Into That Forest

Into That Forest Me name be Hannah O Brien and I be seventy six years old Me first thing is an apology me language is bad cos I lost it and had to learn it again But here s me story and I be glad to tell it before I h

  • Title: Into That Forest
  • Author: Louis Nowra
  • ISBN: 9781743431646
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Me name be Hannah O Brien and I be seventy six years old Me first thing is an apology me language is bad cos I lost it and had to learn it again But here s me story and I be glad to tell it before I hop the twig.So begins this extraordinary novel, which will transport you to Australia s wild frontier and stay in your mind long after you ve finished reading.

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      Louis Nowra

    About Author

    1. Louis Nowra born 12 December 1950 is an Australian writer, playwright, screenwriter and librettist His most significant plays are Cos , Byzantine Flowers, Summer of the Aliens, Radiance, and The Golden Age In 2007 he completed the The Boyce Trilogy for Griffin Theatre Company, consisting of The Woman with Dog s Eyes, The Marvellous Boy and The Emperor of Sydney Many of his plays have been filmed 1 He was born as Mark Doyle in Melbourne He changed his name to Louis Nowra in the early 1970s He studied at Melbourne s La Trobe University without earning a degree In his memoir, The Twelfth of Never, Nowra claimed that he left the course due to a conflict with his professor on Patrick White s The Tree of Man He worked in several jobs and lived an itinerant lifestyle until the mid 1970s when his plays began to attract attention.His radio plays include Albert Names Edward, The Song Room, The Widows and the five part The Divine Hammer aired on the ABC in 2003 2 In March 2007, Nowra published a controversial book on violence in Aboriginal communities, Bad Dreaming.Nowra has been studied extensively in Veronica Kelly s work The Theatre of Louis Nowra.He resides in Sydney with his wife, author Mandy Sayer From


    Into That Forest Comment

    1. I wavered on what to rate this book I ended up going with 5 stars because this book for me was exactly that Hannah and Becky get to have a spend the night which is rare because the area where Hannah lives in Tasmania is remote Hannah s parents take the girls on a picnic boat ride During the ride a storm comes up and the girls end up alone They are taken in by a couple of Tasmanian tigers I had no clue about these animals before this book They carry their young in their pouches similarly to kanga [...]

    2. 3 A peculiar book inspired by a purportedly true and very peculiar story from another continent Two young girls, aged about six and seven, are stranded in a storm and adopted by a pair of Tasmanian Tigers, living with them in a forest cave for several years The story is told in broken English by the older of the two in her old age She begins Me name be Hannah O Brien and I be seventy six years old Me first thing is an apology me language is bad cos I lost it and had to learn it again But here s [...]

    3. Now seventy six years old, Hannah O Brien puts pen to paper to tell the story of her unique childhood when she was just six years old, a tragedy leaves her and a friend, seven year old Becky, lost and alone in the bush They are rescued by a female Thylacine a Tasmanian Tiger who takes them back to her den where her mate is For about four years they live in harmony with the pair of Thylacines, learning to hunt and communicate through grunts and yawns the distinctive wide open mouth Hannah takes t [...]

    4. Warning this book will break your heart In college, as a sociology minor and over all sociology groupie bum, I became aware and a little obsessed with the happening of feral children There were cases of children who had been locked in one room for all their developmental years, knew nothing of language or social interaction, and later, either their remains were found, or they were rescued and the long process began of assimilating these children back into society There were cases of children who [...]

    5. So the in general story, two girls are marooned away from civilization in Tasmania and taken in by a couple of tigers pretty sure they don t mean tigers like the rest of the world thinks of tigers, as they also refer to them as Tasmanian Tigers and Dingos, but they are never very clear who help them survive in the wild for four years After they are re claimed by humanity, the story follows their struggles in re learning how to be people So a couple of reviewers have hit on two of my issues with [...]

    6. There have been plenty of plot summaries of this book, some describing this story in a repulsive, disgusted sort of sense as if the book itself presented a threat on some very visceral level, while choosing to ignore content altogether and instead seemed preoccupied with the author s writing style and chose not to finish the book but rated it anyway, a practice I personally don t hold with How can you fully assess a books merits if you ve jumped ship I choose to file these books as abandoned as [...]

