So I Married a Rockstar

So I Married a Rockstar A Bad Boy RomanceI hate rockstars All of them But there s one in particular Drax is cocky brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself But he s also the sexiest jerkwad I ve ever met Wor

  • Title: So I Married a Rockstar
  • Author: Marina Maddix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Bad Boy RomanceI hate rockstars All of them But there s one in particular Drax is cocky, brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself But he s also the sexiest jerkwad I ve ever met Worse than that, he seems to crave my curves just as much as I long for his rock hard, tattoo covered body What am I supposed to do, just ignore those mesmerizing ice blueA Bad Boy RomanceI hate rockstars All of them But there s one in particular Drax is cocky, brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself But he s also the sexiest jerkwad I ve ever met Worse than that, he seems to crave my curves just as much as I long for his rock hard, tattoo covered body What am I supposed to do, just ignore those mesmerizing ice blue eyes Or how all my bits and pieces tighten whenever he s near Or the way his voice gets all husky when he calls me Lola Yeah, right That s how I ended up on a tour bus headed for Vegas as the band s new manager But it s only temporary, much like what s going on between Drax and me I just wish he d got the memo Oh sure, he s putting on a good show that this is than a fling, but I know he s just like every other bad boy, heavy metal musician Want to know the worst part I don t like heavy metal or bad boys Maybe I ll lie to myself a little longer.
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      Marina Maddix

    About Author

    1. Marina Maddix is a romantic at heart, but hates closing the bedroom door on her readers Her stories are sweet, with just enough spice to make your mother blush She lives with her husband and cat near the Pacific Ocean, and loves to hear from her fans Subscribe to her mailing list at listrinamaddix or connect with her at marina marinamaddix, marinamaddix on Twitter, or on Facebook at fb authormarinamaddix.


    So I Married a Rockstar Comment

    1. 2.5 StarsI m not sure what to say about this book I didn t hate it, but didn t love it either hence the half way rating The cover is what grabbed my attention.I ve read a few rock star romances and while this had everything that is usually in them like insta lust and drunken weddings with a few other drama s thrown in The writing in this one felt a bit young immature I mean I think she even used a ka pow and a few other young slang type word, I mean really are u a pre adolescent boy in a super h [...]

    2. DNF at 30 n t read any It s only been a few hours and the MC has gone from hating some unknown guy because he s a rockstar, to obsessing, stalking, and wanting to marry him and have a thousand of his beautiful babies.

    3. This book is so much fun Poor Lauren, rejected by her mother, dumped by her sleazy boyfriend and fired in public from a job she really wanted But when one door closes, another one opens, and in walks Drax, lead singer for ROADKILL These two together are really hilarious until they re NOT Lots of twists and turns in this one

    4. Lola thought she s made it when she s got the chance to manage a rockbands appearance, all on her own This should show her boss that she can do this, right Well, it would, if disaster didn t strike Drunken stars, no show at the event, and now the band is without manager Can she really help them Drax never expected to meet this knock out gorgeous woman, but first glance tells him she s the one When faith intervenes, he won t hesitate to make her his Will Lola agree Rockstar Romance, feelings and [...]

    5. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Marina Maddix.Lauren Raines was trying to get her foot into the music business by working in a crappy job When she is fired by her boss for something she ends up being the manager of the band Roadkill but falling for Drax was not in her plans Draymond Drax Maxwell was the equivalent of a rock god to his fans and when he sees Lola for the first time and gets berated by her he could not help but fall for her Can 2 totally different pe [...]

    6. I am so used to reading shifter romances from Ms Maddix, that this story took me completely by surprise, but as always Marina did not disappoint meShe rocked literally The way the story develops, the complexities involved covered with that special touch of humor was ingenious Kept me glued to the very end.They say opposites attract, that is definitely the case with Lauren and Drax She s a homebody and he s a rock star, but it was love at first sight and now they must go through a series of obsta [...]

