The Towers of Tuscany

The Towers of Tuscany Set amid the twisting streets and sunlit piazzas of medieval Italy the Towers of Tuscany tells the story of a woman who dares to follow her own path in the all male domain of the painter s workshop S

  • Title: The Towers of Tuscany
  • Author: Carol M. Cram
  • ISBN: 9780981024
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook
  • Set amid the twisting streets and sunlit piazzas of medieval Italy, the Towers of Tuscany tells the story of a woman who dares to follow her own path in the all male domain of the painter s workshop Sofia Barducci is born into a world where a woman is only as good as the man who cares for her, but she still claims the right to make her own mistakes Her first mistake is cSet amid the twisting streets and sunlit piazzas of medieval Italy, the Towers of Tuscany tells the story of a woman who dares to follow her own path in the all male domain of the painter s workshop Sofia Barducci is born into a world where a woman is only as good as the man who cares for her, but she still claims the right to make her own mistakes Her first mistake is convincing her father to let her marry Giorgio Carelli, a wealthy saffron merchant in San Gimignano, the Tuscan city of towers Trained in secret by her father to create the beautifully crafted panels and altarpieces acclaimed today as masterpieces of late medieval art, Sofia s desire for freedom from her father s workshop leads her to betray her passion and sink into a life of loveless drudgery with a husband who comes to despise her when she does not produce a son.In an attack motivated by vendetta, Sofia s father is crushed by his own fresco, compelling Sofia to act or risk the death of her soul The choice she makes takes her on a journey from misery to the heights of passion both as a painter and as a woman Sofia escapes to Siena where, disguised as a boy, she paints again When her work attracts the notice of a nobleman who discovers the woman under the dirty smock, Sofia is faced with a choice that nearly destroys her The Towers of Tuscany unites a strong heroine with meticulously researched settings and compelling characters drawn from the rich tapestry of medieval Italy during one of Europe s most turbulent centuries The stylishly written plot is packed with enough twists and turns to keep readers up long past their bedtimes.
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    About Author

    1. Carol M Cram is the author of two historical novels, both published by Lake Union Publishing and both awarded Editor s Choice by the Historical Novel Review The Towers of Tuscany tells the story of a woman painter in fourteenth century Italy A Woman of Note is set in Vienna in the 1830s and tells the story of a woman composer In addition to writing fiction, Carol has enjoyed a great career as an educator, teaching at Capilano University in North Vancouver for over twenty years and authoring fifty plus bestselling textbooks on business communications and software applications for Cengage Learning She holds an MA in Drama from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland Carol is currently focusing as much of her attention as she can spare between walks in the woods on writing historical novels with an arts twist She and her husband, painter Gregg Simpson, share a life on beautiful Bowen Island near Vancouver, Canada Visit her at carolcram.Her third novel Riot Act will be released in 2017.


    The Towers of Tuscany Comment

    1. I enjoyed the details of the artistic process and of historic San Gimignano, but this book was effectively ruined for me by a repugnant main character Sofia is arrogant and selfish, something that I was willing to overlook in the early parts of the book when she is a young girl but she never grows up or learns She doesn t care who gets hurt, or who she puts in danger as long as she gets what she wants view spoiler For example, Francesco who very wisely tells her she needs to be careful how she c [...]

    2. The Towers Of Tuscany by Carol M Cram blends fact with fiction to give us a captivating tale set in medieval Italy.This is the story of Sophia, whose artistic talent was passed down to her from her father, a well known and extremely talented painter However, painting is forbidden for women and we are taken through her fight to be allowed to paint, the treatment of women during that time period and also the devastating black plague.Very well researched the author does an outstanding job of descri [...]

    3. This is a remarkable and impressive historical novel from a debut writer who has rich facts at her fingertips and the skill to weave them unobtrusively into a compelling story.I received a free review copy of this book on its launch, and the synopsis instantly hit a lot of hot buttons for me a historical novel, an interesting setting medieval Tuscany and an intriguing theme a female painter who must conceal her gender to be allowed to practise her art.The author creates a compelling sense of the [...]

    4. The Towers of Tuscany is an excellent example of historical fiction at its finest The story takes place in 14th century San Gimignano, Italy Sofia is the heroine Her father is a painter, but from a young age, she showed greater talent But in medieval Italy, women were forbidden to paint Her father takes credit for her work and sells them to the wealthiest citizens As the story progresses, there are flashbacks into Sofia s past to the lessons she learned from her father These words of wisdom have [...]

