Two Tough Crocs

Two Tough Crocs Two equally tough crocodile bullies undergo an attitude adjustment when the toughest croc of all arrives in their swamp

  • Title: Two Tough Crocs
  • Author: David Bedford Tom Jellett
  • ISBN: 9780823430482
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two equally tough crocodile bullies undergo an attitude adjustment when the toughest croc of all arrives in their swamp.

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      David Bedford Tom Jellett

    About Author

    1. Naci en Devon, Inglaterra Es bi logo de profesi n pero, en 1997, dej su trabajo como cient fico para dedicarse por completo a la escritura Vive en Norfolk, Inglaterra, junto a su familia.


    Two Tough Crocs Comment

    1. Sylvester and Arnold are two crocs with serious attitude that take no guff from anyone else However, when they meet one another for the first time, it s a brawl like no other However, little do they know, but there is an even larger croc who is much meaner Working together, they are able to turn the tides and ensure everyone is happy Neo liked all the croc talk, reminding him of a recent trip to the zoo However, he is not too sure about letting crocs roam free with humans.

    2. Two crocs both think they are the toughest crocs around, until they meet a tougher croc who tosses them into the swamp When they come out covered in mud, the big croc thinks they are a two headed monster and is overcome with fright I liked this book when I read it, but as a storytime pick it didn t go so well Although the kids enjoyed practicing their tough croc faces with the characters in the story, they seemed to lose interest halfway through after the swamp tossing When Sylvester and Arnold [...]

    3. Title Two Tough CrocsAuthor David Bedford and Illustrated by Tom JellettGenre Fiction, Baker s Dozen, Picture Book, FantasyThemes FriendshipPlot Summary There were two tough crocs, named Arnold and Sylvester, that lived in a swamp They would scare the other animals in the swamp with their scary faces to wanted to make sure everyone knew they were tough One day, the two tough crocs bumped into each other and were about to fight until they heard a noise They discovered that there was an even scari [...]

    4. Fun story about two bullies who live in the swamp They both spent their days being mean anduntil one fateful day they did not know each other When they met quite by accident, they ran into each other they first attempt to out scare the other At this point a very large mean croc by the name of Betty shows up and scares them both and flings them into a nearby swamp The two crocs attempt to sneak away from Betty,but they are covered in slime She sees a two headed creature with four eyes, 8 claws an [...]

    5. Arnold and Sylvester are two very tough crocodiles, and they bully everyone they meet and even fight each other to determine which one is the toughest But that all ends when an even tougher crocodile arrives on the scene I like the fact that the big, bad crocodile is a female, and that she ends up being frightened by her imagination I also liked that Arnold and Sylvester manage to find some compassion and help her out despite how badly she behaved earlier While there are better books that deal w [...]

    6. Sylvester and Arnold are tough crocs who terrorize all the little critters in their corners of the swamp When they finally run into each other there s a natural desire to prove who s the toughest croc of all Then they meet a truly gigantic tough croc called Betty At last Sylvester and Arnold got a taste of what they d been dishing out They are cowed but, through chance, manage to scare Betty Oddly, a scared crocodile just doesn t seem all that tough They re still tough crocs, but now they re fri [...]

    7. Sylvester and Arnold are two tough crocs who terrorize all of the little animals in the swamp They try to out do the other until they meet Betty who is bigger and tough than them put together After getting dumped in the muck of the swamp, Sylvester and Arnold climb out and end up scaring Betty Can these three become friends This rough and tumble tale with its playful illustrations will get readers want of these three tough crocs Reviewer 21

    8. The two tough crocs in the swamp might not be the toughest thing around any When new croc, Betty, moves in, they realize there is greater power in friendship than in bullying Fun illustrations too.

    9. While this isn t the best book about bullying I ve ever read it has a good message and I could see reading it to kids.Use for storytimes about crocs or bullying.Another book I like about, well actually I think he s an alligator, but it s called I d Really Like to Eat a Child Love that book.

    10. Sylvester and Arnold enjoy being big, tough crocodiles so when they finally meet they are about to fight until Betty, an enormous crocodile, comes hissing by to take over their swamp.

    11. What a fun story, with a moral at the end of it Funny, scary tough crocs only to be ousted or were they by a bigger and tougher croc.

    12. Cute art, not sure about the message of being big and bad And yes, I get that they are crocodiles I do like the ending though.

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