Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar

Assassin Fall of the Golden Valefar There is neither pure goodness nor pure evil in your heart you are what you choose to be Those are the words Ivy spoke to him three years ago when she sent Eric to the surface But she had no way to kn

  • Title: Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is neither pure goodness nor pure evil in your heart you are what you choose to be Those are the words Ivy spoke to him three years ago when she sent Eric to the surface But she had no way to know that every day the curse would twist his mind further, making Eric depraved and desperate to stop the monster he is becoming Eric puts a lethal plan into actThere is neither pure goodness nor pure evil in your heart you are what you choose to be Those are the words Ivy spoke to him three years ago when she sent Eric to the surface But she had no way to know that every day the curse would twist his mind further, making Eric depraved and desperate to stop the monster he is becoming Eric puts a lethal plan into action Once started, it cannot be stopped The plan will result in his ultimately finding peace and destruction However, Natalia has other plans She s spent three years getting close to Eric and doesn t plan on letting him slip between her fingers But when she finds the opportunity to destroy him, she hesitates seeing the spark of goodness he still possesses.Series Order 1 DEMON KISSED 2 CURSED 3 TORN 4 SATAN S STONE 5 THE 13th PROPHECY 6 ASSASSIN FALL OF THE GOLDEN VALEFAR 7 TBADEMON KISSED NOVELLAS 1 Valefar Vol 1 2

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    1. H.M Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who is swiftly approaching 13 million copies sold, placing her among the literary titans Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few You can interact with this bestselling author at facebook AuthorHMWard Text HMWARD to 24587 and get a text reminder on release sale days.


    Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar Comment

    1. I didn t think this series could get any better I was wrong This book had the relational aspect of Demon Kissed that I so totally loved But it also had the feeling of danger of the later books Its like the author took all the best parts of the rest of the series and put them in this book Assassin picks up where The 13th Prophecy left off It s not a spin off, although I know the author talked about it being a spin off It continued the story, which is great And I m getting the feeling that Ivy s r [...]

    2. See reviews up on my blog sparetimebookblog From what the author put on Facebook I knew this book would be adult then the first 5 Demon Kissed books All I have to say about that isS AWESOME I knew there was a lot about Eric that we didn t know This book gave me way incite into why he is how he is and how he deals with it I loved that He always made me curious in the other books I m glad we finally got to know about him We also got to see some of Ivy and Collin which was nice I really enjoyed [...]


    4. This book was beyond perfection I loved how every time a new character would come in, their perspectives were given along side the other persons perspectives So awesome The main characters switched from the first five books in the series, if you couldn t guess Ivy did make a wonderful appearance during the book though which was super exciting, cuz I love Ivy Characters Eric in this story is so different from any other time in the series He is on a mission of self destruction It was so awesome to [...]

    5. I m sorry Really truly I am but I have to be honest.The Demon Kissed series 1 5 I still consider 6 a spin off was as fantastic because of the strong plot that was present through all five books In Assassin I couldn t even figure out what the plot was until the very end It s a good set up for the rest though which is exciting It s also bothered me that years were skipped it felt like I skipped a book.Its sad because the things that made D.K so great seemed to be missing here like the writing It d [...]

    6. Takes place years after Kreturus is destroyed and Ivy as the Queen of the Underworld This book is told in Eric s point of view finally After years of not seeing what he was thinking or the reasons behind his actions it s truly good to have his point of view Even after all that has happened the boy is still hung over on Ivy, Since he saw Ivy last, he had tried to kill himself several times Yea we all know the boy does not do half ass but extremes I truly enjoyed this book we saw a side of Eric th [...]

    7. after Ivy defeated Kreturus and became the Demon Queen, she was trapped in the Underworld with no physical form as it was her curse of using the Satan s Stone originally an Angel, Eric too used the Satan s Stone to stop the previous war his curse was to live his life feeding of fears from others after he was brought back by Ivy, he transformed from a Martis, to a Valefar, now a Golden Valefar having limited amount of fear for Eric to feed off, Ivy sent Eric to the surface he was powerful than b [...]

    8. I have always loved this series and this last book, well it was kind of like a car accident Brutally honest, emotionally exhausting, sometimes fatal and as you drive past you don t want to look but can t help yourself Eric was always a bit of an enigma so conflicted and torn by his feelings for the Martis and Ivy and then also by her defection to Collin She brought Eric back to life and made him a demon because she couldn t live without him but in between the curse and the events of the past, he [...]

    9. H.M Ward does it again with this book This book was so AWESOME I LOVE the Demon Kissed Series and was sad when book five came out because I Really didn t want the series to end This book was a great addition and for me a very welcoming one and doesn t disappoint even though it was told through Eric s point of view which I LOVE I would highly recommend reading the whole series leading up to this book so that you understand why Eric s life and world is the way is and understand why he s the Hot, S [...]

    10. I was happy to see the Demon Kissed series continue but this book didn t have the same flow I was disappointed The writing wasn t well thought out almost as if the author was rushing through it It was very repetitive and the plot was confusing I had to reread a few parts because it jumped around and I got a little lost.I did like that the book told the story from Eric s point of view but I didn t really feel that it added anything further to his character While I don t feel that this book took a [...]

    11. If you likes the Demon Kissed series, then take the time to get the paperback version of this book It is not available on Kindle which I very much respect the authors reasons for why she took it off, but this book continues Eric story This book does have Ivy and it and you have the feeling that she is controlling a lot of what Eric is doing, but this book is very much about Eric s story It is a tad darker, but it still keeps the relationships and the story telling that you re used to in the seri [...]

    12. I cannot believe the book left me hanging off a cliff screaming to know what happens I have loved this series, and this one is a spin off from Demon Kissed that continues with Eric s story And of course, like authors like to do these days, it has one pain of an ending Some things that go on in the book are a little strange, at least stranger than my norm, but still so intriguing Eric is the ultimate good boy now turned BAD Can t wait for the next book now This is not for young teens.

    13. This was another satisfying addition to the storybut obviously there is to come I didn t mention this in my other reviews, but there are several instances when the wrong spelling of a word is used in all of the books Not enough to be majorly annoying, yet still errors that should not have been there Will keep my eye out for further adventures Again, this is a series that held my attention and was worth it.

    14. I wondered as I read the first 5 Bo s what was going on in Eric s mind Seriously after he was turned Valefor, but seeing inside his head was YIKES He is crazy and the again he is not Tis was a great tale I need to see what happens next Excellent

    15. 3.5 I enjoyed this one quite a bit, the new character was interesting but it didn t make me like Eric any I d stay well clear of him Like the rest of the series, it leaves lots of questions unanswered Oh well, just have to wait for the next book for the answers.

    16. This is awesome I loved Eric in all the books and was happy the this book was about him I hope there is going to be about Eric the ending makes it look that way lets hope 3

    17. I am disappointed that it ended so quickly Really enjoyed the introduction of Nat, she is going to be badass if E doesn t kill her first

    18. Fucked up This isn t a Demon Kissed novel though, as marked on here It s a spin ff for the series The novels will now move forward in this matter I m interested to see the next one.

    19. This is the only book in the series i did not like It shouldn t have been made, it has Nothing to do with the story line.

    20. Wow, another great book in the series I enjoyed it It was nice reading the story from another characters perspective.

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