Your Father Sends His Love: Stories

Your Father Sends His Love Stories With wit subtlety and a heartbreaking sensitivity to the human search for redemption Stuart Evers s astonishing stories plumb the minds and hearts of people longing to repair the connections they h

  • Title: Your Father Sends His Love: Stories
  • Author: Stuart Evers
  • ISBN: 9780393285161
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With wit, subtlety, and a heartbreaking sensitivity to the human search for redemption, Stuart Evers s astonishing stories plumb the minds and hearts of people longing to repair the connections they have lost, or never quite had His unforgettable characters illuminate familial love in all its forms a single father goes to jail for avenging a hate crime perpetrated againsWith wit, subtlety, and a heartbreaking sensitivity to the human search for redemption, Stuart Evers s astonishing stories plumb the minds and hearts of people longing to repair the connections they have lost, or never quite had His unforgettable characters illuminate familial love in all its forms a single father goes to jail for avenging a hate crime perpetrated against his gay son a mother returns home to her husband and children after an affair an aging grandfather mediates between his quarreling son and his granddaughter a man comes to New York to heal from the tragic death of his child As emotionally acute as Lorrie Moore s Birds of America, as unique and elegant as Jonathan Lethem s 9 Inches, these stories of love, loss, estrangement, and the many names for family announce the arrival of a bold new literary talent.

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      Stuart Evers

    About Author

    1. Formerly a bookseller and editor, Stuart Evers is a writer and reviewer His short stories have appeared in The Best British Short Stories 2012, Prospect and on The Times website He has reviewed for a wide range of publications including the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and New Statesman He lives in London.His first book was published in 2011, a collection of short stories entitled Ten Stories about Smoking It was described by the Daily Telegraph as original and quietly devastating , while New Statesman noted echoes of Raymond Carver and Alice Munro The book won the 2011 London Book Award at the London Awards for Art and Performance.


    Your Father Sends His Love: Stories Comment

    1. I d rate this 3.5 stars.Maybe it s because the two year anniversary of my father s death is approaching in a few weeks that first attracted me to reading Stuart Evers new story collection But while certainly many of these stories focus on the relationships between fathers and their children or, in one case, grandchildren , there are stories which focus on other emotional connections and relationships as well.Among my favorites in the collection were These Are the Days, in which an elderly man tr [...]

    2. Your Father Sends His Love is an interesting collection of short stories about parental love and conflict There is deep emotion here, which is often unspoken, but filters from the pages to prickle the senses of the reader I raced through this book of 12 stories in a 24 hour period, finding it hard to put down and keen to start the next one Each is quite different, even in style, but all held my attention being wonderfully engaging.Stuart Evers acute observation of the human side of his character [...]

    3. Great collection The title story is breathtaking, outrageous, funny and depressing and the real standout here It s a tale based on Bob Monkhouse and his strange life, his devotion to himself, to the detriment of the rest of his family, particularly his drug addicted son and long suffering wives, but is not without sympathy for the TV presenter comedian once ubiquitous on our screens Five big stars Other stories too deserve 5 another one about the business of comedy featuring the son of someone w [...]

    4. My problem with short story collections, however good the individual stories might be, is that they all seem to merge into one in my mind and I can never remember much about them This collection is different though, and so emotional and moving are some of the stories, that I m pretty sure they are going to linger In spare and calm prose, with acute observation of human frailty and a deep perception of human weaknesses, Evers writes compellingly My own favourite story was Something Else to Say , [...]

    5. All of the stories in Your Father Sends His Love deal with fathers and sons, their relationships or lack of one Some of them really spoke to me and others just didn t hit the mark.The first story, Lakelands , was very poignant A boy and his father move frequently because the dad is in construction and many of his jobs fall through With a stolen phone, the son takes photos of all his father s work sites and the people he works with Eventually, the son comes out to his father and his father s resp [...]

    6. W W Norton Company and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Your Father Sends His Love, in exchange for an honest review.This collection of short stories has the common thread of the parental and child relationship, both positive and negative Your Father Sends His Love shows a broad spectrum of characters and situations from the father who avenged the beating his son received because he is gay, to the grandfather enjoying his grown granddaughter s visit, to the father coping with tak [...]

    7. It is a curse of old age to one day assume you have said everything, and the next assume the opposite Of all the stories in this collection There are Days is my favorite It doesn t require a long drawn out explanation of what happened to make Ben s son so angry and resentful towards him That estrangement becomes a guest of it s own as soon as his granddaughter Anna visits which he embraces happily and her father finds out Maybe he was uncommunicative or hard on his son whose to say, but he write [...]

