Spellbound In English eBook now for the first time The Legend of the Ice People has already captivated million readers across Europe Winter a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen year old peasant girl Sil

  • Title: Spellbound
  • Author: Margit Sandemo Anna Halager
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In English eBook now for the first time The Legend of the Ice People has already captivated 29 million readers across Europe.Winter 1581 a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen year old peasant girl Silje of all her family Homeless, starving and shepherding two foundling infants, she stumbles through the corpse strewn streets of Trondheim on Norway s northern coast.HeadiIn English eBook now for the first time The Legend of the Ice People has already captivated 29 million readers across Europe.Winter 1581 a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen year old peasant girl Silje of all her family Homeless, starving and shepherding two foundling infants, she stumbles through the corpse strewn streets of Trondheim on Norway s northern coast.Heading desperately for the warmth of the mass funeral pyres blazing beyond the city gates, she encounters in the shadowy forest one of the infamous Ice People, a fearsome, strangely captivating wolf man He offers help and she feels irresistibly drawn to him But what is the terrible fascination And where will it lead Spellbound, the opening volume in The Legend of the Ice People, begins a journey that spans four centuries and interweaves romance and the supernatural in narratives that are passionate, earthy, often erotic and imbued above all else with a powerful narrative drive.
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      Margit Sandemo Anna Halager

    About Author

    1. a Norwegian Swedish historical fantasy author She has been the best selling author in the Nordic Countries since the 1980s, when her novel series of 47 books, The Legend of the Ice People, was published She has also written many other book series such as H xm staren and Legenden om Ljusets rike.


    Spellbound Comment

    1. I never would have read this if it wasn t for Kaisa and the MacHalos It was written in the 80s, I believe, by an author who has sold the most books in Nordic countries Never heard of her Oops But, I m really glad I know now because I really enjoyed this It s an historical fantasy with heavy romantic elements about a cursed people and a young woman who falls in love with the most cursed of them all It sort of has a Beauty and the Beast vibe to it It might possibly be a little squicky because Silj [...]

    2. Actual rating 2.5 stars Up the review goes, down the rating flows.A question, my Little Barnacles you do not seriously think I read this book willingly, do you now Oh, good I thought it must have been pretty obvious to everyone that the MacHalos someone must have held me at gunpoint to force me to read this delightful story, but I wanted to make things clear for the most clueless decapods among you Wouldn t want the puny humans my dear friends to think less of me because of my despicable reading [...]

    3. English translation, paperback A rather spooky cult classic in Europe,Spellbound is the first of 47 books in The Legend of the Ice People series, originally written in Swedish by the prolific Margit Sandemo Fairly rich in European history particularly Scandinavian this paranormal romance series spans 400 years Despite some erotic overtones dream scenes, emerging sexuality, etc and one moderately explicit sex scene, I hesitantly taggedSpellbound as YA but it captured this adult s interest.The boo [...]

    4. This whole series is definitely a guilty pleasure for me 47 volumes of a guilty pleasure It s exactly the kind of overly sentimental, formulaic crap, with elements of fantasy thrown in and lots of sex scenes aimed at a teenage girls and or b bored housewives, that I usually want to kill with fire but for some reason I love it Whole 47 volumes of it I ve read the whole series a couple of times, and certain individual volumes than that It s like eating a whole jar of peanut butter with a spoon It [...]

    5. 4.5 starsI don t know what came over me, but this made me feel things Buddy read with the lovely MacHalo group Winter 1581, Norway 16 year old Silje stumbles away from her plague ridden village, leaving her dead family behind Having collected two abandoned children, she stumbles into a forest seeking warmth and sustenance She encounters there a demonic yet captivating wolf man, one of the Ice People from the Shadow Mountains whom Silje has been raised to fear.Just a quick note This isn t YA, the [...]

    6. In Experiences in translation Umberto Eco argues that translation should be considered a literary genre in itself, an art form in its own right he knew something about it, given that the semiologist turned author translated himself one of the most untranslatable books of all times, Raymond Queneau s Exercices de style which in fact Eco didn t translate at all but rewrote from scratch, thus proving the point he made elsewhere that a translator is, for all intents and purposes, the co author of th [...]

