In the Parish of the Poor: Writings from Haiti

In the Parish of the Poor Writings from Haiti The former president of Haiti s writings and sermons on the harsh reality and stubborn hope of the people of Haiti

  • Title: In the Parish of the Poor: Writings from Haiti
  • Author: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Amy Wilentz
  • ISBN: 9780883446829
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • The former president of Haiti s writings and sermons on the harsh reality and stubborn hope of the people of Haiti.

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      Jean-Bertrand Aristide Amy Wilentz

    About Author

    1. Born in Port Salut, he was educated at the College Notre Dame in Cap Ha tien, graduating w honors in 74 He did a novitiate in La Vega, Dominican Republic before returning to Haiti to study philosophy at the Grand Seminaire Notre Dame psychology at the State University Completing postgraduate work in 79, he studied in Italy Israel He returned to Haiti in 83 for Salesian ordination was appointed a parish curate in Port au Prince then the La Saline slums, gaining an affectionate Krey l nickname Titide or Titid A liberation theologian, he became a leader in the progressive wing of the Church ti legliz Kr y l for little church , broadcasting sermons on Catholic radio In a 1 88 National Catholic Reporter interview, he said, The solution is revolution, 1st in the spirit of the Gospel Jesus could not accept people going hungry It is a conflict between classes, rich poor My role is to preach organize Father Aristide was expelled from the Salesians in 88 They said his activities were an incitement to hatred violence Following violence at the abortive 87 national elections, the 90 elections were approached cautiously He announced his presidential candidacy Following a 6 week campaign, during which he dubbed his followers the Front National pour le Changement et la D mocratie , he was elected with 67% of the vote Taking office on 1 7 91, he broke from FNCD created the OPL Organisation Politique Lavalas flood in Kr y l On 9 30 91, after his government led by Prime Minister Ren Pr val failed a confidence vote by the FNCD controlled parliament, he attempted to rule alone The army performed a coup He was deposed on 9 29 91 In accordance with Article 149 of the Constitution, Superior Court Justice Joseph N rette was installed as Pr sident Provisoire to serve til elections were held w in 90 days Elections were scheduled, but were cancelled as a result of US pressure Real power was held by army commander Raoul C dras Later, under international pressure, the military regime backed down US troops were deployed On 10 15 94, he returned to complete his term Leaving the priesthood in 94 enabled him to marry US citizen Mildred Trouillot in 95 They have two daughters His term ended in 2 96 The constitution didn t allow consecutive terms There was dispute over whether he, prior to new elections, should serve the 3 years he had lost in exile, or whether his term should instead be counted strictly according to the date of inauguration The latter was decided Ren Pr val, an ally, ran during the 95 election, taking 88% of the vote About 25% of the electorate participated In late 96, he broke from the OPL over what he called its distance from the people created a new political party, the Fanmi Lavalas The OPL, holding the majority in the S nat the Chambre des D put s, renamed itself the Organisation du Peuple en Lutte, maintaining the OPL acronym The Fanmi Lavalas won the 2000 legislative election CNN Election Watch reported a turnout of 60% with over 92% voting for Aristide His party implemented reforms under his leadership These included increasing access to health care education increasing adult literacy protection for those accused of crimes improving judicial training prohibiting human trafficking disbanding the military creating a civilian police force establishing political rights freedoms doubling minimum wage instituting land reform small farm assistance providing boat construction training establishing a food distribution network of low cost food at below market prices building low cost housing reducing government corruption After a violent rebellion in 04, Aristide was forced out He stated that France the USA had roles in a kidnapping that took him from Haiti to South Africa via the Central African Republic He his family were welcomed to South Africa by cabinet ministers, 20 senior diplomats an honor guard R


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    1. Though liberation theologian Jean Bertrand Aristide is a controversial figure, especially among the non rural populations of Haiti, this book which is translated by Amy Wilentz is a very interesting insight into the foundations of Aristides beliefs It s not as if what he is saying is false, that Haiti is not characterized by harsh class division with the majority of the population living in squalor I suppose this controversy will continue but that being said a lot of the writing is beautiful.

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