A Ring from a Marquess

A Ring from a Marquess Mistress or Wife Independent Margot de Bryun has no intention of giving a man control of her life Although handsome rake Stephen Standish Marquess of Fanworth does pique her interest Maybe a man can

  • Title: A Ring from a Marquess
  • Author: Christine Merrill
  • ISBN: 9780373298280
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mistress or Wife Independent Margot de Bryun has no intention of giving a man control of her life Although handsome rake Stephen Standish, Marquess of Fanworth, does pique her interest Maybe a man can offer other advantages Stephen sees Margot as perfect marriage material talented, intelligent and alluring But when a stolen family ruby is traced to the jewelry shop MaMistress or Wife Independent Margot de Bryun has no intention of giving a man control of her life Although handsome rake Stephen Standish, Marquess of Fanworth, does pique her interest Maybe a man can offer other advantages Stephen sees Margot as perfect marriage material talented, intelligent and alluring But when a stolen family ruby is traced to the jewelry shop Margot owns, Stephen is infuriated and demands she become his mistress Except Margot s not one to be easily tamed and whether she be mistress or wife, sparks will certainly fly
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      Christine Merrill

    About Author

    1. Christine Merrill has wanted to be an author for as long as she can remember But one thing stood in her way touch typing.Six weeks spent on an IBM Selectric in her Sopho year of high school proved that she would never be able to produce one readable page of manuscript, much less several hundred.Twenty years passed, and she found ways to pass the time marrying her high school sweetheart having two sons and taking an assortment of jobs in professional theater costume shops, including a miserable year and a half spent styling wigs for a certain hamburger selling clown who shall remain nameless, since I don t want to incur the wrath of a major American corporation and a couple of weeks working on a TV movie with one of the sexiest men alive whose name I m happy to drop Mark Harmon.During that time, someone invented word processing, and a reliable spell checker.Christine returned to her childhood dream, only to discover that there was to the whole writing thing than accurate typing The next years were spent learning to tell stories that people might want to read, and trying to find someone who wanted to buy them Her chance came when she won the RWA s Golden Heart Competition for unpublished manuscripts The winning story, soon to be known as THE INCONVENIENT DUCHESS, was bought by the contest judges, the delightful editors at Mills Boon, in Richmond, Surrey.Christine is now busy writing her fifth book, and is than slightly jealous that her manuscripts get to visit England, while she stays home in Wisconsin


    A Ring from a Marquess Comment

    1. I felt deeply conflicted while I was reading this book On the one hand, I wanted to love it, because the main characters are both made of awesome yet so flawed on the other hand, it was heartbreaking to see the hero acting like such a stellar douche canoe, and it was difficult for me to root for a happily ever after that the heroine was essentially bullied into Also, I kind of hated the heroine s sister in this book and that was uncomfortable, because I loved that character in the last book I fe [...]

    2. It was an entertaining story, with good characters who have many dimensions and are not cardboard cutouts The sister s character vacillates between being kind and being manipulative throughout I did not read the first book in the series, which is about her, which may color my poor impression of her in this book The heroine has too stupid to live moments, but recovers quickly from them, and the misunderstandings are not agonizing The hero is less fully drawn than the heroine, resulting in a less [...]

    3. The author counterbalances Stephen s timidness and protectiveness with his demands that Margot who up until now was a woman he was courting become his mistress because of suspected theft of his family s rubies Margot spends much of the book trying to live up to the ideals of being the wife of a Marquess She also attempts to keep her business going much to the chagrin of her abusive father in law There were so many instances of the couple s getting in the way of their own relationship that it mad [...]

    4. A Ring from a Marquess was an okay historical romance It wasn t perfect but I enjoyed it overall.Both character were good They each had their virtues, with Margot s cleverness and independence, along with Stephen s sweetness and protectiveness over his loved ones However, despite their good qualities, they both frustrated me multiple times They seemed to be in a bad habit of misunderstandings, assumptions, and allowing themselves to believe the worst from each other It seemed like they were dete [...]

    5. Another great story by Christine Merrill I m not a gifted reviewer, wish I was, to give this book and Christine a great review I ll just say it is a wonderful story of an independent shop owner women and a strong willed man, that come together to save each other Miscommunication, as always, causes problems, but once they are worked out, love prevails I love a happy ending.Next I am going to read a contemporary story Christine wrote Need to Know Liz Monahan is in a rut Her boss is a jerk Her mom [...]

    6. Loved this book I had a hard time putting this one down Many other Regency romances have similar plots, but Christine Merrill gives us a heroine in her original plot with modern age values a woman who is a business owner She runs her own jewelry shop and sells the jewelry that she designs herself She doesn t want a husband to tell her how to run her business, but she is charmed by one of the local lords, who has a speech impediment and a father with Narcissistic Personality Disorder I also like [...]

    7. Taking pride in her independence Margot is not about to allow anyone to control her life She never expected to fall in love Stephen finds Margot intriguing and a perfect candidate to be the wife of Marquess When Margot s trustworthiness is called into question will the budding romance be able to whether the storm Or will it drift like a feather in the breeze I receive an ARC of A Ring from a Marquess for an honest review I am a fan of Christine Merrill I love the Margot s strong and independent [...]

    8. This novel ended just the way I hoped it would For a moment there it seemed as if things were going to end badly, but with a quick fix which I really hoped could have been longer everything seemed to be back on track I really like Margot She s been kicked a bit but didn t go down She s a great strong female role, and the main reason to read the novel The story about the Marquess s brother was a bit boring and because he was so unlikable, it became difficult to get through as I really didn t care [...]

    9. Me gusto Margot tan emprendedora y bueno por supuesto Stephen tan decidido a lograr enfrentar los obst culos 3

    10. Me gust Pero s lo lo recomiendo para las que le gusta hist rico de regencia Es la historia de Margot, la hermana de Justine del primero de la serie No es tan s rdido como el primer libro y Stephen Marqu s de Fanworth es un tierno aunque tiene fama de libertino Margot aunque es virgencita en principio es una mujer que tiene su empresa tiene y dirige una joyer a y no le interesa casarse, cosa que l quiere a pesar de las diferencias sociales Un malentendido por maledicencias de otras personas los s [...]

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