ibumi Trevanian v rom n Shibumi nep estal b t od sv ho prvn ho vyd n ve Spojen ch st tech bestsellerem a stal se ve sv m nru klasick m a kultovn m d lem Nab z ten i nejen vynikaj c literaturu ale je

  • Title: Šibumi
  • Author: Trevanian David Petrů
  • ISBN: 8072037463
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trevanian v rom n Shibumi, 1979 nep estal b t od sv ho prvn ho vyd n ve Spojen ch st tech bestsellerem a stal se ve sv m nru klasick m a kultovn m d lem Nab z ten i nejen vynikaj c literaturu, ale je to rovn rom n, kter skute n m e zm nit v ivot Trevanian je pseudonym, za n m se skr v vysoko kolsk profesor historie, co vysv tluje adu popisovan ch hiTrevanian v rom n Shibumi, 1979 nep estal b t od sv ho prvn ho vyd n ve Spojen ch st tech bestsellerem a stal se ve sv m nru klasick m a kultovn m d lem Nab z ten i nejen vynikaj c literaturu, ale je to rovn rom n, kter skute n m e zm nit v ivot Trevanian je pseudonym, za n m se skr v vysoko kolsk profesor historie, co vysv tluje adu popisovan ch historick ch ud lost a detail , politick ch souvislost a pohled , filozofickou hloubku a zem pisnou i asovou ku z b ru hodnou modern ho renesan n ho um lce Byla by koda prozradit dop edu cokoli o p b hu i hlavn m hrdinovi rom nu, jen je tak perfektn vystav n podle pravidel japonsk hry go Pr v tato postava se v textu zjevuje postupn pomalu i n hle, drasticky i z zra n , komicky i smutn ten i nezb v , ne aby spolu s hlavn m hrdinou dos hl onoho asn ho duchovn ho stavu naz van ho ibumi.

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      Trevanian David Petrů

    About Author

    1. Trevanian was the pen name of American author Dr Rodney William Whitaker 12 June 1931 14 Dec 2005 He wrote in a wide variety of genres, achieved best seller status, and published under several names, of which the best known was Trevanian From 1972 to 1983, five of his novels sold than a million copies each He was described as the only writer of airport paperbacks to be compared to Zola, Ian Fleming, Poe and Chaucer Whitaker also published works as Nicholas Seare and Be at Le Cagot He published the non fiction work The Language of Film under his own nameBorn in Granville, New York, 12 June 1931, Rodney William Whitaker became enthralled with stories as a boy His family struggled with poverty and he lived for several years in Albany, New York as a youth a time portrayed in his last published work.Whitaker earned bachelor s and master s degrees at the University of Washington While there he wrote and directed his own three act play Eve of the Bursting Whitaker went on to earn a doctorate in communications and film at Northwestern University.He taught at Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, where he was chairman of the communications division He served in the US Navy during the Korean War, and later was awarded a Fullbright scholarship for study in England When he wrote his first two novels, he was chairman of the Department of Radio, TV and Film at the University of Texas, Austin, where he continued to teach for many years Whitaker married the former Diane Brandon, and they had four children sons Lance and Christian, and daughters Alexandra and Tomasin They lived for years in the Basque country of France.Whitaker died December 14, 2005 in the English West Country He was survived by his wife and four grown children.


    Šibumi Comment

    1. The reading public back in 1979 picked this book up thinking they were reading a best selling thriller novel, little did they know they were going to be exposed to a Trevanian philosophy called SHIBUMI SHIBUMI has to do with great refinement underlying commonplace appearances It is a statement so correct that it does not have to be bold, so poignant it does not have to be pretty, so true it does not have to be real SHIBUMI is understanding, rather than knowledge Eloquent silence In demeanor, it [...]

    2. Nicholai Hel is such a stud duck bad ass that even if James Bond, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne and the Dos Equis s Most Interesting Man in the World banded together to try and take him down, he d just kill them all with a drinking straw while lecturing them on the evils of their materialism Then he d have mind blowing sex with their girlfriends.Hel was born to a exiled Russian countess in Shanghai in the 20s and a Japanese general thinks the young man has such an exceptional talent for the game G [...]

    3. 1 2 3 4 5 Senses Working Overtime SEE the assassin in his youth see him as a child in war torn Shanghai, as a young Go Master in Japan, as a dutiful son and as a tortured prisoner, as an expert caver in Basque Spain, as an equally expert Stage IV Lovemaker see him enact the Delight of the Razor upon his lovely and loving concubine see him destroy his enemies in an equally subtle fashion HEAR the clock ticking an assassin does not live forever shall he go to his grave as a disposable pawn to the [...]

    4. Shibumi is, without question, the stupidest book I have ever read Period Full stop It s not close Shibumi is the 1927 Yankees of stupid books John Grisham and Dan Brown, working together, operating at the peak of their vaguely misogynist, airport novel spewing powers, could never hope to approach the mind exploding stupidity of this book.The protagonist of Shibumi, Nikolai Hel, is best described as an amalgam of James Bond, Bruce Lee, Robert Mitchum and Jesus Christ He is the least plausible, mo [...]

