars I love Gaiman s writing, I truly do Somehow I felt a lot of the stories in this anthology were a bit disjointed Some were boring, to be quite honest As if they were just something thrown together from a discarded pile A few of the stories were enjoyable so I m just going to say I had a neutral time reading this That being said, I am not giving up on Gaiman just yet I know he s an author has the potential to make my weirdly wired brain happ [...]

    10. My first ever book filled with short stories and, naturally, it was BRILLIANT I honestly expected Neil Gaiman to deliver a somewhat magical experience since he never disappointed me so far However, I m new to short stories and didn t know if it was for me since I usually prefer novels But this collection has some real gems Chilling stories, funny stories, sometimes stories with only a couple of lines, other times quite long short stories, but ALWAYS stories with wit and than two hidden messages [...]

    11. DNF at 50%.I couldn t really get myself to love any of the stories here I liked some of them at most as for the rest maybe they were just too short.

    12. A note I expect than I should from this author I find him to be a brilliant idea man with little substance Suggested Reading Order Murder MysteryTastingsSnow, Glass, Apples Only the End of the World AgainShoggoth s Old Peculiar We Can Get Them for You WholesaleChivalryCold ColorsThe PriceChivalry an old woman buys the Holy Grail A full ard knight comes to seek the Grail Cute, long run and dry The most wonderful thing about this story is that it is quaint and written as gabbish a runabout talkat [...]

    13. Wow I have to say that just about every story in this collection was highly engaging, and I had strong emotional reactions to several of them, and many gotcha type moments Gaiman is, indeed, a master storyteller Some of my favorite bits, without giving too much away for those of you who need to add this to your to read stack the sad workings of Peter s mind in We Can Get Them For You Wholesale the explanation of those who ve spurned The Sweeper of Dreams the evolution of perceived morality in Ch [...]

    14. segundo recopilatorio que leo del autor y me ha gustado mucho m s Por la tem tica de los relatos m s oscuros, m s de ciencia ficci n, m s adultosPero todos con ese toque tan particular del autor Seguro que muchos os sorprender u os har ver la realidad de otra forma como me ha ocurrido con el ltimo relato Muy recomendable a lectores asiduos del autor.M s sobre mi opini n en la rese a del blogalmalectora 2017

    15. SMOKE AND MIRRORS Review, or My Final Review For a While I m a Neil Gaiman fanboy I ve loved all of his novels and a great deal of his short fiction, but this collection was marred with either lackluster outings or poems I couldn t enjoy because I personally don t understand what makes them poems The latter is my own fault, and I do not hold it against the author The former, on the other hand, is all Gaiman s fault Many of these stories lack purpose, are nothing than words compiled into sentenc [...]

    16. Stories are, in on way or another, mirrors We use them to explain ourselves how the world works or how it doesn t work.Like mirrors, stories prepare us for the day to come They distract us from the things in the darkness Fantasy and all fiction is fantasy of one kind or another is a mirror A distorting mirror, to be sure, and a concealing mirror, set at 45 degrees to reality, but it s a mirror nonetheless, which we can use to tell ourselves things we might not otherwise see As always another won [...]

    17. Short stories are like ice cream cones they can be perfectly savored in one sitting These ones in particular were deliciously entertaining I have always loved Neil Gaiman s style he is my favorite author, after all , and this collection is no different It s an eclectic mix of oddities, wonders, spine tinglers, and fairy tales turned upside down Highly recommended, especially if you re in the mood for something short and sweet.

    18. I just think I m the wrong audience for this book Some of the novellas I thought were okay and others I skimmed Nothing really grabbed my attention to make me sit up and say, Wow that was amazing.I ll bypass Gaiman s short stories in future and just continue reading his novels.

    19. Hey, hi Neil Gaiman speaking I can write the best damn introductions ever Bye losers Just kidding, I can write whatever the hell I want name it, already done I found some old friends such as Chivalry or Troll bridge Long time no see and discovered some new I m talking about you, We can get them for you wholesale and you, Snow, glass, apples Hi Nice meeting you.Some stories are creepy as hell there is a certain atmosphere, I don t even know how to explain , while others are pure genius i think I [...]

    20. Like in all story collections some stories are better, some are worse.In this case some stories where boring and alone I would rate them 1 star and some where 5 stars easily and reminded me why I consider Gaiman a deity.My overall impression is that Smoke and mirrors is enjoyable book but not among Gaiman s best.I would recommend it to people who read most of his major books and are looking for , than definitively read this.If you haven t, read those first than return and if you are unfamiliar w [...]

    21. What a less than average writer I don t see what the fuss about Gaiman Maybe he s not the author for me but some of the glitches in his writing are universally recognized as disjointed, especially by my former English teacher.Smoke and mirrors got than 4 stars on this site, and it s an outrageous score There s simply just no perspective any And I thought had bad scoring and learn, I suppose One star.

    22. Interesting collection with a wide variety of stories Horror, fantasy, science fiction, and other genres are present in this collection Gaiman s imagination is unique and some of his stories have the ability to grab you and not let go until the end A crisp, clean writing style and inventive premises make this an enjoyable collection Some stories are exemplary while others fell flat Overall, a worthwhile read from a truly talented writer who is not bound to any sort of genre limitation.

    23. Everything in this world casts a shadow, and I suspect Neil Gaiman looks deeper into the shadows than most of us will ever have the courage to Smoke and Mirrors is a hugely varied collection of short stories in terms of length and subject matter, but there is a thread of delving into the shadow world of half seen things we fear that ties them all together There are many reasons to read this book, but my reason is to discover the very best, and most disturbing Snow White retelling I have ever enc [...]

    24. En Humo y Espejos, Neil Gaiman se descubre como un avezado ilusionista que har creer al lector en las m s imposibles situaciones, por incre bles, absurdas, terror ficas o raras que sean.Rese a completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

    25. As with most short story collections, Gaiman s Smoke and Mirrors is something of a mixed bag When he is good he is sublime, and there is plenty in this volume that fits that description, but there are also a few stories that seem little than jottings of ideas meant to be fleshed out or perhaps left over from longer works There is also some laudable inventiveness which, for me, doesn t always quite work for example his triptych of narrative poems but nonetheless shows the writer s great talent a [...]

    26. Having read M is for Magic and Fragile Things I have encountered some of the short stories that Mr Gaiman has written I found this collection to be one of the most eclectic Happy stories, sad stories, chilling stories, and erotic stories, but as he introduces them all a product of smoke and mirrors We re not to believe any of this, as it is all just an illusion So why do I walk away feeling like it was all a bit too real I enjoyed the very experimental feel to this book Some prose, some poetry I [...]

    27. Smoke and Mirrors reads like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark for adults, where something is always off and the endings are kitschy One of the peculiarities of Gaiman s writing is that he rarely introduces his readers to the worlds where his stories take place He never alludes that the strange is the norm in these worlds, so when something supernatural or otherwordly happens, the event is simply plopped in the reader s lap A Jack in the box smiles at a child in a moonlit attic, or the Devil arr [...]

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