Offbeat People think you can only love one person That s not true There are two types of love the forever kind and the always kind Forever love means you can t live without that person When you close your eye

  • Title: Offbeat
  • Author: S. Moose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • People think you can only love one person That s not true There are two types of love the forever kind and the always kind Forever love means you can t live without that person When you close your eyes the image you see is the two of you holding hands, sitting on the porch, and watching your grandchildren playing in the yard You look over, smile, and whisper we ve lPeople think you can only love one person That s not true There are two types of love the forever kind and the always kind Forever love means you can t live without that person When you close your eyes the image you see is the two of you holding hands, sitting on the porch, and watching your grandchildren playing in the yard You look over, smile, and whisper we ve lived a good life Always love means you keep that person in your heart They ve done something for you to make you realize who you are This person means so much to you and lives in your heart.One night of truth.One night of passion.But all of that was taken in one night and I m left alone.I m fighting to breathe and holding onto the tiniest shred of hope I have It s a losing battle and I m not sure how much I can take Every day is a struggle That night still haunts me and I see his face It s been two years and slowly I m piecing my life back together Until one secret throws my life offbeat again.I m Bayleigh Murphy, and this is my story, my journey of forever and always.
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      S. Moose

    About Author

    1. S Moose is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of new adult romance She writes emotional and romantic stories that will make you swoon, cry, yell, laugh, and love.She is living her own happily ever after with a man who loves her with his whole heart She is a proud mother to their beautiful son, and adorable puppy When she is not writing you can find her hanging out with her family, and friends, getting lost in romantic books, and indulging on Starbuck lattes To keep up with the latest from S Moose be sure to visit her social media sites Facebook facebook S.MooseauthorTwitter twitter S_Moose060912Instagram instagram s_moose0609


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    1. Title OffbeatAuthor S MooseGenre New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone SeriesRating Stars Rounded to 4 For and ReviewI m always on the lookout for new authors Not so much new but ones that for me, I haven t experienced before I m always looking to fall in love with a new book boyfriend one I might not normally meet because there are literally a lot of authors still out there I ve never had the pleasure of reading , a new heroine that just steals my heart and makes me love her, and [...]

    2. The most devastating 4 hours I have spent reading in a long timeRuined , crushed , wrecked and heartbroken thanks A LOT Of course I love the cover , I just have to say this author and the cover model are genuinely amazing people and I love getting to be part of their journey by sharing this review and promoting this wonderful story Bay and Tyler have been besties forever and turned that into a beautiful relationship , sadly after a horrible incident Bay feels it best to let go of Tyler The prolo [...]

    3. Offbeat by S Moose was a raw, emotional read from start to finish.This one is a hard one to talk about because I don t want to give anything away This is a book that needs to be experienced for itself All the raw emotions read and lived through on its own and experienced as you go through You don t want any spoilers taking away the experience for you Here is what I will tell you it was obvious from the synopsis and teasers that there would be some sort of a love triangle involved in this book Wh [...]

    4. I was so torn on this book.The story line and writing was beautiful and touching and the characters realistic but it felt like something was missing and the story rushed.I felt no connection to the way the dreams played out and the characters almost became juvenile as the book went on.It wasn t a bad read and I would definately recomend it to anyone else but I don t think it was for me.I did love the story and plot and the way it played outoriginal, beautiful and emotional

    5. Wow, I really, really, really did not like this book Let me actually start by saying that I met this author at a signing a year ago It was not a good venue it was hot, crowded, the lines were crazy and she was in a very unfortunate corner You couldnt get thru to even visit an author, you just had to wait in a snake of a line that curled in and out of the rows of tables until you got where you wanted So, I can understand her being a bit mad about that however, what I can t understand is allowing [...]

    6. This has got to be the best ugly cry book I have read in quite awhile Bayleigh and Tyler have that forever kind of love that you only find once in a lifetime, but tragedy strikes and something bad happens to Bayleigh and she pushes Tyler away breaking both their hearts.How much heartaches can one couple take before enough is enough This book had me sobbing from start to finish and although I cried like a baby I may add I absolutely loved every minute of this book.Grab your tissues and one click [...]

    7. Mindbogglingly messed up At points I wondered what the heck was going to be thrown into the plot next but I kept reading and I think I probably need to read the next book too Not going to try and mention any of the plot because I wouldn t want to give anything away I will say that there were no aliens or paranormal elements but perhaps they ve been worked into the next instalment somewhere.

