Angels in the Snow

Angels in the Snow Themes of grief love and renewed faith intertwine in this winsome novella by the bestselling author of King of the Stable and Homeward A heartbroken artist moves to an isolated cabin and finds unexp

  • Title: Angels in the Snow
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Themes of grief, love, and renewed faith intertwine in this winsome novella by the bestselling author of King of the Stable and Homeward A heartbroken artist moves to an isolated cabin and finds unexpected solace and romance in this tale of love and hope.

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      Melody Carlson

    About Author

    1. Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.


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    1. Claire Andrews is recently widowed and has lost her husband and only child As a painter, her gift has been totally blocked by her grief She decides to spend a couple of months during the holidays at an isolated cabin in the Cascade Mountains As Claire walks the woods each day, she discovers two sets of footprints in the snow that appear to be an adult s and a child s She desperately wants to believe they are from her husband and child, but she knows realistically that it can t be Perhaps a lost [...]

    2. A quick quaint lovely Christmastime faith based read with a touch of romance And though I m not a huge fan of romance focused novels I find they re typically too melodramatic, unrealistic, and syrupy for my tastes this novel s primary focus is on healing, hope, faith, and courage to love again Claire, still reeling with grief from her husband and son s deaths, knows she needs to reengage with life in addition to finding her artist s edge that she let fall by the wayside She s hit a seemingly imp [...]

    3. Reviewer s Note This novella is one of three in the omnibus edition shown above, which I purchased However, I am going to review it separately, since doing three reviews in one post would make the post much too long It would also not allow me the space to comment on everything I want to mention This is an absolutely beautiful story that in part reads almost like a fairy tale, although it revolves around a very real tragedy The desolation and grief felt by Claire are indeed all too real, as is he [...]

    4. This was a beautiful story of a woman who was grieving and unable to let go As the story unfolds, she comes to terms with her loss by some amazing circumstances that occur during her stay at a mountain cabin She begins to heal, as she learns to trust in her faith, and gets support from unexpected sources.I am intrigued by snow it s soft texture, the unique designs of the snowflakes, and the power to make a beautiful image out of something, as an old tree lying on the ground Yet, it also has a po [...]

    5. Sweet, but formulaic Widow on the not quite on the mend meets handsome widower, acts like teen, etc etc Not much depth to characters or plot Despite the Guideposts imprint, the story is only vaguely Christian, as many angel stories are these days Shouldn t offend anyone.Hard to believe Carlson has published 150 books Her knowledge of painting, wood stoves and wood lore seems to have come from reading other people s fiction though apparently she has first hand experience with all.The writing incl [...]

    6. This was a very sweet read about dealing with grief during the Christmas season, as well as belief in heavenly beings The story s religious theme was both subtly worked and fitting to the story that was told at the same time Claire was a believable heroine, and while we don t see much of Garrett, he is a hero that fits Claire The story revolves around Claire and it becomes very easy to empathize with her and her situation I kept thinking I should get a grieving friend of mine to read it, it was [...]

    7. I picked up this little book, not knowing anything about it and guess what I loved it Claire was looking for solace after the deaths of her husband and young son She fled to a cabin in the mountains The artist in her could not continue painting As Claire walked through the woods each day, she discovered two mysterious sets of footprints in the snow, an adult s and a child s These footprints led her to paint and hope again This book is beautifully written Are angels real

    8. I loved itI loved how the Author dealt with the true reactions of someone overcoming grief I lost my husband of 41 years just 11 months ago and I too understand how overwhelming it can be.

    9. I am devouring this woman s books She has very easily become one of my favorite authors and an auto read for any book she published Her stories have that cozy wonderful family feeling that I love Can t wait to read

    10. I LOVED this book Favorite Christmas book of this season Do you in believe in Angels I think you will once you give this a shot Quick, spiritual, start fresh book.

    11. Very fast and wonderful read Artist Claire Andrews escapes to a friends cabin in the mountains Eighteen months ago her husband and son were in a boating accident and both drowned She s having a hard time adjusting to her life without them and in dealing with her pain Even in her solace and with the snow covered beauty that surrounds her she still finds it difficult to find the inspiration she needs to even pick up a paintbrush and just paint.She finds herself deliberately completing daily tasks [...]