    7. This is where it all started With this book Both for the author, and for me, as the reader.This is where Margit Sandemo started writing a series of books that was unlike anything else at the time We have to keep in mind this is early 1980 s, and supernatural books with a slight erotic twist weren t all that common.I didn t get around to read these books until than a decade later I was still a kid when these books came out Later I was holding off reading these because they were a saga To me it s [...]

    8. Saga o Ludziach Lodu tak dumnie brzmi, prawda Us ysza am o niej par lat temu i jedn z jej cech by o to, e nie da o si jej ju nigdzie dosta w wersji papierowej, aby pi knie si prezentowa a na p ce Jednak w ko cu zdoby am par jej cz ci Niekoniecznie wiedzia am te czego mam si po niej spodziewa , ale po pierwszej cz ci jestem naprawd zadowolona Jest rok 1581, a w p nocnej Norwegii w okolicach Trondheim panuje zaraza, kt ra zabiera ze sob tysi ce os b Wsz dzie pal cia a, a zw oki zalegaj na ulicach [...]

    9. 3.5 stars MacHalo Buddy Read I enjoyed this story It was a quick read A bit dark, full of old superstitions and I like stories like that Although, many were bothered by the translation, I wasn t really BUT Something was definitely lost Something was off, but I got the gist and liked it anyway.

    10. Sagan om Isfolket r en s dan d r klassiker man har h rt mycket om men inte riktigt orkat ta sig tid att ens snegla p typ som Grottbj rnens folk Speciellt med tanke p att det finns ungef r femtio b cker i denna serie Men n r jag hittade f rsta boken p Myrorna f r en guldpeng var det sv rt att inte p b rja det stora snarare l nga ventyret om isfolket Nu kommer den sv raste delen att f tag p resten av serien.Efter att Siljes familj d tt i pesten i 1500 talets Norge tvingas hon ut p gatan f r att g [...]

    11. My mother started collecting this series in the 1980 s when she was a teenager and when I entered my teens they became one of my favorite series.The series starts in 1581 in Trondheim, Mid Norway with Silje, Charlotte, Sol, Dag, Henning and Tengel Silje is a sixteen year old girl who has lost her entire family and home to the plague and wanders the streets of Trondheim looking for food and warmth, and even though she can t feed or warm herself she decides to take in the two orphans she finds Luc [...]

    12. This is one of the best books I ve ever read Love, love, love it D It s the first book in a series with 47 books But I love all of them And now it s being translated into English I recomend everyone in the world to read atleast the first book It has alot of ingredients fantasy, love, secrets, passion, evil.

    13. Spellbound is a charming and atmospheric tale set in 16th century Norway It follows a sixteen year old girl named Silje pronounced Sil ya, according to the internet after she loses her family and home to a plague outbreak After inadvertently adopting two abandoned children, she finds a new home and encounters mysterious persons I found Silje an appealing and sympathetic narrator, convincingly teenage yet forced into adult pragmatism by circumstance brave and thoughtful yet frustrated and proud I [...]

    14. I usually don t read sagas but I was recommended to try this one and it was surprisingly good It s a light read with engaging story and interesting characters I also liked the mix of historical fiction and fantasy mythology.

    15. I m just giving these books five stars because of the nostalgia, and it s just very relaxing to read them And they give me a spring feeling for some reason

    16. skisur er skemmti ttur um b kmenntir og d ral f Alvarpi N t mans Vinkonurnar Birna, Helga og Krist n r a vikulega um einn kafla r er t ska og s r a b kab lknum sf lki lok hvers ttar er r dd Net kisa vikunnar skisur 0 Form li LOLcats form la skisa skyggnumst vi inn hugarheim meistaranna sem standa bakvi skisur og reynum a skilja hvers vegna sk punum r kv u a blanda saman sf lkinu og k ttum Kynnumst a eins meistararith fundinum Margit Sandemo og f rum sn gglega yfir viskei hennar Komumst einnig a [...]

    17. I read the Isfolket books when I was ten and trapped in my grandmother s snowed in cabin for a few weeks, and I remember especially enjoying the first one I didn t get through all 47 of them since they never seemed to improve after the initial story, I gave up halfway through the series But I recently found Trollbunden as an audio book and have now listened through it again during a couple of wintry forest walks The plot is unsurprisingly very thin, being first and foremost a romance, and the er [...]

    18. I am in two minds here Reading this story again, so many years after its original publication in 1982, was rewarding enough It was nice being back in this story, which back then had a special impact in my young mind I was introduced to this story by my late paternal grandmother For that, I d like to give the story 4 stars.On the other hand, I am older now, and a critical reader than I was in my youth And there s just too many clich s, cringling sentences downright bad writing and not all of the [...]

