European Theater of Operations: the Siegfried Line Campaign

European Theater of Operations the Siegfried Line Campaign None

  • Title: European Theater of Operations: the Siegfried Line Campaign
  • Author: Charles B. MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780160674631
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
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      Charles B. MacDonald

    About Author

    1. Charles B MacDonald was a former Deputy Chief Historian for the United States Army He wrote several of the Army s official histories of World War II.After graduating from Presbyterian College, MacDonald was commissioned as a US Army officer through the Army ROTC and deployed to Europe By September 1944, as a 21 year old Captain , he commanded a rifle company in the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division MacDonald received the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.His first book, Company Commander , was published in 1947, while his wartime experiences were fresh in his mind.MacDonald wrote the final volume of the Green Series on the European Theatre, The Last Offensive He retired as Deputy Chief Historian, United States Army Center of Military History in 1979 After his retirement, MacDonald wrote A Time for Trumpets , his last book, a personal history of the Ardennes Offensive which concentrates on the first two weeks of the battle, which he spent five years researching MacDonald also wrote or co wrote two other books of the Green Series, The Siegfried Line Campaign and Three Battles Arnaville, Altuzzo, and Schmidt He also contributed to Command Decisions.MacDonald suffered from cancer and lung disease and he died on December 4, 1990 at his home in Arlington, Virginia.


    European Theater of Operations: the Siegfried Line Campaign Comment

    1. This book was an interesting account of the little known Siegfried Line Campaign.Most people have heard about Operation Market Garden, which took place in September 1944, and the Battle of the Bulge, which took place in December, 1944 The Siegfried Line Campaign, of which Market Garden was a part, was the three month effort to breach the West Wall fortifications along the German frontier For the loss of 140,000 American personnel 8,000 killed among the First Ninth Armies, and including US units [...]

    2. Thorough, accurate and understatedly sympathetic to the men in the foxholes as we came to expect from every book by Captain MacDonald The chapters about the battles for the H rtgen Forest are particularly enlightening, and though MacDonald is too much of a pro to portray General Courtney Hodges as a WW1 style butcher, a German appraisal he chooses to quote serves as an indication that the sacrifices imposed upon a succession of American infantry divisions forced to fight singlehandedly in the wo [...]

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