The Keeper

The Keeper Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood She was told there was nothing outside but the Quag a wilderness filled with danger and death And she believed it until the night she

  • Title: The Keeper
  • Author: David Baldacci
  • ISBN: 9780545831949
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood She was told there was nothing outside but the Quag, a wilderness filled with danger and death And she believed it until the night she stumbled across a secret that proved that everything she knew was a lie Now just one thing stands between Vega Jane and freedom the Quag In order to leave Wormwood anVega Jane was always told no one could leave the town of Wormwood She was told there was nothing outside but the Quag, a wilderness filled with danger and death And she believed it until the night she stumbled across a secret that proved that everything she knew was a lie Now just one thing stands between Vega Jane and freedom the Quag In order to leave Wormwood and discover the truth about her world, Vega and her best friend Delph must find a way to make it across a terrifying land of bloodthirsty creatures and sinister magic But the Quag is worse than Vega Jane s darkest imagining It s a living, breathing prison designed to keep enemies out and the villagers of Wormwood in The Quag will throw everything at Vega Jane It will try to break her It will try to kill her And survival might come at a price not even Vega Jane is willing to pay Master storyteller David Baldacci unleashes a hurricane of action and adrenaline that takes readers to the breaking point.
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      David Baldacci

    About Author

    1. David Baldacci has been writing since childhood, when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she d given him the notebook to keep him quiet, because every mom needs a break now and then He published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996 one year later, it was adapted for film, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star In total, David has published 34 novels for adults all have been national and international bestsellers, and several have been adapted for film and television His novels have been translated into than 45 languages and sold in than 80 countries over 110 million copies are in print worldwide David has also published six novels for younger readers A lifelong Virginian, David graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he practiced law in Washington, D.C.David and his wife, Michelle, are the co founders of the Wish You Well Foundation , which supports family and adult literacy in the United States In 2008 the Foundation partnered with Feeding America to launch Feeding Body Mind, a program to address the connection between literacy, poverty and hunger Through Feeding Body Mind, than 1 million new and used books have been collected and distributed through food banks to families in need.David and his family live in Virginia.


    The Keeper Comment

    1. This was a roller coaster ride for my interest The beginning of the book was good, the middle was meh, but the ending was really good I am glad I picked up book three at the library to read this week so I can see where these characters go and what is beyond the Quag Overall, this has been a good series I m hoping the third book brings the great factor though Still think this is a wonderfully weird world

    2. Vega Jane, Delph, and Harry two are back in this brand new adventure in this sequel to the Finisher by David Baldacci Our friends are now in the Quag full of dangerous perils and creatures As they continue in their quest, will they be able to survive in the Quag and find out the truth about their history and Read on and find out for yourself.This was a great installment in the Vega Jane series if you enjoy YA adventure fantasy stories as well as David Baldacci, definitely check this book out It [...]

    3. I decided not to finish this book.I found it hard to believe that it was written by David Baldacci.I know other people have loved it, but I honestly didn t think the plot or the writing was very good it was almost too elementary.And it felt like he was trying awfully hard to sound British.

    4. Really a 3.5 This one picks up where the last one ended with Jane Vega, Delph and canine Harry Two in the Quag Together they face many beasts too many to understand and many obstacles I would have liked the book better, but I found Jane Vega s and Delph s personalities too schizophrenic brave and loyal when necessary, but always lacking in self confidence Also, I found the various charms a bit confusing, but liked their companions, especially the tension about whether they were friend or foe.

    5. Onbegrijpelijk dat de uitgever er voor heeft gekozen om dit in twee n te hakken, alle potentie zit in dit tweede deel


    7. I have had the opportunity to be given this book as an ARC and let me tell you, from what I ve read, it is an amazing sequel.

    8. So I gave this book a 4.9 out of 5 stars It wasn t quite as good as the first and was a bit slow at times however, I still really enjoyed it Oh and what is it with baldacci and cliff hangers

    9. Oof, this book.So, a caveat first and foremost I read this for a specific reason, and I was not familiar with the first book in the series outside of the basic plot Also, this was my first real exposure to David Baldacci, being, again, familiar with his earlier work for adults from my old bookselling days I read one Brad Meltzer book back in the day I know his comic stuff is good, but I found his prose lacking for a traditional novel It s not to say I love a lot of flourish, but a workmanlike, [...]

    10. I liked The Finisher better I thought there was far too much sorcery in this It would have been nice to see Vega Jane get through the Quag relying on her wit than her wand.

