A Fool for You

A Fool for You Sexy Chase Aubrey plays blues guitar like nobody s business One look at him performing at a New York nightclub and twenty year old keyboard player Brian Barclay s smitten However Brian remains true

  • Title: A Fool for You
  • Author: Cat Grant
  • ISBN: 9781419934445
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
  • Sexy Chase Aubrey plays blues guitar like nobody s business One look at him performing at a New York nightclub, and twenty year old keyboard player Brian Barclay s smitten.However, Brian remains true to his boyfriend Kit until Kit cheats on him and steals all the songs they ve written together With nowhere else to go, Brian turns to his estranged father, Trevor, and TrevSexy Chase Aubrey plays blues guitar like nobody s business One look at him performing at a New York nightclub, and twenty year old keyboard player Brian Barclay s smitten.However, Brian remains true to his boyfriend Kit until Kit cheats on him and steals all the songs they ve written together With nowhere else to go, Brian turns to his estranged father, Trevor, and Trevor s partner, Cameron But even Cameron can t smooth over the tension between father and son.Brian s in need of a friend, and Chase fills the role nicely and quickly heats up the sheets with him as well The passion between them is mind blowing, until Brian discovers Chase s secret past A past he s run from for years And when the past threatens the present, Brian can t help wondering if the love of his life has played him for a fool.

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    1. If you re looking for epic sci fi, fantasy, or historicals, that s not me Contemporary all the way, baby However, if you re looking for down to earth, complicated characters dealing with real world problems and the occasional comfort read , I might just fit the bill My Books Courtland Chronicles m m m m f By ChanceStrictly Business ComplicationsThe ArrangementTriadAllegro Vivace m m Sonata Appassionata m m Icon Men all m m The First Real Thing 2012 EPIC Award Winner Erotica Appearing NightlyA Fool for YouHabanera Originally titled Entangled Trio 2012 EPIC Award Finalist Erotica m m f Once a Marine m m Power Play with Rachel Haimowitz m m BDSM Power Play ResistancePower Play AwakeningIrresistible Attraction all m m PricelessDoubtlessFearless Flawless 2014 EPIC Award Finalist Short Fiction Forthcoming The Only One Who Knows with LA Witt January 2014The Only One Who Matters with LA Witt March 2014Black Dog Bannon s Gym 1 April 2014Takedown Bannon s Gym 2 July 2014Guarded with LA Witt work in progress


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    1. A Fool for You is Cat Grant s third installment in her wonderfully fun Icon Men series These books revolve around a gay bar, Icon, her owners, Cameron and Mike, and their respective partners, Trevor and Ryan In the previous book, which was Mike and Ryan s story, Cameron and Mike took a huge chance and expanded Icon into a full time drag queen bar and cabaret This edition picks up five years after that and features Brian, Trevor s son.Brian and his band members, Kit and Stewart, are sharing a one [...]

    2. This is the third book from the series Icon Men.I loved the first 2 and I really enjoyed Fool for you At the beginning I was concern as I wanted to smack Brian from the first few pages and I really though I wouldn t like the book at all Luckily that wasn t the case and I end up liking Brian a lot My humble opinion is, you need to read the other part of the series first to understand the story line otherwise enjoy like I did

    3. Brian is realizing life doesn t always turn out as you planned and the people you care for most in the world aren t always looking out for your best interest He s traveled all the way from Canada to New York with his boyfriend and their other band mate in hopes of making it big Once there, Brian comes to find out some hard truths where his boyfriend of the past five years is concerned Left feeling betrayed and all alone, Brian turns to the father he feels abandoned him five years ago While deali [...]

    4. This was my first m m ever and let me tell you I was not disappointed Grant not only brought me into a whole new world but she did an amazing job in telling this fantastic story Brian is in a band with his boyfriend and a few other guys They came all the way from Canada to New York just to make it on the music scene Things seem to happen and Brian finally figures out that his boyfriend is well just no good Brian once and for all finds out that his boyfriend for 5 years has betrayed him by not on [...]

    5. At the third book in the series, the author decided to label this one the Icon Men series I thought about this icon tag, and my conclusion is that these stories are centred around characters out of the dreams, sexy and not, of many men, but then in the end, they are down to earth than what you were expecting In the first story there was the sexy escort, in the second one the drag queen, and now the pop rock blues star the common theme is an immediate attraction to the icon , the dreamlike imagi [...]

    6. The last book of the series This time, it takes place about 5 years after the first two books Brian, Trevor s son who outed Cameron, is also gay He lives in Toronto, but came to New York for a gig in a nightclub Brian still disliked Cameron, who he blamed for stealing his father by making his father relocated to New York five years ago So even though Brian had been in the city for two months, he didn t tell his father But, when his boyfriend and band mate for 5 years cheated on him and the disco [...]

    7. I was going to give this book 3.5 stars because emotional wise, I felt that I was connected to the characters from previous book Appearing Nightly This book was mainly from Brian s point of view, so I sort of missed the one from Chase HOWEVER, I decided to up the rating because 1 Brian was a character with learning disabilities he was dyslexic which made him pretty interesting even if his learning of music writing wasn t fully explored front and center and 2 The latter scene, with Mike and Ryan [...]

