A força da idade

A for a da idade Neste livro Simone de Beauvoir faz um retrato de sua poca e traduz motiva es e inspira es que a levaram a escrever suas primeiras obras Ela tamb m conta sobre o cotidiano da intelectualidade de esque

  • Title: A força da idade
  • Author: Simone de Beauvoir
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  • Page: 196
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  • Neste livro, Simone de Beauvoir faz um retrato de sua poca e traduz motiva es e inspira es que a levaram a escrever suas primeiras obras Ela tamb m conta sobre o cotidiano da intelectualidade de esquerda francesa daquela poca.

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      Simone de Beauvoir

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    1. Simone de Beauvoir was a French author and philosopher She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, and social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography She is now best known for her metaphysical novels, including She Came to Stay and The Mandarins, and for her 1949 treatise The Second Sex, a detailed analysis of women s oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism.


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    1. If volume one of her memoirs made me fall completely in love with Simone de Beauvoir, then volume two is what always comes afterward, where those endearing quirks are seen for the faults they are, which doesn t make one love her any less, perhaps even If you re looking for the dirt, this autobiography is hardly forthcoming, but she does offer some explanation of her emotions and motives, if you read between the lines, though she never mentions any juicy personal details, which might make you wa [...]

    2. One evening I went to a concert in Rouen, and when I saw the pampered audience all around me, preparing to digest its ration of aesthetic beauty, a feeling of misery swept over me They were so powerful, there were so many of them would there ever be an end of their rule How much longer would they be allowed to believe that they embodied the very highest human values, and to go on moulding their children in their own likeness We were never prepared to acknowledge the status which circumstances ob [...]

    3. A d a de hoy me pregunto por qu no he dado cinco estrellas a todos y cada uno de los libros de Simone, especialmente a sus memorias, porque sinceramente en mi cabeza todos y cada uno de ellos son totalmente invalorables, las cinco estrellas se quedan siempre cortas El momento en que un libro de Simone cay entre mis manos, es, sin duda, determinante O puede que lo fuera aquel d a que me reafirm infinitamente en el feminismo, aquel d a en el que tuve que leer en una biograf a de Simone aquello de [...]

    4. After being blown away by the first volume of Simone de Beauvoir s memoirs last September, I knew I had to get to the second installment as soon as possible Let me just say, it did not disappoint Covering the years from 1929, when Beauvoir graduated from college and first lived on her own as an adult, through the development of her ideas and interpersonal relationships of the 1930s and into the war years to the liberation of Paris in 1944, La force de l ge translated into English as The Prime of [...]

    5. In the second volume of her memoirs, Simone de Beauvoir tells you what it was like to be a young woman living with Sartre There were many interesting surprises I hadn t realized what a natural gift for languages he had there was an incident when someone thought he might be a spy, because his German accent was just too damn good I hadn t realized either what a lot of fun he was really I m not being ironic , or that he was so mentally unstable He had some rather startling delusions about, if I rec [...]

    6. je sais qu on ne peut jamais se conna tre mais seulement se raconter p 420 J ai fait la rencontre de Simone via ses M moires d une jeune fille rang e, lus une fois sans trop d int r t, puis red couverts avec beaucoup d enthousiasme il y a quoi, un an demi Comme quoi c est pas parce qu on relit un livre qu on y trouve rien de nouveau.J avais norm ment aim M moires, La force de l ge reprend l o le premier tome s tait termin Nous sommes en 1929, Simone vient tout juste de passer l agr gation qui lu [...]

    7. Simone demuestra una vez m s que se infravaloraba al no considerarse una filosofa a s misma Este segundo volumen de sus memorias combina con una honesta profundidad clases de historia, de teor a de la literatura, de arte, de amistad, de pensamiento y, sobre todo, de aquello que m s la obsesion las relaciones humanas Aunque confieso que en ocasiones se me hizo un poco largo por la exhaustividad de sus descripciones es ste un libro imprescindible, con fragmentos inolvidables, para conocer un poco [...]

    8. The Prime of Life is Simone de Beauvoir s memoirs of her 20 s and 30 s in the pre war and then occupied France until the liberation of Paris in 1944 She recollects her youth with Sartre and the bohemian circle of friends they were a part of I found her style of writing very appealing it is honest and simple, but there is also dignity in it that perhaps precludes her from writing too directly about her friends She never claims to be a higher moral authority and there is little to no judgment in h [...]

    9. Penetrar tan adentro en las vidas extra as que la gente, al o r mi voz, tenga la impresi n de hablar consigo misma he aqu lo que deseaba En este libro, encuentro en Simone alguien con quien siento gran empat a, a pesar de las circumstancias diferentes de nuestras vidas Las interrogantes que se hace acerca del mundo y su lugar en el, el paso del individualismo hacia el colectivismo, el crecimiento de su sentido de responsabilidad pol tica, y la contradicci n que es querer darse a alguien enterame [...]

    10. Apart from the fact that it is always fascinating to read about the life of a writer, especially if it s an autobiography and, in this case, you get so much than just Simone s life , and that the book mainly covers the years before and during WWII in Paris fascinating read , the book is so well written and describes such an array of different things that I felt from the very first moment that this would be one of my favourite books ever, and so it is Simone led a very interesting life, especial [...]

    11. Kad nl m n Hikayesi yazar n kendi hayat yla ilgili tuttu u notlardan olu uyor Bir bak ma g nl k Yaz m s reci, Sartre ile olan ili kisi, kitaplar ndan ve hayat ndan beklentileri, gezip g rd baz yerler, Castro ile tan mas , Hitler Almanyas n n Fransa ve kendi evresine olan etkileri, sol g r nas l benimsedi i K lt lemesinin ard ndan zellikle erkek yazarlar taraf ndan nas l yerden yere vuruldu u okurken bile sinir bozuyor Ayr ca kendisine y llarca Kitaplar n z Sartre yaz yor de il mi sorusu sorulmu [...]

