Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate

Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate Feminist icon Letty Cottin Pogrebin s second novel follows Zach Levy the left leaning son of Holocaust survivors who promises his mother that he ll marry within the tribe But when Zach falls for Cleo

  • Title: Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate
  • Author: Letty Cottin Pogrebin
  • ISBN: 9781558618879
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Feminist icon Letty Cottin Pogrebin s second novel follows Zach Levy, the left leaning son of Holocaust survivors who promises his mother that he ll marry within the tribe But when Zach falls for Cleo, an African American activist grappling with her own inherited trauma, he must reconcile the family he loves with the woman who might be his soul mate A New York love storyFeminist icon Letty Cottin Pogrebin s second novel follows Zach Levy, the left leaning son of Holocaust survivors who promises his mother that he ll marry within the tribe But when Zach falls for Cleo, an African American activist grappling with her own inherited trauma, he must reconcile the family he loves with the woman who might be his soul mate A New York love story complicated by the legacies and modern tension of Jewish American and African American history, SJM Seeking explores what happens when the heart runs into the reality of politics, history, and the weight of family promises.Letty Cottin Pogrebin is a leading figure in Jewish and feminist activism She is a founding editor and writer for Ms magazine, and the author of eleven books, including the memoir Getting Over Getting Older 1996 , the novel Three Daughters 2003 , and the groundbreaking How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who s Sick 2013 She is also the editor for the anthology Stories for Free Children 1982 , and a co creator of Free to Be You and Me and Free to Be A Family Her articles, op eds, and columns have been published frequently in a wide variety of magazines and publications, including the New York Times, Harper s Bazaar, and the Ladies Home Journal.
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    1. LETTY COTTIN POGREBIN, a founding editor of Ms magazine, is a writer, lecturer, social justice activist, and the author of ten books nine non fiction works, two novels Here you can find her biography, a list of her published works, lecture topics, and a schedule of public events related to her upcoming book, SINGLE JEWISH MALE SEEKING SOUL MATE, which will be published in May 2015 by the Feminist Press.


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    1. This novel is a provocative and thoughtful take on the dilemma faced by Zach,a young Jewish man who, having promised his mother on her death bed that he would never marry a non Jew, finds himself in love with Cleo, a Christian, African American woman Cleo is the daughter of a southern preacher and she has equally strong views about preserving her heritage and her faith Things get really tricky when Cleo becomes pregnant.I heard the author, a co founder of MS magazine, speak recently and the disc [...]

    2. In order of importance to the plot themes of this book, the words of the title should go JewishSeekingMaleSoulSingleMateBut that wouldn t make any sense now, would it This is a book about a man obsessed with being Jewish, what it means and how to do it right The women in his life are really colorful wallpaper They hurt him, and he hurts them Spoilers The second woman in this story is obviously really good for and with the main character, and when he makes a really, really stupid decision, then c [...]

    3. 1 2Letty Cottin Pogrebin, one of my feminist and Jewish icons, must have had a lot of fun writing this book I only found out about Cottin Pogrebin s novels by accident maybe a tweet from the Jewish Book Council There are loads of different sub genres of romance novels vampires, aliens, western, Amish, and even NASCAR I think I read a new type the overly earnest Jewish progressive romance novel It was a fun read but felt too earnest, too didactic Having said that, it really captured the internal [...]

    4. This five star took me by surprise, but I can t see a way around the rating I think that the blurb and the publishing house would enlarge the audience without labeling the author Yes, the book explores both the Jewish experience and lifestyles, also black history experiences in the U.S but to stop there does not give the novel its full credit Story line belies stereo types It is a story about families and family expectations, relationships of all types Pogrebin is able to discuss weighty issues [...]

    5. First of all, the title of this book is a misnomer It is not chick lit Instead the story serves as a vehicle for a discussion of some important Jewish and life issues It s the kind of book where you first get caught up in the story, and then gradually realize that you re going to have to go back and read it slowly to catch some really good stuff The beginning of the book seems almost like a rushed explanation of how we get to the issues But as you read it, you don t even realize that there are [...]