    8. Five absolutely beautiful stars Bayleigh is a young girl in love with her childhood sweetheart when a tragic event occurs She feels like she will never recover from the event She then pushes everyone away from her Even the love of her life Taylor is told to forget about her Taylor continues to stay by her side and supports her His twin brother Ryan who leaves and returns two years later finally admits to her that he loves her Will Bayleigh ever be able to recover and move on with her life Who wi [...]

    9. 3 3.5 StarsThis is my first book from S Moose While I did enjoy it, I also felt it was a little wonky The storyline is creative, but it s not one that I care for Bayleigh is in love with Tyler and vice versa He has to go to California for three weeks and she stays in Rochester, NY Meanwhile his twin brother, Ryan, comes back to town after no contact for two years with supposedly no one, except maybe his mom Ryan left town shortly after Bayleigh has a traumatic experience Shortly after recovering [...]

    10. DividedI m divided between really likening this book and not caring for it To be clear, the writing is good, so my three stars are not based on that Writing style wise, it s a 4 4 1 2 stars The characters Ugh I cannot stand Bayleigh She is selfish and self centered Look, I know she went through a traumatic rape My heart went out to her But there really is no excuse for her treatment of Tyler I felt Tyler got the biggest shaft from everyone in this book.And then Bayleigh s relationship with Ryan [...]

    11. Bayleigh is a young in love with her childhood sweetheart when tragic occurs, and she feels like her life is over will she ever recover from this event She begins to push everything and everybody away even the love of her life Taylor ,and then Taylor is told to forget her But Taylor couldn t give up on her and continues to stay by her side ,supports her no matter what happened ,Tyler twin brother comes home after 2years and finally admits that he s in love with Bayleigh a Will Bayleigh ever be a [...]

    12. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.One of the main topics on this book is a horrible act It happens daily but it never gets easy to hear news like this So I always admire authors who have the guts to publish books with this topic I know it must be devastating to go thru something like that but I must say I hated her attitude I love strong kick ass female leads and this MFC lacked in that department She dropped her Boyfriend and runned away Why do I hate this attitude because thr [...]

    13. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.Such an emotional read What would you do if you were in love with two different guys How do you choose between the two How do you know which one is the one These are the questions I asked myself while reading Bayleigh, Tyler and Ryan s story Bayleigh is struggling with a tragedy from her past and has let Tyler go, so he can move on and not be held back by her grief Ryan comes back to town and helps Bayleigh breath again Which will she choose Th [...]

    14. I was up until 3 am to finish reading this Once I started I couldn t put it down This is an emotional roller coaster of a read for sure, and I ll be honest it takes a turn halfway through that is unexpected and the end is a tear jerker But I absolutely loved this and couldn t put it down, I highly recommend Offbeat and cannot wait for book two to see where Bayleigh ends up.Jessica from The Swanky Bibliophiles Book Blog.

    15. When everything you thought you knew about life and love goes wrongThis book took turns I never saw coming I had preconceived notions with the storyline when the book started but I was pleasantly surprised and blown away as I continued to read.This is a deep read, that will take you on a journey of loving and losingd the characters having to question everything they thought they knew about love and each other The endlord have mercy the endI was a mess of tears from about 75% until the end.I mean [...]

    16. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review over on my blog Pretty Little Book Blog This was a book that you will want to tell everyone about It s powerful in a way that only a select few books can claim to be From the prologue that by the way broke my heart into a million pieces it does not let up on the feelings factor Learning how to live again after a brutal act is a difficult thing because the person that you were before is gone, life is forever changed Now that s not to [...]

    17. Holy Cow This love triangle was completely unexpected and I m having a hard time with how to write this without giving everything away What an amazing start to this new series S Moose has written a book that is impossible to put down because you just have to know how it ends However, it ends in one mother of a cliffhanger.Bayleigh is trying to recover from a horrific event and pushes everyone away, including her soul mate Tyler She doesn t know how to cope and she s tired of everyone babying her [...]

    18. 5 Stars I really liked this book This author is one of my absolutely favorites in the indie world Not only does she write amazing stories but she is also an incredible person Her books have a way of pulling you in and not letting you go until the last word They also linger with you long after you have finished reading I became a huge fan of her from her first series and the growing she has done in her writing is absolutely phenomenal I promise this is an author that you want to take a chance on. [...]

