Tempest in the Tea Room

Tempest in the Tea Room There s trouble afoot in Regency London s Jewish community and no one to stop the crimes until wealthy widower turned sleuth Mr Ezra Melamed teams up with an unlikely pair General Well ngone and the

  • Title: Tempest in the Tea Room
  • Author: Libi Astaire
  • ISBN: 9780983793168
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s trouble afoot in Regency London s Jewish community, and no one to stop the crimes until wealthy widower turned sleuth Mr Ezra Melamed teams up with an unlikely pair General Well ngone and the Earl of Gravel Lane, the leaders of a gang of young Jewish pickpockets Combine poison, missing jewels, and an irascible noblewoman and what do you get The first volume ofThere s trouble afoot in Regency London s Jewish community, and no one to stop the crimes until wealthy widower turned sleuth Mr Ezra Melamed teams up with an unlikely pair General Well ngone and the Earl of Gravel Lane, the leaders of a gang of young Jewish pickpockets Combine poison, missing jewels, and an irascible noblewoman and what do you get The first volume of the Jewish Regency Mystery Series, which readers are calling fun, fresh, and captures the flavor of the time When Lady Marblehead accuses a young Jewish physician of trying to poison and rob her, he turns to Mr Melamed for help But when the few clues are as indecipherable as soggy tea leaves at the bottom of a cup, will Mr Melamed find the real culprit before the poisoner strikes again

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    About Author

    1. I am a mystery writer and explorer of Jewish history who was born in Kansas and now lives in Jerusalem The first book in my Ezra Melamed Jewish Regency Mystery Series, The Disappearing Dowry, was named a Sydney Taylor Notable Book for 2010 Other books in the Jewish Regency Mystery Series, which revolves around Regency London s Jewish community, include The Moon Taker 2015 The Doppelganger s Dance 2013 Tempest in the Tea Room 2012 , and Jewish Regency Mystery Stories 2015 I also work as a journalist, where I frequently write about Jewish history A topic dear to my heart is the Anusim Spanish Jews who were forced to convert during the Middle Ages and who became the target of the Spanish Inquisition My novel about modern day descendants of Anusim living in Catalonia, Terra Incognita, was published by Targum Press in 2010 and is now available as an ebook and paperback at , etc.My other books include The Banished Heart, a novel about Shakespeare s writing of The Merchant of Venice Day Trips to Jewish History, a collection of essays about lesser known people and places in Jewish history and several ebooks for the Jewish holidays, including Choose Life 8 Chassidic Stories for the Jewish New Year, 36 Candles Chassidic Tales for Chanukah, Pass Over to Freedom 15 Jewish Tales for Passover, and The World Is Built With Kindness 15 Chassidic Tales for Shavuos, which bring Chassidic masters such as the Baal Shem Tov and Zusya of Hanipoli into the eReader era.


    Tempest in the Tea Room Comment

    1. Just FUN, as well as a refreshing counterpart to Regency novels about financially comfortable Christians who only go to London for social seasons This is London as it might have been for a permanent resident of the merchant class Caroline Bingley spins in her literary grave , or for business holders and their families The network of doctors, petty criminals, orphanages, charities, lawyers, and landlords is richly drawn without being overwhelming, and Melamed is written very well.In addition, the [...]

    2. Ezra Melamed is a Jewish detective in London of the 1800s In Libi Astaire s Tempest in the Tea Room, Melamed must discover why otherwise healthy orphans are becoming deathly ill In this tale, set against the backdrop of London s Jewish community, complete with jealousy, revenge, unrequited love, and snobbish pretensions, we meet a character who is understated, and at the same time, larger than life.Astaire does a deft job of describing the social milieu in which a cast of interesting characters [...]

    3. Solid meh The concept is lovely, but the execution left something to be desired The multiple plots don t quite hang together and the culprit in the main mystery was painfully obvious Most of the characters are fairly flat, and the Judaism of the characters and the community was heavy handed without adding much texture For example, five mentions of a particular coffeehouse as a kosher establishment in such a short space are too much, doing nothing to impart new information to the reader, just ser [...]

    4. wonderfully mysterious and enjoyableI really enjoyed this story, and it was fun to read It was a mystery that had an edge of humor and hint of culture within it It s a first story and I hope there will be many in his series Ezra is a great character, and has a great chemistry I like his backstory and how he goes about solving the crime His mismatched pair of partners is a wonderful aspect of the story I also like the sense of community within the story.

    5. Ok so mysteries aren t my usual cup of tea, well written, well rounded, interesting and altogether loveable Jewish characters are, so I gave this a shot I m so glad I did, its a delightful little read just dripping with Jewishness and gd that s hard too find The mystery part could have done with some work, I knew who and how not far into the book, however, the motives of all the characters and watching Ezra figure it out was delightful and unexpected.