    7. Pages read 25Nope I cannot This book is not my thing on so many levels The premise made me think of Life of Pi which I loved, but, sadly, I hadn t seen a sample of the writing.Insurmountable obstacles between me and Into That Forest 1 Dialect alone, this might not have been a dealbreaker It seems decently well done here, but it s not my favorite style ever, and slows my reading significantly, since I mentally edit.2 There are no chapters I like having regular breaks to process and put the book d [...]

    8. This was an unusual book Easily read in a single sitting, it spins the tale of two little girls taken in and raised by a pair of Tasmanian tigers It illustrates the remarkable resilience of the spirit as well as the ability to revert to pure animal behavior in order to survive The story was sad, as it almost had to be The dialect may put off some readers, but it fit the storyline and was not difficult to follow As a rule, I am not into cover art, but this one is particularly striking This was a [...]

    9. After a boating accident in Tasmania, 2 young girls Hannah and Becky are stranded in the bush But they re soon rescued tigers For the next four years they live with two tigers, learning how to hunt and speak the tiger language Meanwhile, they forget much of what it means to be human Hannah narrates this experience of being raised by tigers from the future, in dialect Overall, it s a good read, though it just didn t move me overmuch Not for any particular reason, though.

    10. It s strange to think that, under the right conditions, humans can revert back to the wild state our ancestors worked so hard to detach civilised society from After all, we still have the tools keen eyesight and hearing, a decent sense of smell and a predators ability to problem solve, we just fail to utilise them, or simply employ them in different ways And regressing to the wild side is exactly what happens in Into That Forest stranded in the Tasmanian wilderness, two young girls, Hannah and B [...]

    11. I read Into That Forest by Louis Nowra at the end of April because I wanted a short book that I could read in one day I never imagined what a powerhouse it would be when I picked it up I also didn t know anything about Tasmania, the setting of this novel I learned for the first time that it s an island off the coast of Australia I hadn t heard of the award winning Australian author Louis Nowra either This shows that I m woefully ignorant about Australia and Australian writers I hope to remedy th [...]

    12. If you have read any of my previous posts, then you will have seen that I ve been very fortunate to read some cracking books at this start of this new year, already Yet again if this book is anything to go by then we are in for another feast of delight It would be fair to say that I was not expecting this book it was a very delightful surprise In fact I knew nothing about it, or the author, until it arrived on my doorstep Therefore, I would like to send a big thank you to Egmont for sending this [...]

    13. Into That Forest was a wonderful book, unlike anything else I ve ever read before The story takes the reader on an incredible journey through the Tasmanian outback with friends Hannah and Becky Thoughts of this book lingered with me long after turning the final page and I m looking forward to passing it onto others who haven t yet discovered such an amazing title The story is narrated by seventy six year old Hannah, who is looking back on her early life Nothing could prepare me for the tale she [...]

    14. Wow, what a book This was by far one of the most unusual books I have ever read Louis Nowra certainly deserves his standing in the Australian literary landscape I was completely drawn in to the world of Hannah and Rebecca after a slow start This book kind of creeps up on you like a stalking thylacine, and that is as it should be Hannah and Becky, awkward friends, lost and alone after a shipping accident, are washed up on a strange shore and are cared for by a family of Tasmanian Tigers, Dave and [...]

    15. I have held onto my fascination with feral children for quite a number of years now And any time I hear of a new non fiction or fiction title that discusses the topic, I eagerly scoop it up This new YA book from s Children s Publishing house is no exception It takes place in Tasmania, Australia during an undisclosed year and centers around the story of two young girls taken in by a pair of the now extinct Tasmanian tigers.From its very first pages, the story is immediately one that fully capture [...]

    16. This is a story told by Hannah, a 70 something year old lady, about how when she was 6 years old, she and her friend, Becky, survived a terrible storm while on a boat with her parents The two girls wander the forest and come upon a Tasmanian tiger It appears that the tiger wants the girls to follow her and after some initial hesitation, they do The tiger leads them to her lair where her male counterpart is waiting The two girls are adopted by the tigers and as the years go on four in total the g [...]

