Ours Winner Longleaf Press Chapbook Competition

  • Title: Ours
  • Author: Finley Bullard Evans
  • ISBN: 9780982929
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner, 2014 Longleaf Press Chapbook Competition
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      Finley Bullard Evans

    About Author

    1. Finley Bullard Evans holds an MFA from the University of Alabama, and a BA from Birmingham Southern College She is the author of a memoir, Two of Em In There A Southern Writer s Journey to and Through the First Year of Twin Motherhood, and two volumes of poetry Her first, Third Girl, no longer in print was released from Plan B Press in November, 2010 The second, Ours, was released from Longleaf Press in November, 2014 She has just completed her first, full length collection of poetry, Ukulele Angel Her poetry has appeared in several literary magazines, including most recently Louisville Review and The New Renaissance, as well as one anthology, Sad Little Breathings and Other Acts of Ventriloquism 2001.


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