Tänään on loppuelämäsi viimeinen päivä

T n n on loppuel m si viimeinen p iv Punkkarinaisten kivinen tie l pi luvun EuroopanUlli Lustin useita palkintoja voittanut T n n on loppuel m si viimeinen p iv perustuu tositapahtumiin Tarinan alussa Wienin luvun punkskeneen kyll

  • Title: Tänään on loppuelämäsi viimeinen päivä
  • Author: Ulli Lust
  • ISBN: 9789520108717
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Punkkarinaisten kivinen tie l pi 80 luvun EuroopanUlli Lustin useita palkintoja voittanut T n n on loppuel m si viimeinen p iv perustuu tositapahtumiin Tarinan alussa Wienin 80 luvun punkskeneen kyll styneet tyt t l htev t liftaamaan kohti Italiaa Matkakertomuksesta kasvaa vaivihkaa eeppinen vaihtoehtokulttuurin ja eurooppalaisen l hihistorian kuvaus.Ulli Lust on aikuiPunkkarinaisten kivinen tie l pi 80 luvun EuroopanUlli Lustin useita palkintoja voittanut T n n on loppuel m si viimeinen p iv perustuu tositapahtumiin Tarinan alussa Wienin 80 luvun punkskeneen kyll styneet tyt t l htev t liftaamaan kohti Italiaa Matkakertomuksesta kasvaa vaivihkaa eeppinen vaihtoehtokulttuurin ja eurooppalaisen l hihistorian kuvaus.Ulli Lust on aikuisena kertojana ehtinyt sulatella kokemaansa ja yhdist yksitt iset tapahtumat laajempiin kehyksiin Synkk ja hauska kulkevat riitelem tt k si k dess Tekstiin kietoutuvat otteet nuoren Ullin p iv kirjasta ja yhteiskunnalliset viitteet mafiakulttuurista Kokemukset tien p ll ovat kovia vapautta etsiess n naiset joutuvat taistelemaan elintilastaan ja usein my s oman vartalonsa m r ysvallasta T n n on loppuel m si viimeinen p iv seisoo kuitenkin vankasti naisten, nuorten, etsij iden ja harhailijoiden puolella.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Unlimited Ò Tänään on loppuelämäsi viimeinen päivä : by Ulli Lust ↠
      Ulli Lust

    About Author

    1. Ulli Lust was born in 1967 in Vienna, Austria Her cartooning work has mainly comprised comics reportages Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life is her first graphic novel, and her first work to be translated into English She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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    1. 1 2 stars This starts out as a slightly dull memoir of a teenage punk runaway and the squatting scene in Europe, but the story steadily grows stranger and compelling as Ulli and a female friend head south from Vienna into the heart of Sicily The book is well observed throughout and there a few beatific moments where the story dilates beyond the consciousness of the narrator But what will stick with me are Ulli s numerous encounters with Italian men who willfully refuse to understand the word no [...]

    2. 3.5 starsSometimes I feel like I m getting old and have lost my sense of adventure I had a hard time concentrating on the first half of the story Ulli is a 17 yr old punk girl from Austria with no ambitions or goals in life She meets another girl, Edi, who convinces Ulli into backpacking it across the border into Italy They leave with nothing but a sleeping bag and the clothes on their back, which for Edi consists of a sleeveless shirt and short shorts Ulli at least thinks to bring an extra pair [...]

    3. This book pretty much wraps up everything I love in a good graphic memoir It s raw, intense, not afraid to be really long so many graphic memoirs cut themselves short , and captures so many small memorable moments The characters are well developed, the story is interesting and takes unexpected turns Coming of age, punk, feminism it s all in there I also really love Ulli Lust s illustration style it matches the content of her story perfectly.

    4. Uma HQ autobiogr fica de Ulli, uma mulher que viajou da Austria para a It lia sem um puto no bolso nem roupas extras e nem passaporte aos 17 anos Uma aventura perigosa com punk rock, um pouco de drogas muito sexo nem sempre consentido N o sei se era a inten o, mas fiquei verdadeiramente triste com muitas das coisas pelas quais ela passou Mais do que um recorte da vida de Ulli, a HQ mostra como uma mulher pode se sentir um peda o de carne no meio de uma sociedade machista que n o aceita a vontade [...]

    5. Brilliantly told, heartfelt and searching, this epic tale explores the life of a wanderer looking for adventure only to find than she bargained for Perfectly captures the Euro punk scene and Italy in the 80s, Ulli Lust s story is both hilarious and harrowing, touching and repelling a rare feat A highly sexual look at a woman s worth in men s eyes, exploring the fine line between rape, desire, and what shit women have to put up with in that part of the world Not a rosy look at the past by any me [...]

