Winter Hours: Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems

Winter Hours Prose Prose Poems and Poems What good company Mary Oliver is the Los Angeles Times has remarked And never so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems a

  • Title: Winter Hours: Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems
  • Author: Mary Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780395850879
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • What good company Mary Oliver is the Los Angeles Times has remarked And never so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays, accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems and poems One of the essays has been chosen as among the best of the year by The Best American Essays 1998, another by The Anchor Essay Annual With the grace and p What good company Mary Oliver is the Los Angeles Times has remarked And never so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays, accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems and poems One of the essays has been chosen as among the best of the year by The Best American Essays 1998, another by The Anchor Essay Annual With the grace and precision that have won her legions of admirers, Oliver talks here of turtle eggs and housebuilding, of her surprise at the sudden powerful flight of swans, of the thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else She talks of her own poems and of some of her favorite poets Poe, writing of our unescapable destiny, Frost and his ability to convey at once that everything is all right, and everything is not all right, the unmistakably joyful Hopkins, and Whitman, seeking through his poetry the replication of a miracle And Oliver offers us a glimpse as well of her private and natural self something that must in the future be taken into consideration by any who would claim to know me.

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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information In a region that has produced most of the nation s poet laureates, it is risky to single out one fragile 71 year old bard of Provincetown But Mary Oliver, who won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry in 1983, is my choice for her joyous, accessible, intimate observations of the natural world Her Wild Geese has become so popular it now graces posters in dorm rooms across the land But don t hold that against her Read almost anything in New and Selected Poems She teaches us the profound act of paying attention a living wonder that makes it possible to appreciate all the others Ren e Loth, Boston Globe, September 2, 2007


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    1. Additional Thoughts 1 7 2015 This review has gotten several likes lately and therefore has been brought to my attention It s bizarre reading it now because I can look back and truly see this was the year when I was in the throes of my Christian upbringing vs my sexuality I was unable to see or admit it then, but yeah I was pretty gay Now I m super gay and delighted to be so But in 2011 I was going through emotional hell I m glad my past self who had to go it alone was able to find affirmation in [...]

    2. The only problem I have with this book of poetry and essays penned by the singular and sublime Mary Oliver is that I have checked out a library copy As such, I cannot pencil in the margins my thoughts, underline her exquisite revelations, draw in arrows attached to my steady progression of aha s , yes es , and this , or dog ear nearly true story every page I want to continue to go back to this book and reread passages and poems, not merely now that I am finished, but in the future Her insights i [...]

    3. It seems like you can t go wrong with Mary Oliver I enjoyed this lovely, deeply introspective collection of essays and poems I feel that she truly lives by her teachings to observe with passion, to think with patience, to live always care ingly There is much to ponder and savor in this slim collection.

    4. Every now and again I need a Mary Oliver fix Not only her poems, but her gentle, knowing prose I enjoyed her thoughts about several poets in this book Especially on Poe, who I don t know that much about I loved the essay on building her little house, that once complete she rarely visits It was all about the building of it.I don t know if this is a book that someone would pick up if they were not a devoted reader of Oliver s poems, but I think it is a book anyone would enjoy I love her voice, and [...]

    5. I adore Mary Oliver, so when, in the introduction she says, And so I say again I myself am the author of this document it has no other formal persona, as my books of poems certainly do, I was excited to see what she had to say I wasn t disappointed in fact I loved this than I even expected I read the whole thing in just a couple of hours, with a pen in my hand, underlining and circling and starring passages that popped out at me, which were so, so many A book that I will surely reread many time [...]

    6. Brilliant The essays on Leaves of Grass and Poe and Robert Frost benefit from close attention and will stand up to rereading As always, takes much longer to read than the size would indicate because you are frequently drawn to stop and read the same phrase multiple times and write notes of inspiration in the margins.

    7. I prefer Oliver s poems to her prose essays, which is partly due to my own ignorance about some of the writers she focuses her essays upon But as usual, her work poetry and prose it strewn with gems that I read and re read with great pleasure.

    8. Through these woods I have walked thousands of times For many years I felt at home here than anywhere else, including our own home Stepping out into the world, into the grass, onto the path, was always a kind of relief I was not escaping anything I was returning to the arena of delight I was stepping across some border I don t mean just that the world changed the other side of the border, but that I did too Eventually i began to appreciate I don t say this lightly that the great black oaks knew [...]

    9. I needed this collection this January The Winter Hours section alone was enough to warrant my five stars Her words on hope resonate deeply And her depiction of being out with her dogs in the dark morning hours, and her short poem, The Storm, about her dog making exuberant tracks in the snow, deepened my feeling of kinship with her These are passages I must read again.

    10. Simple, gorgeous language used to slow down life s seemingly insignificant moments such as a spider on her web in a back hallway to observe and take in the flood of meaning to be discovered Interesting biographical essays about famous poets tucked into the middle Perfect to read in the cold, cold winter.

    11. This is one of my favorite books of all time I read it in one sitting the day after Christmas many years ago, and felt changed by it permanently.

    12. Mary Oliver celebrates life in an unread type of language My heart fills with joy as I keep moving to the next paragraph I ll go back to read her soon I don t seem to get enough of her world.

