Dodge the Bullet

Dodge the Bullet Sarah Woodward is a mother with a mission Two years after her husband is killed in a plane crash Sarah decides to move her kids away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Haile

  • Title: Dodge the Bullet
  • Author: Christy Hayes
  • ISBN: 2940012469762
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Nook
  • Sarah Woodward is a mother with a mission Two years after her husband is killed in a plane crash, Sarah decides to move her kids away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Hailey, Colorado Her young sons aren t happy to leave their friends, but Sarah feels the family needs a fresh start with fewer complications Sarah doesn t know a Colorado SenatoSarah Woodward is a mother with a mission Two years after her husband is killed in a plane crash, Sarah decides to move her kids away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Hailey, Colorado Her young sons aren t happy to leave their friends, but Sarah feels the family needs a fresh start with fewer complications Sarah doesn t know a Colorado Senator has earmarked her ranch for purchase and he ll do anything to get it Unwilling to sell, she dismisses his continued offers as an annoyance and moves ahead by improving the land with the help of a sexy stranger, A.J Dodge, unwittingly sent her way by the very senator who needs her land A.J Dodge is a man with a past Twenty years ago, at the tender age of eighteen, Dodge was accused of bedding and impregnating one of Hailey s most innocent girls His family believed her lies and, under pressure to marry her, Dodge panicked and left town before he was forced into wedlock The town blamed him for the girl s suicide and he spent twenty years away from home, haunted by the senseless loss Dodge has recently returned to his hometown to begin again The close knit, traditional townspeople are not ready to forgive or forget the reason he left twenty years ago and he s faced with their condemnation every day Dodge is ready to set down roots and make things right with his family and whatever anyone else thinks he doesn t give a damn Until his old friend Tommy Thornton asks a favor, a favor he can t refuse, and Dodge becomes involved with the beautiful widow Sarah Woodward She s alone with her young sons on a dilapidated ranch she s determined to get up and running, with or without his help Dodge, busy working his own cattle on leased land, agrees to help her set up her cattle ranch The time they spend together, the he s drawn to her looks, her sharp tongue and mind, and her unwavering support of him despite the rumors of his sordid past.Senator Ben Burwick is desperate for the Woodward ranch He s in bed with a land developer with shady connections, and he s made promises he may not be able to deliver Feeling the squeeze to produce the Woodward land, Senator Burwick is willing to risk anything to convince Sarah Woodward to sell Unbeknownst to Sarah, the senator arranges to have her hired man quit and, in an act of spite, forces the abrupt end to Dodge s newly negotiated lease in Hailey, leaving him scrambling to find land for his cattle When every door closes in Dodge s face, he turns to Sarah for help, and she agrees to let him lease her land.Sarah s sons begin working the ranch with Dodge and soon come to respect him When Dodge discovers a cut wire on Sarah s newly installed fence, he s convinced his past has come back to haunt him and feels guilty for drawing Sarah and her sons into his problems He ramps up his protectiveness of Sarah and the ranch When they both sense danger in the night, they seek out the source and find themselves safe but unable to keep their desire in check But Dodge won t destroy another woman he cares for and stays away as long as he can When avoidance becomes impossible, Sarah challenges Dodge to face their feelings and passion ignites.Dodge and Sarah piece together Senator Burwick s involvement with a shady land developer They know to expect trouble from Burwick, but are unable to ascertain what or when, and begin a hyper vigilant watch over the ranch Sarah sends her sons to her in laws for an extended visit and she and Dodge face the danger they face on the ranch and in their hearts head on.

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      Christy Hayes

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    1. My husband and I live outside Atlanta, Georgia, with our two children and two dogs I have a journalism degree from the University of Georgia Go Dawgs and I m a member of Romance Writers of America and the Women s Fiction Chapter of Romance Writers of America I ve been writing seriously since 2004 and made the decision to indie publish in 2011.I write romance and romantic women s fiction from my little basement office in the South I ve cooked up all kinds of trouble for my flawed characters when I m not driving my kids to one sporting event or another or walking my pesky rescue mutts through the neighborhood.Please note that a portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to charity.


    Dodge the Bullet Comment

    1. I m a man I have a lifetime membership to the man club my man card says so my testicles and penis prove it.So, when Christy Hayes requested I review her ROMANCE NOVEL, I wasn t so sure if I could enjoy the genre enough to give an honest opinion I found out that I am man enough to read and really, REALLY enjoy reading a romance novel Dodge the Bullet was such an easy read I can totally understand why women the world over read romance novels they re just fun Christy Hayes a fellow Southerner WOOT [...]

    2. I absolutely loved this book Everything about this book hit the spot for me.I ve never read anything by Christy Hayes but you d better be believe I m going through her back catalog immediately This was a very well written romance, the hero Dodge and heroine Sarah were front and center Their relationship built slowly and when they finally get together it was so worth the wait I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a small town romance, staring a super sexy Alpha cowboy, a side of STEAM and [...]

    3. I ve found that all women fall into a series of categories Its a little system I ve devised and perfected through the years Oh this was priceless How many are there Six Six All women fall into just six categories When he nodded she said, Please go on First there s the never satisfied with anything woman Sarah considered and shrugged Okay, I get that one What s next Next is the pretty but unintelligent eye candy woman Again she nodded Then there s the just plain low class woman She used her finge [...]

