Until the Next Time

Until the Next Time For Sean Corrigan the past is simply what happened yesterday until his twenty first birthday when he is given a journal left him by his father s brother Michael a man he had not known existed The jo

  • Title: Until the Next Time
  • Author: Kevin Fox
  • ISBN: 9781565129931
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Sean Corrigan the past is simply what happened yesterday, until his twenty first birthday, when he is given a journal left him by his father s brother Michael a man he had not known existed The journal, kept after his uncle fled from New York City to Ireland to escape prosecution for a murder he did not commit, draws Sean into a hunt for the truth about Michael s fateFor Sean Corrigan the past is simply what happened yesterday, until his twenty first birthday, when he is given a journal left him by his father s brother Michael a man he had not known existed The journal, kept after his uncle fled from New York City to Ireland to escape prosecution for a murder he did not commit, draws Sean into a hunt for the truth about Michael s fate.Sean too leaves New York for Ireland, where he is caught up in the lives of people who not only know all about Michael Corrigan but have a score to settle As his connection to his uncle grows stronger, he realizes that within the tattered journal he carries lies the story of his own life his past as well as his future and the key to finding the one woman he is fated to love forever.With the appeal of The Time Traveler s Wife and the classic Time and Again, this novel is a romance cloaked in mystery and suspense that takes readers inside the rich heritage of Irish history and faith Until the Next Time is a remarkable story about time and memory and the way ancient myths affect everything from what we believe to who we love.

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    1. See also Kevin Fox for books on ceramics and materials science.Kevin Fox is a dual citizen of the United States and the Republic of Ireland He has been a professional Screenwriter The Negotiator and Television Writer and Producer since 1995 Until the Next Time is his first novel, inspired by his maternal grandfather and the stories of his family, including those from his father and uncles who were New York City police officers.


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    1. My original review can be seen here review RH9V1HDBPlease note I read and reviewed this book in February 2012 from a copy I received from the Vine program in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.My Synopsis Sean Corrigan s father gives Sean a journal for his 21st birthday one that had been written by his uncle in the early 1970s after he fled to Ireland to escape a murder charge While there, Sean s uncle Mike, or Mickaleen met the enigmatic Kate, and started to have strange kno [...]

    2. So much promise, but could have used editing Reincarnation, Celtic mysticism, romance, and The Troubles made for so many tasty ingredients however, the soup didn t quite come together in a satisfying way Intriguing as the plot was and it did capture my attention until the end , the central theme of reincarnation became immediately apparent to the reader, and the iterations became an annoyance We get it Sean and Michael are one Souls and their baggage recycle At times the discussion of reincarna [...]

    3. I won this book through the GoodReads First Reads giveaways Basic Plot Sean Corrigan goes to Ireland to find out what happened to the uncle he never knew he had, and learn an important truth about himself.This book had me on a roller coaster I nearly quit reading it somewhere around the middle because I was getting frustrated by the sheer stupid density of so many of the characters I think what happened is that the author was going for suspense, and let it go on just a bit too long The last 50 1 [...]

    4. This is an Vine book that took me out of my comfort zone it required me to fancy myself Irish and just accept what I read If it hadn t contained such marvelous characters, I don t think I would have suspended disbelief so well but these characters have such depths to them that I ll be thinking about them for a long while.The story begins when Sean Corrigan, of New York, is given a journal kept by his father s brother Michael Sean had never known about an Uncle Michael, but apparently his uncle h [...]

    5. Honestly, I give this book a 4.5 star rating Let s get on adding the half stars, shall we Good Reads Thanks Anyway, the story was fantastic I have never really delved into a book about reincarnation but I loved this one The way it was presented was very unique and interesting, and the fact that the book was about reincarnation came as a surprise to me, which was a welcomed one What I didn t find appealing was the middle 150 pages where it went through the events of the IRA I felt that during the [...]

    6. I really wanted to love this book and liked the reincarnation idea as I really enjoyed that angle in books like Ferney, by James Long The Irish setting was interesting and I found I got a bit of an insider s view on Ireland However, I found that I didn t connect well with the characters and didn t care what happened to them and ended up skimming the final third of the book The theories on reincarnation and how organized religion carried hints to the truth of reincarnation was thought provoking, [...]

    7. I quite enjoyed this book The premise, setting and characters were all very well done It was surprisingly romantic, too The beginning was pure literary mystery, and it hooked me from the first page Fox did a good job of capturing his characters personalities and the rich Irish setting It was an emotional read, too I laughed out loud several times, and the melancholy situations also struck a chord with me While the middle was a bit preachy, and the scene in the Trinity Library was a bit of an inf [...]

