The Nerve Of Foley & Other Railroad Stories

The Nerve Of Foley Other Railroad Stories None

  • Title: The Nerve Of Foley & Other Railroad Stories
  • Author: Frank H. Spearman
  • ISBN: 9781889439068
  • Page: 109
  • Format: None
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      Frank H. Spearman

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    1. Frank Hamilton Spearman was an American author.


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    1. Good selection of railroad stories.This book is a collection of short stories about individual railroaders working a Midwestern U S subdivision around 1890 Each chapter is devoted to an individual railroader or event and is narrated first hand, by a long time head of the operating department I believe most railroad buffs would enjoy this book as well as another free kindle book by Frank Spearman entitled HELD FOR ORDERS TAILS F RAILROAD LIFE.

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