Light on the Veranda

Light on the Veranda PRAISE FOR A COTTAGE BY THE SEA An intriguing enticing complex and romantic novel that will keep readers up long into the night Rundpinne A secret may hold for a hundred years and then it s time fo

  • Title: Light on the Veranda
  • Author: Ciji Ware
  • ISBN: 9781402275890
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PRAISE FOR A COTTAGE BY THE SEA An intriguing, enticing, complex, and romantic novel that will keep readers up long into the night Rundpinne A secret may hold for a hundred years and then it s time for the past to take revenge Daphne Duvallon vowed never to return to the South years ago when she left her philandering fiance at the altar Now family has called hePRAISE FOR A COTTAGE BY THE SEA An intriguing, enticing, complex, and romantic novel that will keep readers up long into the night Rundpinne A secret may hold for a hundred years and then it s time for the past to take revenge Daphne Duvallon vowed never to return to the South years ago when she left her philandering fiance at the altar Now family has called her back to Natchez, Mississippi, a city as mysterious and compelling as the ghostly voices that haunt her dreams From a time when the oldest settlement on the Mississippi was in its heyday and vast fortunes were made and lost, Daphne begins to uncover the secrets of an ancestor whose fate is somehow linked with her own In a compelling and mesmerizing tale, now Daphne must right the wrongs of the past, or follow the same path into tragedy WHAT READERS ARE SAYING A richly rewarding read brimming with local color, humor, sexual tension, environmental issues, and even a fun glimpse into the world of jazz bands Ware s weaving of a contemporary story along with history of a hundred years past, and the accuracy and detail she brings into the story are fascinating.

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      Ciji Ware

    About Author

    1. Ciji Ware, a graduate of Harvard University in History, is a New York Times USA Today bestselling author of historical and contemporary fiction, and two works of nonfiction Her latest release is THAT SPRING IN PARIS, Book 4 of her Four Seasons Quartet Set in San Francisco, as well as Paris, this skillful weaving of fact and fiction tells the story of two Americans both emotional exiles who literally collide at the entrance to a Paris hospital, each desperately searching for friends felled in the same unspeakable tragedy This deeply romantic saga delivers a gripping story about the discovery of love and regained serenity in the wake of horrifying events Ware, an Emmy award winning radio and TV producer broadcaster for 23 years in Los Angeles, now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area Her family circle includes a husband of several decades, a grown son and daughter in law, and now two grandsons under four, along with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cholly Knickerbocker Ware lives in a cottage by the sea and loves nothing than to curl up with a good book or a download on her iPad in front of a fireplace with a cup of tea and a scone that is if she s not acting or dancing in local amateur theatricals


    Light on the Veranda Comment

    1. This book takes place right after Midnight on Julia Street and can be thought of as a sequel However it can serve as a stand alone as well Daphne Duvallon has escaped a terrible marriage in the nick of time, right before she walks down the aisle and makes a huge mistake This important wedding scene is found in Midnight on Julia Street It is not necessary to read this book, but if one wants a better picture of what happened to Daphne to appreciate this book Then I definitely recommend it Although [...]

    2. A Light on the Veranda is a sequel to Midnight on Julia Street.I just didn t connect with this book the characters, the setting, even the historical story The character Daphne has these flashbacks of sorts to her ancestor and namesake who lived two hundred years before I guess these flashbacks were triggered by music, but sometimes she had them when there wasn t any music around, so I don t know.The historic flashbacks were so random and oddly spaced out, and there weren t many of them I could b [...]

    3. While this book does have a plot, it s disjointed and unrealistic at times Don t get me wrong, I definitely love stories about the South that incorporate time travel However, there are those that can capture my interest and those that fall short This is one of the latter.

    4. Originally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Mar 6 2012 This was really cool to read Different, but really cool First off I ll say this is a republished novel, not a new one And considering the fabulous new cover, I say it was a fabulous idea Gorgeous, gorgeous cover.Now, reading a book initially published in 2001 was really interesting The differences between the writing style and plot pace between now and then kept coming to mind of course, I m not making generalizations here but I ve notic [...]