    6. Convoluted Mysteries Cleverly SolvedVery entertaining who done it why done it in a Sherlock Holmes setting, with the exceptional circumstances of cultural and socioeconomic contrasts between the British and the ethnic Jewish community providing both contrast and congruence Nicely done

    7. A WONDERFUL STORYA TRUE BUBBY MIENTZA A story rich as my Bubbe s chicken soup Full of the richness of the times.Humor abounds as does suspense , n a tear or two and much joy in meeting these wonderful people MAZEL TOV.

    8. I hate reading books out of order and despite insistence that this was the first, it was obvious, due to references to previously solved mysteries, that it was not That said, while the book was pleasant, there were just too many little mysteries going on in a short span of pages.

    9. 1811London and Ezra Melamed investigates when several different groups of people start suffering from a near fatal stomach problem The solution to this was fairly obvious There is also the mystery of missing pearl bracelet.A generally enjoyable read.

    10. An Intriguing TaleI loved all of the characters in this story and look forward to revisiting them in additional stories Spoiler alert I knew it was the tea, but I wasn t sure why anyone would do such a dastardly deed.

    11. This is an enjoyable little mystery The reader solves it almost immediately, but the fun is in watching the characters fumble around as they try to reach the correct conclusion

    12. Jane Austen meets Sherlock Holmes when a crime wave sweeps through 19th century London s Jewish community and the adventures of wealthy widower turned sleuth Ezra Melamed are recorded for posterity by Miss Rebecca Lyon, a young lady not quite at the marriageable age.In this third volume of the series, tragedy strikes when the Jewish orphanage s children are stricken with a mysterious and nearly fatal stomach ailment When the ailment travels to the Mayfair home of Lady Marblehead, a young Jewish [...]

    13. The Tempest in the Tea Room is a light, entertaining mystery of the cozy sub genre Despite the period setting and details, this book is like an Agatha Christie than like an Austen classic or a Georgette Heyer novel Each character including our eventual suspects is introduced slowly, one by one, at the beginning of the novel Two mysteries are introduced poisoning and a missing bracelet and then Mr Melamed must discover the perpetrator.Ms Astaire writes her characters to be both humorous and symp [...]

    14. I stumbled upon this fun series by finding this book as a free offering for my Kindle this is the 3rd Ezra Melamed Mystery this review is of a re read after picking up the first 2 books in the series The mysteries take place in the early 19th century among the Jewish community of London It weaves in events in British life and Jewish history that might not be known to many readers I ve found many books set during the same time period that took themselves too seriously this book has hit just the r [...]

    15. Tempest in the Tea Room is an entertaining read a mystery set in London in the early 1800 s, and written in a style that captures the flavor or should I say flavour of the time Replete with well researched historical details and colorful characters, the book takes the reader into the heart of the Regency era Jewish community While the reader has all the clues as to whodunit long before the characters in the story, the quest for answers reveals schemes within schemes The story is told with sensit [...]

    16. I loved this book for the chance to see my people as the stars and most of the supporting cast in a historical setting usually reserved for well off Christians Regency England There s a rich history of Jews in England, so there s no reason for us to miss out on the fun of costume dramas I will definitely be reading the others.The solution to the mystery was kinda obvious, but it s REALLY HARD to write a mystery the solution in my own mystery is even obvious so I m not gonna blame the author for [...]

    17. Ezra Melamed might be the central character and a nan who thinks and acts to solve mysteries problem involving his early 19th century Jewish community in London but I love young Rebecca Lyon the recorder of this tale who wants to solve problems too even though her efforts aren t always helpful appreciated I find her a delightful character young, loving, devoted to friends family, and one who reads novels.No sexNo violence

    18. This well plotted mystery gives an absolutely delightful glimpse into Regency London s Jewish community along with its tale of poisoning and greed The style of it chronicled by an intelligent young girl at the behest of the adult detective is great fun Nice touches of humor Fans of Jane Austen should especially enjoy it, but it has wide appeal.

    19. An interesting historical read with a so so mystery I m not fond of the style that has the storyteller engaging with the reader to tell them things and ask them questions Just me.

    20. Great mystery with lots of plot lines with usual red herrings Found another delightful mystery for those who like their old favorite writers characters Reflects period ideas of the era.

    21. Here was a delightful mystery which made up for days earlier disappointments Clever use of period characters This is what a mystery should be about for a reader to have an enjoyable time.

    22. Received this book for free Really cute and totally different type for me Looking forward to by this author Jackie

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