    12. Simone De Beauvoir, kom nist, feminist, varolu u gibi bir ok yaftaya maruz kalm ama bunlar n d nda olarak kad n olarak ya am n s rm t r Kendisine yak t r lan eylere zellikle Varolu u yazar s z ne itiraz etse de faydas olmam st ne yap m t r Bir di er st ne yap an ey ise kitaplar n n Sartre r n oldu u, Sartre n arkas na saklanan birisi oldu udur Buna inanm yorum Sartre dan beslenmi olabilir Bir ok yazar bunu yap yor zaten ama tamamen Sartre d r diyemeyiz Z t d t kleri noktalar da olmu tur nihayeti [...]

    13. I love Simone, but this second diary lacks the moral conflict that made the first one such a great read actually lacks any conflict or psichological depth at all It seems she removed most of the personal info regarding her interactions with Sartre and all relathionship related inner conflicts because please I can t believe they had 10 years of perfect relationship, no silly daylly or serious conflicts at allke the subject of Olga is treated in a really rational way feelings exposed thus transfo [...]

    14. Have you ever read a book and the first sentence you read you can t stop because it has struck forcefully at how you define yourself This is that book for me De Beauvoir wrote her autobiography in four parts, indulgent Not particularly Although De Beauvoir obviously writes from her perspective, she s often focusing on the world around her, her developments as a writer in a community of writers and how the war that surrounds her impacts her philosophy This book focuses on De Beauvoir s life from [...]

    15. Ei yht hyv kuin muistelmien ensimm inen osa ajoittain v sytt v n yksityiskohtaista oman ajan pikku uutisten ja kulttuuritapahtumien kuvailua, joka ei oikein en aukea Kuvaa kuitenkin ajattomasti kirjailijan henkist kehityst , harvinaislaatuista suhdetta Sartreen ja hidasta havahtumista kielt ytymist havahtumasta toisen maailmansodan uhkaamaan todellisuuteen.

    16. I had never read any of de Beauvoir s books before picking up Prime of Life, the second volume of her autobiography A recommendation from the New York Times magazine was what attracted me, especially concerning de Beauvoir s descriptions of her travels in France and elsewhere.This book is mainly of interest to people who want to know about her development as an author, her relationship with Sartre and others in their circle of friends, or what life was like in France during the years preceding a [...]

    17. this book gives details about simone de beauvoir s political thought, woman rights opinion and her mental confusions jean paul sartre is a dominant figure in beauvoir s philosophy and simone is doing self criticism of these situations in connection with her woman rights opinion.

    18. CONTINUING MY EXPLORATION OF BEAUVOIRBeauvoir s second volume of autobiography was first published in France in 1960 She begins with the opening months of her relationship with Jean Paul Sartre The sense of freedom she enjoys as a graduated student, out of the family home, making her own living and having a lover at last, is palpable.She describes the details of the life she and Sartre created their vows to tell each other everything, their decision to grant each other complete freedom including [...]

    19. One of the highlights of this year was this little tome, and a huge thank you is owed to the person who bequeathed it to me This volume begins with de Beauvoir as a young twenty year old, let loose in Paris for the first time, with a man on her mind and all of the freedom of the twenties to enjoy The book ends with the liberation of Paris after the Second World War, de Beauvoir somewhat haggard and scorched, but no less enchanted with her city The city itself makes the book the tremendous detail [...]

    20. Very interesting account of being young, intellectual and female in Paris from 1929 44 The description of occupied Paris were harrowing, as her inward facing world view is shattered by death, violence, shortages and deportations of French Jews Fascism in all its forms undoes her.DeBeauvoir spent her entire life, apparently, with her eyes fixedly focused on her navel There was in inherent contradiction between her disdain for the bourgeoisie and superior intellectual self image hobnobbing and eng [...]

    21. I have now read this book at least three times over the years and each time I find something else in it to delight me It tells the story of the philosopher Jean Paul Satre s partner, Simone de Beauvoir who can sometimes be overshadowed in other books by the great man himself Simone de Beauvoir had an amazing life She was a feminist and social theorist and was as interested in existentialism as Satre It beautifully evokes Paris and it was this book that originally made me want to visit Paris and [...]

    22. Simone De Beauvoir is an interesting character, and autobiographies intrigue me because I usually end up liking the author LESS after reading their own portrayal of themselves Not in this case though The time she covers in this book goes from her early twenties to her mid thirties, and I felt I was able to identify with her in a lot of her concerns Her accounts of famous artists in her circle of friends was fascinating, and of course, the backdrop of Paris during World War Two lent a very intere [...]

    23. Per me un libro molto difficile, non avendo mai letto nulla di Simone de Beauvoir Credo sia il libro della sua transizione, da pensiero filosofico ad azione per la collettivit E sicuramente interessante, ma a volte prolisso Bella la parte sui viaggi sia da sola che in compagnia del compagno di sempre Sartre Considerato il periodo fine anni trenta , l autrice e il compagno viaggiano con una modalit moderna, che oggi definiremmo zaino in spalla.

    24. The second in Beauvoir s autobiography series this has been said to be her best, and I can see why Beauvoir comes into adulthood, works on clarifying her relationship with Sartre how fascinating I find their relationship it seems so impossible but they still manage to make it a success , her writing grows, her teaching career blossoms and stops , and WWII is a dominating frightful factor Highly engaging.

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