Dark History of the Tudors

Dark History of the Tudors British history during the Tudor Dynasty where England is transformed from a minor medieval kingdom to a European power on the verge of an empire Illustrated with photographs paintings and illus

  • Title: Dark History of the Tudors
  • Author: Judith John
  • ISBN: 9781782741336
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • British history during the Tudor Dynasty where England is transformed from a minor medieval kingdom to a European power on the verge of an empire Illustrated with 180 photographs, paintings, and illustrations.
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    1. Judith John Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark History of the Tudors book, this is one of the most wanted Judith John author readers around the world.


    Dark History of the Tudors Comment

    1. Buku ini sebenarnya informatif juga untuk mengisi celah celah kosong ttg pengetahuan saya mengenai Dinasti Tudor di Inggris Namun sangat disayangkan terjemahannya yg menurut saya kualitasnya buruk padahal harga bukunya lebih dari 100ribu rupiah Baru buka halaman pertama saja sudah terjadi kesalahan typo di bagan silsilah Henry VII ditulis Henry VIII, dan berulang ulang kesalahan yg sama dilakukan di hlm hlm berikutnya Ini kesalahan fatal menurut saya krn proofreader sangat tidak berfungsi di buk [...]

    2. Little than a synopsis of the Tudor reign Do not expect a great deal of detail or any new less well known information about this famous family of monarchs Also, I find the use of the word incest in this book s subtitle inaccurate and sensationalistic The only incest mentioned in the entire book is one sentence stating that Anne Boleyn was accused of having an affair with her brother among others as justification for Henry s setting her aside Misleading to use it in such a way that implies Tudor [...]

    3. This was a decently done book with some new information I had not read before The beginning was confusing by the author referring to the various Henrys without the appellate number Certain names were common and the author made the text much difficult by not including surnames and numbers each time I realize that the current custom is to name them once and then only refer to them with a single name, but it leads to serious confusion in the case of the many men who shared either first or last nam [...]

    4. No matter how often or how much I read about the Tudors, they are ALWAYS a great source of entertainment Wow fascinating.

    5. Judith John doesn t offer any new insights into the notoriously significant dynasty of the Tudors Additionally, her prose is uninspired, with the overuse of idioms, such as nail in the coffin Thankfully, there is liberal use of illustrations that aren t normally offered in historical accounts, which provides enough interest to keep Tudor enthusiasts engaged just barely If you want the condensed version of the Tudors, this book will suffice But, it s an insult to their legacy to allow this to be [...]

    6. This is a very interesting book about the Tudors It builds on the basic knowledge of them to give a clear picture of each monarchs reign and what they were like Each monarch has their own chapter with the most well known, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, having two It s very well researched especially the bits on the less well known monarchs There is a lot of information and it s a very good read for anyone wanting to know about the Tudors.

    7. The illustrations are great The book is interesting and enjoyable A few details I didn t know about them, however I was expecting A few times I went back to checked which Henry they was referring to Otherwise, I enjoy the book.

    8. The book read as a history book But I learn about the Tudors and the pictures were beautiful I wish I could find a book about the other people in that era that was behind the kings and queens.

    9. I originally reviewed this on my website C.J Leger Anyone who is a fan of medieval and Renaissance history must encounter the Tutors somewhere along the way and whether partial to them or not, it cannot be said that this family was not a staple in the word history itself As a Tutor fan myself, I look for many writings that cover the rein of the Henry s and their successors, and thus I nabbed this book by Judith Jones I cannot say that I am in love with this book, because I simply am not.This boo [...]

    10. I did not finish this, as it s of a flip through when there s time and move on.The Tudors are a fascination for me because my wife can t get enough of them I bought this as a kick at Barnes Noble at a bargain price It s a bargain book about the pictures than anything else.However, the information helps and even though the book is written in a confusing style, I enjoy having it around it ll probably serve as reference someday.Till then, adieu.

    11. I love this book It is full of details But because of that details, i feel like reading a cambridge book Haha i feel like studying Yep It s so lesson book.Next, I don t like how the texts are written, it kept repeating some texts over and over, but only a bit So it s not a big ouch XT, it is not advancedly oriented I mean there are some or all the popped up mini facts that suddenly cut the main texts Then I have to re read the previous pages to remember where it was lasted Just, please don t let [...]

    12. Eh, got it bargain priced at Barnes and Noble, basically got what I paid for I knew quite a lot of the information in the book already, even though I have never really researched the Tudors I also was not a huge fan of the author s writing style, which included restating sentences almost verbatim two sentences later The author also would not always use the appellate for the Henrys, which was confusing, and sometimes would switch from first to last name while referencing someone.

    13. A fairly decent survey of life in England under Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I I read this to get a foundation in Tudor history in anticipation for reading in depth books in the future Most information, I found to my surprise, I already knew from years of reading and studying history This was the first time I tackled the subject all at once There are a lot of pictures, both contemporary as well as later interpretations, to ease the less literate of readers and provide [...]

    14. There wasn t much than I already knew about the Tudor era It is fascinating to learn that had Edward VI lived past 15, he was well on his way to being a great king For a family reign that lasted little over 100 years, they certainly left their mark Of the five rulers of the Tudor clan omitting Lady Jane Grey , three Henry VIII, Bloody Mary I, and The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I left their prints on History for all the ages.

    15. There is nothing new about the Tudors in this book It is although, as always with the Tudors, intriguing There is not, however, as the cover states nothing on witchcraft and very little, one statement, of incest which everyone knows Anne being accused of incest that has never been proven.This is however a great book for your library that makes for an excellent reference book.

    16. Here s a surprise a book that manages to be, simultaneously, 1 a coffee table book, 2 a useful informative historical resource, 3 a pleasant, enjoyable, engaging read It s hard enough to set a standard in any of those categories congratulations to this surprising volume on exceeding my expectations.

    17. I always enjoy books about the Tudors, even if I already know everything a particular book has to offer There s nothing new here, and I found I ve already read many of the books listed in the short bibliography Would be a good intro but is by no means definitive, as there was some fast and loose play with some facts.

    18. While it serves as a good overview of the Tudor dynasty, the book often glosses over certain aspects of the lives of the Tudor rulers I would recommend the book for those intending to embark on researching the Tudor dynasty, but for those already versed in this family s history, it may be disappointing.

    19. Deeply average general history that ignores a lot of recent scholarship, especially feminist scholarship Honestly, I only finished it because I m a few books behind on this year s reading challenge.

    20. 5.5 10 Stars A fairly generalized overview of the Tudor dynasty Had quite a few errors, absolutely needs another round of editing Also included some history that is purely speculation and rumor but failed to mention that it was such There are far better Tudor histories out there.

    21. SO MUCH information it just amazes me that I know I must have studied all of this at some point, but I enjoy getting this history straight in my mind yet again Reading this was difficult due to so many sidebars and photographs, often a bit behind or ahead of the text it was to follow.

    22. A decent rehash of everything I already knew about the Tudors The only bonus was a lot of rare illustrations.

    23. There were so many grammatical errors in this book, the actual context doesn t matter to me Come on, can t you go over your work, and find an editor that actually EDITS

    24. Nothing I didn t already know about the Tudors Good for someone just starting out learning about this era in time.

    25. Love the Tudors and though this book didn t offer any information I didn t already know, it was still a good read.

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