Ice Whale

Ice Whale From the most celebrated children s nature writer of our time comes a posthumous new novel in the tradition of her Newbery award winning Julie of the WolvesIn in Barrow Alaska a young Eskimo bo

  • Title: Ice Whale
  • Author: Jean Craighead George John Hendrix
  • ISBN: 9780803737457
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the most celebrated children s nature writer of our time comes a posthumous new novel in the tradition of her Newbery award winning Julie of the WolvesIn 1848 in Barrow, Alaska, a young Eskimo boy witnesses a rare sight the birth of a bowhead, or ice whale, that he calls Siku But when he unwittingly guides Yankee whalers to a pod of bowhead whales, all the whales areFrom the most celebrated children s nature writer of our time comes a posthumous new novel in the tradition of her Newbery award winning Julie of the WolvesIn 1848 in Barrow, Alaska, a young Eskimo boy witnesses a rare sight the birth of a bowhead, or ice whale, that he calls Siku But when he unwittingly guides Yankee whalers to a pod of bowhead whales, all the whales are killed For this act, the boy receives a curse of banishment Through the generations, this curse is handed down Siku, the ice whale, returns year after year, in reality and dreams, to haunt each descendant The curse is finally broken when a daughter recognizes and saves the whale, and he in turn saves her Told in alternating voices, both human and whale, Jean Craighead George s last novel is an ambitious and touching take on the interconnectedness of humans, animals, and the earth they depend on.

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    1. Jean Craighead George wrote over eighty popular books for young adults, including the Newbery Medal winning Julie of the Wolves and the Newbery Honor book My Side of the Mountain Most of her books deal with topics related to the environment and the natural world While she mostly wrote children s fiction, she also wrote at least two guides to cooking with wild foods, and an autobiography, Journey Inward.The mother of three children, Twig C George, Craig, and T Luke George Jean George was a grandmother who joyfully read to her grandchildren since the time they were born Over the years Jean George kept one hundred and seventy three pets, not including dogs and cats, in her home in Chappaqua, New York Most of these wild animals depart in autumn when the sun changes their behaviour and they feel the urge to migrate or go off alone While they are with us, however, they become characters in my books, articles, and stories.


    Ice Whale Comment

    1. Adventurous story as only Jean Craighead George can tell This follows the story of a bowhead whale from birth until the year 2048, as well as Eskimo Toozak and his family and how the whale is a part of their life It begins when the whaling ships were at their peak enterprise Toozak has the good luck to see a baby whale being born but also commits a dead that sends many whales to their death as well as places a curse upon his family Young Toozak seeks the counsel of the wise Eskimo of the village [...]

    2. How can one resist the opportunity to read Jean Craighead George s last novel From the author of My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves comes a tale of a great whale named Siku and the young Inuit boy Actually, Ice Whale wasn t quite finished when Jean Craighead George died in 2012 and so it was completed with the help of her two grown children While the nature writing is well done, no one character is fully developed, and so this final story of hers is of uneven quality.Nature writing [...]

    3. This was such a fantastic story set in Barrow, Alaska I was a little leery thinking it might be overly biased and preachy On the contrary, I thought it was very true to the culture of Eskimos There was the tiniest mention of evolution which I m perfectly fine with reading The character Emily Toozak really inspired my 8 year old

    4. This book was amazing and fantastic There is a reason kids reading Jean Craighead George s books grow up to be naturalists.

    5. Ice Whale tells the stories of a bowhead whale, Siku, and an Eskimo family The story begins in 1848, when a young Eskimo boy, Toozak, witnesses a whale being born This is really, really rare In fact, it is only in the last couple of years that anyone has actually witnessed the birth of a right bowhead whale Toozak s sighting in Ice Whale is fictional Unfortunately, Toozak is young and naive and accidentally leads American whalers right to the whale s pod The village shaman tells Toozak that he a [...]