    8. Full review here salboho.wordpress 2015 04 These stories catalogue human error in a variety of unexpected ways from the development of moral consciousness in adolescents to the complete abandonment of it in adult life All of the characters are isolated by and preoccupied with their personal issues Whether their problems are outwardly visible or subtly suggested by Evers, there is the prevailing sense that introspection is the common driving force behind their mistakes Salboho

    9. I read books of short stories in between novels, most often because I m waiting for one to arrive at my library that s on hold Therefore, took me a long time to get through this book, and it seems like the ones at the end of the book or the ones that stuck with me the most Perhaps, this is because I read it over a long period time, and I ve just forgotten the ones earlier in the book The last story, does not deal with fathers, but with the mother It is sad, and you don t know it s going to be sa [...]

    10. Family DysfunctionThe dozen stories in this collection are loosely connected by the idea of family, but most of the families have troubles The title piece, the longest in the book at 53 pages, features a television personality, a clown who had his brief try at Hamlet then sank to famous mediocrity as the perpetual host of game shows All this is background to his failure with his son, who takes to drugs, and eventually concocts a poetic revenge against his father A father and son who barely speak [...]

    11. Your Father Sends His Love is a collection of twelve stories that explore the complex relationships between children and their parents What emerges from Stuart Evers writing does indeed capture this complexity in all its different shades and colours.There is the vengeance wreaked by a father on behalf of his son, with an appalling twist in the plot There is also gentleness, as a grandparent coaxes his technology addicted granddaughter into using text the old fashioned way, by writing letters Ano [...]

    12. Your Father sends his love is a collection of twelve short stories about parental or in one case Grandparental relationships It s not all rosy stories of happy endings but the gritty highs and lows that people experience in relationships From a fathers loss to a fathers defense of his child and , Evers seeks the best and worst, the most emotive and personal elements these relationships bring.I found that something in these collection was missing for me I wanted I didn t feel like the author gave [...]

    13. A beautiful collection of short stories with a central theme of the complicated relationships between parents and their children At times heartbreaking, at others life affirming, and always stunning captured in the wonderful evocative prose of Stuart Evers.Personal favourites were Lakelands about a father s love for his gay son, and the lengths a parent will go to to protect their child and Frequencies about a new Dad at home with his infant son, thinking about his own relationship with his fath [...]

    14. I m quite unlucky, I think, in that a pet peeve of mine in short story collections is actually what the publishing industry aims for I m talking about tightly themed collections I mean, they re great if there s a point, if it adds something, but it annoys me when it s just a way of saying look, they re all so much about the same thing, it s almost a novel I came for STORIES, goddamn it Different stories, tones, subjects, etc See what the author can do, what range she has.So rant over , I was ple [...]

    15. Your Father Sends His Love is a collection of short stories that probe family relationships, particularly those of fathers and sons Each story is distinctive, but they are all filled with powerful emotions It can be difficult for authors, particularly debut authors, to convey emotions by showing rather than telling, but Mr Evers was brilliant in this regard I enjoyed all the stories, but I especially appreciated Lakeland and Something Else To Say This is a great debut and will be a treat for sho [...]

    16. I enjoy short story collections for when I m in the mood to read something in one sitting However, with some collections, and this is one of those, I often feel as if I am missing something maybe it s me The writing in this book is very solid but some of the stories seems just too odd or sort of petered out I did like the common theme of relationships, good or bad, between fathers and sons, although some of it is very dark and negative or the relationship of the father was a very minor backdrop [...]

    17. Your Father Sends His Love was a uniquely odd, emotional journey The amount of family duress and intense feelings is high throughout the experience Although some of the short stories I had difficulty connecting to, others were deeply moving and made it worth the time struggling Stuart Evers emotional intelligence runs beautifully throughout the book, an achievement that I truly admire.

    18. Stuart Evers Your Father Sends His Love is a collection of short stories dealing with familial relationships in all their forms Each has a misconnection and longing to it Evers does a beautiful job of captivating the rawness and essence of the emotions of each character A nice collection.Thanks to for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review.

    19. I won this book in a Giveaway I love short stories and this book is no exception Almost every story was entertaining I think they all should be read as some stories may relate to you and some may relate to me This book was a fast read and I highly recommend that you read the book Your Father Sends His Love Stories.

    20. I enjoy book that have many stories as this one does Some fascinated me and others didn t hold my interest I plan to read other books by this author.

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