Big Hard Sex Criminals: Volume 1

Big Hard Sex Criminals Volume Collecting the first ten issues of the Eisner and Harvey awardwinning TIME Magazine Best Comic of the year of our lord SEX CRIMINALS in an oversized hardcover format guaranteed to embarrass yo

  • Title: Big Hard Sex Criminals: Volume 1
  • Author: Matt Fraction Chip Zdarsky
  • ISBN: 9781632152435
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Collecting the first ten issues of the Eisner and Harvey awardwinning, TIME Magazine Best Comic of the year of our lord 2013, SEX CRIMINALS, in an oversized hardcover format guaranteed to embarrass you to order.

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      Matt Fraction Chip Zdarsky

    About Author

    1. How he got started in comics In 1983, when Fraction was 7 years old and growing up in Kansas City, Mo he became fascinated by the U.S invasion of Grenada and created his own newspaper to explain the event I ve always been story driven, telling stories with pictures and words, he said.Education and first job Fraction never graduated from college He stopped half a semester short of an art degree at Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri in 1998 to take a job as a Web designer and managing editor of a magazine about Internet culture My mother was not happy about that, he said.But that gig led Fraction and his co workers to split off and launch MK12, a boutique graphic design and production firm in Kansas City that created the opening credits for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace Big break While writing and directing live action shoots at MK12, Fraction spent his spare time writing comics and pitching his books each year to publishers at Comic Con Two books sold The Last of the Independents, published in 2003 by AiT Planet Lar, and Casanova, published in 2006 by Image Comics.Fraction traveled extensively on commercial shoots Then his wife got pregnant So Fraction did what any rational man in his position would do he quit his job at MK12 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time comic book writer.Say what It was terrifying, said Fraction, who now lives in Portland, Ore I was married We had a house We had a baby coming And I just quit my job Marvel hired Fraction in June 2006, thanks largely to the success of his other two comics I got very lucky, he half joked If it hadn t worked out, I would have had to move back in with my parents 2009 Alex Pham Los Angeles Times.


    Big Hard Sex Criminals: Volume 1 Comment

    1. Sex Criminals For mature readers Duh.The premise of a graphic novel about a couple who stop time when they orgasm, so they rob banks, was enough to get my juices going but little did I know that after the first issue I d be laughing hysterically and fully engrossed in the on page hot woman on man action With their series, Sex Criminals, Fraction and Zdarsky have created a many layered science fantasy story about people whose orgasms stop time, a discussion of our sexual repressions and appetites [...]

    2. Image publishes really high quality deluxe hardcover collections of their comic books and this edition of Sex Criminals is a stellar example Not only does it collect the first two wacky volumes of the series, it also comes with extras you can t miss It starts out with a hilariously inappropriate fake book cover underneath the dust jacket, which already has an eye catching title Then at the end, it includes a gallery of all the beautiful cover art, articles on the creative process, a hefty list o [...]

    3. Firstly can I just say the hard cover under the dust sleeve on this book is hilarious and very creative.Secondly, this story is brilliant It s almost like a whole new genre It had me laughing out loud, but it also gripped my attention I really wanted to know the characters.d the artworke It is a very adult book so than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise I love the bit in the toilet with all the random positions I ve never heard of haha Read it and brighten up your life.

    4. Soe creators have a perverted sense of humord it s kind of awesome The comic is this weird mix of humor, serious stuff, and safe sex practices that, oddly enough, totally work There s also extra content at the end that s really cool I m a little unclear as to why there were no protests at the fact that Suzie s library was going into foreclosure or how it was legal for view spoiler the bank to just renege on their extension hide spoiler , but I can t wait for the next volume.

    5. For a while I lost my interest there.But yesterday I picked up this and read it cover to cover The graphics is awsome and the story welk at times it gets a bit boring but overall it s good stuff when all comes together.

    6. I d read Volume 1 before and was pretty meh about it I just did not get why so many people were so crazy about it Cue to my reading the Big Hard edition and now I get it It turns out that this is one of those series where you need to read the first two volumes to really get into the story All the things that I found lacking in the first volume get fixed in the second Or, if you re just reading the Big Hard edition, you get a full story with character development and plot points get explained and [...]

    7. Anytime I finish a volume, i always begin to miss that mild stripe of self consciousness I get reading such filth in public.

    8. I don t know whether Sex Criminals is an imaginative idea or a sign that we are scraping the bottom of the barrel Get this, the whole premise is that these two kids and I say kids to be cute find each other and discover that they can stop time somehow when they orgasm And what do they do with this power They decide to rob a bank to help Suzie the girl in this duo keep her library open Got it Good Does that sound genius or pathetic to you Yeah, I don t know either.What I do know is that whatever [...]

    9. Pros 1 Neat concept What if, for some people, the little death was like a little time freezing 2 A pretty well rounded male love interest He s cute but not a Greek god, he s bright but not a genius, he s sweet but sometimes a jerk, well intentioned but has some obvious and some not so obvious issues 3 Lots of jokes and puns, especially hidden in the artwork Very fun.Cons 1 The female protagonist just isn t as interesting as her love interest She s not quite a Mary Sue, but I felt like I could t [...]

    10. The second installment in this series just doesn t pack the same hilarity that those initial issues had There s a bit of a worthwhile trade off, for the surprisingly deft handling of serious emotional issues, but the ebullient craziness of those early issues was part of the charm Now that the blush has worn off, both for the reader and the creative team, the relationship has to figure out where it s going to land And we re all figuring things out here, right there on the page, and that s great A [...]

    11. 3.5 stars My inner self a nerdy teenage Mad magazine reader loved the sex jokes, the super detailed art, the tiny background jokes, and most especially the puns Oh the puns My outer self a grown up who reads romance wanted present day plot, resolution even though i know comics don t work that way , and world building explanation beyond the initial premise.

    12. This book kind of blew my mind A new approach to sex in graphic novel form that is woman centred, sex positive, sex work positive, and not to mention freaking HILARIOUS.Can t wait to continue reading the series.

    13. I waited and splurged for this bumper edition and it was totally worth it Best new series I have read in a long time Funny, sexy and bonkers.

    14. What can I say This graphic novel no pun intended was as funny as it was original The clash of the protagonists weird power and the undeniable struggles of the real world creates a story with hilarious panels and thought provoking scenes The only reason I found out about this book was due to its placement on the Top 10 Most Challenged Books list for 2016 There now remains only one book on the 2016 list I have yet to read Ha Take that society In reality, I don t think I became too attached to the [...]

    15. Loved this one The subject matter is fun Girl learns she stops time when she orgasms, then meets someone who can do the same, so turn to a life of Robin Hood crimey to run into the Sex Police The art is great It could easily slide into the prurient, but keeps a sex positive, goofy quality that can keep most readers engaged Well, any that would consider reading such a book The book is littered with sight gags as well.Image did up the special hard cover too Tons of bonus content, gorgeous pages.

    16. My tenth book for bannedbooksweek this year and one of the most challenged books of 2016, according to the American Library Associationa advocacy bbooks NLGreat fun Not clean, but great fun.

    17. I did laugh out loud several times and read some clips to Lexi I thought were particularly hilarious, but the main plot gimmick of the book is not all that interesting I would put it at a 3.5 if that was an option.

    18. I got this after reading the reviews and while its a decent read, it failed to make me want Dunno if its the characters or the story Just not for me

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