    11. I loved the first book But I have to say, this wasn t nearly as good I had to give up I hate to say it but yeah I was disappointed I got to about 40% and just wasn t inspired to pick it up again I felt like I gave it a fair shot Maybe I ll try again later but for now, it s a no go for me

    12. Amazing second installment of the Vega Jane series, after reading the Finisher, Who thought it could get better.

    13. Vega Jane y el guardi n constituye la segunda parte de la trilog a creada por David Baldacci En el primer libro Vega Jane y el reino de lo desconocido, rese ado aqu el blog, el autor nos describe el mundo en que se realizan las acciones La protagonista es Vega Jane, una chica de catorce a os que vive en el pueblo de Amargura, un lugar que est rodeado por un bosque llamado Quag B sicamente el pueblo est aislado y nadie sabe que hay m s all de sus l mites, porque el Quag es un lugar misterioso y m [...]

    14. Wanting to learn the truth about her world which for the last fifteen sessions of her life has revolved around her home in Wormwood, Vega Jane and her friend Daniel Delphia Delph in The Keeper , the second novel in the highly imaginative Vega Jane fantasy series tumble into the Quag, a dark sinister wilderness haunted by bloodthirsty monsters and unbelievable magic To find Peace, Hope and Freedom beyond its confines Vega Jane must learn to control the innate power inside her so she and Delph can [...]

    15. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs 3.5 5 starsThe Keeper is the second book in the Vega Jane series by David Baldacci I m going to be honest, I had no idea that David Baldacci even wrote young adult books I have read, and really enjoyed a few of his adult action thrillers, so I was pretty pumped when I saw there was a new young adult series out The Keeper is the second book in the series, but it is promoted as being able to stand on its own And I think it does That being [...]

    16. Full review now up on my blog thewritinggreyhound If I m completely honest, I didn t really enjoy this book It felt unoriginal and lacked that crucial spark Instead, it was full of recycled cliches from the fantasy genre It was fast paced, but far too rushed towards the end Another thing that bugged me was the way that everything that could possibly go wrong did, then it all got happily resolved in a completely unrealistic way The book was full of action and drama, but I just couldn t take any o [...]

    17. Whilst I somewhat enjoyed reading this book, I have given it three stars for there were some points that I thought were poorly written and points where I expected from an author as experienced as David Baldacci Though I understand that David Baldacci writes thriller novels rather than fantasy, some points in this book were poorly thought out and somewhat rushed Perhaps it was just me, but I was expecting depth to the plot of the story, I expected the journey through the mighty Quag to be longe [...]

    18. 3.75 stars for The Keeper.I really enjoy this book as they get into the Quag at the beginning Vega Jane s adventure is very excited, having lots of monsters and magic That makes the story be so astonished and remarkable.BUT There s a problem while I continue to read The Keeper.I can guess almost all the twists and upcoming things from the plots, so it actually disappoints me And their conversation is creepy Yeah, they are teenagers, but sometimes they talks like kids, making me can t really go o [...]

    19. I loved this book even than The Finisher The book picks up quickly right away, but the second half of the book was even fast paced I had a harder time wanting to put this book down, there was always something new happening every chapter that it kept you on your toes There is a lot of information in this book that it did feel slightly overwhelming but thankfully there is a dictionary in the back to help you better keep track of all the new things The book ends in a really good place, it leaves [...]

    20. I had a really hard time finishing this book I enjoyed the first book, but this second book wasdifficult to get through It was boring, the flow was choppy, the main character seemed much less mature than she did in the first book I ll most likely forget to read the third book, and I don t even know what it s going to be about.

    21. The Keeper was a great sequel to The Finisher It begins right where the first novel leaves off, and there is barely a dull moment Vega Jane and Delph meet a ton of vivid characters that aided and obstructed their journey through the Quag, and Vega Jane learned a lot about her family history and herself I really enjoyed this novel and I m looking forward to the next installment.

    22. Excellent book I m really enjoying my foray into the world of literary fantasy Baldacci never seems to disappoint me Looking forward to Vega Jane 3 Now, on to the next Gee, I m starting to sound like the Ghost Hunters

    23. The sequel has us on even adventures as Vega Jayne is in the Quag and stirring up all sorts of new characters, both good and evil I really love discovering about the Quag and the creatures there I cannot wait to read the next book

    24. I loved this book It s main character is a girl,who has an amazingly smart dog, the best combination It was a high paced adventure, where the adventure never ends, my favorite kind of book The Keeper is a fantastic read This a very amazing book, so if you haven t read it, pick it up

    25. 3.5 stars Fun, quirky YA novel It took me a bit of time to finish this It wasn t a book I yearned to get back to when I wasn t reading it, but when I did get a chance to pick it up, I quickly got sucked back into the story.

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