Jogo Duplo

Jogo Duplo Num enclave escondido do labirinto que Teer o o cientista iraniano que se auto denomina Dr Ali envia mensagem codificadas CIA Cabe a Harry Pappas determinar a sua autenticidade O Dr Ali envia agencia

  • Title: Jogo Duplo
  • Author: David Ignatius
  • ISBN: 9789722521284
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Num enclave escondido do labirinto que Teer o, o cientista iraniano que se auto denomina Dr Ali envia mensagem codificadas CIA Cabe a Harry Pappas determinar a sua autenticidade O Dr Ali envia agencia norte americana segredos acerca do programa nuclear iraniano, mas depois entra em p nico Est a ser seguido, n o sabe por quem A Casa Branca n o grande ajuda Num enclave escondido do labirinto que Teer o, o cientista iraniano que se auto denomina Dr Ali envia mensagem codificadas CIA Cabe a Harry Pappas determinar a sua autenticidade O Dr Ali envia agencia norte americana segredos acerca do programa nuclear iraniano, mas depois entra em p nico Est a ser seguido, n o sabe por quem A Casa Branca n o grande ajuda anda procura de um pretexto para atacar o Ir o Pappas recorre a uma equipa de espi es brit nicos que adoptam uma vers o moderna do licen a para matar Mas a verdadeira hist ria infinitamente mais complicada do que parece e, para chegar ao seu fundo, Pappas ter de trair o seu pr prio pa s.
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      David Ignatius

    About Author

    1. David Ignatius, a prize winning columnist for the Washington Post, has been covering the Middle East and the CIA for than twenty five years His novels include Agents of Innocence, Body of Lies, and The Increment, now in development for a major motion picture by Jerry Bruckheimer He lives in Washington, DC.


    Jogo Duplo Comment

    1. David Ignatius creates and builds upon an engagingly textured environment of spies and third world nuclear threat to create a realistic and fun espionage thriller While I d give Ignatius effort three starts for the intricacies of the fiction as literature, I d move it to a solid four stars for the well woven and well paced plot The story revolves around a young Iranian scientist who sends the CIA a subtly coded message exposing Iran s efforts in developing nuclear weapons His mode of communicati [...]

    2. This is not half a good book at best it is about one third of a good book.The early chapters, portraying a clapped out CIA riven with jealousy and internal plotting, works on a sub Le Carre level A likely looking villain appears to be one Arthur Fox but he will disappear from the book without trace or explanation.The scene setting in Tehran is acceptable Trouble sets in when a British secret service team The Increment, though the title is never explained gets involved Now we we are into stereoty [...]

    3. Washington Post columnist and editor David Ignatius has covered wars, diplomacy, and the intelligence community in a long journalistic career His reporting infuses the ten suspense and espionage novels he has written over the past thirty years The Increment, published in 2009, dramatizes the hysteria in the Bush Administration about Iran s program to build nuclear weapons This engrossing and well informed novel preceded by several years Barack Obama s successful initiative to contain the program [...]

    4. Interesting book about spies fighting to stop their enemies from developing into nuclear power.Only downside to the book is the conclusion prime minister steps out and exposes the entire operation to the media, how they manage to thwart the efforts of their rival state by direct sabotage even names service responsible and then state that they will prevent any other nation from further interfering because enemy is now tamed I mean come on and this does not provoke no reaction from anyone in the w [...]

    5. I read this shortly after it came out The main character reminds me of Andrew Bacevich for sad reasons that rouse my ire at Cheney et But the real mystery of the novel is its publication date, May 2009, relative to the discovery of Stuxnet, June 2010, given the description of a worm that destroys Iraq s nuclear program in the book Ignatius is either Nostradamus or someone high up in the CIA or White House or an Intelligence Committee, is whispering in his ear.

    6. A very good spy novel which is also about real politics and the real world An Iranian nuclear scientist has decided to risk everything to alert the West that Iran is still working to build nuclear bombs He sends an email to the CIA to let them know, and the email eventually lands in the lap of Harry Pappas, a career spy, who brings it to the attention of Fox who is of a political appointee Fox alerts the White House, which decides that this information can be used as the starting off point for [...]

    7. John LeCarre when he is good writes gritty, depressing and heavily realistic books about espionage Robert Ludlum, on the other hand, wrote breathless thrillers with outrageous characters and plot twists Somewhere in the middle between these two extremes is David Ignatius The Increment begins when an Iranian scientist contacts the CIA through a link on its website a link that really exists That begins a series of events that could bring the world to war once again.The star of the book is really t [...]

    8. This is a fun and thrilling novel that I came across while reading Obama s War by Bob Woodward, which I had read last year It is a spy espionage story about how the west treats intelligence information it receives about Iran It is loosely based on how the U.S government rushed to judgement in interpreting intelligence it received from the CIA and interpreted it the way politicians wanted them to mean rather that what it actually meant The main character in the story the protagonist is a CIA agen [...]

