Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment Childhood friends Mackensie Parker Laurel and Emmaline have formed a very successful wedding planning business together but despite helping thousands of happy couples organise the biggest day of th

  • Title: Savor the Moment
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline have formed a very successful wedding planning business together but, despite helping thousands of happy couples organise the biggest day of their lives, all four women are unlucky in love Chef Laurel McBane has worked hard all her life to secure her dream to be an award winning baker Now, her wedding cakes are aChildhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline have formed a very successful wedding planning business together but, despite helping thousands of happy couples organise the biggest day of their lives, all four women are unlucky in love.Chef Laurel McBane has worked hard all her life to secure her dream to be an award winning baker Now, her wedding cakes are as close as anyone can get to edible perfection stunning creations that complement Mac s beautiful photographs and Emmaline s floral bouquets Because Laurel has worked so hard to overcome her tough upbringing, she is wary about letting anything, or anyone, get in the way of her work But a slowly simmering chemistry with Parker s brother Del has suddenly become too hot to ignore .
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      Nora Roberts

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    1. Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.


    Savor the Moment Comment

    1. Fell far below my expectations.I really had high hopes for this book given that the previous two installments of this series amazingly hit the mark for me But sadly, as far as I can tell, there was not much of a romantic spark between Delaney and Laurel here And frankly, if there had been any chemistry between them, it would have felt totally forced.Nope I wasn t pleased.The romance aspect fell flat in my opinion and the dialogue between Delaney and Laurel was slightly lackluster However, I abso [...]

    2. 3 1 2 starsOnce again, NR proves how good she is when it comes to write friendship Unfortunately, that got in the way of the romance and I didn t connect with Del and Laurel s love story Del was a nice guy, but too smooth and perfect to raise my temperature Laurel was a bit harsher than him, but her bouts of temper felt forced to me because they were irrational and came out of nowhere Okay, that is known to happen in Romancelandia, but that behavior is usually associated with a character who s a [...]

    3. This is probably my least favorite installment into this series and my least favorite couple, and I still really enjoy both the book and the couple Doesn t that speak volumes of my love for the series Laurel is an amazing pastry chef The wedding cakes she designs for her clients are beautiful enough to make angels weep, and are always lovingly personalized to each couple Parker has been her best friend for as long as she can remember, and she s been in love with Parker s older brother for almost [...]

    4. 2.5 This book is difficult to rate because I both liked it and didn t It was an okay story overall, and I liked the characters, although I did get tired of Laurel at times Mostly, though, I got stuck on the snappy dialog that made everyone sound like characters out of a TV sit com or Rom Com movie Not only did everyone in the book respond with one or two word phrases, but everyone sounded identical Even the older Mrs Grady spoke mainly in predicates Some of the dialog was funny and clever, but i [...]

    5. And yet another Nora Roberts winner in this amazing series And this time, though it still revolved around the friendship between Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker, the story was mostly about the romance between life long friends Yes, you d think it was pretty much the same as in Bed of Roses, between Emma and Jack, but the thing is, Laurel and Del, Parker s older brother have known and been friends each other for her entire life So the switch held much danger and possible obstacles For them both, bu [...]

    6. I love the way Nora Roberts crafts her characters You re sure to fall in love with them while they fall in love with each other This third installment of The Bride Quartet doesn t disappoint in any way Del and Laurel verbally spar with each other and the dialogue snaps as you ll laugh at their witty comebacks at one another.While Mac and Carter continue to be my favorite couple of this series, this comes a very close second.Laurel is one tough cookie, to use a baking analogy, and she has loved D [...]

    7. 3 1 2 stars sigh I really wanted to love this one, but I didn t I did like Del and Lauren, but I didn t like the conflict It was weak, since she d known him her whole life It felt like the author had to come up with something to make them have it out before they got an HEA I am so looking forward to Parker and Mal s book We get to visit them a bit and this one, and I kept wishing for this to be their book Ah well, we can t love em all.

    8. Laurel s cakes may have been beautiful, but they just didn t sound delicious Some writers have that ability to make you drool over the printed word Oh, I m sure the wedding cakes were delicious, but Nora Roberts talent is not in describing food Too bad I would have loved a romance novel that also described cake.Cake Just the word makes me happy Birthday cake Wedding cake Happy day cake Cakes are celebratory but Laurel seemed like a cranky bitch Maybe it was from her celibacy vow Unfortunately, t [...]

    9. This was not a good read for several reasons 1 Laurel was very childish and cranky She was snapping at Del throughout the whole book and it turned me off from her.2 There was too much time where Laurel was telling her emotions to the girls and not to Del.3 Now that I really think about this series, these women remind me of a sorority I just can t understand how they are together every day all day It was too much for me I must be very moody right now but I couldn t deal with them.4 Do they ever s [...]

    10. 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut s premier wedding planning companies.This book revolves around the talented baker Laurel This series is fun, a good book to read without putting too much thought into it It s cute and cheesy, which everyone needs once in a while It reminds me of every little girl s fairy tale with the great company that the women own and rich good [...]

    11. Unless the next one really pulls out all the stops, this will probably remain my favourite of the series I didn t know what to expect from Laurel, because in the previous books she d always seemed like the kind of character I neither like nor dislike She came across as vaguely annoyed and somewhat ill tempered all the time, but not necessarily in a bad way, if that makes sense She was also known by the others as the hard ass of the group, together with Parker, so I didn t know what I d be in for [...]

    12. Big improvement compared to the last one No fake, forced conflict or breakup Del and Lauren are just too good together Can t wait for Parker s book.