    5. If you ve ever wanted to know what it takes to become the world s hottest lover and most kick ass ninja style assassin, then Shibumi lets you in on the secret First, you need to learn to play Go well then you have to become fluent in Basque Real Go players tell me I m about second Dan strength, but unfortunately I don t know any Basque at all One out of two ain t bad, I guess Anyway, you ve probably figured out why I adore this engagingly crazy book.________________________________I thought of S [...]

    6. He once killed a man while in a small room with 4 guards only paces away.His mother was Russian, his father was German and he was raised by a Japanese Army general.He can speak than six languages including Basque.He prefers caving to mountain climbing because it is manly.He is not only the world s most deadly assassin but also the world s most accomplished lover.He is a genius and a mystic, a warrior and a gardener.He is Nicholai Hel, the world s most interesting man.Very enjoyable book First [...]

    7. I picked this up because it s been selected by a group I m in as a group read I doubt I ll do much in that conversation as I am MAJORLY disappointed in this book.You know, since the late 1960s or so the CIA has become the favored whipping boy I apologize for the cliche given my complaints about the book If the CIA really had as many traitorous, evil, inept and or downright stupid agents as I ve seen in movies, books and on TV there would be no good agents I was tempted to put in a link to the CI [...]

    8. This book is for people who like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and all those other super ninja Gary Stu action heroes fueled by atomic testosterone Except if you pay attention, Trevanian is laughing at you Shibumi shamelessly exploits every single cliche in the genre and then sneers at them Trevanian s mockery of American culture is acidly funny and not particularly affectionate Sometimes the self aware satire and the angry derision seem to blend together It was not their irritating assumption of eq [...]

    9. Fuck I have to retract two stars and my rave review I mean, clearly it was a rave I d say this book loses the plot about half way through, but to be fair, there isn t really a plot Once the book leaves Japan and finds its home in Basque land, it rapidly becomes close to unbearable I am afraid that whilst I savoured the first half, the second I ended up just skimming I have way too many good books on the shelf to be spending precious time on this one.I am leaving my half cocked first discussion o [...]

    10. My original review was wrong in a couple of respects, not bad though for the 25 years or so that had passed since I read it I d say it is somewhat closer to Eisler s John Rain than the other authors I mentioned, it wasn t shibumi that I didn t like, it was Hel s final thoughts conclusions, although I must admit they fit him well brings home a point made early on Truly well done.Nicholas Hel is an interesting character, one of the most complicated I ve ever read in a mystery thriller He s intelli [...]

    11. classic spy novel learned that airports had inferior screening policies in the 70s from reading this book, also that Go is a Japanese game which holds all the secrets of life this book is must read put down your bibles and read Shibumi.

    12. Daha nce okudu um hi bir kitaba benzemiyordu kurgu d zeni o y zden ok farkl geldi Biraz daha ilgi ekici bir ekilde yaz labilirdi diye d n yorum ama karakterlerin her zaman okudu um tiplemelerden farkl olmas na bay ld m.

    13. ibumi nceden merakla okudu um kitaplardan biriydi lk b l mlerde bu adamlar kim, Munih Be lisi, Kara Eyl lc ler kimler, kimin pe indeler anlamaya al rken a kcas biraz s k lm t m, ama sonra kitap bir a ld bir akt , elimden b rakamam t m Hele o son b l mdeki e siz hayatta kalma m cadelesini soluksuz okumu tum.Kitaptaki Nicholai karakterini, Satran kitab ndaki Dr B ye ok benzetmi tim kisinin de ortak y nleri oktu, her ikisinin de ba na gelenler ok benzerdi , her ikisi de karizmatik karakterlerdi, he [...]

    14. Less a novel than Trevanian s expansive personal shitlist of people he hates in novel form A partial list of said people includes Arabs, Americans, young people, some Jews, women who aren t concubines, feminists, Texans, Russians, Prussians, merchants, Andy Warhol, modern Japanese, Arabs seriously, Italians, French, Brits, some Basques, Cowboys, War Criminals Japanese ones excluded, Christians, chess players, wine snobs, Clint Eastwood, bankers, airport security, gays this despite his seeming pe [...]

    15. MEGLIO SE LE GRU NON RITORNANOSono capitato su questo libro solo perch ho voglia di leggere Satori di Don Winslow e ho scoperto che sono collegati credendolo un sequel, ho letto Shibumi Poi, ho capito che Satori il prequel di Shibumi e quindi questa inutile lettura potevo evitarmela Sigh.Tante pagine per raccontare una storia molto datata che avrebbe bisogno di molte meno pagine Ma soprattutto avrebbe bisogno di una mano di scrittore meno banale, meno mediocre.Pi volte in realt , quasi sempre mi [...]

    16. Kitab defalarca okuduktan sonra d nd klerimi 2010 da b yle dillendirmi im Rahmetli Trevanian, Amerika n n i i bo s per kahraman mitini ele tiriyor bu kitapta.Nicholai n de me s per kahramandan daha yetenekli oldu u ortadad r lakin bu st n zelliklerin hi biri Amerikan s per kahramanlar gibi teknolojik aletlerle ya da bilimsel bir kaza sonucu elde edilmemi tir her biri yo un e itimler veya ba a k lmas zor ac lar sonucu kazan lm t r Nicholai Nicholai yapan her zelli in bedeli a r bir ekilde denmi t [...]

