Far Cry from the Turquoise Room

Far Cry from the Turquoise Room Told from both daughter and father s perspectives Far Cry From The Turquoise Room is a coming of age riches to rags tale of loss resilience and self discovery It is also about the passage of child

  • Title: Far Cry from the Turquoise Room
  • Author: Kate Rigby
  • ISBN: 9781463611101
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Told from both daughter and father s perspectives, Far Cry From The Turquoise Room is a coming of age, riches to rags tale of loss, resilience, and self discovery It is also about the passage of childhood into puberty.

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      Kate Rigby

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    Far Cry from the Turquoise Room Comment

    1. This book has a very powerful story line told by two characters Hassan Nassiri, who is a very wealthy and successful Iranian property owner and his 10 year old daughter Leila They lived in a beautiful house surrounded by beautiful things and such sadness When a terrible tragedy struck the family, life for them all, including Leila s mum, changed.Even before the tragedy there was one unhappy little girl who never felt quite good enough in the family unit and afterwards well things just seemed to [...]

    2. It is told from the perspective of father and daughter The father, Hassan, is a successful business man, his daughter is Leila, is the youngest of two daughters Now at this point I really do not want to give anything away, so I apologise for my vagueness But, a tragedy befalls the family, this story charts the way that Leila and her father deal with it, how the family dynamics have changed, also for Leila growing up and becoming a teenager At times it is heartbreaking, emotional and also annoyin [...]

    3. See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI enjoyed the dual viewpoint aspect of this novella which allows us to see the story unfold from both Leila s and her father, Hassan s, perspectives as they take chapters to speak directly to the reader Their switching from speaking about themselves in a mix of first and third person did take a bit of getting used to, but it begins to feel natural as the story progresses Their reactions to a traumatic event within the family send them onto very [...]

    4. This is a beautifully written and touching story of tragedy and redemption As with Rigby s other novels, the child s eye is used perfectly to draw us into family life and all it s flaws, using Leila, the daughter of wealthy Iranian Hassan, as the main narrator The story does jump back and forth between her point of view, and her father s, but it was Leila s viewpoint I really empathised with, and it was her I was rooting for from the very beginning She s feisty, strong willed and lives in the sh [...]

    5. This is a story as told by a wealthy Iranian father living with his family in England, and his bright ten year old daughter, Leila Tragedy strikes the family when they lose the older, favourite, daughter in a regrettable accident In their despair and sadness the parents withdraw from regular life and society, and their remaining child, Leila After almost a year of yearning for their attention, Leila runs away, somehow joins a travelling community, and learns to be streetwise as she dodges the au [...]

    6. his book is stunning, and the voice is amazing The characters spring to life from the pages, and honestly, I can hear the dialogue in my head as I read The two main characters, Hassan and Leila, are brilliantly crafted and portrayed perfectly, as is the emptiness they both feel, albeit in different ways, after the tragedy that tears their family apart.Really, the most wonderful thing about this book, besides an amazing plot and spot on characterization, is the voice It s brilliant, real, and ver [...]

    7. Far Cry From The Turquoise Room by Kate RigbyThis is a compelling emotional, dramatic story of young Leila Told through her Leila eyes and her fathers A coming of age family tale of love, loss, family, friendship and self discovery Well written, I fell in Love with Leila , and loved the writing style of Kate Rigby She really brought me into the heart, soul and minds of her characters Being a mother of just girls and having one sister I could relate to Leila I could write so much , but I never do [...]

    8. I loved this book Kate Rigby was recommended to me, and this is the first of her books I chose to read simply being drawn in by the title This was nothing I have read before, a perfect tale of different cultures and upbringing, family tragedy, wealth vs happiness and how a young child s imagination can aid her own survival Perfect

    9. REVIEW BY Arianna, age 9 years, 9 monthsSPOILER ALERT At first Leila and her sister do not get along very well and while they are on a ship, they are helping their friends and Leila s sister falls overboard Before this happened, they were not getting along because Leila felt as if their father liked her sister After her sister dies, Leila s parents mourn for her sister and they never listen to or talk to Leila Her father tells her that she is going to go to board school After he father tells he [...]

    10. Stunning Yes, this book is stunning Absolutely stunning I love that it s written in two perspectives, which gives an added depth to the story Rigby already has a big fan with me, so I was honored to read another one of her books You won t forget my name You won t forget me I was, I am, I will be Father Hassan Azim Nassiri Daughter Leila Princess Leila It opens with enrichment and poetry The story is wondrous and charming, but real and dramatic, as they deal with a loss that hangs on to their emo [...]

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