The Way Back (Orca Soundings)

The Way Back Orca Soundings Colby Wyatt has had a rough year Her dad disappeared she doesn t have a place to live and she s addicted to meth Thankfully her best friend Gigi s grandma takes her in and Colby helps out with the

  • Title: The Way Back (Orca Soundings)
  • Author: Carrie Mac
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Colby Wyatt has had a rough year Her dad disappeared, she doesn t have a place to live, and she s addicted to meth Thankfully, her best friend Gigi s grandma takes her in, and Colby helps out with the family business, selling stolen goods in Gram s pawnshop stuff that Colby and Gigi along with Gigi s brother Milo steal when they break into people s houses, which Colby iColby Wyatt has had a rough year Her dad disappeared, she doesn t have a place to live, and she s addicted to meth Thankfully, her best friend Gigi s grandma takes her in, and Colby helps out with the family business, selling stolen goods in Gram s pawnshop stuff that Colby and Gigi along with Gigi s brother Milo steal when they break into people s houses, which Colby is pretty good at Now she s pregnant Colby doesn t tell anyone who the dad is Instead, she checks herself into rehab so she can get clean and figure out how to keep the baby Though Colby isn t sure how to make a family, she s determined to make things work, and she s sure she can save Gigi too But sometimes, no matter how hard you wish for something, it just doesn t come true.
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    1. I live with my partner and two children in East Van, overlooking the shipyards and with a great view of the crows flying home to roost Or When Carrie Mac was born, her right eye gawked off in one direction while her left eye looked the other way Well meaning adults thought she was a changeling and so they wrapped her up and put her on the porch for the fairies to take back, please and thank you It was snowing It was dark No fairies came The same well meaning adults decided she d catch her death out there So they brought her in and kept her after all.She s read millions of books, and has sat happily at the feat of a legion of storytellers She is equally fascinated by disaster and grace car wrecks, hurricanes, plagues, and genocides on the one hand, small and stunning everyday miracles on the other She sometimes wishes she were a pirate She d often wished she d run away and joined the circus when she had the chance She spends a great deal of time in the company of her imagination, and when she isn t, she s wide eyed and awed by this planet and the people running amok all over it.


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    1. I liked this story, though it definitely could ve been better Colby was a good main character, but I thought it was shown to be too easy her transition to where she was at the end of the book I also thought it was predictable who the father was, so I wasn t surprised by that at all I didn t like the cursing The rest of the story seemed kind of flat, but for some reason I still enjoyed reading it.

    2. This wasn t a bad book, I just wished it didn t go so fast This book is a fast pace book with not that many Clift hangers It doesn t take you in to that much detail The main character in the book is Colby and she gets help and with her addiction after she finds out she is pregnant She goes to rehab and gets clean After this point in the book there really wasn t any motivation to read any it kinda got boring And the ending wasn t that good as well But if you are looking for a quick read then I r [...]

    3. The Way Back wasn t a bad book, however I personally did not really like it It was like a short lifetime movie It was very fast paced, the author could have added things to make it flow better It also was very unrealistic, or at least some She made it seem like a teenager can easily go to a rehab and become clean after a couple of weeks with no issues I just didn t like the story in general.

    4. Review for DelMarVa Book ReviewThe Way Back is a high low book, in the Orca Soundings series, which means that its protagonists are usually lower income teens facing problems that often face real teens in similar situations Author Carrie Mac has set her protagonist up against some very long odds, as it is a rare meth addicted unwed teen mother who turns into a success story as Colby manages to do Nevertheless, the way Colby overcomes her circumstances and makes the best of them is realistic and [...]

    5. Not a book i would pick up generally but one if my students was reading it a loud to me and i got hooked.

    6. The plot Seventeen year old Colby is basically a normal teen except that she is essentially orphaned, homeless, addicted to meth and now pregnant by her best friend s gay brother, Milo Living with her best friend, Gigi, they make a living by stealing items for Gigi s grandmother s pawn shop Learning she is pregnant, Colby decides to get clean In rehab, she meets a new friend Jordan, who offers positive emotional support Deciding to keep the baby and co parent with Milo and to some degree, Jordan [...]

    7. Colby Wyatt is on her own Her dad has vanished She has no place to live She s addicted to drugs Fortunately, Colby s best friend, Gigi, is there for her Colby moves in with Gigi s grandma and gets involved the family s business selling stolen goods in Gram s pawnshop The goodsare stolen by Colby and Gigi, and Gigi s brother Milo when they break into people s homes, and Colby finds she has a talent for burglary When Colby becomes pregnant she realizes that she needs to clean up her act She checks [...]

    8. I did not enjoy this book much I did, however, like the idea of the story It was a very short book with a lot jammed into it Some things did not seem believable, almost like a poorly written story on Wattpad Maybe if this same topic idea was rewritten by Carrie Mac herself or another author, it was be better.

    9. I liked the plot of this book, and I think it will appeal to my students The story is of a girl who is addicted to meth and pregnant When she finds out she is pregnant, she tries to quit the meth and change her life She makes a friend in rehab and I like that character a lot But some of the other characters seem pretty lifeless to me.

    10. The Way Back focuses on the journey of Colby Watt, a drug addict teen who discovers she s pregnant It s a dramatic, intense novel and Carrie Mac manages to pack a ton of story and life into a short, quick read.

    11. I just finished this book in 24 hrs It was very good and I didn t want to put it down Some good surprises pop up throughout that I literally said What outloud It is a short and quick read

    12. I liked how some thing that happens to her brings her back It brings her back from her bad life that she really wants to fix.

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