Eric & the Black Axes

Eric the Black Axes THE EVIL PROFESSOR WAS NOT BLUFFING HE HAS FOUND AN ALLY Will the two schools unite to fight the organisers of terrorism or will the secrets of each school cause them to fight each other What mischie

  • Title: Eric & the Black Axes
  • Author: Katrina Cope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
  • THE EVIL PROFESSOR WAS NOT BLUFFING HE HAS FOUND AN ALLY Will the two schools unite to fight the organisers of terrorism, or will the secrets of each school cause them to fight each other What mischief will Scarlet get up to with her new toy

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Eric & the Black Axes | BY ✓ Katrina Cope
      Katrina Cope

    About Author

    1. Katrina is an author of several Young Adult and Preteen Middle Grade novels Each of her released books reaching the top 100 in certain categories on the s Best Sellers Rank a few even as high as number one.She resides in Queensland Australia Her three teen preteen boys and husband of over fifteen years treat her like a princess Unfortunately though, this princess still has to do domestic chores She holds a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, which she likes to incorporate the experience into her stories When she has enough time away from her writing to commit to training, she will be going for her 3rd Dan.From birth, she has been a very creative person and has spent many years travelling the world and observing many different personalities and cultures Her favourite personalities have been the strange ones, yet the ones under the radar also hold a place in her heart.During her last extensive travels, she spent 16 nights in a bomb shelter on a Kibbutz 8 kilometers off the Lebanese border It was to avoid Katyusha bombs that the resident volunteers decided to name her after she is still trying to work out why PS Do NOT try to scare her in a dark alleyway even as a joke Just saying facebook Author.Katri


    Eric & the Black Axes Comment

    1. This is the fourth book I have read in the series and although it is aimed at teenagers, it has still proved to be a fun read for an adult It starts with an action packed scene as the evil professor is rescued and continues at a fast pace throughout The series is very much about good versus evil with advanced technology at the heart of the story Scarlet has new capabilities and the two schools both become the targets of attack, forcing them to work together to combat the terrorists Our young her [...]

    2. This is my favorite of the series so far The plot is really furthered in this book as you see the two schools begin to interact with one another and learn each other s secrets The author allows her readers to look through the eyes of numerous characters, but I can t help but wonder if they are all reliable viewpoints Scarlet s advancement is pretty exciting and I m anxious to see what else she has in store for herself Great work and I m anxious to read

    3. This is the fourth installment of the Sanctum series of books, squarely aimed at a pre teen and young adult audience but a good read for adults too.For anyone unfamiliar with the series, the Sanctum is a special school created by and run by rich philanthropist Avando He rescues children from a life on the streets and gives them a second chance at the school where they have the opportunity to have a first class education But Avando also picks the best of the pupils to help in a covert war against [...]

    4. I ve followed along with this series from the beginning, and it s been a fun ride The books are all fairly evenly written, so the author has been exercising good quality control of the franchise There s a large ensemble cast of characters, but you spend enough time with them over the course of the series and of each book to get a good feel of each one The standout for me in this installment was the beginning of the collaboration between the two spy schools of exceptional kids out to save the wor [...]

    5. I received a beta read from Katrina for review.Wow, this series just gets better and better.I am thoroughly enjoying this series and the characters just seem to grow on me.The story revolves around Eric and his trying to get the better of the kids from Avando s school.There are a couple of twists and turns which make the story really enjoyable.There seems to be a lot to come, and as I have read all books in series I thoroughly recommend, and I amlooking forward to next in series.

    6. I started out reading Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain and have kept up with the series since that first book I ve enjoyed the twists and turns of each storyline and found this one particularly engrossing I ve enjoyed watching the characters develop and mature and am looking forward to next one Highly recommended.

    7. When I saw Eric and the Black Axes I was speechless and got the book right away It was the most amazing book I have read I loved Scarlets new toy she can really do some mischief But what took me to the end was the intense relationship between the two schools I rate it a 5 star like all the others It only gets better from here Can t wait for book 5

    8. this book is very good it is much like her other books she wrote but even better It was very funny and interesting in many parts and personally my 1st favourite series I recommend this book to people aged 10 and above

    9. Great book for the YA This fourth book in the series is still fresh and a great book in its own right Love your work Katrina.

    10. This is another well written and fantastic addition to the series, with a plot full of surprises and a great cast of characters.

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