    5. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cA Light on the Veranda is a multilayered story It takes the reader back and forth from the present to the nineteenth century when another Daphne lived a Daphne who yearned for love Interesting parallels emerge between the two Daphnes.There s to Bluff House than Daphne ever imagined when she left New York to move to the deep South Family roots run deep in Natchez, Mississippi and Daphne s family is no exception The old harp at Bluff House plays in the we [...]

    6. Full of breathtaking romance, loaded with historical and contemporary detail, sometimes light hearted and at other times heart wrenching, Ciji Ware s A LIGHT ON THE VERANDA is a winner.New Orleans born professional harpist Daphne s life took a turn for the better when she walked out on her wedding to the rat of the century But now she s in Natchez to play her harp at her beloved brother s wedding There she meets Simon, a man vastly different from the rodents she usually encounters The attraction [...]

    7. I can t say that I have read a novel set in the Deep South, but the Land that Time Forgot was a wonderful setting for A Light on the Veranda Ciji Ware creates the entire experience for you from the food, to the gorgeous old mansions, to the music and oh what wonderful music I love music and the jazz that Ware features in this novel makes you just want to run out and attend a jazz concert certainly one like the Aphrodites She really makes you feel like you have been there yourself.This was also m [...]

    8. I enjoy Ciji Ware s novels, and I really enjoyed reading Midnight on Julia Street last year After the book ended, I did wonder what happened to Daphne Duvallon sister of the male lead after her dramatic exit from her wedding in Chapter One A Light on the Veranda solves that mystery and gives Daphne s backstory as well as her life after the wedding disaster.Daphne Duvallon is a classical harpist in New York City, but she is fired for taking off the weekend of a very important concert to play at t [...]

    9. Daphne Duvallon must choose whether to play harp at her brother s wedding in Natchez, Tennessee, or in her chamber ensemble s Lincoln Center debut She is fired when she opts to play in Natchez, but this frees Daphne to remain in her hometown There she performs with an all female jazz ensemble, and meets a rugged and charming nature photographer, Simon Hopkins.Ciji Ware creates a seductive world in her romance novel, A Light on the Veranda, an atmosphere which brings Simon and Daphne together but [...]

    10. Author CIJI WarePublished by Sourcebooks LandmarkAge Recommend 16Reviewed By Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog Review For GMTAReview A Light on the Veranda by CIJI Ware was good read The story took place in Natchez, Mississippi It was very long, detailed and I thought the story was very well presented The characters focusing on the past and the present really were simply amazing in the way it was presented The authors details were simply off the chart making this story a very fascinating read.I like [...]

    11. 3.5 stars This is a stand alone sequel to Midnight on Julia Street , with some overlapping characters, and falls in time not long after the events of the other book Daphne has been asked to come to Natchez, MS to play her harp at her brother s wedding In doing so, she loses her job with her New York chamber orchestra and her former lover and conductor threatens her that she will never work in the city again Adding to her discomfort at the wedding is that she will have to deal with her magnolia m [...]

    12. I feel that two stars is generous for this book The author tried to cover too much and did not remain focused or true to any of her story lines, which were convoluted and did not flow smoothly I believe that the author Ciji Ware should have decided what she wanted to write about The environmental issues enclosed within the plot would have been good as a separate book or with the main story line, but not in addition to the DNA genetic ghost story Barbara Michaels or Suzanna Kearsley does this muc [...]

    13. A LIGHT ON THE VERANDA by Ciji Ware is an interesting historical romance set in Natchez, Mississippi A sequel to Midnight on Julia Street with reappearing characters.A hundred year old secret may hold the past and the future for Daphne Duvallon She is called back home to Natchez,Mississippi and drawn into the past.As secrets are revealed with haunted dreams,sexual tension builds between Daphne and Simon,wrongs of the past needs to be righted,romance blossoms,and secrets are revealed Will a famil [...]

    14. Light on the Veranda is another great novel by CiJi Ware I just love Ms Ware s novels They are always full of romance without being overly mushy This novel is a richly descriptive story of past and present of local families who have lots of skeletons in their magnolia scented closets and the past has a way of catching up with the future A wonderfully researched story of very real people with fragile emotions and a city rich with history, of a past when women were controlled by the men in their l [...]

    15. A Light on the Veranda combined an interesting mix of paranormal and present day drama Both Daphne and Sim were well rounded, likable characters, and even though Daphne s reactions sometimes made my toes curl, they were understandable Adding the paranormal aspect didn t really add to the story and probably could have been an interesting novel on its own The setting was well described and you could easily picture yourself there What I found took away from the overall novel was how it seemed to ha [...]

