Dead Light

Dead Light a matter of light and death In the sleepy college town of Cumberton MD an old cemetery must be moved to make room for a new dormitory and an ungodly Light buried for centuries escapes A rash of g

  • Title: Dead Light
  • Author: Mike Pace
  • ISBN: 9781938404412
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • a matter of light and death In the sleepy college town of Cumberton, MD, an old cemetery must be moved to make room for a new dormitory, and an ungodly Light, buried for centuries, escapes A rash of gruesome student suicides rocks the town Sheriff Estin Booker teams up with former Balti homicide detective Anna Tucci to investigate the deaths What neither expects is a matter of light and death In the sleepy college town of Cumberton, MD, an old cemetery must be moved to make room for a new dormitory, and an ungodly Light, buried for centuries, escapes A rash of gruesome student suicides rocks the town Sheriff Estin Booker teams up with former Balti homicide detective Anna Tucci to investigate the deaths What neither expects is to have all roads point to a 2000 year old legend which, if true, could lead to the destruction of mankind.The most frightening account of the power of evil breaching our world since The Exorcist, DEAD LIGHT will teach you the most improbable lesson you will ever learn FEAR THE LIGHT
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    1. No matter what path thriller author Mike Pace has walked, it s always been with a story to tell.One of Mike s earliest memories is helping to write the fourth grade Christmas play at his Pittsburgh elementary school.Born in Pittsburgh, Mike attended the University of Illinois on an art scholarship, and graduated with a BFA degree.Mike has written for the stage and screen The Washington Post called one of his plays engaging entertaining and witty He wrote and directed a short film that was accepted into film festivals in Kansas City and Portland.He s a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Maryland Writers Association He s a strong believer in community responsibility, having served as president of his local school board.


    Dead Light Comment

    1. In a word finely paced plotting, graphically descriptive, engaging characters and a terrifying and deadly lightWhy is it that stories rooted in Biblical legend can scare the bejesus out of me, but I can read books about vampires and werewolves all day long with nary a goose bump There s something unsettling about the devil, probably because of his religious affiliations Debut novelist Mike Pace cuts to the heart of this fear with this top notch horror story about what happens when the devil deci [...]

    2. I can not believe this thriller horror story is a first novel out of Mike Pacelet me say awesome This book is dead scary in my humble opinion and had me saying, what if this could really happen Oh my goodness, I wanted a come to Jesus meeting and wanted to bring the characters along with me Mike did an excellent job of character development The protagonist, Estin Booker, was a good ole boy, pretty well laid back and definitely in for the long haul when it came to being the Sheriff in Cumberton, [...]

    3. This scary, fast paced story kept me reading late into the night The premise and history of the ancient evil was fascinating, believable and uniquely developed When an ancient curse is accidentally released in a sleepy college town, and pious students mysteriously begin dying in gruesome ways, Sherriff Booker and detective Anna Tucci find themselves racing the Devil in what becomes a challenge of biblical proportions The plot they eventually uncover leads to a decision that could be the last hop [...]

    4. An ancient evil is being unleased on a small quiet college town of Cumberton, MD all because an old cemetery needs to be moved to build a new dormitory When 2 students venture to the cemetery for something than studying, one falls into an open grave There they discover an old box and decide to open it thinking maybe treasure, but when they open it they see a flash of light and then nothing What they have done is unleashed Lucifer s light and later that evening the suicide s begin because it s h [...]

    5. Wow, Dead Light is absolutely haunting It is an action packed thriller, that I hesitate to even place within the classification of paranormal Yes, it is about the devil s light that he uses to capture souls, but with the references to Scripture, and the way that it is written, it feels so real To the point that I would describe it as terrifyingly realistic Thankfully, I read this one during the day Otherwise, I don t think I would have gotten any sleep The characters are great, and the plot is s [...]

    6. College kids are committing suicide, or are they A teenage couple have a tryst in the towns cemetery one night They fall into an open grave from the 1600 s where they find an old boxat is when their nightmare begins A clever take of good against evil and which faction will win in the end The characters were written with compassion, I loved Detective Tucci the best though A hard talking woman sent for a little vacation by her boss because she had shot a perp What starts as just a ride along with [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this story I finished the book in an 8 10 hour period The story was thrilling, chilling and psychological that some parts had me believing that such circumstances could possibly be real The author goes from present to past from character to character and melds it together so perfectly that there never seemed to be a disconnect There were times when I thought the book was going to have a predictable ending, but lo and behold, the author pulls a fast one and left me in awe To me [...]

    8. In the town of Cumberton, MD, a 350 year old cemetery is being move so that a new dormitory can be built Two students venture into the cemetery to do than just study One falls into an open grave and discover a little red box A rash series of co ed suicides take place Sheriff Estin Booker is teamed up with a detective from Balti, name Anna Tucci Together they will try and put an end to these horrific deaths Could the end of the world be right around the corner It seems that Lucifer is gathering [...]

    9. Mike pens Dead Light in a fast paced, complex plot filled with twists and turns that kept me glued to my kindle With well developed characters this horror thriller will keep you turning the pages and wondering if it s really fiction or not A really great read and highly recommended for all horror, thriller fans.This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The ending something I hadn t expected I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, especially Detective Tucci from Balti I could actually see her in my mind I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery with a touch of the Twilihgt Zone.

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