    5. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.Carol M Cram s The Towers of Tuscany is a tough book for me to review It s a nice story, with strong themes and I think it offers interesting insight to the painter s trade, but it is an emotion driven drama which was something of a challenge as I am naturally drawn to conflict based narratives or complex political intrigues I say this so that readers might understand my point of view and take my rating with a grain of salt My favorite aspect o [...]

    6. I m pretty ambivalent on this book I adored the details on the ins and outs of medieval painting in 1330 s Italy some of the historical details I got were lovely But that main character really needs to be go.The author did an incredible job at world building and got the details right for her main character s chosen profession From the smaller details on how painting armor was done to the massively labor intensive work that went into one simple panel, I was kept spellbound by this world of color [...]

    7. The Towers of Tuscany is a fictional biography of an Italian woman born in the early years of the Italian Renaissance, or the late years of the Middle Ages, depending on your classification.The sense of place, San Gimignano and Siena, is very strong in The Towers of Tuscany Reading the book, I felt I was walking the streets of the medieval towns, and looking at the art that adorns them The book is rich with historical detail, and rich with artistic detail.Art is the driving force of The Towers o [...]

    8. Carol artistically sculpts imagery and atmosphere for The Towers of Tuscany with charming, well crafted metaphors that effectively sketched me into the landscape and weaved the very essence of her characters into my being I became so personally invested in the story I resisted putting it down When I did put it down, her characters continued to occupy my thoughts.The Towers of Tuscany is both entertaining and educational Masterfully written and well researched, this work of historical fiction tra [...]

    9. It s been two weeks since I finished Towers of Tuscany and I still can t get this entrancing novel off my mind Carol Cram transports the reader to a living, breathing fourteenth century San Gimignano, reaching into all of the senses The protagonist, Sophia, is a passionate artist who risks everything to pursue her art in a world where women are forbidden to pick up a brush This captivating story is flush with fascinating characters and it builds with exciting, unexpected twists I couldn t put it [...]

    10. The Towers of Tuscany, by Carol Cram, was a beautifully written book that really highlights the era in Tuscany just prior to the Renaissance period in Italy It brings us gorgeous descriptions of the area, which is still very lovely today, and takes us back in time to when its natural vibrancy was an artist s delight The magnificent painter, Sophia, is the main character in the book, who though taught by trade to be a painter by her father, was not accepted as an artist for being a woman Of cours [...]

    11. I was instantly swept off my feet as I vigorously turned every page of this impressive novel I was so taken by Cram s authorship I devoured this lovely story in a few hours Trust me, you won t be able to put The Towers of Tuscany down Cram certainly accomplishes the task of transporting the reader to 14th century Tuscany with her lush and detailed descriptions You feel the cobblestones beneath your feet, you envision the rolling golden hills, the deep thick forests, the offensive smell of dung i [...]

    12. Joint review between Shomeret and me on Book Babe wwwbookbabe 2014 A tidbit Shomeret has read a number of books like this, but has a tremendous affection for this sort of book She read it in April and posted her impressions first Tara joins the conversation with her impressions.Shomeret The central character, Sofia, learned painting from her father and assumes that her husband will support her career as a painter I found this assumption rather naive, but Sofia is young when she decides to marry [...]

    13. As a painter, I enjoy very much novels where art has a central part If it s combined with historical fiction, it makes for a delight, and that was exactly my experience with The Towers of Tuscany.Sofia inherited her father s genes and benefits from his teaching, as painting is concerned, but she has the misfortune of being a female, that is, not being able to have her own art studio She first paints in hiding in a concealed room where her husband cannot see what she does Then, after some dramati [...]

    14. A wonderful book worth reading Carol M Cram has created a masterpiece Sofia is a strong willed woman who wants to paint Early Renaissance is the time, Italy the place More specifically a small town called San Gimignano, the Tuscan city of towers Sofia is painting in a time when women were encouraged to have children, clean the house and keep quiet Very few women knew how to read and write, never mind paint Each chapter begins with a short painting technique explained before the story proceeds.Th [...]

    15. This is an indie book that is really worth reading Cram s first novel, The Towers of Tuscany transports readers to the pre Renaissance period in Italy through the life of a young women who is a gifted painter Once married Sofia can only paint in secret, and her husband disappoints and grows violent She risks running away To say will spoil the plot.The author writes with knowledge of the era and art, but most importantly writes a cracking good story Her pace and tension never let up, and her cha [...]