    6. Very close to 5 Stars Letty Cottin Pogrebin had me gripped from the first page of Single Jewish MaleThis may not be a book for everyone, but as a Holocaust survivor myself and as a Jew familiar with the background material, I wholly related to the subject.How we maintain our promises to our parents while developing into our own people may also resonate with those who grow up in different cultures from my own But for this book, it certainly helps to be Jewish Is that like ish as opposed to Christ [...]

    7. As the child of a Holocaust survivor, I found a lot of parallels between his childhood home and mine I also enjoyed reading all of the conversations about Jewish identity that I was having throughout my childhood young adulthood.I think this book is important, and I hope people younger than I am read this My children don t fully understand my obsession with Jewish continuity as it relates to the Holocaust, and it s hard to put into words without sounding a little fanatical I finished this book o [...]

    8. Not bad but not that good eitherSingle Man Looking for a Soulmate was written by an author well versed in the Torah and Jewish cultural life This book wasn t that original since many authors have written about all sorts of religious and ethnic relationships which are problematic I found the first part of the book intriguing while Zack describes his parents background and their lives in the Bronx But the second half somewhat lost me when the main character must decide whether or not to raise his [...]

    9. Interesting book addressing issue of a Jewish man who promised his mother on her dying bed that he would marry a Jewish girl He does but she leaves him a yr after his daughter is born and moves to Australia with her lesbian love taking child with her He searches for nice Jewish girl tho he himself gas difficult time keeping Jewish tradition Ge meets Cleo, a beautiful intelligent African American and they start dating His intention is it will be a passing affair but 2 yrs later she accidentally g [...]

    10. I know I am in the minority but I just didn t enjoy this book I kept wanting to like it and there were parts were I was absorbed than others, in general I found it trite and predictable.

    11. Great for Today s WorldThis story had way too many historical references, too much witty banter, and than enough political information Besides the fact that it seemed like one long socio economic political history lesson with a small number of art innuendos, the story is pretty good Pogrebin does a good job of providing detailed, and I do mean detailed, information about the protagonist Zach Levy She gives a lot of depth to this character and shows the complexity of a person in a way that I ve [...]

    12. This book does a good job of exploring the strained relationship between the Jewish American Community and the African American Community It takes a complicated subject and delves into it in a way that educates the reader but also allows for a narrative through line It could create robust conversations among book club members with discussion topics like Loyalty to one s family, to one s religion, religious tolerance, gender battles, race differences, mending deep historical breaches, dealing wit [...]

    13. This was a fun read but brought up several serious issues such as inter racial dating and black Jewish relationships The male protagonist is the son of Holocaust survivors and promises his dying mother that he will marry a Jewish woman and raise any children he has as Jewish turning him into a neurotic Jewish male The female protagonist is a strong willed smart black woman perhaps a bit too good to be believable This is a fun, quick read despite the heavy topic and would make a great stage play. [...]

    14. Zach Levy is the only child of two survivors He carries the legacy of the Holocaust in many ways His mother s dying act was to make him promise to marry a Jewish woman and have Jewish children His first wife leaves him for an Australian woman and takes there daughter with him When he meets and falls in love with Cleo Scott, he is left with a dilemma which he doesn t begin to deal with until Cleo gets pregnant This book gives the reader lots of food for thought about what it means to be Jewish to [...]

    15. I have to agree with the majority and say that the dominant adjective for this read is thought provoking As someone of non Jewish background, I found it very stimulating to see the world transformed through such a well developed lense This lent itself to some disconnections, naturally, but overall I m very glad I read this book The inclusion of footnotes or endnotes may have allowed me to learn about Jewish references and words.

    16. Three and a half.Extremely poor choice of title it sets you up for a beach read but the author has important facts and ideas she discusses through the novel Sometimes the book is too educational in its explanations of Judaism and Jewishness It held my interest but the climax was predictable The main character s obsession with Jewish continuity above all else got me fed up with him However, the story had brisk forward motion and I enjoyed exploring the author s themes with her.