    6. Graphic memoirs are in a real danger of becoming an old hat The genre seemed so groundbreaking in the early 90 s when Art Spiegelman finished Maus, or even in 2000 with Marjane Satrapi s Persepolis, and there are still some interesting work published under the umbrella graphic memoir And it s a good thing that the new comic book releases shelve in our local library calls to me like heroin calls to Iggy Pop, or I might have missed one of them, namely Ulli Lust s Today is the Last Day of the Rest [...]

    7. Strip je valjda dijelom biografski i inace takve volim, ali ovdje se nisam mogla povezati s protagonisticama nikako Dvije socijalno neprilagodene maloljetne djevojke bjeze iz Austrije u Italiju na je li, putem skvotaju s likovima kojima je film ceste u glavi, svaki muski lik u stripu ih je seksualno iskoristavao, sto je jednoj od njih odgovaralo buduci da se deklarira kao nimfomanka i buduci da sanja da ce samoostvarenje naci u bavljenju prostitucijom u kojoj je i zavrsila, a drugo punkersko dj [...]

    8. OMG this cover Good job, whoever published this first I was already in love before I d ever held the book in my hands, just based on that gorgeous cover and title And when it came in on hold at my local library, I was startled at how chunky it is A paperback book with over 400 pages and a fecking gorgeous cover le sigh.I saved it and I saved it and I saved it, and finally grabbed it when I needed an indulgence And, oh wow.It s the true memoir of Lust s as far as I know, that s her real name adve [...]

    9. 450 pages and about 400 of them include Italian men unable to comprehend that no means no which makes it a somewhat repetitive graphic memoir in which the narrator suffers the conflicts of female teenager v male gaze, men, mafia, authorities, parents, heroin, and worse.

    10. 465 sayfa dile kolay lk ba ta nas l bitirece imin korkusu Ancak ilk sayfalardaki ekincenli in atlat lmas yla su gibi akan 465 sayfa Kimi zaman 150 sayfal k gayet makul bir comicsi bitirebilmek ok b y k bir ileye d n ebiliyor Lakin anlatacak eyi ok olan bir yazar izeri ortalaman n ok tesinde okumak ok keyifli ve e lenceli bir s re olabiliyor i te Ulli Lust n anlataca ok ey var Elbette do ulu bir muhafakazar okurun empati kurmas n , kahramanlar n ya ad klar n ahlaki ve makul g rmesi olanakl de il, [...]

    11. Funny, that I read this in english The book was reduced at my local bookstore to a mere 7 Euro I glanced over the backcover and liked what I saw enough to risk the 7 Bucks.At home I realized, the author was from my city and wrote the novel originally in german, my mothers language.Not only that, but with a lot of austrian slang too as I realized when reading the faksimile of her notes at the end.Still, that didn t bother me at all I devoured this documentary of her teenaged trip to Italy Not onl [...]

    12. Well told story, art feels like its from a journal she kept to record her life then but in a perfect supports the story kind of way.But I didn t relate At all.I wish I could use the I m old excuse, but honestly, I never did relate Even when I was 17 I never understood people who said I want to see REAL life All of life is real.I guess they really mean I want something different or I want to know if everyone lives lives like my parents do But again, I never felt like that I could see already that [...]

    13. Very intense true account of two punk girls hitchhike from Vienna to Sicily in the 1980s with lots of not really too casual sex another excellent graphic novel of this edition What I found missing to give it points is some reflection in the telling, as it is, it is incredibly direct like you were inside her mind at the time That s on the one hand definitely a strength, otoh, idk I definitely don t want her to dismiss devalue her lifestyle at that time I guess what I want is her acknowledgement [...]

    14. Seems like I ve been saying this a lot lately, but I think I would have enjoyed this when I was younger In all honesty, I read a little over half, but I got fed up with her making the same mistakes over and over and OVER again and skimmed the rest I m not sure that I missed much I m sorry she went through what she did, and I hope she found better friends later in life I ve never been to Italy, but this definitely reinforces all the worst stories about how Italian men behave.

    15. Nothing surprising here, though I read it with a certain sort of familiarity, and some enjoyment of sorts two sort of punk teenagers go on the road from Germany to Sicily, without ANY money, partying what bad things can happen The drawing is sketchy, perfect for the tale and the kind of journal style telling not much insight is gained along the way, really.

    16. dpdot je odli an crtani roman, pomalo neurednog, ali crte a koji odli no prenosi pri u autobiografski je to putopis jedne punkerice u dvomjese nom bijegu od ku e i skitnji po Italiji, suo ava se ona sa stalnim seksualnim nasrtajima i nasiljem ostaju i privr ena svom snu o slobodi, otrije njenje nije ni brzo ni jednostavno meni je ovo knjiga iz kategorije obavezne lektire za mlade.

    17. Beautifully honest and jarring coming of age story that prepares you for this unlivable world Trigger Warning Rape.

    18. WOW Ulli Lust is lucky to be alive, was my first reaction to this graphic memoir At the age of 16, she s bored with life in Vienna, so she decides on a whim to travel to Italy with a new friend of hers called Edi With no money, and very little to their name, they dodge border police and finally make their way into their desired country There, they beg, borrow, and steal to feed themselves and make their way deeper into the country Eventually, Ulli gets fed up with not only the way she s objectif [...]

