Boys Don't Knit

Boys Don t Knit After an incident regarding a crossing guard and a bottle of Martini Rossi and his friends year old worrier Ben Fletcher must develop his sense of social alignment take up a hobby and do some c

  • Title: Boys Don't Knit
  • Author: T.S. Easton
  • ISBN: 9781250073549
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • After an incident regarding a crossing guard and a bottle of Martini Rossi and his friends , 17 year old worrier Ben Fletcher must develop his sense of social alignment, take up a hobby, and do some community service to avoid any further probation.He takes a knitting class it was that or his father s mechanic class with the impression that it s taught by the hot tAfter an incident regarding a crossing guard and a bottle of Martini Rossi and his friends , 17 year old worrier Ben Fletcher must develop his sense of social alignment, take up a hobby, and do some community service to avoid any further probation.He takes a knitting class it was that or his father s mechanic class with the impression that it s taught by the hot teacher all the boys like Turns out, it s not Perfect.Regardless, he sticks with it and comes to discover he s a natural knitter, maybe even great It also helps ease his anxiety and worrying The only challenge now is to keep it hidden from his friends, his crush, and his soccer obsessed father What a tangled web Ben has weaved or knitted.Boys Don t Knit In Public by T S Easton is a fun, funny young adult novel about a teen boy Originally published in the U.K Easton s novel is structured as the journal Ben is required to keep, which makes for a candid and intimate narrative This funny and lighthearted novel captures the excitement of finding a passion in a story about taking life one stitch at a time Publishers Weekly

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    About Author

    1. T S Easton is an experienced author of fiction for all ages and has had than a dozen books published He has written under a number of different pseudonyms in a variety of genres Subjects include vampires, pirates, pandemics and teenage agony aunts not all in the same book He lives in Surrey with his wife and three children and in his spare time works as a Production Manager for a UK publisher BOYS DON T KNIT is his first novel for Hot Key Books, and you can find out about him at hotkeybooks or on his website tomeaston Follow hin on Twitter TomEaston


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    1. This book was a complete delight I loved being inside Ben s head Ben doesn t always understand his messy family or feel like he fits, he s not sure how he feels about his friends they keep getting him into trouble and he doesn t know how to talk to girls he likes When Ben gets put on probation for a situation that involves poor judgement, liquor stealing, and hitting a crossing guard with a bicycle, all largely the fault of his idiotic friends, Ben ends up taking a knitting class Of course, Ben [...]

    2. 5 StarsI m always on the lookout for books with well done male POV Boys Don t Knit is such a little gem, and I wish it got attention.Ben Fletcher is your average teenage boy Well, maybe not so average, but, hey, we all have our quirks Call me Mr Template Otherwise known as Ben Fletcher My friends sometimes call me Bellend Ben which I m not so keen on I am small and thin with black hair and brown eyes I don t like sports, though my mum thinks I like football I don t like cars, though my dad thin [...]

    3. I love this book so much In my head this was John Oliver s voice narrating his memoirs I love it even because I m such a bad knitter and can appreciate that some people can BE REALLY GOOD AT IT It s just not going to be me What I DIDN T LOVE is the back and forth between UK American vernacular, which I notice happens in Australian released novels as well I m pretty sure the editors change U.K specific words and make it Americanized because I went to this workshop about it hosted by an amazing [...]

    4. First of all, my library holds this in Juvenile Fiction I will be having a chat with the librarian when I return this book I am relieved I didn t let my 6 year old read this The very first page talks about the parents using food based double entendres with each other While my son doesn t know the term yet, he knows that wieners and buns can also be names for certain body parts And as an adult reading them, it got old really fast The main character gets in trouble for stealing alcohol to sneak in [...]

    5. Boys Don t Knit was the second book I read in June for aryaclub, a young adult book club Tom Easton read from Boy s Don t Knit back in March at the Drink Shop Do Speakeasy I rarely find books that are laugh out out funny, but Tom s reading was so hilarious that it made everyone on my table want to read the book even so we did.After Ben Fletcher gets into a kerfuffle with a lollipop lady, which isn t really his fault at all, he narrowly avoids the Young Offenders Unit by pledging to Give Somethi [...]

