The Longest Way

The Longest Way Mit Kilo Ausr stung und einem Traum im Gep ck tritt Christoph Rehage am Morgen seines Geburtstags vor seine Wohnungst r in Beijing Es ist der erste Schritt einer Wanderung die durch China und V

  • Title: The Longest Way
  • Author: Christoph Rehage
  • ISBN: 3890293867
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mit 30 Kilo Ausr stung und einem Traum im Gep ck tritt Christoph Rehage am Morgen seines 26 Geburtstags vor seine Wohnungst r in Beijing Es ist der erste Schritt einer Wanderung, die durch China und Vorderasien bis ins heimische Bad Nenndorf in Norddeutschland f hren soll So ungeheuer die Idee zu dieser Reise ist, so unerwartet und wechselvoll ist ihr Verlauf

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      Christoph Rehage

    About Author

    1. What would you do if you were studying in Beijing, just about to turn 26 and possessed a strong passion for photography and exploration Christoph Rehage started walking on precisely that day His aim on foot from Beijing to Bad Nenndorf in Germany The journey led him over summits and across deserts, past yaks and camels He met some good friends and a teacher along the way But after one year, three pairs of shoes and 4646 kilometers, he reached the point where he had to make a decision.His video The Longest Way 1.0 has reached a worldwide viewing audience of over 3 million German publishing houses Piper Malik and National Geographic have made travelogues and photo books about this journey Even though Christoph is not wearing a real beard any, he still feels as if he s floating somewhere between Beijing and Bad Nenndorf.Blog thelongestway Facebook facebook crehagePS THE BOOKS ARE NOT OUT IN ENGLISH YET, BUT WE RE WORKING ON IT


    The Longest Way Comment

    1. Nice book A lot to learn about chinese culture Kind of de mystifies the chinese way of living He should only spend less pages with his women stories.

    2. Ein Bericht ber eine Reise zu Fu ein echter Laufbericht Was ist an dieser Art zu reisen anstrengend, was ist der Reiz daran, wie ist die LandschaftWar schon interessant zu lesen, aber was mich pers nlich interessiert h tte, kam leider zu kurz Gespr che mit den vielen Leuten, denen er begegnet Er bernachtet h ufig spontan bei Privatleuten, die ihn einladen, aber ber diese Begegnung wird dann bis auf zwei, drei Ausnahmen kein Wort mehr verloren Wenn er dar ber geschrieben h tte, was er mit den Leu [...]

    3. You probably have seen a video in YouTube of a German guy who decided to walk from Beijing to Germany It was entitled The Longest Way, and when I saw that video years ago, I thought that was kind of a cool idea So when I saw that the guy s experiences were actually written down into a book, I decided to read it It also fits in my task of reading travel narratives in German Anyway, this book covers not the whole trip from Beijing to Germany, but rather, just the first 4646 kilometers from Beijing [...]

    4. Well the book certainly gave insight in Chinese lifestyles in towns as well as in the countryside it basically consists of friendly, talkative people who are trustworthy and wary at the same time and basically every woman is a whore who jumps at Western visitors like they were Charlie Harper or Hank Moody according to the author.Rehage visited a lot of places and even if I don t like his personality and behaviour at all I have great respect for his journey challenge What makes it feel a lot less [...]

    5. Als Christoph Rehage 2007 in Peking die junge Chinesin Juli kennenlernt, treffen zwei temperamentvolle Pers nlichkeiten aufeinander Mit Rehage geht gern einmal das ungarische Temperament seiner Mutter durch Juli stammt aus Sichuan, wo die Frauen ebenso feurig sein sollen wie das Essen F r den Beginn einer Beziehung ist es genau der falsche Moment denn Rehage hat die Regeln f r seine geplante Wanderung von Peking ins nieders chsische Bad Nenndorf bereits festgelegt ohne Tricks die gesamte Strecke [...]

    6. Ich bin Chinesin Ehrlich gesagt, am Anfang des Lesens f hlte ich mich ein bisschen angesto en, da wir sind eben daran zu gew hnt, dass Ausl nder immer gute Sachen ber unser Land sagen oder, wenn sie kritisieren, schreiben sie dann nur schlechte Dingen, und zwar erscheinen sie wo uns nicht erreichbar sind Haha Doch nach einigen Seiten werde ich von seiner Spottsucht tief fasziniert, dadurch kann man seine echte und ernsthafte Liebe zu China sp ren Dennoch gef llt mir das Buch sehr gut, nicht wege [...]

    7. Read the Chinese version I couldn t find myself enjoying reading this book so I didn t finish it.On the book it advertised as it ll look at different aspects of China s society and I bought this book because of this I was very disappointed This book is just like a collection of his blog Most of the stories were merely a light description of what he seen I suppose I shouldn t have expected too much out of this author.

    8. Leike Soulmate Leike Beautiful and heart touching travel story about one who does what he loves the most The book made me want to travel around Kazakhstan on foot Maybe one day I will do it Danke, Christoph

    9. This book is fucking amazing, inspiring, and I wish it could be translated into English so I can recommend it to non German speaking peers.

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