    17. Oy Ugh Our protagonist is the child of survivors and his fear and guilt is ever present I cried during this book than I expected I don t buy that Zach made the initial choice that he didems so obviously wrong now But it purports to take place decades ago, and I think 2017 is different.

    18. Loved this book At first I thought it was going to be chick lit from its title, but it was recommended from someone I highly respect so I started it I loved every word The ,ain t character s dilemma was thought out and expressed so intelligently I highly recommend this book

    19. I had been told this book was hysterical While it had some pretty funny parts, I wouldn t call it hysterical I really enjoyed it though I found it to be very thought provoking I learned a lot I understood Zach s struggle, but I also found myself a bit angry and frustrated with him at times I really enjoyed this one.

    20. The book explored the big issues of intermarriage what to do when the past collides with the future I thought the issues worth exploring, but the plot contrived The best parts were the beginning, when the author is setting the scene and introducing us to the characters, and the end, when Zach finally realizes that he needs to confront the issues and act.

    21. An interesting albeit contrived and thought provoking book about love, promises, and identity particularly with respect to Judaism.

    22. This is a quick read It tended to be my fall asleep book which meant that it took me months of reading 10 pages at a time Then I dug in and finished it quickly I also think that it was by my bedside because it was limited and rather one dimensional and I found myself questioning what I might tell someone about this book It has a basic plot, which is that a Jewish man who has sworn to his mother to pursue Jewish preservation navigates through his personal struggle This struggle becomes real, firs [...]

    23. Much thought provoking than I anticipated While this topic can lead to fluff stories with easy hollywood answers, this does not shy from the complicated questions that all Jews face in this modern world in so form or fashion Who is a Jew What is it to be a Jew How do we sustain our religion Entertaining, engaging main character that starts to grate on you as the typical Nice Jewish Boy can do, you connect to Zach, the main character, as he forms his identity, while taking on the nightmares of h [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book about Zach, a child of Holocaust survivors, who makes a promise to his mother on her deathbed that he will marry a Jewish girl and raise Jewish children As an adult ACLU lawyer working in New York, he is desperate to find his bashert the woman he is destined to marry But after many dates and relationships with Jewish women, he meets a woman at a meeting of Black and Jewish leaders to discuss relations between these two groups, who seems to be his bashert perfectly suited to h [...]

    25. Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate, Letty Cottin Pogrebin s most recent novel, begins in the 1950s and follows Zach Levy, the son of Holocaust survivors whose lives have drastically changed since coming to New York City On the day after his Bar Mitzvah, he learns of his parents harrowing past and the details of his brother s death in the Holocaust He begins to understand the reasons his mother is so lifeless and inattentive, and why his father tries to compensate for his mother s emotional abs [...]

    26. I picked up this book to learn about Jewish culture At first, the main character, Zach Levy, is so likable because of his curious and loving nature He learns about his parents experience with the Holocaust and how they had to start their lives over again He then makes a terrible choice to marry a self centered, activist Jewish woman He has a child with her, then she leaves him Next he meets a charismatic and strong black woman Cleo Most of the rest of the major choices in the book cause me to f [...]

    27. I identified with a great deal in this book even though I m not a guy and not living in USA The whole 2nd generation Holocaust Survivors thing is exactly what I saw in my family the attitude to religion and the sorrow that my parents carried within them as a result of their experiences and losses As a result I was always a good girl trying not to add to their sorrow And I did feel I betrayed them a bit when I married out but I rationalised much than Zach he carried his guilt much than I did Bu [...]

    28. There are a few different ways to characterize this book 1 It s chick lit or would be if the main character were female The main character agonizes about finding his soul mate, goes through bad dates and break ups, and can t decide what he s really looking for in a relationship2 It s about Jewish identity What is a Jew Is it important to be observant go to services, keep kosher, learn Hebrew, or is Jewish ethnicity and descent from Holocaust survivors the most important part Jews are known for a [...]

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