Disturbingly Beautiful

Disturbingly Beautiful Is it really possible that somewhere in time the perfect paradox could be created Does romance really stand a chance and could it ever flourish amidst so many intricacies and broken lives How can a

  • Title: Disturbingly Beautiful
  • Author: J.Wells L. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781502778437
  • Page: 276
  • Format: ebook
  • Is it really possible that somewhere in time, the perfect paradox could be created Does romance really stand a chance, and could it ever flourish amidst so many intricacies and broken lives How can a nineteenth century governess unknowingly cause so much devastation As Nell s world opens up, we follow her on a complex journey, on which she discovers love, loss and betraIs it really possible that somewhere in time, the perfect paradox could be created Does romance really stand a chance, and could it ever flourish amidst so many intricacies and broken lives How can a nineteenth century governess unknowingly cause so much devastation As Nell s world opens up, we follow her on a complex journey, on which she discovers love, loss and betrayal, and is forced to play a dangerous game from which there appears to be no escape An intricate family plot slowly begins to unravel, in which she finds herself centre stage She was never supposed to leave Haunchcroft estate, and he will do everything in his power to keep her there Could a possible rip in time be the salvation that Nell seeks I find you disturbingly beautiful, are the contradictory words bestowed upon the governess by her master.Mr Buchannan s infatuation is a shadow from which Nell cannot escape The feelings he holds for her are not reciprocated, and though his lust soon turns to love, Nell s feelings towards him turn to hatred Dreams and a love of literature are Nell s only escapism from the downtrodden life she leads as a governess in the nineteenth century.One night, an intruder on the estate catches Nell off guard, but she gives chase a decision that leads her through an opening in time between the centuries, where she finds equality, true friendship and a completely different outlook on life.Despite using this to her advantage to escape the advances of her unwanted suitor, she is somewhat perturbed when she unexpectedly finds him at her side in the twenty first century Will love conquer all, or will time always stand in their way

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    About Author

    1. Judy and Laura Wells are a mother and daughter writing duo from the heart of England Between the two of them they own three beautiful but mad Japanese Shiba Inus and two not so active tortoises.They ve dabbled with a few different genres in the past, but contemporary romance has been their first love since they began writing Perfect Imperfections is Book One in their Moments series.


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    1. Original review I started reading Disturbingly Beautiful and I immediately loved the writing In the prologue I ve read a little part about books and I felt so related to Nell Sometimes I wish I could just open a book and live the life of that character A warm glow inside ignited her imagination, throwing her into a fictional world where books, lines and chapters from the countless book she had read came to life, filling her mind with hope In the first chapter, Nell says something about books and [...]

    2. Disturbingly Beautiful is the enchanting first book in a New Adult time travel romance series It follows the main character Nell as she goes about her life as a governess at Haunchcroft estate after her charge, Abigail, has passed away It doesn t take long before the master of the house, Mr Buchannan, begins to make intimate advances towards her Nell finds her master to be a handsome man, but doesn t like his character or personality His advances towards her are unwanted, but he doesn t seem to [...]

    3. The year is 1813 and Nell Dodsworth is a twenty six year old governess at Haunchcroft Estate whose ward, Abigale, has just died Abigale s father, Mr Sebastian Buchannan, makes unwanted advances and calls her disturbingly beautiful One night, Nell follows an intruder and the repercussions of this decision will affect the lives of many for years to come The stranger is Jeremy Chambers, a time traveler she somehow travels forward with in time to 1968 While Nell ends up falling for him, Jeremy remai [...]

    4. An 19th century story of intrigue and romance straight out of Gosford Park that was slightly hampered by confusing time travel Overall, not a bad read but almost felt like 2 separate stories Full review here at SeeKikiRead.

    5. A Fun Read Thoroughly enjoyable Historical Regency meets Sci Fi time travel A proper waltz right into the psychedelic sixties Nell travels into the future, back to the past, and back once again In what century will Nell find her happily after

    6. Disturbingly Beautiful took me on an extraordinary journey of love through time Boy oh boy Talk about the shocks and surprises in this book I can t tell you how many times I was left completely shell shocked There are so many secrets and twists in this book that left me on the edge of my seat the entire time I constantly had to know Had to know what happened next The world building was well developed and crafted beautifully I was able to vividly see what was going on in the story I felt as if I [...]

    7. 1.5 starsI m not even sure where to start with this book, it was such a mess The plot was confusing, the writing was overblown and the main character, Nell was unlikeable I guess you can tell I didn t like it.First the plot I will admit that I was intrigued by the description of the book I love time travel stories but this just didn t work Nell somehow stumbles into the 20th century We re not given any clear explanation of how it happens or why Jeremy, the man who brings her through to the 1960s [...]