    12. Angels in the Snow by Melody Carlson is my 17th Christmas story of the season.This was a novella, which I normally don t like, but Melody Carlson is such a good writer I couldn t help but enjoy it She can take a short story and give it the right amount of detail so it feels almost like a complete book Many do not They shorten a long story to novella size, and the brevity makes the story feel like too much is missing.Anyway, this is a sweet story of an artist who has lost all her creativity since [...]

    13. Snow storms, pain, loss of loved ones, finding peace and maybe romance.At first the story moved slowly, you could feel the pain Claire was dealing with and her lack of desire to live or paint It wasn t until she found the dog that the story took off and she started painting again The despair lifted and she seemed content until the owner of the dog came to get him She had not been able to come to grips with her husband and sons death and sees footsteps in the snow that would have matched theirs [...]

    14. I really liked this book I knew I would like it because I like Melody Carlson, but I think I liked it even than I thought It started out pretty slow but I didn t even mind It was just one of those easy going nice flowing kind of books It wasn t really meant to knock your socks off.I loved the characters in this story They were very real And once again It was one of those books where a woman in need of starting her life over after a tragedy goes off to be alone in a remote cabin in the woods LOV [...]

    15. a great story of overcoming pushing on and not allowing defeat to take you down I really liked her self talk discovery in her isolation but she came to understand loneliness is something you allow and it s not good that s what God told man when He created Eve we are not meant to be lonely but isolation is good for collecting your strengthally liked the message and it s a quick read.

    16. Claire Andrews tries to get back to her painting after she loses interest when her husband and son die She goes away and stays in a friends cabin in the Cascade mountains It is the end of autumn and she wants to be alone She takes walks in the woods and discovers foot prints on the snow An adult s and a child s foot prints Who s foot prints are they and why do they seem to make her want to paint again A fast read I didn t want to put it down.

    17. This was the first book I have read from Melody Carlson and I hope to read It was a fast read and just the kind of book I was looking for.I liked reading about a woman,in a small cabin,in the woods, taking time for herself to heal after the death of her husband and son The long soul searching walks was just what she needed The rest of the story just made you feel good at the end.

    18. Anything can happenA good read that takes you through the mind set of one womens life after a terrible lost Are there really Angels This is the account of a wonder a lost and a reiease also a new beginning This book will make you cry and also be happy there is also the loved companion that comes to the rescue All in all a good read Kept my interest.

    19. AngelsA definite read for a wide variety of readers Angels are messengers of God Almighty They can tell all kinds if stories and minister in a variety of ways especially love Another ministry angels work is through grief In this penning God closes the door of grief while opening the door of Love.

    20. Angels in the SnowI haven t read many of Melody Carlson s books, but I ve never been disappointed yet Though each and every one is different they get my attention right from the start and I have a hard time just putting then down Melody has truly been blessed by God as she crafts each and every book.

    21. Sweet Christmas storyTypical melody Carlson Sweet story Perfect setting It is a tradition of mine to read abreast one Christmas book each year At leAst one has to be from Carlson Never disappointed.

    22. After reading many of Melody s books, this one did not disappoint me I found her book entertaining, heartwarming, and full of insight The characters of the story are very true to life, as is the story line of grief I will continue to follow and enjoy Melody s books Keep up the great job

    23. Amazing book, very moving Ms Carlson does an amazing job of drawing the reader into the story She has become one of my all time favorite authors after just one book Picked Angels in the Snow up after breakfast and finished just in time for lunch never put it down

    24. Sweet Christmas storyA heartwarming story about a widow and widower who find love during the Christmas season Great secondary characters, Lucy, Michael the dog and Anna the sweet little girl Just the thing to get you into the holiday spirit Highly recommend

    25. This was the first Christian book I ve ever read It touched on faith lightly so it wasn t overwhelming I loved the romance and the author made me feel like living in the cabin was so peaceful and serene 4 5 stars

    26. Very sweet Christmas romantic story I really enjoyed the characters My only problem was that it was too short, I would have enjoyed the story if the characters development was detailed.

    27. FantasticLoved Clare, Garrett and Anna and how even though they had all suffered terrible losses they were moving on The angels were awesome, I would say but don t want any spoilers.

    28. What you believeThis will make you wonder what you believe about the angels and afterlife Heart warming story with a tiny bit of sadness for the main character.

    29. Not the greatest writing in the world, but a sweet story and a quick read Perfect for a chilly winter day

    30. A sweet little novel dealing with despair, anguish and the will to let it go and live again.I was into it from the beginning just wondering how Claire would make it through.

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