    6. I ve loved George s books since way back when I was in fourth grade and first read My Side of the Mountain I was sad when she died, and very happy when I saw that there would be one book It s a lovely book It isn t for everyone, but I enjoyed it very much It s got some Julie of the Wolves flavor.

    7. At first we had a difficult time plowing through because of the descriptions of whale hunting, but in spite of that, this was a wonderful and very educational read I learned a lot about bow head whales and have a new respect for them and the relationship the Alaska Natives have with them We enjoyed the second half of the book telling about Toozak s descendants than the 1st half My daughter was still thinking about this story several weeks after we read it as evidenced by the whale artwork she c [...]

    8. The 3rd book in our Alaska reading crate, this was intended for middle grade children I started it as a read aloud with my 6yr old but she pushed back enough times when I offered to read it that I finished it on my own Funny thing is that once I said I had finished she asked what happened to the whale she was listening and interested after all I really enjoyed how as time passed the family members and technology evolved but still remained somewhat the same It was a sweet story and, had my daught [...]

    9. I have loved all of Jean Craighead George s books, but this one was hard to embrace as strongly as the others I think the lack of focus on a given human character troubled me I love that Siku took the central stage, but I needed development in the relationship each human had with him, that s why I truly enjoyed the part with Emily Last but not least, I do think it s a great book to explain the nonsense of commercial fishing.

    10. As always, I ve enjoyed another book by Jean Craighead George I loved both the human and whale perspective, and following along Siku s life Great story

    11. I started this book in anticipation of it being one of my favorites of the year.I ended this book feeling tragically let down.Reasons I bought this book 1 Jean Craighead George s last book 2 The cover art is beyond gorgeous.3 George assigned symbols to some of the whales as their names using their clicks, etc as inspiration SO, SO COOL I loved the entire idea of the book generations of native peoples being intimately connected to whales one in particular Siku The history of whaling, oil drilling [...]

    12. I spied this book in many a bookstore during our visit to Alaska last summer and made a note to read it I reread the Julie of the Wolves books not that long ago and really loved themother Jean Craighead George story set in Alaska was a special find Only after finishing it do I realize just how special it is this is the book George was working on when she died in 2012 and her sons and editor finished it.Ice Whale is a series of interconnected stories that span 200 years Toozak, a Yup ik boy, witn [...]

    13. It has been a long time since I ve read any of Jean Craighead George s books, but in looking for gifts for my cousins, I ended up picking this one up on a whim I was interested in the premise the story of a whale and a single family across time and, as I love whales, I picked it almost on that alone In a preview read, I don t think I chose poorly at all, and I think it communicates a lot of factual information of whales and other marine life as well as history The characters are interesting, not [...]

    14. When Toozak, a Yu pik Eskimo, witnesses the birth of a bowhead whale in 1848 and later reveals the location of the whales to Yankee whale hunters, he incurs a curse that follows generations of Toozak s down to 1980 when the whale he called Siku saves a descendent The story of change in Yu pik lives is intertwined with the story of the near extinction and gradual recovery of the whales as they were hunted for their oil Whales can live for 200 years this narrative extends into the future and there [...]

    15. This review is for the audiobook edition.Beautiful story about a bow head whale and a fictional family that feels connected to it The story spans two centuries and shows the changes in the whaling industry over the years It does not shy away from the violence of whale massacres This historical fiction also teaches about the culture of the Alaskan native people and even some science about whales The story does have a tendency to wander around a little, but always finds its way back on track Chris [...]

    16. If you liked this book, you might also enjoy Call of the Whales Written in Stone Between Two Worlds The Gaslight Dogs Birchbark House series

    17. Narrated by Christina Moore Siku, a bowhead whale, outlives four generations of a Yupik Eskimo family that has vowed to protect him after a 19th century ancestor inadvertently put a curse on the family by revealing a whaling ground to a Yankee whaler The highlight of the audio version is the occasional whale sounds incorporated into the narrative which gives the story an added dimension Ms George has always illuminated the power and wonder of nature for young readers But I m just not sure about [...]