    17. In the blurb of this book, it states that the reader will still be thinking of this story long after turning the last pageI have to say, I agree.This book is heart touching and rather beautiful.However, for those who can t read a book that has bad grammar on purpose because it just plain annoys them, then I wouldn t recommend this book The story is on purposely written to sound like a person who s English is VERY bad is narrating the story The story itself is still understandable tho and if you [...]

    18. I wasn t crazy about this book though I really did think Nowra wrote well about the tigers, who were vivid characters but I m writing this mainly because it is marketed as a children s book and it has a lot of disturbing stuff that I, as a 38 year old, had some trouble with, so I worry about kids reading it I m not a parent, so maybe it s fine, but vulnerable children watch parents or parental figures die horribly a total of 5 times by my count, in addition to lots of other gory bits So take tha [...]

    19. So this book actually has 232 pages but on its different Anyway i am surprised and loved this book, you really do get into the world One thing that was different about this book is that the writing is so unique, its like the character from the beginning is telling then story but instead of using my she uses me Once you read it you will get what u am talking about A big big recommendation to everyone out there, who is a fan of animals.

    20. Doesn t exactly add anything new to the wild children trope, but the style of narration, and the fact that there are two children involved instead of just one, kept me interested in what might happen next While there are the usual themes of civilization versus savagery and which categories humans and animals fall into at times , the story strikes me as really about the girls bond with each other, even so than the bond they have with their adoptive animal family.

    21. I loved this book because it was unique Two girls are separated from their families and are taken into care by a pair of Tasmanian Tigers The voice in this story, told through the first person viewpoint, was earthy and engaging Tasmanian history was cleverly woven into the story providing readers with information about Tasmanian Tiger Hunts and whaling This story was a refreshing read and would appeal to both boys and girls for different reasons.

    22. One of the most original books I have ever read The story of two girls saved and living with Tasmania tigers sounds far fetched but when I was reading it I became so involved Another view on the brutal history of Tasmania but also a very moving book I read this in a morning as I had to know what happened.

    23. Not the greatest book I ve ever read I could ve done with less crudeness, and the story was quite depressing I did, however, feel compelled to read it, and it was okay Very different

    24. I have never read a book like this.I pick up all sorts of books everywhere and this one was a library book sale find, brand new for a 1 So, I picked er up and opened the book.At first, the writing was bothering me a lot The narrator excuses herself for her language that is bad She says me language , and continues using me That slowed me down at first, but I got over that Me name be Hannah O Brien and I be seventy six years old.So, this old woman called Hannah, is telling us this story of her pas [...]

    25. I almost nearly put this book down before even starting it because of the forced use of dialect language It felt contrived I did not feel like I was reading the thoughts of Hannah through her own tongue It felt cheap It did not feel authentic.I did push through the dialect language, but I found myself correcting the grammar in my head automatically I understand the point of the use of this literary technique, but I did not find it effective or necessary It was distracting.Hannah and Becky are tw [...]

    26. The story line is simple Two girls Hannah and Becky land up in the forest separated from their loving families and adopted by two Tasmanian tigers The tigers who not only become their savior, but over time, their family The girls survive by watching and learning and gradually transform into being one of them, both physically and psychologically The growing relationship between the animals and the girls strikes the reader as odd but he is forced to change his mind and not only starts to view the [...]

    27. Set in colonial Tasmania, this is a compelling story of two young girls lost in a forest, who are rescued by a pair of Tasmanian tigers, or correctly named Thylacines Hannah and Becky quickly adapt to life as wild creatures, discarding clothes, spoken language, and the ways of civilized white Australians Four years later, they are rescued by Becky s father, who people said were so filled with dreams and thoughts of finding us that he became not so much a man as an idea of one dressed in human f [...]

    28. A unique story following the survival of two little girls lost far from any human settlement and then their painful transition when they are rescued and forced to abandon their feral ways The language is poignant as it expresses their feelings and loyalties in the individual voice of one of the girls, demonstrating her arrested development There is excitement and drama, cruelty and friendship, an historical setting in Tasmania, puzzling behaviour and danger, tragedy and humour For such a slender [...]

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