Stiger's Tigers

Stiger s Tigers The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family imperial legionary officer fighter and a right prop

  • Title: Stiger's Tigers
  • Author: Marc Alan Edelheit
  • ISBN: 9781942899396
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, fighter and a right proper bastard of a man Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South Placed in command of a truly terrible company, tThe empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, fighter and a right proper bastard of a man Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South Placed in command of a truly terrible company, the 85th Imperial Foot, he is unknowingly sent on a suicide mission to resupply an isolated outpost, the garrison of Vrell Along the way he must rebuild his new company, gain the respect of the men he leads, survive an assassination attempt, fight bandits, rebels, and an agent of an evil god His companions on this journey of discovery and adventure are one of the few remaining elven rangers and a paladin on a quest for the High Father The battle to save the empire and the world begins here in the first book of this exciting new series

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    About Author

    1. Marc Alan Edelheit has a Bachelor s Degree in Science and obtained a Masters in Education as a Reading and Writing Specialist He is currently an executive in the healthcare industry staying up late at night to work on his novels Marc has traveled the world, from Asia to Europe, even at one point crossing the border at Check Point Charlie in Berlin toward the end of the Cold War Marc is the ultimate history fan and incorporates much of that passion into his work to bring greater realism to his fans He is also an avid reader, devouring several books a week, ranging from history to science fiction and fantasy Marc currently resides in New Hope, Pennsylvania, just miles from where Washington crossed the Delaware.


    Stiger's Tigers Comment

    1. The story Stiger s orders send him to a poorly commanded encampment, one teeming with filth and disease Upon arrival he s charged with the resupply of a garrison 4 weeks away that has recently lost contact It is believed that rebels have prevented supplies and communication from getting through Unfortunately the soldiers under Stiger s command are in less than ideal condition, so he must first whip them into legionary shape before beginning his mission What I liked most were the military element [...]

    2. Welll huha good book.What we got here is a sort of historical fiction fantasy book We re looking at a world with a version of the Roman Legionnaires facing off with the barbarians at the edges of the Empire We seem to be nearing the end of the Empire s life Our hero Stiger is from a leading family but has a kind of black mark against his name so to speak.The story here is of him taking a slovenly, undisciplined group of legionnaires and turning them completely around.I liked this one Forgive the [...]

    3. Stiger s Tigers is an impressive debut novel from Marc Alan Edelheit From page one I was transported into his fantasy world of elves, humans, and magic, where I immediately felt connected to the main character, Captain Stiger, who is a no nonsense honorable soldier determined to whip a lazy group of men into fighting shape This book is well edited and is written in a very straight forward fashion, which suits the nature of the protagonist Although I would ve liked a little action, I was always [...]

    4. I received this book in a Giveaway.Stiger is a Captain in an Imperial Army tasked with resupplying an outpost while retraining and preparing his newly assigned company men He has the help of his friend, Eli Far, and elf with pointed teeth The main story sounds interesting and exciting, an army with elves, the possibility of magic, wizards, and and other fantastical things I was so pumped to read this, but I found it a huge letdown.The biggest problem is the plot there isn t one or at least the a [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this, can t wait to read the next Think, Romans with elves and dwarves and a bit of magic The first book is about Stiger and Eli, the elf , building the troop into a cohesive, effective, and self confident fighting unit, then embarking on their first mission While the set up for the next book is obvious at the end, it wrapped up in such a way that I am both eager for the next story but not left with that irritated the author has left me hanging feeling Still impatient for the next [...]

    6. Ever read a book and know before you finish that you are in for the long haul If the author wants to write 25 books into the series I will read them If every side character gets a series of his own I m there If this epic adventure takes on truly epic proportions I am ok with that It wasn t perfect I haven t come across a perfect book yet However, it was enough to get the hooks into me Stiger is a classic hero who isn t seeking glory He just wants to live a useful life and uphold the honor of the [...]