    6. This was a funny, quirky story about seventeen year old Ben Fletcher who could win an Academy Award for worrying Ben is fussy and funny and marches to the beat of his own drummer After an bicycle accident involving a crossing guard and a Porsche Cayenne Ben finds himself on probation He needs to keep a diary which we are privileged to read He also has to find an extra curricular activity to keep him out of trouble Rather than taking the auto mechanics class taught by his dad, he signs up for kni [...]

    7. Funny, irreverent lad lit about a British teenager who joins a knitting class as a condition of his probation While it lagged a bit in the middle for me and then ending was predictable, it had its laugh out loud moments.Recommended for fans of Nick Hornby, the Inbetweeners, Adrian Mole and the like.Full review soon.

    8. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs I can t even accurately convey how much I enjoyed Boys Don t Knit In Public This book is kind of my new obsession It has everything It s funny, it s heartwarming, it has an awesome male protagonist I can t say enough good things about this book Other than, I think everyone needs to read it Ben is a high school student in the UK and he has a pretty typical group of friends They always seem to be getting into very minor teen trouble, but [...]

    9. This was actually really funny if somewhat unrealistic near the end Full review to come.FULL REVIEWLet s just lay it all out on the line I know absolutely NOTHING about knitting I have a couple friends who know how, and I ve always thought it would be cool to learn, but I know nothing about it Also, I don t read a lot of YA books with male protagonists Mainly because I feel like a lot of the ones I ve picked up have protags that are either complete assholes or so unrealistic that they might as w [...]

    10. Cute A few parts were a bit cheesy and over dramatic but I enjoyed it It was so adorable how into knitting he got Buying magazines, listening to knitting podcasts, shopping around for the perfect wool yarn and patterns.

    11. Ben Fletcher, 17, really wants to go to the party his crush Megan Hooper will be at Trouble is, it s for older kids and you need a bottle of booze to get him Under age and with no money, Ben and his friends Gex, Freddie and Joz decide to steal what they need But when Ben gets caught stealing a bottle of Martini Rosso and injuring a crossing guard in the process a lollipop lady in England because of the sign she holds up , he ends up on probation.Now, as part of that requires that he keep a daily [...]

    12. Keine Ahnung, wann mich ein Buch das letzte Mal so gl cklich gemacht hat, und es gab einige wirklich gute dieses Jahr Und ich kann mich spontan auch an kein Buch erinnern, das ich sofort gleich wieder angefangen habe zu lesen, als ich die letzte Seite fertig hatte.Und dabei ist dieses Buch nun nicht gerade ein literarisches Meisterwerk ist eh sehr subjektiv, was gut ist und was schlecht , und es ist eher ein Jugendbuch, und aus dem Alter bin ich auch schon raus Vielleicht hat mir das Buch deshal [...]

    13. Originally reviewed on The Escapist When I started reading Boys Don t Knit, I thought it was the kind of book that would disappoint me Because there s a part of me that unconsciously expected a certain story and voice for the main character, but as I continue reading, I realized it would never happen It turns out Ben Fletcher s story and voice sounds like MG middle grade even though this book is YA young adult And with my history on some MG books, I m afraid that I wouldn t end up liking this b [...]

    14. You can read of my reviews at Queen of ContemporaryI don t think you can go wrong with a book that makes you laugh The thing is, though, Boys Don t Knit didn t just make me laugh It made me ROAR with laughter, so much so that my shoulders shook I haven t read such a hilarious book in a long time.After an unfortunate incident involving a lollipop lady and a bike, Ben Fletcher is on probation This means that he has to choose a course to attend at the local college as part of his rehabilitation So [...]

    15. Deadpan Teen Humor, With A HeartI guess I shouldn t have been surprised to note the Adrian Mole reference in this book s blurb, since that was exactly who came to mind as I read this It has the same deadpan delivery and the same sort of funny throwaway bits and lines as the Mole books It also has a decent hero, Ben, who is smart, dumb, oblivious, insightful, horny and shy in all of those endearing, distressful ways that teen boys can be.Like most of the best teen social humor books, both Brit an [...]