    19. Love is messyThe concept of being in love with two people at the same time was always a difficult concept for me to handle I hated love triangles until I read a book that explain it as soul mates and love If I hadn t read that series before this book, I would be even angry than I am now.Bayleigh has been through a lot and can t seem to get her head above water Tyler has loved her through it all and does everything he can to try and make it better.Bay and Tyler were in love She loves him, but ca [...]

    20. Something terrible happened to Bayleigh some time ago and she has still not recovered from it She pushed away everyone, stayed at home all the time, and even broke up with her long time boyfriend, Tyler Scott He s not ready to let her go, and will do anything to help her, but sometimes, it s just really hard He s waiting for her, always will, but has to leave for a while for work in California Ryan Scott left years ago when he felt responsible for the tragedy that struck the woman he loves, who [...]

    21. I am not sure what to think I am in some kind of limbo lolbut I am so very MADI felt a whole lot in this book and I even changed my mind on the characters a good few times.I get where Bay is coming fromI really doBut sometimes I was getting frustrated with her that brings me to Tyoh no I won t forgive what he did and how he behaved.t for one secbut at other times I get his frustration I loved him for most of the bookbut towards the end I wanted to physically hurt him.RyanI am totally in love and [...]

    22. I can t begin to tell you all how utterly amazing this book is I a totally overwhelmed with the emotions this book brought out of me I have laughed, screamed and cried at different times in the book, but throughout all of it I had what we like to call the feels This book is incredibly unique in my opinion because the wonderfully talented S.Moose focusses not on events but on the feelings and emotions of these events, this is quite special The three main characters Bayleigh, Ryan and Tyler are al [...]

    23. Twin brothers, Tyler and Ryan are both in love with Bayleigh Because of past events Bayleigh pushes one away while she pulls the other closer Bayleigh believes there are two kinds of love, the forever kind and the always kind.The only thing that I didn t like about this book is the cliffhanger but I knew it was there and as soon as I finish writing this review, you can bet that I will be reading the next book S Moose has a style with her writing that I really love She also ripped my heart out wi [...]

    24. 5 Heart String Pulling Stars Bayliegh had an awful beginning in her young life Something so truly horrible, that it s easy to understand why she ends up pushing everyone away Including the love of her life, childhood sweetheart, Taylor She writes him a letter telling him to forget her He writes one back, in voice mail, saying no way, he loves her and will fight for her.This book is a love triangle, Taylor s twin brother Ryan leaves for 2 years and comes back to tell Bayleigh he s in love with he [...]

    25. As another reviewer put perfectly The most devastating 4 hours I have spent reading in a long timeRuined , crushed , wrecked and heartbroken thanks A LOT I had to put this book down so many times as I couldn t see through the tears to read it Runny nose and all I so was not a pretty sight The author really knows how to pull you in and connect you with all the characters You feel for them all Love them all and your heart breaks with them all It s not like your reading some made up story, it feels [...]

    26. 5 starThis is Bayleigh s story After a tragic event Bayleigh pushes everyone away Even the person she has loved forever Tyler is heartbroken but chooses to stay by Bayleigh and support her no matter what she thinks she wants When Ryan Tyler s brother comes back after leaving a few years ago he admits that he loves Bayleigh What about what Bayleigh wants Does she want one of these brothers Will the feeling they both have for the same girl be the breaking point Can these three survive another trag [...]

    27. Everything in Bay s life changes in a moment of terror My heart just broke for her Tyler stood by her loving her through it, but she made the decision to let him go as she didn t want to hold him back I loved that he never gave up on her even when she pushed him away They make the choice to try again when he leaves town for work Then his brother Ryan comes back into her life and makes her feel things that she wasn t expecting, but he has a secret of his own This story was heart wrenching and had [...]

    28. I met this author and model at Naughty Nashville and they are just awesome Onto the bookWhere do i even start I loved this book and the characters in it ButI was starting to get frustrated with Bay ALOT I loved Ryans character and Ty s I know it must have been hard for all of them but i don t know if i could forgive Tyler so easily I think he should have been there the whole time It s going to be hard to wait for the next book

    29. Wow Amazing This was my first book by this author and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.This book was an emotional roller coaster ride but I loved every minute of it Two brothers who love the same girl and one girl who loves them both equally but differently There are a lot of tough parts to this book but it was beautifully written even though the subject matter was so difficult Glad I found S Moose

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