Blood Ties

Blood Ties January A baby girl is left alone for a moment Long enough for a mother to dash into a shop Long enough for a child to be taken Thirteen years later solicitor Robert Knight s stepdaughter wins a

  • Title: Blood Ties
  • Author: Samantha Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780755337323
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • January 1992 A baby girl is left alone for a moment Long enough for a mother to dash into a shop Long enough for a child to be taken Thirteen years later, solicitor Robert Knight s stepdaughter wins a place at a prestigious London school for the gifted The only puzzle is his wife Erin s reaction Why is she so reluctant to let Ruby go Doesn t she want what s best forJanuary 1992 A baby girl is left alone for a moment Long enough for a mother to dash into a shop Long enough for a child to be taken Thirteen years later, solicitor Robert Knight s stepdaughter wins a place at a prestigious London school for the gifted The only puzzle is his wife Erin s reaction Why is she so reluctant to let Ruby go Doesn t she want what s best for her As Erin grows evasive, Robert can t help but feel she has something to hide, and when he stumbles on mysterious letters, he discovers she has been lying to him Somewhere in his wife s past lies a secret a shocking secret that threatens to destroy everything

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      Samantha Hayes

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    Blood Ties Comment

    1. I love Samantha Hayes books You are always guaranteed a tense and gripping story which twists and turns This book has been sitting neglected on my kindle for years and I can t believe that I hadn t read it sooner If you re after a book that you can t put down this is highly recommended by me A solid 4 stars

    2. I find it incredibly hard to believe this is a debut novel, the writing is just so fantastic Hayes knows exactly how to lead your thoughts in a certain direction, so you assume that you know how it s going to end, but then shocks you by giving you a completely different ending The story is gripping right from the very start, and the various secrets that are revealed will stay with you long after you ve finished it I throughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking out for her new book, [...]

    3. Thirteen years ago a baby girl was kidnapped.Thirteen years later the thirteen year old Ruby has no birth certificate She doesn t look like her mother Erin and her step dad uncovers the hidden truths about Erin s past Will he find the proof that Ruby is not Erin s daughter Will he return Ruby to her biological mother Will a woman, who had lost her baby girl, ever recover from her loss The beginning was awesome The story took place at a parking lot with no signs of a poor baby girl I could feel e [...]

    4. Something about this book was just a little bit off It started out great and I was really enjoying it Then came Robert, who was paranoid and jumped to conclusions just a little too quickly I really wanted to find out what happened to Cheryl s baby and kept reading just to find out The poor girl who gave birth all alone, locked in her room broke my heart and I had to find out what happened to her and her baby The author weaves a good story, but somewhere along the way, the story gets gobbled Mayb [...]

    5. Blood Ties was a book that grasped by attention and although at some points especially towards the beginning it was somewhat confusing It was very well written and I liked that it was told from three women The topic of losing your baby was heartbreaking and I was especially touched by the fifteen year old who despite being at such a young age was so determined to protect her child at all costs The ending left with unanswered questions about Cheryl and her baby Natasha, I got the impression that [...]

    6. This book was given to me by a friend who thought that I would like it It s not a genre that I usually go for I like books written from different point of views as this one is although the changing time frame can be slightly confusing at times It is a good story despite being very unbelievable in parts.

    7. Blood Ties by Sam Hayes was one of the most suprising and even shocking books It follows three on the first look completely different narratives Cheryl, whose baby daughter, Natasha, dissapeared from the back seat of the car, while the mother was shopping Ruth, a fifteen year old girl, who gave birth to her daughter, runs away from her parents Erin, whose life on one hand is nearly perfect with loving husband, Robert, and daughter Ruby However it seems that the secret of her past is about to exp [...]

    8. This book had me captured from the start It had many twists and turns throughout based on 3 main female characters However, I did find some of the situations they got themselves into a bit unbelievable It did jump from character to character quite unexpectedly, so keeps you on your toes It was a real page turner.

    9. Gripping psychological drama The chapters told from the female characters perspective are excellent It s the very one dimensional male character that let the book down a little, it was hard to really believe in him However the author uses some really unique similes and metaphors which I did savour.