    8. Irish story written with some very interesting twists of reincarnation and Irish history were woven into this tale Some points were really intriguing and other parts were slow If you LOVE Irish history this book is for you Read it for my book club and most of us enjoyed it Parts of it were too long for me personally and could have used some editing down

    9. I was looking forward to reading this book because I enjoy history fantasy and romance It had all those elements, but it just ended up being confusing and too little attention was spent on the historical background to make much sense of the characters and what they were going through I couldn t finish it.

    10. Novel set in Ireland during the troubles Looking at reincarnation, history, and religion An inters esting read that was thought provoking.

    11. Riveting suspense drives masterful Irish reincarnation novelKevin Fox s reincarnation novel explores political strife, religious intolerance, and enduring love that spans centuries, played out against the lush backdrop of Northern Ireland He doles out hints and teasers so skillfully that the story rushes forward at breakneck speed as you chase down clues until the entire puzzle falls into place revealing a satisfying portrait of romance, spirituality, and history that transports you to an Irelan [...]

    12. Fiction is just the lie made up to reveal the greater truth A variation of one of my favorite Stephen King quotes, Fiction is the truth inside the lie Until the Next Time, if you read it correctly, is guaranteed to leave you thinking It s a story about discovering yourself and your past, in ways not thought of by the average person As a person who has always been fascinated by the idea of reincarnation, and also happened to be raised Catholic, I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas presented in this nov [...]

    13. Warning This next paragraph may have spoilers, even if not meant to The obvious spoilers have been marked, but other books are alluded to, which might also give away the plot Continue on at your own risk, or just skip to the second paragraph I ll start by saying that I ve never read The Time Traveler s Wife or Time and Again, so I don t know if the comparison with those two books make it really obvious that the big twist to this book was going to be view spoiler reincarnation hide spoiler I was [...]

    14. Until The Next Time by Kevin Fox is a novel that puts a new spin on everything from the Bible stories most of us remember to a history of Irelands bloody past to reincarnation and on to karma, love, memory and second chances With this plethora of subject matter to cover it is not surprising that this novel, while interesting enough to command the readers attention, it is not without a few weaknesses.The book tells the story of Sean Corrigan a young man who, on his twenty first birthday is given [...]

    15. I originally picked this book up because of the cover art, and I took it home with me because of the description on the back At that point, it interested me, but I wasn t in a rush to read it Then, when I checked out some of the reviews on , I was intrigued by the comparison to books like The Time Traveler s Wife I didn t read the full reviews because I didn t want anything spoiled for me, but what I did read made me bring this book to the top of my to be read pile on my bedroom floor.While the [...]

    16. This was a truly interesting story I am still not sure if it would also be classified as sci fi or fantasy, or if it is of a folklore reinvention thingSean Corrigan is an American guy with an Irish heritage who recently received his uncle Mike s journal Mike, or Mickaleen, was a wanted man in the States an NYPD police officer who shot an unarmed black man while on a mission, and fled the States to escape his fate as a political scapegoat Both Mike in the 1970 s and Sean in the 1990 s find thems [...]

    17. Until The Next Time is a thriller romantic drama novel about a young man named Sean trying to discover what happened to his uncle Mike in the 1970s Sean begins to read Mike s diary, which tells the story of how Mike ran to Ireland to escape prosecution Sean himself travels to Ireland to clear Mike s name and find out what happened to him Sean learns in Ireland through the diary and through a young woman named Anne that Mike met a woman named Kate, who believed in reincarnation Both Mike and Kate [...]

    18. This book had so much promise, and I really did enjoy reading it, but it wasn t without its flaws I liked all the characters, and, of course, I loved the fact that it played on the myths of Ireland, but there were so many frustrating things happening within the lines I understand that the author wanted to capture the accents, but as someone who grew up in Ireland, I found that some of the accents came off sounding British in parts For example Inn t is not a word that we use at all, it sounds lik [...]

    19. I read this for a book group, and I am even the one who suggested it we are democratic and vote on our selections, and the group chose it I was looking forward to reading it A blurb somewhere had promised that fans of The Time Traveler s Wife, one of my all time favorite books, would love it For some reason, I had it in my head that Kevin Fox s writing style was similar to Dennis Lehane s writing, and I love his Patrick and Angie series I was ready for a good read And I was disappointed This boo [...]