    16. This book was FANTASTIC I read it in one sitting, honestly just so lost in the humour and storyline that I didn t even realize how late it was, and that I should actually be thinking about turning inThis book is about a 17 year old boy named Ben Fletcher Ben has three friends that he is not sure he really likes, but then again, he is pretty unpopular at his school, and beggars can t be choosers The only problem with these guys is that they are a magnet for trouble The story starts off at a local [...]

    17. I m starting to think that maybe knitting has healing powers greater than I ever imagined.17 year old Ben Fletcher becomes a criminal by accident, and has to join a programme to Give Something Back One of the things he has to do is join an evening class He accidently ends up in a knitting class and finds that he loves it Knitting is the only activity that helps him relax and forget about his problems And he s darn good at it But knitting isn t cool So Ben desperately hides his new hobby life sty [...]

    18. Allow yourself a few hours for reading Boys Don t Knit because most likely you ll end up like me, starting and unable to finish until the last page From the very first page T S Easton had me hooked.I loved Ben s voice, the story is narrated as a diary and from the moment Ben tells us about his sister eating tadpoles I knew Boys Don t Knit would be my kind of book Due to the unfortunate incident Ben ends up in a knitting class, it s a long story but instead of the hot teacher he expected the inst [...]

    19. review also found at kristineandterri 2I won an advanced copy of this book in a giveaway on in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is March 24th 2015 I m not really sure to make of this story as a whole lot does not happen throughout I guess it can be described as a coming of age story where the main character Ben figures out to be his own person in spite of the prejudices surrounding his new found hobby It was humorous at times Take a seventeen year old boy who discovers [...]

    20. This book is laugh out loud funny From the scene where Ben and his friends try and steal alcohol from Waitrose, no less I was hooked I loved Ben he s a teenager bumbling through life, wondering how on earth he finds himself in the situations he does He s a bit like one of The Inbetweeners, certainly not perceived as cool by the majority of his peers, yet desperate to fit in or at least, not stand out Don t let the knitting bit throw you, this book is about friendship, family and challenging ster [...]

    21. Cute A few parts were a bit cheesy and over dramatic but I enjoyed it It was so adorable how into knitting he got Buying magazines, listening to knitting podcasts, shopping around for the perfect wool yarn and patterns.

    22. J ai eu la surprise le mois dernier de recevoir les preuves non corrig es de ce roman jeunesse Je remercie d ailleurs une nouvelle fois les Editions Nathan pour leur confiance J ai de suite t intrigu par la couverture mais surtout par le titre.Ben est un ado ordinaire Il vit avec son p re qui est un passionn de foot et de m canique automobile, et sa m re qui est prestidigitatrice et donc souvent en tourn e Il a une s ur plus jeune, dont on entend peu parler dans ce roman.Il a toujours t un peu m [...]

    23. I loved Boys Don t Knit by T.S Easton It was the perfect book to start the new year with fun, enjoyable and very, very entertaining The main character Ben Fletcher, discovers that he has a passion for knitting, after being put on probation for an accident involving a lollipop lady Of course, being a boy, he tries to keep this a secret, because he s worried what his friends and family will think of him if he reveals that he d rather knit than go to watch a football match The story is told in diar [...]

    24. Ben Fletcher is a 17 year old worrier He worries about everything He also is one of those rare high school boys who considers the consequences of his actions, although he usually goes ahead and does the wrong thing anyway.When he gets put on probation for something stupid that his friends talked him into doing, part of his probation is to find a hobby He has to take a class, and knitting turns out to be his best option He knows if people find out, he ll be in for a lot of harassment, but he goes [...]

    25. I honestly have not giggled and laughed out loud at a book for a long time From page one of Boys Don t Knit I was giggling as an adult, but cringing as the teenager I was many years ago I got that engrossed in a certain part that my eyes bulged, I couldn t read fast enough and my heart was beating ten to the dozen I realised I was engrossed in Knitting and was highly amused with myself Knitting please As a YA book I believe this will be very popular with teenagers, but I think their parents will [...]

    26. I really wanted to like this, but it is very British and very vulgar This would be great if I wanted to introduce my 6th graders to the British slang for naughty bits, but I think I will pass at this time Drat I knew some boys who knit and was looking forward to this one.

    27. I skimmed wads of this which lifted to a 3 at times It read like an ep of The Inbetweeners Might be very good for Year 7 8.In other news, I am going wool shopping.

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