    7. I was a little disappointed by this one A mixture between military and fantasy Sounded interesting I enjoyed the beginning and looked forward to watching Stiger get his rabble of a unit into shape While he did, it was done at a narrative distance I wanted to experience the men improving, especially the one view spoiler who tried killing him hide spoiler Instead, the story focused on the higher ranking officers, only passing over the troops in narrative here and there In fact, that was the overal [...]

    8. Title Stiger s TigersAuthor Marc Alan EdelheitGenre Fantasy, MilitaryPublication Date March 23, 2015Publisher Telemachus Press, LLCPages 315 Book Blurb The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, fighter and a right proper bastard of a man Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South Placed in command of a t [...]

    9. A quick read and exiting, as long as it is read as a high not historical fantasy I struggeled in the beginning with a roman army using sergeant, lieutentant and captain, instead of the proper roman officers rank, but then i discovered elfs and dwarfes and paladins as wellI think the novel would have benefited from distancing itself a bit from the roman legacy and played the pure fantasy card sooner It began as a historical fantasy, but it turned out to be a high fantasy read with some darkness [...]

    10. So, I won the third book The Tiger s Fate from the author back in August, and then checked to find out if it really needed to be read in order and was advised that it was better to do that Had to wait for a splurge, and picked up this book and the 2nd book The Tiger My apologies to the author for the delay in review Reviews to come on those Really impressed with this book, it was easy to slide in too, and I wanted to stay in it so badly Unfortunately, life doesn t really let you, so it took me a [...]

    11. UnexpectedNot my usual type of story, but I kept returning to it to see what would develop next A military style plot with a little fantasy thrown in The story moved slowly but added new and extra plots to make it a good series to follow

    12. I wanted to give this book 4 stars but there were too many little things that jarred, a few mistakes that snuck past the editor, a few things that a live proofreader would likely have caught and some technical issues that got in the way For example, the use of modern military rank names for a fantasy army closely based on the Roman Legions It wouldn t have been quite so glaring if I hadn t just read another historical fictional account of Roman legions in Britain that hewed very closely to histo [...]

    13. AwesomeI read book 2 by accident, before reading book 1 I was totally impressed by the writing and the editing problem was only that the software left strange spacing gaps in a lot of lines I had the same problem with document processing software in the past The second book was to my mind incredible, so read through the spacing issue in the first knowing that it gets better.This book includes legions, gods, elves, gnomes, dwarves, magic and seamlessly interwoven to create what reads like an his [...]

    14. This is a enjoyable fantasy based on the Roman Empire s military with a very little magic thrown in A strong main character and a simple story are strengths This is the first in a series although there is also a prequel available following a legion captain put in charge of a supply train to a military outpost in the middle of nowhere He has to train his slovenly troops on the way with the help of a couple experienced sergeants, while his elf friend in typical elf manner scouts for enemies and gi [...]

    15. This story reads as a history lesson on The workings of a Roman legion than an adventure story The story of reclamation and development of a legionary unit was just interesting enough to keep me reading The story objective to deafeat the Big Bad felt secondary, and the climactic moment passed within a few short pages The characters were engaging, but I found the character development rushed, particularly Stiger This character s understated awesomeness is laid out very explicitly early on Person [...]

    16. This is an almost story Spoilers There is no drama, no anticipation, everything goes well We start with what looks like the Roman empire, where the empire are the good guys, slaves are just slaves, and rebels may as well be slaves Then elves, you say Well, really, one elf Did you say there may have been dwarves around Not really, at least not until the very, very end of the story And I mean end Wow, sounds as if there s a big story happening somewhere else Actually, feels a lot like a story writ [...]

    17. This was surprisingly fun and a very readable debut Initially I was a bit confused, because it felt like just a straight historical fiction, except randomly, the main character s friend was an elf Other than that, everything felt totally normaluntil about the last 1 3 of the book which got REALLY interesting One minor niggle now, I m no expert at this, and given that Edelheit is a historian, I may be in error, but none of the Romans nameswell, sounded Roman It just broke the flow of the story oc [...]