    8. Disturbingly Beautiful review J L WellsNell was the governess to Mr Buchannan s daughter Abigale After Abigale succumbed to pneumonia Nell decided that with her education that maybe it was time to change what she did, it hurt too bad to lose someone that she cared so much for Maybe she could teach instead it was something that she needed to decide but not right away Mr Buchannan s offer to her to stay until his sisters arrival and his recommendation for her to become governess to her child was s [...]

    9. A delightful read full of surprises 3 Stars Series Book 1 A Paradox in TimeCharacters Nell DodsworthSetting 19th CenturyMature Themes Sex Recommendation This was a delightful read, light and satisfying If you enjoy romance and light historical pieces, reading this will be rewarding If you re looking for a near perfect factual historical sheet ripping romance, you will not find it here This is suitable for YA and is equally enjoyable for older.Nell Dodsworth is a young governess without a child t [...]

    10. When I first saw this book I though, WOW an amazing cover and I can t wait to see what this book is about Then I read the summery and thought it would be extremely interesting reading a story that involved time traveling this was the first book that I have experienced with this There were three different time periods that the book traveled to 1813, 1968 and 2014, all three very different from the other During this time, the main character Nell had gone through a huge amount of growth, from being [...]

    11. well written story which unfolded with richly detailed descriptions, from the way the author describes the locations eras and to even the way a character smelled just goes to show the great care they put into their work I loved reading about Nell, the heroine of the book,coming into her own from the first chapter to the last chapter there was boundless amount of character growth for her and I truly appreciated that I adored her friendship with Jeremy and her time in the 1960 s you could definite [...]

    12. 3.5 starsI ll start with I ve never read a book in this genre before so I have no idea what to expect I think readers who enjoy time travel and historical romance will enjoy this so pick it up That being said, I enjoyed this but I was confused at times I was kind of all over the place I m not used to reading books set in 1800 s but I kept going This book has some humor, romance and loss And that cover is beautiful I admit, I picked this up because of it I don t know if my review will help becaus [...]

    13. I had the privelege and pleasure of reading an advance readers copy of this book It is one of the best books I have read of it s genre in a long time The characters are complex, the plot is captivating, and the subtle twists and turns of the plot make the book exciting to read from beginning to end There is humour, heartbreak, deception, romance, anger, happiness and grief, this book has you feeling the gamut of all these emotions Once I started the book I didn t want to put it down I absolutely [...]

    14. Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark Before I even dive into this review, I think that it needs to be said that this cover is absolutely amazing I loved it Unfortunately, that s where my love for this book begins and ends.Picking up this book, I had hoped for something like the historical romance novels that I love so much But that wasn t what I got The beginning was a bit boring and confusing, I never really knew why the character would be in one room one moment and then it would [...]

    15. Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrian I Dig Good Books.I don t like to write bad reviews, and if this had been one of my books, I would just have starred it But its a read for review book, so I ve got to give my honest opinion.And here it is I did not like it At all And whats bothering me the most is, I cannot pinpoint why Its relatively well written, with only minor spelling editing errors, not enought to put me off Its written from Nell s POV and only her s I don t much like single person PO [...]

    16. I received this book VIA NetGalley in return for an honest review.Please excuse my rant but this is a joke It s a joke right Stockholm Syndrome anyone I m not into the whole time travel thing, and thanks to this book, I don t think I ever will be There were way to many characters so you don t get to have a bond with any of them All the men seem to be nothing but pigs and Nell had no backbone She was weak and got kicked around and never fought back It all just irritated me to no ends And honestly [...]

    17. Disturbingly Beautiful, by J And L Wells is terrible Awkward, overwrought wording is used in an attempt to capture early 19th century England Unfortunately, it just interrupts the flow of reading with its oddness and incorrectly used words The characters and story are poorly developed, so the story never gains traction and becomes interesting The heroine is a mess, she drastically changes her opinions and behavior from moment to moment.

    18. Disturbingly Beautiful was a glorious and rich read I enjoyed it far better than The Untimely series, and I loved those books With the perfect mix of regency and time travel elements, it makes for an enjoyable read There s a few twists and turns that make you cry out and yell at the book I totally recommend this to anyone.

    19. I don t really like historical romance so I was liking the time travel aspects of this book better The writing is good and the story is lush with description Nell accidentally travels through time from the year 1813 to 1968 She adapts quickly to the future but poor Nell still has some troubles I was feeling really sorry for her and wanted her to find her true love 3.5 stars.

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