    17. I must really be missing something A quick internet search locates many favourable reviews of both this book, and of its author, Rodney William Whitaker aka Trevanian , who apparently positioned himself as someone who read Proust, but not much else written in the 20th century Consider this statement from Shibumi is elaborately written, using a very extended vocabulary, based on a sound knowledge in history and geopolitics, switching easily from pessimism to wry humor, Shibumi is than a mere thr [...]

    18. I recall seeing Shibumi on paperback stands when I was in elementary middle school, and it seemed like a typical thriller like the Robert Ludlum and Erik Van Lustbader novels I was starting to graduate to after tiring of the Mack Bolan The Executioner action series I never did pick it up even though it did seem like something I would have read at the time I m glad I didn t, because it would have been over my young, callow head I wouldn t have picked up on the fact that it is a witty, intelligent [...]

    19. The name reminded me of a Samurai and of what he would have faced during a life time of combat There can be parallels to this idea in this book but what it is in reality is a totally different beast Trevanian creates an elaborate joke which scorns at the Super Assassin genre in Shibumi.Shibumi in simple English means Casual Elegance tells the author A way of life which in itself sets the dudes aside from the dunderheads The story is about a man named Nicholai Hel who the author repeatedly remind [...]

    20. The first warning sign was that the author goes by only one name Any guy who attempts this little bit of artifice not doubt has an ego that impedes upon gentle ingress and egress of doors, automobiles, sweaters, etc Even the people who have pulled off the single moniker still have full names that are known to their most ardent fans e.g Elvis Aaron Presley, Jesus Horatio Christ Still, this was enough to have me determined to root against the guy s protagonist out of sheer spite, but I digressThe [...]

    21. My high school senior year literature teacher gave me this book to read during a post graduate visit It s an amazing book about a hired killer with a zen like outlook on life and death One of my favorite books ever.

    22. This may be the longest book commentary review I ve ever written, as priceless quotes abound throughout the book and I plan to include many All are from the 2011 paperback copy I m including numerous info links Use them after your first read of the review or as you go You choose.Trevanian s SHIBUMI Originally published in 1979 Trevanian is one of the pen names of Rodney William Whitaker 1931 2005 He notably wrote The Eiger Sanction In the process of converting this novel into a vapid film, a fin [...]

    23. Intense and intelligent and incendiary if you re fool enough to take offense at a book that dishes out offense at everybody Consider And ponder where does the author keep his tongue The OPEC troubleshooter codetermed Mr Able, because he was top man in an able baker charlie dog sequence was embarrassed by his fellow Arab s twittering voice and blundering ways A third generation Oxford man whose family had long enjoyed the cultural advantages of participating with the British in the exploitation o [...]

    24. I cannot, for the life of me, resume what SHIBUMI is about If you think it s a spy thriller, you re a fool If you think this is a spoof, you re slightly enlightened but you re still narrow minded It s the masterpiece, the time defying work of an enlightened soul with democratic intentions Trevanian is a literary writer, yet he sturctures his stories in a way for most people to feel intelligent and enlightened Most important, it s a vehicle for his opinions and passions To keep it simple, it s s [...]

    25. In essence, this is a spy book, but it contains some gems which will stick with you, including spelunking scenes, and the art of understated excellence which compels you to cut all of the rose blossoms from your garden save that one perfect one, so as not to offend your visitors eyes Also references the Basque ethnic group, and the board game, Go What else do you need

    26. In the Fall, 1988, issue of the American Go Journal, the late Bob High printed a number of random facts gleaned from a survey of American Go Association membership forms Among the items was a mention of how members reported having been introduced to the game According to Bob s list, a significant number first discovered Go by reading Shibumi than from any other book or popular cultural reference this was, of course, long before Hikaru no Go, the manga and anime that introduced many younger play [...]

    27. trevenian mahlasini kullanan yazar her kimdiyse her seyi yanlis anlamis, humanizmi de, dinginlik halini de, asaleti de, cinselligi de, kultur farkini da her seyi ama herseyi yanlis anlamis.Sibumi romani, oglanci, mikropenisli, etnik bir espri olan aptal araplarla, nedense herhangi bir sifatla tanimlanmamis olan israilliler arasindaki kavganin, enerji kaynaklarinin, hukumetlerin ve akla gelebilecek her seyin dolayisiyla da tum dunyanin kontrolunu elinde tutan zenginlere sorun cikarmasindan kaynak [...]

    28. This book is brilliant It is a work of genius It works on so many levels Most of all, though, the entire book is a brilliant joke I see from some of the reviews here that many readers are on the receiving end of that joke.A little research on the author will reveal some of his character Trevanian is not only a pen name but a character by a writer Rod Whitaker who took on the personas of his pseudonyms like a method actor The satire is happening on several levels and we re not always sure if Trev [...]

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