    18. After finishing reading this book, I can only say that at times very few it seemed brilliant while in others it seemed lackluster Marc Edelheit tries to mix Roman lore with elves, dwarves and magic only to fall halfway through Characters lack depth and there is not enough action for a book just about a Roman company The ending feels a bit rushed and it desperately tries to end on a cliffhanger just to hook you up for the next book in the series It definitely did not hook me just enough to contin [...]

    19. An excellent military storyIn a world similar to our ancient Roman Civilization, Stiger s Tigers is an interesting blend of fantasy and military chronicles I personally am not a big fan of military stories, but the key here is story I enjoy a good story and this is a very interesting and well written one.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a military story and an intriguing, interesting fantasy.

    20. Not a bad book, not great.Heavy on the exposition of what various characters are thinking, and in desperate need of an editor Too often, partial sentences, neither complete, were merged with a comma and truncated by a period, communicating nothing, only nonsense Several rereading of those sentences and the surrounding paragraphs would sometimes allow the original intent to be discerned, but it s not worth the effort Ignore them and move on.

    21. This book was a refreshing read for sure I loved how it began and how it continued to build the characters through the actions of the players This book had been on my to Read list for quite a while Man was that a mistake Marc Edelheit has created a nice world using the Roman model of military might and deception of it s leadership Add some magic and it s wonderful I didn t put it down until I finished it Good Read for sure Look forward to next one.

    22. Sort of Roman army story, mixed in with fantasy elements.Fairly standard story of new officer with a past gets given some dregs from the army and moulds them into the best fighting unit around.Although there s nothing especially new or exciting, it s a well written book with decent characters.Contains a good mixture of fighting, politics and details of the history without bogging down in page filler material.

    23. Not a bad start if you like starting in the middleApparently Rome was moved to a fantasy world and prospered Captain Driver had the right attitude and the story moves fairly well I am wondering why the Roman Legions have used English rank and organizing details when the author demonstrates elsewhere that he is not historically illiterate That last bit should make you curious and if you ll look you ll be entertained.

    24. A slow start but an encouraging finishThis book began in a slow, laborious fashion and I was tempted to abandon the tale, such was the unnecessary detail and repartition The Stiger name was feared by all but no hints as to why were forthcoming We had an Elf, but no hints about magic and supernatural happenings The plot seemed to be going nowhere but, towards the end, everything came together at a rush This piqued my interest and I am looking forward to the sequels.

    25. I enjoyed this book a lot You almost feel the mud squishing though your toes, smell the rot of garbage and human waste The apathy and disregard of morals by its leaders You get so engrossed in the story, you start cheering for the hero as he helps his legionairs find their pride, and rise above expectations.

    26. A cross between Alex Gough and J.K Rowling Awesome This book takes the best parts of the ancient Roman Empire s world and seamlessly combines a fantasy world of magic, elves, dwarves and dragons The end result is adventure for Captain Stiger and his awesome friend Eli A must read for all people who love to listen to great storytellers

    27. Not what I thoughtAt first I thought this would be a historical fiction novel of Ancient Rome I was quickly done with that after the first page What I was pleasantly surprised with was how well the story developed along with the characters I am looking forward to reading the rest

    28. Solid concept, bit hamfisted but engagingI dig this though the writing is a bit rough Eyes that pierce the very soul and such I hope to see the author develop his voice in later books Characters were a bit flat and the world somewhat bland but something kept me reading I think it s the concept overall that is just very promising.

    29. Loved it even with language issuesVery intriguing storyrt sci fi and part world history I started it thinking this was about the Roman Legions and came to realize it was like J.R.R Tolkien s Lord of the Rings series Definitely worth the read.

    30. Fun legionary story Nothing deep or earth shattering, but fun none the less I would read the prequels first as they are a rare breed of prequel that is actually relevant to the the books that came before.

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