    18. When Toozik, a Yup ik Eskimo boy, witnesses the birth of a Bowhead Whale or Ice Whale in 1848 he knows that he has seen something miraculous and that their spirits are linked This final book by Jean Craighead George follows Toozik s family, the whale, as well as the descendants of Yankee whaler Tom Boyd from 1848 through the present and into 2048 Marked by George s characteristic love of nature and the interconnectedness of people, animals, and the world we share, this novel traces the choices w [...]

    19. This book started slowly a little dimly in the 1800s with a saddening act of betrayal All is well in the pre Alaskan Garden until a little Inuit boy is dazzled by exotic strangers from far away and makes a mistake that symbolizes how easily the delicate natural balance between human and non human animals can be tipped But mostly it s about life in the wild cold north, full of useful information in the best parts on how to survive and thrive at the top of the world At the beginning of the book, I [...]

    20. I can t imagine a book by Jean Craighead George without five stars This one, a saga spanning two centuries and multiple generations of humans through their relationship with a single long lived bowhead whale, is told with power and lyrical language Woven seamlessly with science, cultural revelations, history, and humanity the whales are not anthropomorphized in the least The dignity and value of the whales lives, their complexity and evolutionary paths are convincingly revealed and highly reliab [...]

    21. Nice story emphasizing the delicate balance of ecology and economy throughout history in Alaska, via the point of view from the ocean and the land, of the whale Siku and the extended family of Toozak I love the connection of the whale Siku and his special family and how it passes through the generations Whale fans may find the hunting violence jarring as I did I am grateful that George s children carefully finished this well researched story after her death Maps, diagrams and author notes at the [...]

    22. I love Jean Craighead George, so sadly this was a disappointment to me it has such great potential, but unfortunately I think it has some flaws It spans 1848 2048 and just touches on characters in each era some generations get detail, but others literally fill only a paragraph before they are left behind for the next generation As a result, the character development is very limited The writing about Siku the whale is beautiful, but the people feel very one dimensional and ultimately I found it [...]

    23. I think this was George s last book I enjoyed it because I had just come off a whale kick The story traces a whale off the coast of Alaska for about 200 years and in so doing also traces the whaling industry to today.I learned that whales can live to be very old and that George s son is an environmental scientist of course, he is who has spent his career tracing whalesGreat story but it helps to know something about whaling for the story to make a lot of sense

    24. Great YA book about whales living in the arctic and a fictional family through about seven generations Story would be a little difficult for kids to follow Seems a little fragmented although the author died before book was completed, so maybe the children felt inclined to stay true to spirit of Jean s voice rather than make it readable Beautiful artwork Liked the connection that is felt between the whale and the individuals of the family Learned a lot

    25. George s final and unfinished novel Structurally, this book felt loose to me and I don t know if that is because it was completed posthumously However, the subject matter is so compelling and incredible I knew nothing about bowhead whales what an amazing species After reading this you will want to check out the Scientist in the field book featuring this whale and George s son, Craig.

    26. One of my favorite books this summer Alternating viewpoints including a blowhead whale how cool is that and begun by the great nature writer Jean Craighead George and finished by her son an Alaskan environmental scientist and daughter a writer I learned a lot but was also deeply moved Highly recommend it.

    27. A story of a whale and his human protectors that spans 200 years While I liked the story for the most part, I got so angry at the white whalers and the destruction of the whale populations It ends hopefully with the whale population coming back, but I wonder what global warming will do to the ice whales.

    28. Wonderful story, and full of information about the arctic and whales The authors children finished the book posthumously, and did an excellent job overall There were a few slow places in the first half, but it got better as the plot moved along.

    29. A surprising and interesting read The length of time and lives covered during Siku the bowhead whale s long life are both fascinating This is the Moby Dick of children s books Written very simplistically but it doesn t take away from the vivid setting.

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