    20. On his 21st birthday, Sean Corrigan s father gave him Uncle Michael s journal which was the wish of his uncle Sean was surprised since he never knew he had an uncle Michael Corrigan, a NYPD detective, began keeping a journal after fleeing to Ireland to escape persecution for a murder he did not commit Michael s father encouraged him to visit relatives who would help Michael to take the rite of passage, the meaning of which is unclear However, while in Ireland, he was killed by the British while [...]

    21. This multi generational to say the least tale starts with Sean receiving his uncle s journal in 1996 an uncle he had no idea existed As he reads Michael s story about going to Ireland as a cop fleeing a murder charge, Sean becomes intrigued with the story and eventually goes to Ireland himself to try to find out because the journal is missing several pages.Like Michael before him, he is greeted by name by people he s never met As he finds some of the people from the pages of the journal, some o [...]

    22. A sweeping novel that offers a historically compelling and very human look at Irish culture during the years that Ireland was gripped by war against Britain and its own people I found it very enlightening for understanding how a people could be so violent despite the tragic consequences that it often led to In the process of crafting this tale, the author makes some intriguing points about religion, especially the commonalities across religions and religion s role as a form of social control I w [...]

    23. I have been reading books about Ireland lately, as my Mom was half Irish, and I don t know much about my Irish Celtic heritage I believe in reincarnation, and this book had me hooked by the second page It is the story of 21 year old Sean, whose father gives him his Uncle Michael s diary from about 25 years before Of course, Dad never told Sean he even HAD an Uncle Michael before this It discusses the Troubles and the love affair Michael had with Kate through many incarnations As the storylines p [...]

    24. Until the Next Time was just too much book for the story line My copy was almost 400 pages, in a small font, and much of the content was quite repetitive However, even though I didn t agree with most of the reincarnation theories in the book, I did appreciate the Irish humor, culture, and countryside It says a lot about Kevin Fox as an author that even though I didn t like much of what he wrote, I still acknowledged his skill as a storyteller I will read other works by Kevin Fox, and I know that [...]

    25. I have mixed feeling about this book This is a reincarnation political strife terrible mistake story All three men, Sean Michael, Michael Corrigan and Sean Corrigan live complicated and overlapping lives I grew a bit weary of the switching back and forth but enjoyed the mystery as it unfolded The back drop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970 s was very well done You could feel the violence and desperation that drives idealists to ally themselves with dangerous criminals with a hope o [...]

    26. Kevin Fox s book switches between two time periods and points of view of the main characters, Mickaleen and his nephew, Sean The story is set primarily in Ireland during the time of the Troubles between the IRA and Irish and the English military and protestants Along with interesting history and culture, the novel serves up this well supported and philosophical idea of reincarnation and how our souls travel on after death The book was interesting and made me think about the ways of the world How [...]

    27. Finally finished this The author is a good story teller as I was drawn in immediately The purpose of reading it was to reinforce what we learned about The Troubles on our recent trip to Ireland I believe the author captured the times well and the book accomplished what I wanted However, halfway through the book, it seemed as if the focus was getting less and less on the Troubles and and into reincarnation Whilst in Ireland, I don t not believe we heard this to be part of their belief system I [...]

    28. Sean s father has a doozy of a 21st birthday surprise for him, the journal of a long dead uncle Sean was unaware of any uncles, let alone a former cop who goes on the lam for shooting a civil rights activist and then dies while palling around with the IRA in Ireland His Dad passes him the journal and a plane ticket along with the advice to go find the truth But truth can travel down some strange paths, Why would his uncle, a cop, shoot the civil rights worker It doesn t feel right to Sean He sta [...]

    29. Any book that takes place remotely in Ireland I love So this book hopped into my hands I really enjoyed the storyline from the very beginning.Sean never even knew he had an Uncle Michael until his 21st birthday Surprise LOL Michael left Sean some journals, which held a lot of information about a murder that Michael was accused of, but was innocent Michael fled New York and went back to Ireland before he was charged.Sean decided to find out what really happened Part mystery, part love story A lit [...]

    30. It s really tough to not give this five stars When Sean Corrigan turns 21, his father gives him a journal and monetary inheritance from an uncle he never even knew anything about The journal is puzzling, as is the true end to Uncle Michael A trip to Ireland is in the cards, funded by the inheritance Packed off with gifts for distance cousins, Sean heads across the ocean to Ireland and toward the answers he seeks Fox uses very rich writing to describe both time and historical place in this book T [...]

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