    19. Alternately exhilharating and devastating, Last Day is 450 graphic novel pages easily read in a day.It s the height of European punk in 1984, and an Austrian teenager embarks on a backpacking hitchhiking expedition to Italy, with no passport and no money, as a declaration of her independence and sexual freedom But, mostly due to her being perceived only as a sex object, the free spirit repeatedly faces dependence and degradation Her companion Edi, who in features and personality resembles Mister [...]

    20. Trigger warning sexual assault The pervasive rape culture shown in this memoir is really heartbreaking It takes place in 1984, but I wonder how much things have changed Italy still has a reputation for being full of Casanovas Many reviews mention how foolish it was for penniless punk 17 year old Ulli her friend Edi to hitchhike from Vienna to Sicily and live on the streets, or that they resorted to prostitution sometimes when looking for a meal or a place to stay but that sounds like victim blam [...]

    21. This memoir about teen punk girls traveling in Italy in 1984 goes to some dark places It starts out with a feeling of adventure, but pretty soon the protagonist Ulli is in some awful, uncomfortable sexual assault situations it s was most upsetting to me to read about the borderline situations, where Ulli didn t really want to have sex with some guy, but then agreed to because if she didn t he would just keep harassing her, and at least if she did then other men would leave her alone while she wa [...]

    22. This was very dark The narrator was only 17 and she had the option to go home at any time but kept putting herself in dangerous situations instead It wasn t the decision that I would have made but she felt tied to the punk lifestyle and the awfulness that came with it After the multiple abusive friends she encountered, I just wanted Ulli to go home to her family What a terrifying coming of age journey through deprivation, drugs, and sex I was cheering for her the whole trip but couldn t really u [...]

    23. Jos aiot kirjoittaa el m st si, sinun t ytyy el el m , josta l ytyy kirjoitettavaa, sanovat Ja Ulli Lustin punk nuoruudesta l ytyy kirjoitettavaa Kovaa kapinoiva it valtalaistytt pakenee kotoa kaverinsa kanssa ja ylitt salaa rajan Kerj t n, ry st en ja pummaten vietetty kes Roomassa ja Sisiliassa opettaa paljon, antaa paljon, mutta my s vie menness n illuusiot ja haaveet Tarina olisi kaivannut hieman tiivist mist Nyt nelj s t hti j i jonnekkin etel Italiassa harhailevien juonenp tkien lomaan.

    24. Roikkui p tk lukemisena liian kauan, vaikka ainoa, mit t m tarvitsee on ahmaiseva lukija Kolmepuoloseen p st n inhorealistisella punkkareiden matkakuvauksella, jossa nainen muuttuu mustaksi auoksi, rei ksi maailmankaikkeuden ja jokaisen miehen tunkeutua.Ei anna kovin mairittelevaa kuvaa Italiasta, mutta tunnistan 19 vuotiaan harharetkilt l hes kaiken Italialaisesta yhteiskunnasta mafian tai camorran murtumisen ajalta mielenkiintoista kuvausta.

    25. I think 3 1 2 stars is appropriate Everyone wants to be older, every child wants to be an adult, but to push yourself into these situations seems so scary to me Forcing yourself to grow up in a new place and you don t want to go home and feel like you failed I dunno, this was well done but as I m growing out of my rebellious phase I m not seeking out those narratives any.

    26. Flott, s r og rlig tegneserie om v re p nker, reise pengelens rundt i Europa og generelt leve et ubeskyttet liv Leste mange lignende beretninger da jeg selv fl rtet med p nken p ungdomsskolen I dag er jeg glad for at jeg bare leste og ikke opplevde de samme tingene som Ulli Lust Narkotika, mafia, prostitusjon, voldtekter H per hun gikk til en god psykolog.

    27. I feel really sorry for this girl Though traveling around the country without a care in the world sounds fun and all, there are people out there who don t have your best intentions at heart She found that out the hard way The amounts of sex in this was justwow Not that a bunch of sex in a book is a bad thing, but this girl had to sleep her way into almost every meal and where she could sleep for the night.Her friend is a crazy sex addict and will leave her behind at the even slightest chance of [...]

    28. E vero che i disegni sono spesso semplici come schizzi, ma le pagine hanno un loro ritmo, un equilibrio interno valorizzato dalla interessante scelta della colorazione verde, a complemento di bianchi e neri E poi c questa durissima storia on the road, fatta di voglia di avventura e di crescita sul campo, di amicizia e di personaggi veri, che assumono sfaccettature interessanti Con tutte le differenze di vedute incluso il fatto di vedere l Italia dell epoca dagli occhi generalizzanti di uno stran [...]

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