    19. Jeg tror efterh nden godt de fleste der f lger med herinde ved, at historiske romaner ikke lige er min kop te Well Ingen regler uden undtagelse For hulan hvor blev jeg dog bare fanget af den her bog Hvad det pr cis var der gjorde det, ved jeg ikke, m ske det fact, at det f ltes som om den var skrevet til kvinder, eller m ske fordi den ikke var s beskrivende, som jeg ellers synes mange historiske romaner er.Hovedpersonen Sille er et fantastisk menneske Naivt, godt, h befuldt N sten som enhver 17 [...]

    20. Nu har jag ntligen l st f rsta boken i denna j ttel ng och v lk nd serie Jag t nkte lite l st om jag l ste ett par b cker varje r fr n serien, skulle det g r bra 47 b cker i hela serien D skulle jag vara femtio n got n r jag l ser klart Det t rs inte t nka p.L ttl st historisk romans med lite vernaturlig i det Det r n gonting sk nt ver den, som mysig och att vara hemma jag vet inte hur jag ska beskriva det Inte att den blir b sta boken n gsonsin skrivit men jag tycker att det skulle vara kul att [...]

    21. Not a bad read This was a nice combination of historical fiction and fantasy the two blended well together I guess this book is classified as fantasy romance I m not a big romance reader, and I found the overall plot to be rather predictable, as I usually find romance tales to be However, there was enough other stuff going on besides the romance sexual tension to hold my interest.The ending of the book felt like a chapter ending rather than a novel ending, but that could be because this is book [...]

    22. Egyel re kicsit tan cstalan vagyok Az rt kezdtem el a sorozatot, mert egyszer, vekkel ezel tt egy k nyves hosszasan radozott r la, hogy ha igazi irodalmat akarok olvasni, s ez azt n de j l meg van rva Akkor azt mondtam, j , elolvasom majd valamikor vek sor n t bbsz r is szemeztem vele, mert m st l is hallottam, hogy ilyen j s olyan j Nos, n h ny napja r sz ntam magam, ma v geztem is az els k tettel, s most csak l k s keresem, mi var zsolhatta el azokat az embereket, akik radoznak r la Nem is tud [...]

    23. This is a book that was recommended to me by my Great Dane friend The author is Swedish Norwegian, and has written 47 Ice People book of which about 5 9 are translated into English, the rest are in Swedish and Norwegian.I read this not knowing what to expect, and wondering if the English translation would match up with the Swedish Norwegian version that my friend loved so much.It is not a complicated book The story is simple, and told through the eyes of a peasant girl, although educated Her ima [...]

    24. Here s a book I want to recommend to every single person I know who also likes supernatural stuff with some sexiness included This is the first book in one of my favorite series, by Swedish Norwegian author Margit Sandemo, finally translated into English The series is 47 books long, and part one of a series trilogy I do not know yet, if they plan to translate the other two parts once they ve translated all 47 books, but that s OK They re all single standing series, and you won t know there s to [...]

    25. Spellbound Silje, a daughter of Arngrim, was only 17, when the epidemic in 1581 took all her relatives Starving, cold with two orphaned kids she was going to the place away from the town, where the corpses were burned She wanted to warm up by the fire In that dramatic moment mysterious man took care of her a man from Ice People clan, whose looks made her fear, but was also strangely attractive.First volume of the series beloved in Scandinavia, Iceland, Poland, Russia and Hungary I love it too.

    26. I really enjoyed reading this book I thought it was really good and sweet, and it had just the right amount of sexual tension I would give it 5 stars but since there was one part that i thought was really weird and that i did not enjoy at all, i just couldn t bring myself to give it a 5 But anyway, it was indeed really good.I would recommend this book to anyone who is intrested in scandinavian history with a dash of fantasy supersticion.

    27. I really wanted this to be good, since the author is Norwegian, but no matter how much goodwill I allow it, I cannot give it than two stars I think the translation must be poor, but having not read the original I cannot say for certain I think people who like sagas will like it, but it wasn t for me.

    28. I had to start reading this series, because two different people said my novel reminded me of it I was amazed realizing how much the language as well as the plot resembled my own I really liked it and am gonna continue with the second book out of many.

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