    13. I ve been pretty eager for this book to come out, as I ve been happily following the series Surprising for me how much I ve enjoyed this new series by Nora Roberts since I m not usually a big fan of her books hit and miss with me I suspect part of the reason I m particularly attracted to the stories is due to the wedding planner theme it s particularly girly, and I m pretty darn girly myself Also love the life long friends falling in love with guys who ve been their life long friends as well Gir [...]

    14. Mais um bom livro da s rie embora, lendo tudo seguido, note se um certo padr o no enredo e at no comportamento das personagens mas pronto Nora tem aquela f rmula e por isso que vende Bora l para o 4 e ltimo livro da s rie O Sabor do Momento foi melhor que o segundo, embora tenha sido aqui que tenha come ado a fica um pouco cansada da s rie, especialmente na parte das descri es dos casamentos que eram sempre iguais Se n o tivesse lido os livros seguidos n o terei notado estes defeitos mas quem le [...]

    15. Unfortunately, this one was just ok for me I was kind of bored with both Del and Laurel If Laurel loved Del her whole life I didn t see much of it I really got tired of all the exercise and scenes with the brides that really didn t have anything to do with the Del and Laurel I guess I wanted to see them together and it just didn t happen.I kind of trudged through this one and was glad it was finally over It s not to say I didn t enjoy parts of the book but for the most part this book was boring [...]

    16. This ended up being my highest rated book out of the Bride Quartet series Probably cause of the mess that Emma and the crew did in book 2 ended up annoying the crap out of me This one was a really great slow burning romance that thank God had none of the drama of the second book.Book 3 is about Laurel Laurel is the baker for the wedding planning business She ends up getting involved with Del Parker s brother and feels out of sorts about how their relationship came about and what it even means La [...]

    17. Laurel era mi favorita de las cuatro desde el primer libro, y Del fue y sigue siendo un cuqui As que 2 2 novela rom ntica, divertida y tierna brindo con champ n por la Roberts

    18. Sometimes we read a book that is not only good, it also turns out to be perfect for the current mood were in.That s what happened with this one A perfect read for a relaxed Saturday afternoon.I guess by now, there isn t much I can say about Nora Roberts writing The author definitely knows how to spin a tale If you ve already read some of the author s books, you know what I m talking about If not.well, your lossSo in this story _once again _ we have some smooth, flowing writing, and the rest it [...]

    19. Superb book Had anxiously been awaiting Del and Laurel s story and it wasn t a disappointment Now on to Mal and Legs.

    20. 3.5 STARS I ve been looking forward to reading Laurel s story She s my favorite Vows lady to date and there appeared to be so much lingering underneath I adore the relationships friendships with all the ladies and the guys Sadly, the romantic aspect between Laurel and Dell was a little flat I wanted of a buildup and ending was completely rushed and off kilter with the rest of the story Perhaps my aspirations were too high Overall, it was a light, fun read that made my vacation pleasant Can t w [...]

    21. This was very good While each of the friends and their loves each have an episode of misunderstanding don t you hate when that is used in the plot , the tight relationship amongst the four childhood friends, the snappy dialogue and their successful business is very fun to read Onto Parker s book, which I have been anticipating very much 4.5

    22. This review contains at least two spoilersI really liked this book and can t wait for the next one coming in November I m actually hoping Nora Roberts decides to do at least one book about them all having kids that like the girls all grow up together There was however one thing that bugged me and it has to do with logistics At one point all the main characters plan to spend the day together July 4th to be exact then all go out drinking and dancing that night They choose Carter to be Designated D [...]

    23. Mackenzie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline have been friends since childhood and have formed a successful wedding planning business together called Vows Although they help thousands of couples organise their biggest day, all have been unlucky in love Until nowLaurel s been in love with Del all her life but he just sees s her as another one of the girls Until Del pushes Laurel s buttons too far and she kisses him.Let the games beginWhen I first read the blurb for this story I thought it sounded a bit [...]

    24. Something about this didn t click with me I think it s because I don t have a real handle on Laurel she feels patched together from pieces of the other three women, and so she never becomes a person in her own right It seems like she s just going through the motions acting and reacting either the way you d expect, or the way needed to drive the plot forward and so I never lost sight of the fact like I did in book 1 that I was reading something Also, this is the point where the series sags under [...]

    25. When I was reading the first book one of the first thoughts I remember having was that Del was going to end up with Emma because she had always been in love with him and he finally realised he could go up that road.Don t worry, that s not a spoiler because that s exactly the opposite of what happens kinda.So far Del and Laurel are my favorite couple of the quartet, like I said I didn t see them coming.Laurel is badass and Del is so respectful of women especially the four of them he sees them lik [...]

    26. La expectativa me jodi la emoci n de la lectura Pensaba que me iba a fangirlear todo el libro y el romance de Laurel y Del fue bastante adulto y sensato Aunque eso no quiere decir que dejara de ser sexy, divertido y rom ntico Creo que son mi pareja favorita porque los adoro demasiado a los dos y cuando descubr que iban a terminar juntos en el libro anterior me emocion demasiado con la idea Son una linda mezcla estos dos y basta, Nora Roberts Dej de torturarme con estos finales tan lindos

    27. This was the best yet in this quartet I especially enjoyed the hero s realizations on how his feelings were changing I think anyone who wants to read the fourth book in the series would benefit from reading this one beforehand, I can see the first hints of the next book beginning in the early chapters of this book I love the series because it celebrates the friendships of the women as much as the romances they have.

    28. Number 3 in the Brides quartet series, this is another gorgeous read Four friends who run a wedding planning business, this time it s the turn of Laurel and Del They have known each other a long time and as he is the elder brother of one her best friends, things could get tricky if their romance doesn t work outally enjoying this series now onto book 4

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