    9. This was a timely read about an American CIA agent named Harry Pappas who works thwart the development of the Iranian nuclear program David Ignatius, a reporter for the Washington Post covering the Middle East, knows his subject and tells a compelling story about a would be Iranian defector who makes himself known to the CIA While the writing here is often workmanlike and cliched, Ignatius does create an interesting portrait of the various spheres of influence in today s Iran the clerics, the co [...]

    10. Another great espionage novel from David Ignatius This one revolves around a young scientist in Iran s nuclear program who decides to defect It s a great look inside Iran and inside the CIA and the British secret service as well David Ignatius writes some of the most true to life espionage fiction around, and he also helps the reader understand the Middle East and how the people there think Recommended to anyone who likes a good spy novel.

    11. An American LeCarre spy novel Your heart breaks several times for Harry Pappas, a man trying to do the right thing or to figure out what the right thing is and to fix an unfixable world I listened to an audio version with the great Dick Hill doing the narration I am sure that it is a wonderful book to read, but I am always happy to listen to Dick Hill read.

    12. Unexpectedly good thriller, very realistic to life and as such makes it a difficult book to read as you know, unlike many US thrillers, that the incompetent, war mongering bastards at the top are going to get their way Realistic, well written thriller which I enjoyed immensely Definitely better than the normal books in this genre.

    13. Although this was written some years ago, it is pertinent now when we are again signing a nuclear treaty with Iran We know there s so much behind the politics and this helps us know that we really don t want to know all that happens thank you to those who are involved behind the scenes.

    14. This is one of the engaging spy stories I ve read, despite its reliance on tried and true elements such as the weary, disillusioned main character and the moral dilemma he faces Regrettably, the plot hinges on portraying the Americans as reckless upstarts a view that may be justified but that has already been beaten to death by everyone who writes in the genre This is not closely related, but for some perspective on recklessness vs sober reticence in American history, click here Harry Pappas is [...]

    15. Enjoyable spy novel by David Ignatius, whose day job is reporter for the Washington Post An Iranian nuclear physicist contacts the CIA via their website and ultimately sends them some information about Iran s progress in making testing a nuclear bomb His CIA handler decides he needs to meet up with him personally Since the US has no presence in Iran, he gets help from a friend in the British SIS The friend introduces him to a shady Lebanese arms dealer The Brits and the arms dealer are selling t [...]

    16. Basically, this is a well plotted tale about intelligence agencies American and British , their successes and failures.It is the agonizing story of success purchased at a high price Though the author in a final note asserts that it is not a realistic picture of how intelligence agencies work, he could have and did fool this reader.The book is centered on the Iranian nuclear program and though the details are obviously not factual, Ignatius does capture the atmosphere of fear, paranoia, and cruel [...]

    17. You will quickly notice the left leaning bias in this story Seemed to me like bad alternate history when you see what has actually transpired since the book was written pallet of cash sent to Iran, full speed ahead on nuclear weapon research He keeps telling us there is pressure from the top of wanting to go to war with Iran Don t remember that, but with everyone was talking about ACA at that time, I may have missed all the war talk Several jabs at Israel throughout the book A slew of unlikeable [...]

    18. When an Iranian scientist known only as Dr Ali contacts the CIA with tantalizing information about Iran s covert nuclear program, the chief of Persia House, Harry Pappas, must decide if this is legitimate or an attempt by the Iranian government to dupe the United States The White House is eager to act and divisions within the CIA ratchet up the urgency and intensity Pappas reaches out to a British counterpart and friend who offers to assist in the form of a secret British spy team known as The I [...]

    19. Grown up spy thriller with great character development I much preferred the intrigue of this well written tale about spies and handlers to the Bond style fast action spy fiction that is prevalent It felt real though I haven t a clue and certainly I liked the real consideration of the consequences for informants out in the field, the consideration of their motivations and a depiction of their lives Really enjoyed the tale.

    20. Igantius writes so well This book again seems to depict so accurately what the world of the CIA and how it operates in the realm of geopolitics, in the case relating to Iran s nuclear program While some of what he writes is frightening, it s a joy to read the story that Ignatius creates He s one of my favorites.

    21. After a slow start, it got fairly interesting There were lots of details about tradecraft and great insight into what it would be like to be a traitor to your country and the danger you would be in.

    22. This is only the 2nd Ignatius book I have read I gave them both 5 stars and now plan to read all of his books Great insight and inside look of CIA operations.

    23. The Problem of Iran The Increment by David Ignatius and Banquo s Ghosts by Rich Lowry and Keith KormanWith Iran so much in the news these days, it is perhaps unsurprising that two spy thrillers involving this topic should appear so close together That both books are well written and worth reading is a bit unexpected David Ignatius, a reporter for the Washington Post, is the author of several best selling thrillers, including Body of Lies, which was recently made into a movie starring Leonardo D [...]

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