    16. Beautiful work Beautiful work This is a brilliant piece of literature by Ms Cram, who uses the voice of the artist to tell the life risking tale of Sofia the painter who painted as Sandro, Barducci, and Manzenni.Never could Sofia paint openly, because not only she, but others would be put in jail In 1300 s Italy, this is just the way the laws work The story is one of the success of the creative spirit I would recommend this book highly

    17. Fascinating storyThis novel caught my interest almost immediately and I could hardly put the novel down The characters as well as the plot was believable and historically accurate I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting the book was.

    18. A fun read Reading about the painting techniques was absolutely fascinating, and the lives of these characters were compelling A perfect weekend read.

    19. A little bit of a mixed bag of a book The descriptions of life in medieval Tuscany were absolutely excellent and I also really enjoyed the scene setting of the life of an artist in the period where so many of our now famous artists were creating However, in characterisation and overall plotting I think this fell short and did not do real justice to the world Cram had created Plot in a Nutshell Sofia Barducci is a teenager being brought up in 14th century San Gimignano by her artist father A youn [...]

    20. Wonderful to read, a trip back in time to Italy s 14th century as seen thru the eyes of a thoroughly modern Madonna.Wonderful to read, a trip back in time to Italy s 14th century as seen thru the eyes of a thoroughly modern Madonna.A book to be enjoyed This one is mean to be slowly savored with a warm and sweet latte, and perhaps a biscotti or two Then curl up on your favourite chair and enjoy a trip back in time, as a young wife realizes her foolish mistakes and seeks ways to continuing that on [...]

    21. The Towers of Tuscany by Carol M Cram is an amazing work of historical fiction, and a great adventure by a true heroine I loved the main character, Sophia In a time where women were supposed to grin and bear it, Sophia chose to take her own path, and run away from her unhappy marriage The adventure that follows truly makes for a great story The entire book is perfectly written, and I found it easy to lose myself completely in the story Sophia s character was relatable, and as a reader you were r [...]

    22. Lila Yawn Bonghi notes in her study from the University of North Carolina entitled, MEDIEVAL WOMEN ARTISTS AND MODERN HISTORIANS, Surveys of women s art by Munsterberg 1975 , Carr 1976 , Petersen and Wilson 1976 , and Slatkin 1985 discuss extant manuscripts and textiles known either to have been made by medieval women or to have been produced in the Middle Ages under the direction of female overseers and patrons So, we know that there were female artist in Medieval Europe However, to have the pr [...]

    23. While I found the last few pages a jarring departure from the overall tone of the book, it was a wonderful read The best parts for me were the internal dialogues Sofia has with her father, the descriptions of the workshop, and the many skilled and lost arts that were medieval painting My interest began to wane about halfway through when it became dangerously close to turning into a romance novel, but the author brought it back from the brink I love that the author introduced me to Cennini, quote [...]

    24. The Towers of Tuscany is a beautifully written story The story follows the life of Sofia during the 1300 s in San Gimignano, Italy She is a gifted painter, however, due to her circumstance she only paints in private and her father sells her work as his own The book comes full circle and Sophia realizes the realities of the harshness of life through her choices This historical novel transports the reader back in time with vivid descriptions of both the paintings and the setting I was entranced an [...]

    25. This was a very enjoyable novel partly due to the fact that I have visited the locations where the story occurs.It appears to be a first novel for the author and as such is an exceptional effort Flow of the narrative, and development of the characters was very well presented with few minor exceptions.It is notable that the ebook version has almost no errors it is surprising how may digital books have errors throughout don t writers use electronic word processors these days The historical aspects [...]

    26. I really like The Towers of Tuscany by Carol M Cram I loved Sofia and my heart ached for her There were so many tough moments when I had to stop reading and take a deep breath I loved the creativity that Sofia exemplified and also the creativity that the author used throughout the story There are times when you can figure out where a story is leading but that is not the case with this book, I was continuously surprised by the change of circumstances and events This was a very unique, deeply emot [...]

    27. Powerfully written and richly depicted, historical fiction novel, Towers of Tuscany by Carol Cram brings to life 14th century Sophia, a talented artist who must find a way to continue her art in secret or be put to death in public The bells for nones caught her by surprise , drawing Sofia s mind away from the panel of the Nativity she is painting She rises, steps over to the narrow tower window, and gazes out across the towers of San Gimignano, in central Tuscany It is mid afternoon of a day in [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book The mix of medieval Italian history, the art, the pestilence, the descriptions of the way women were treated Sofia the main character is a feisty talented artist, trained in her fathers studio but unable to be acknowledged as the creator of many beautiful panels When she is married she is not allowed to paint at all I thought this book was beautifully written.

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