    16. When Daphne leaves New York City to go back home she has no ideas she will stay there Daphne goes to Natchez for her brothers wedding and her boss in New York fires her for leaving Daphne stays with her Aunt in a crumbling old house Daphne has visions of going back in time and sees the life of someone with her name Daphne meets a bird watcher and they become involved trying to save a bird sanctuary from an oil company Daphne is at odds with her parents and her ex fiancee keeps showing up to try [...]

    17. When will I learn to to always check the copyright page of a book to see if it is new, re release of an old book Lesson learned again.I recall liking Ciji Ware s books when I read them many years ago and really enjoyed her book, A Race to Splendor Throughout this book I kept thinking, hmmm, this seems a bit familiar but, I read so many books I m bound to find some similar to others I also kept thinking that I was remembering characters in the book for which this is the sequel, Midnight on Julia [...]

    18. This one was a much better book Than Midnight On Julia Street but still to understand the plot and be fully comfortable with it, I recommend reading that title first.Daphne Duvallon left her finance at the altar When called to Natchez, Mississippi, her boss in New York City fires her Now without a job Daphne goes to Natchez and soon finds opportunities to work as well as the love of her life but she also finds herself slipping into the time of her suffering ancestor and namesake.This book kept m [...]

    19. I have to admit that I love Ciji Ware s books and I love Natchez, but I had a hard time getting into this book at first Slowly slowly it started sucking me in until I began to be at the point where I could not put it down I didn t want it to end and I felt a little slighted at the end it was too fast, tied up too quickly Oh well At least it is on my Kindle so I can read it again easily.

    20. I really liked this book but not quite as much as I liked Midnight on Julia Street An interesting historical romance sort of book, with the glimpses back in time, similar to the New Orleans book, so I kind of knew what to expect I loved the descriptions of the old mansions and the area, and I thought the characters were very well developed Being a musician, I could appreciate that aspect as well I have yet to read a Ciji Ware book that I didn t enjoy

    21. Too many things going on in this story Hated the over the top southern talk just my opinion Daphne could ve been a great character tied in with her tragic ancestors, but we had to deal with saving the birds and relatives that didn t matterarted skimming just to find out what happened to the first Daphnee extremes of tragedy and then happily ever afters was too much for me.

    22. Not enough plot, slightly oversexed, lacking in character development and utterly predictable I also found it irritating how the characters who were written to be in their thirties still behaved like they were wounded, pouting junior high kids Drama for the sake of drama makes for a very disappointed reader Yep This is strike 2, and so I just think Ciji Ware books are not for me.

    23. Hooked on author CJ WareI love reading books by this author She entwined historical fiction with development of contemporary characters The series centered around New Orleans and Matches including Venice are extraordinary.

    24. I kind of struggled to get through this one I really enjoyed Midnight on Julie Street the novel starring the heroine s brother , but this one was difficult the get into The story was predictably boring and saccharine y sweet But I finishedough it took me weeks.

    25. I m not huge fan of the writing style too many unnecessary details and some of the dialogue just sounds silly There are also too many things going on at once, and the environmental message is rather heavy handed The basic story is decent, but there are too many things that distract from it.

    26. Rich detail, well developed characters I could hear the cadence of the voices in the way the words were arranged Plot got a bit muddled, wasn t sure what the objective was until the end All in all a good read.

    27. Not bad I really dig any sort of historical fiction and I will say that I want to plan a vacation to Natchez based on the descriptions in this book I will say that after having read Cottage By The Sea, I see a lot of similarities Are all her books like this

    28. A very good historical, time travel romance I have to admit it was a slow read and took me several days to finish and I am a fast reader I also didn t enjoy it was much as A Race to Splendor, but that s just my personal taste.

    29. As always I enjoyed this book by Ciji Ware She weaves a story between historical fiction and present fiction so artfully The characters are vivid in both worlds This was a very satisfying read and I look forward to from her.

    30. 2 1 2 stars Skimmed a lot, but at least found that telling two Tragic Southern Belle stories in parallel is interesting than just a standard Rom Com I have to say, though, that I can t really imagine a jazz harpist sounding anything but strange.

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