    4. A new to me author and a book that kept me interested There were some editing problems that should be cleaned up but otherwise a solid read A feisty young widow with two boys meets stubborn bad boy with the usual non commital baggage She owns a large ranch in Colorado and he s just been evicted from his Both need each other s help As the story goes, one thing leads to another and soon love blossoms Of course, first there s a bad guy that gets in the way of easy living and two boys who don t want [...]

    5. synopsisTwo years after her husband s death, Sarah Woodward moves her boys away from their fast paced life in suburban Atlanta to small town Hailey, Colorado But Sarah doesn t know a Colorado Senator has earmarked her ranch for purchase and he ll do anything to get it Unwilling to sell, she dismisses his continued offers and moves ahead by improving the land with the help of a sexy stranger A.J Dodge is a man with a past He s returned to his hometown ready to set down roots and make things right [...]

    6. A.J Dodge is a man with a past He recently returned home to Hailey, Colorado, to become a rancher like his dad He has six sisters so he knows women.Sarah Woodward is trying to put her life back together Her husband passed away over two years ago and she has decided to leave Atlanta and relocate to Hailey where she and her husband bought a ranch they hoped to move to someday Her sons are not very happy about moving but she feels the small town is a better place to bring up her sons than the fast [...]

    7. Why are all the freebies full of typos So annoying and makes me sooo angry Good thing I didn t love this story Seemed to go on and on about a conspiracy to take over a ranch nothing interesting ever really happened there totally predictable It was all really a cover for the romance between Dodge and Sara I m very okay with romance of any kind, but the storyline just got in the way.t of all, I question the Woodwards ever buying such a big and coveted ranch in the first placeokay, that being said, [...]

    8. What I like Story build up is well written and downright awesome Secrets of the past The main female character ain t no wimp but the main male character is d a r n protective The author takes one situation and describes it from the mind of one of the main characters and then from the mind of the other main character You get a well rounded view of what each character is thinking and of what is happening No confusion there.WHAT I DO NOT LIKE Too much colorful language Too much sexy passion gets bo [...]

    9. This book had much cussing, including a couple f bombs, and was sexually explicit Also, they justify the sex with the yough kids around, instead of making wrong wrong Characters were fun, and believable, Story line was good I might read from this author if they were cleaner Sarah s husband dies SHe has two teen boys to raise on her own, so she moves the family to a ranch they own, and decides to learn how to be a rancher She meets Dodge, who has been sent to help her get started Instant attract [...]

    10. Blech, this was a totally predictable story with a hurry up and tie the ends together ending A woman whose dead husband leaves behind a ranch that she doesn t know how to run, finds herself at the mercy of a rancher willing to show her the ways A bland conspiracy plot line to buy her ranch ends as expectede falls in love with the rancher and they live happily ever after Fast read, good for passing the time and highlighting the typos on my iPad.

    11. This is the first book I read by Christy Hayes I loved the book from the beginning to the end Dodge was my favorite character of the story because of the way he protected Sarah her children The plot was very good too This was the second best story I read that was free I would definitely read other books by Christy Hayes This book was worth purchasing.

    12. This book was simply, okay It didn t really do anything for me Dodge and Sarah were cute, but the senator was annoying and the whole conspiracy was just not for me Dodge and Sarah s slight adorableness saved it from being a total dump Definitely not a re read, but not a complete failure If you like the grown up, predictable love story conspiracy, you may enjoy this book.

    13. May contain slight spoilers After two years of mourning her lost husband Sarah Woodward is finally ready to step back into life and take control To do this she is making a break from her, her sons, and her late husbands old home in Atlanta and moving to the vacation home in the small town of Hailey, Colorado Where she plans to run the ranch and though her two sons are not happy about the move she hopes they will eventually come around.On her first day there she meets A.J Dodge, who was asked, as [...]

    14. This book was OK kind of predictable but interesting enough to keep me reading This eBook was a free download The characters were appealing Sarah Woodward is a widow who moves her family from Atlanta to the run down cattle ranch she and her husband purchased in a small Colorado town A J Dodge, is a mysterious cowboy with a past who makes an agreement with an old friend to make Sarah and her two teenage boys feel welcome in her new community, help her get settled, and teach her the cattle ranch b [...]

    15. Another sweet if not predictable escape from reality in this story of Sarah and her two boys Sarah s husband is gone now and she decides to move her boys to a huge ranch they d bought in Colorado to raise them in the way her husband would have liked Sarah has no experience in ranching or raising cattle but she does have a stubborn streak Her boys are also giving her trouble, Kevin doesn t want to move and Lyle seems to be holding his feelings in.The nice thing about this is there is a little to [...]

    16. The full effect can be caught by clicking here.Sarah has lost her husband two years ago and finally she s decided to move on to a ranch with her two teenage boys, and live that life she and her late husband planned Sarah isn t looking for a guy She is just looking for something other than hurt She might get everything if she plays her cards right.Dodge, aka A.J gets tangled up with the widow to show her the ways of farming But his attraction to her being might become a problem in his mind for se [...]