    13. I chose this as a recent book club book, partly because I thought it would be intriguing to read prose from Mary Oliver and partly because of its low page count This is a busy few weeks I ended up liking it for both reasons Parts 1 and 3 actually primed my curiousity about Mary Oliver s life and prose style She divulges bits and pieces from her personal life, as well as information about her own drive as a writer and identity as participant in life I d love to read of her prose.Part 2 essays on [...]

    14. In this set of essays and poems, Mary Oliver gives us glimpses into her approach to writing by spelling out some things she is NOT trying to do and some things she IS trying to do She offers some great essays on Frost, Poe, and Whitman, all of which made me want to dive into some of their writings, which in fact I did and will continue to do.Oliver is by far my favorite poet In Winter Hours she explains that she is not a political writer nor a writer trying to save the earth, though if her writi [...]

    15. I ve only ever read MO s poetry of which there is very little in this booky 2 I think so I wasn t sure what to expect from her prose In this book she talks about her art, both how she writes and what inspires her She goes into depth on four poets important to her There are insights into her life, both mundane daily routines and special meaningful events What really struck me was her theology I found the raw animistic spirituality with which she approaches life really wonderful and affirming I am [...]

    16. Winter Hourspg 93 In the winter I am writing about, there was much darkness Darkness of nature, darkness of event, darkness of the spirit The sprawling darkness of not knowing We speak of the light of reason I would speak here of the darkness of the world, and the light of ____ But I don t know what to call it Maybe hope Maybe faith,.but probably it is closer to hope, that is active, and far messier than faith must be Hope, I know, is a fighter and a screamer pg 101 When I write about nature I [...]

    17. This collection of essays is a true gem I d especially recommend it to fellow poets and educators Most of the essays in this slim 109 page volume are succinct and yet vibrant, like much of Oliver s poesy I particularly enjoyed The Swan a pedagogical essay about Oliver s rules for writing poems and A Man Named Frost There are delightful nature poems and prose poems interspersed with the instructional and literary analysis essays, including essays on Whitman, Gerald Manley Hopkins, and Poe I d rea [...]

    18. These small, still essays resound with assuredness and awe, like taking a familiar walk and finding an opened robin s egg, or a fern frond, or the brutal kiss of the wind Each morning that I read this collection of essays and poems felt as if I d been to the best church, the best meeting of minds that I could imagine There is solace in the redemptive nature of salvage at the garbage dump and there is sacredness in the life s work of a mama spider hanging from her web Great beauty is given a cond [...]

    19. This is great stuff Reading it feels like Mary Oliver is right there with you, talking to you in your living room I like Oliver s essays best and will be seeking out of them I love Swoon a Mama spider captures her prey , Winter Hours Oliver expresses why and how she writes about nature , The Bright Eyes of Eleonora Poe s Dreams of Recapturing the Impossible shows how Poe s work is than horror , and A Man Named Frost highlights Frost s easy going style and melancholic subject matter.

    20. I find Oliver s poems a little repetitive, yet accessible and profound I like the conversational tone of her writing and the way she places human experience in the realm of the natural order of things At her best she evokes the wit and experiential excitement of Thoreau in the wild At her worst she falls under the weight of her own earnestness All in all though there are some very exciting essays about other writers in this book, and for that reason I rank this as one of my favorite books by her [...]

    21. I love Oliver s writing, but I often find myself wishing she didn t sound the same in every book This little book does branch out , with prose pieces that, as it turns out, were the most interesting parts of the book It s funny to me that she finds Poe so fascinating since I don t see many similarities between them, but perhaps that s what made those pieces so successful There was meat there than in the poems for me.

    22. Oliver writes readable and enlightening poetry This book seemed like a bit of a jumble of essays, prose poems, and poetry I enjoyed her writings about other poets and would have enjoyed a book about just that When I read a book like Winter Hours, I wonder if the author planned to write it in this manner or if she simply had to fill an obligation for an additional book.

    23. I had never read Mary Oliver before and was floored by her prose and poetry She has a kind of quiet power in this collection which found words to ideas I didn t know I d thought about The first prose piece Building The House was one of my favorites in the work Her essays on Poe, Frost, Hopkins, and Whitman were very good, though they felt slightly out of place in for this book Loved it

    24. I love all Mary Oliver s poetry and books i often sit with a pile of her books and read through them you can almost tell what her mood was during the period of her life when each book was written.

    25. Mary Oliver takes my breath away, her prose and prose poems as well as her poetry She has unconditional love and acceptance for the world, and a true connection with every living thing, animate and inanimate.

    26. I am familiar with her poetry than prose, but I found her prose to be quite insightful I see writers such as Poe in a complex, interesting light, and her stories about turtles, spiders are beautifully told.

    27. This volume was mostly essays, but written with the melody of poetry for which Mary Oliver is so well loved This was an easy one day read that presents a unique perspective of life as part of the natural world.

    28. Mary Oliver has a wonderful way with words and blends the spirit and nature into so much of her writing The part that was the slowest for me was the section where she wrote about various other poets I liked this enough to be interested in reading of her work.

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