    8. Another great story from one of my favorite authors I really enjoyed this new story in the series I initially thought that Brian was being a bit immature at the beginning with his attitude towards his father and Cam and having to work But, overall, I really loved his relationship with Chase and how complex both characters wound up being with Brian s learning disability and Chase s past I loved getting to see with the couples from the previous two books My favorite is still Trevor and CameronI l [...]

    9. I ve been putting off reading this, because I started some time ago and I just couldn t stand Brain s brattiness and him being so rude to Trevor and Cameron But now I picked it up again and decided to give the story and Brian D a second chance and I m so glad I did Brian really has shown a lot of character growth and I ended up liking him very much Chase was an interesting and lovable character too, so I really liked this story I only wish there s some story for Chase s ex boyfriend Trent too, h [...]

    10. I liked the way this story brought back focus on the original relationship between Trevor and Cameron from book 1 which was missing a bit from book 2 by exploring the relationship Trevor has with his son Brian This was an enjoyable story about Brian s misadventures and then his meeting Chase it s insta love built on shared musical careers and hot sex Both characters have been hurt by others in the past and need to learn to trust again.3.5 stars

    11. This one s about Brian, Trevor s son I didn t like him a whole lot, seemed like a spoiled brat most of the time So this one didn t do much for me either The story seemed a bit haphazard what happened to Kit and Brian s music I did like the musical bits and that Chase helped Brian with his dyslexia helped him to read music That was cool.

    12. It s obvious after reading Cat Grant s A Fool for You that she gets music and musicians It s difficult to capture the true essence of a musician s mindset, but Cat nails it I loved how the story was told, too it was like I rode the roller coaster right alongside Brian If you re looking for hot m m action with a ton of heart and a little humor thrown in, A Fool for You is a great choice

    13. I really liked this one but didn t love it as much as the first two books in the series I wanted development between Chase and Brian But, I thought they were hot together It was nice to see Trevor and Cameron five years later, and I REALLY don t want this series to end sigh

    14. Good m m romance about a dyslexic keyboardist who gets screwed over by his band members and boyfriend because he wasn t able to write his music down The pacing on this felt odd to me an overnight change from brat to not brat plus insta love just didn t quite gel.

    15. This is the third book of the series.d i have to say out of all three this one was my favorite I actually wanted to hit Kit myself, LOL, he was such a jerk

    16. Recensione a cura di Lilith per Feel The BookUna storia che parla di amicizia, di a tradito, di a ritrovato, di un segreto imbarazzante che rischia di dividere una coppia e della crescita affettiva di un figlio nei confronti del padre tutte queste cose sono racchiuse in Pazzo di te.Brian, Kit e Stewart formano una band e tentano la fortuna a New York fanno tanta gavetta, tante serate, alcune buone e altre meno Poi, durante uno spettacolo, Brian conosce Chase, anche lui musicista e cantante, e ri [...]

    17. un romanzo dolcissimo e sensuale, calato tra le note blues suonate ai piedi del divano, uno di fianco all altro Un romanzo che ammicca all ingenua ribellione giovanile al desiderio struggente di essere accettati dai propri genitori e amati per quello che si all intransigente necessit di fare i propri sbagli per crescere, senza che questo debba portare a perdere la stima e l affetto di chi ci sta accanto prossimamente su Romanticamentefantasy

    18. Reviewed by MollyBook provided by PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the BookSo I m a HUGE Cat Grant fan She writes m m romance like no other, and I love her work That being said, I was psyched to be able to read another of her pieces However, this is book three in her Icon Men series, and I totally wish I would have read books one two That doesn t mean I don t like this one Because I do A lot It s just that when a book is so wonderfully written and it s in a series, I want the full [...]

    19. 2,5 stars All three books in the series were short and easy to read I liked this one for the opportunity to see Cameron and Trev together and happy than for the main pairing Chase was an interesting character but I couldn t warm up to Brian, no matter what There was nothing about him that felt special Okay, he was young, I can understand that, but still.There is also a recurring theme in all three books when one character finds out about the other character selling himself in the past and acts [...]

    20. I liked this book, and the whole series is pretty good as well view spoiler Probably just two things were a bit off for me The change in Brian, from irresponsible brat to mature guy, seems a bit too abrupt.The fact that Brian and Chase break up because Chase did in the past a porn vid was strange for me as well Seeing how Brian reacted a childish way in my opinion it s no wonder Chase didn t tell Plus, it s a porn vid, not the end of the world He did it, so what But this is just my opinion hide [...]

    21. I m almost tempted to give this only 3 stars, because it s really the same as the other two Icon Men books So no points for originality The only thing that changes from book to book is the main characters, everything else is almost exactly the same.I had a bit of a hard time actually finishing it, because I d only just read the prequels and it got to be just too predictable I probably would have enjoyed it had I read something else in between, so since it s in my opinion no better or worse than [...]

    22. The story is enjoyable and quite simple, but I loved the characters and now I wish I d read the first two episodes, by the way all of them and the growing up of the love story I think it could have been a little complicated than that the conflict just resolves all too soon, all too fast and a little angst wouldn t be that bad But the story is quite nice and maybe I personally have a sweet tooth for music and bands romance novels so

    23. Received this book as a gift from the author We now get to see the next generation as Traver s son Brian deals with getting screwed in the bad way by his former partner Chase is just the right person to come along and help with the healing process But not only do they have a great start to their own relationship but Brian has a whole new relationship with his dad and Cam as well.

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