    17. Another romance novel that I downloaded to my iPod To summarize the plot, Sarah a widow and mother of two pre teen boys decides to move her family from Atlanta to a large cattle ranch in Colorado that she and her husband purchased before his death Sarah knows nothing about ranching, but feels she needs to make a fresh start with her sons Enter Dodge, a fellow rancher who has returned to Hailey after leaving years ago in a cloud of shame To the townsfolk, he is a pariah who they try their best to [...]

    18. This book was a Kindle freebie that I enjoyed I always go into the freebies with lowered expectations because well, they re free and most likely self published There are a few typos approx 20 but not enough to distract the reader The story over all, well written, grammatically correct, thought out and is very straight forward in the romance department I m an admitted romance novel fan so my review comes from that stand point, if someone generally does not read romance they will be turned off My [...]

    19. I picked this up because it was free on and the cover and storyline were appealing The characters were likeable and the story moved along pretty nicely For me, it wasn t one of those books you re dying to get back to but like a sweet story, with a hint of action, where you waited for the happy ending Sarah moves to the ranch she bought with her husband who died two years ago even though she hasn t a clue how to run it Enter Dodge, a hard on the outside, soft on the inside, cowboy He reluctantly [...]

    20. Sarah Woodward moves with her two boys, two years after her husbands death She has a ranch there she bought with her husband and she wants to start over she wants someone to teach her ranching Her sons, Kevin 13 and Lyle 11 are not happy about the move A friend of the Senator who knew Sarah s husband ask that he get someone to help her He gets A J Dodge Dodge is disliked by the senator They once had a run in Dodge finds Sarah very attractive and he finds he is very protective of her and her boys [...]

    21. I started this book with the thought ta da a romance book by formula you know boy and girl meet girl hates boy, boy loves girl finally girl loves boy Of course, that can be said about any romance story.This story really hooked me though the sub plots are interesting, and the characters are given believable traits I really enjoyed this, and would recommend this as a quality chicklit type book I hope that doesn t offend the author, because it was well written and the reactions between the main cha [...]

    22. I thought this book was a bit slow moving to get into, then it felt like a ton of action dumped into forty pages, and then it just ended I didn t like the pacing of the story at all, it felt really rushed at the end, like it could only be a certain number of pages, and too many pages were spent on backstory I really liked the actual story itself even if it was a bit predictable , but the pacing was just off and kind of weird Overall, I am glad I wasn t reading this book alone, having another boo [...]

    23. This was a good story A widowed mom brings her two kids to the vacation ranch she bought with her husband looking for a fresh start The prime piece of property is overgrown and she quickly realizes the task is above her head, so she reaches out to fellow rancher Dodge for assistance A quiet man with his own broken past, together they develop the land and their relationship Dodge is a great hero He is strong, brave, intelligent, sexy, and loving And he reads romance novels What can a girl ask fo [...]

    24. A freebie that I downloaded It was a pretty good read No major surprises, and pretty predictable, but enjoyable just the same The woman has a ranch, but doesn t not know how to work out A man is a rancher with no ranch to run It is natural that they come together in a mutually beneficial relationship Naturally there are misunderstandings and confusion, but they work it out in the end The characters are well developed, but background information is lacking in some places I would have liked the ed [...]

    25. I really wanted to like this.but it didn t happen Even tho I clicked read.I really didn t, not word for word About 10% thru, I started skipping pages pretty fast I was interested enough to find out if Dodge Sarah made a real relationship The author seemed to suggest a big mystery with Dodge after it was quickly revealed, I didn t think it was such a big deal And Sarah was so easy to figure outry predictable I guess I expected action, drama, sex than I got The author was almost therejust not qui [...]

    26. I had never heard of this author or book but since it was a free e reader and it sounded interesting I decided to try it out I have to say that I was not disappointed and I actually would consider reading of Ms Haye s books I found myself wanting to keep reading because I enjoyed the characters so much It has been awhile that a book has grabbed my attention that much The one thing I wonder is if Jenny will have a book of her own I actually liked her and it seems she has issues concerning men so [...]

    27. Good solid read, and a nice romance I read this as a free e book on ibooks and its one of the better ones but not super outstanding it didnt make me want go and buy her other books The characters with the exception of the villian were fairly believable, the teenage kids gave me a few issues I found it hard to believe they are as accepting as they are but over all the book moved along at a nice place and was fairly enjoyable.

    28. sarah lost her husband and with 2 son to raise on her own she moved back to a family ranch a guy name Doge came to help her he ranch was the only one that had water rites so the senetor was trying to scare her into selling her land for a develment so he could have water rites after he had someone try to torch her barn he got cought also doge got hurt very bad but recovered and told sarah he was in love with her

    29. I really enjoyed this story, but I am a sucker for cowboys and FREE reads Even with a few minor typos this book held my attention The chemistry between Sarah and Dodge is palpable and refreshing The plot was suspenseful and not too far fetched Sarah s boys seemed too mature for the ages stated, I would have like to see them just a few years older Otherwise a fun, quick romantic suspense read.

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