    10. Absolutely loved this book, and it was even better the second time Hayes first book was an absolute credit to her The final twists at the end were not what was expected

    11. After reading a few of her books previously I was quite looking forward to another Samantha Hayes book, unfortunately, this didn t live up to the same standards as the others I found the story really slow to start off with, I didn t really want to continue after the first few chapters but I persevered hoping it would get better I couldn t connect to these characters in any way, the story line was a bit too far fetched for me also I must admit I did enjoy a couple of the twists in the book but no [...]

    12. A story spanning 13 years, a suspenseful page turner focusing on the mysterious events of a kidnapped baby, a teenage runaway and a husband suspicious of his wife s past and the true identity of his step daughter As much as I loved 90% of the book, there s something about the ending that just doesn t feel fair, or just A huge unanswered question leaves me annoyed.

    13. zo zaciatku sa mi zdali niektore pasaze nudne Ale od polovice ma kniha zaujala tak, ze som ju docitala za jeden vecer Koniec mal dve rozuzlenia, jedno som ocakavala uz od zaciatku, ale to druhe ma fakt sokovalo.Takze ak chcete nejaku mystery oddychovku, ale bez krvi, toto je ono

    14. An engaging, compelling tale of a mother running away from her past and a mother grieving about her lost daughter Do there paths converge

    15. I enjoyed this book, it included a lot of interesting characters and twists It was also quite unpredictable, which is a nice change from what I ve been reading lately.

    16. Read the book several years ago, but it is still on my mind Definitely recommended to all the psychological drama lovers.

    17. This was my third time starting reading this book This time I made some effort and after some time the story grabbed me The story is told by different narrators in 2 time lines now and past The narration of different women and different story lines intertwine in order to confuse the reader and distract his attention to a different guess I quite enjoyed this game and did not guessed the end Unfortunately the read was not an easy one as the topics were quite sensitive child abuse, child abduction [...]

    18. Nederlandse recensie Het boek waar het allemaal mee begon voor Samantha Hayes Een verhaal uit meerdere perspectieven Het houd de lezer in zijn grip tot de laatste pagina Het mysterie van de moeder en haar dochter neemt iedere keer weer een andere wending Wat dit verhaal zo bijzonder maakt is het perspectief van de stiefvader die achter het verleden van zijn vrouw en dochter probeert te komen De meeste vrouwenthrillers zijn voornamelijk uit het vrouwelijk perspectief geschreven met de man op de a [...]

    19. Wow This is an absolutely gripping thriller, which I found hard to put down The various parts of the story are gradually unwrapped, until they all come together but probably not in the way you expect.There is an interesting mix of characters in this book, all with their own story to tell, and all lifelike and believable I found myself involved with each and every one, concerned for their outcome.The strands of the story are told from the viewpoint of these characters, combining present and past, [...]

    20. This book hooked me from the very beginning What you think is happening, isn t quite what is happening, and I loved that it got me until the very end, although I did figure out some of the mystery.You have a baby that was stolen, a teenager running away from home and a man desperate to keep his family together, and somehow all of these stories intermingle Makes for great suspense The ending was absolutely briliant YOU will not be disappointed with this story A very good read indeed

    21. Definitely my favourite Sam Hayes Book Clever, touching and compulsive Depth of Characters completey absorbing I was shocked to find this was her debut novel as it is outstanding I read Unspoken first, then Blood Ties, and Currently reading Tell Tale.All are execellent, but Blood Ties has that little something extra which is why it is one of my favourites.

    22. This book grabs you from the start, it is every mother s worst nightmare to have their child abducted but everything is not as it seems The story covers the moment when a mother realises her baby is missing and then moves forward 13 years.This book covers a lot of sensationalist subjects but it in a realistic way One of the best books I ve read this year, would certainly recommend it.

    23. The book is catching attention from the fist page and keep you hooked till the end A good mix describing from one hand humain relations between a couple, kids, parents and the hided past and a dynamic thriller with unexpected end from the other hand Good reading for the summer holidays

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