    7. Good Lord I have no idea what to say about this book It was so freaking weird Nothing made sense and there was so much drama GEEZ They acted like 14 year old children I can t believe this book got that many 5 star ratings.

    8. loved this book It kept me entertained through out Couldn t put down Marina Maddix needs to write the stories for Jake, Frank and savor Please write for these guys This book is about a girl named Lauren whose new boss wants her to keep drax in line First with book signing than the concert When she looks into his Crystal blue eyes she s a goner Drax is the same When carp hits the fan Lauren aka Lola gets it done Need to read.

    9. Rockin Soooo love this book Hilarious with the the perfect amount of rock and romance Would love a follow up with the rest of the band and Pepper and lots Pop.

    10. Great book, real good fun to read it lots of action happening, the characters are all thoroughly planned and show quite a lot of development in the course of the story The style is refreshing, excellent variability of words, lots of fun new creations, lots of unusual words, no typos, no grammatical errors that I noticed so pleasurable reading throughout I m not going to rehash the content, because the blurb says it already.

    11. Review from HotRomanceReviews.wordpressThe novel, So I Married A Rockstar by Marina Maddix, it was one of the best rockstar books I have read in awhile Who wouldn t want to read about a bad boy rockstar I love bad boy romance novels, yes even short novellas, but rockstars too Woo hoo bring it on Lauren, or Lola, has two dads who own a record store, and she is promoting a signing with Roadkill heavy metal bands lead singer, Drax Their first meeting is explosive He is late, and her career is on th [...]

    12. This is such a great read The MC have an electric energy between them as they fight each other and outer forces at work against them Lola and Drax are so opposite yet they do make the saying Opposites Attract come alive Poor Lauren aka Lola was working part time for her fathers and also working PR for Drax and his bandmates for his tour These two clash like oil and water yet something sparkles and simmers Along the way of their journey with each other, there is their drunken night in Vegas which [...]

    13. Lola has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity and she is willing to do what it takes That is until she meets Drax the lead singer of the rock band Roadkill Drax comes off as an a but Lola still has the hots for him When Drax fails to show up the band is fired and blackballed by their old manager and Lola steps in to help them Drax really likes Lola but she doesn t believe he is especially when she sees his ex Lola is the perfect person for the band since she is able to make them do what [...]

    14. I love Marina s books and despite the fact that she stepped out of her comfort zone for this one it was not a disappointment I loved it just as much as her other books I can say that this one had a few spots where I wanted to yell What are you thinking at the main Characters but as the book played out things made sense Lauren and Drax have a combustible chemistry from their first meeting Lauren is very unsure of herself and does not feel that Drax could truely fall for someone like her She then [...]

    15. Miracles or just magic Lauren is just starting in her career as a promoter in the music business Her first assignment is to promote Roadkill and start with a signing for the fans with Drax He s late, she gets frustrated at him There s an instant attraction, and yet their lifestyles are worlds apart This story has many twists in it, and a few scenes where you wonder about timing being just right or is Lauren really a magician to accomplish what she does Lauren, Lola , can be very indecisive and r [...]

    16. I LOVED it I have never read Marina Maddox before but definitely will be from now on Lola aka Lauren is a strong, sassy woman who take no s from nobody not even the Hot, totally Alpha male rock star who shows up at a fan signing at her Dads store Yes, that s Dad s, plural Drax pull up onto the sidewalk in front of Raines Records and the sparks fly After a disastrous mishap Lola becomes Drax s band, Roadkill, temporary manager Several things happen but not one as surprising as a night in Vegas.Th [...]

    17. Rockstar romances are my go to genre so I immediately grabbed So I Married A Rockstar I wasn t disappointed Drax is a gorgeous, sexy alpha rockstar and Lauren aka Lola is an inexperienced promoter who can t stop the immediate attraction she feels the moment her eyes meet Drax s These two have immediate chemistry even though they are polar opposites and they have to deal with many ups and downs on their way to a HEA ending The supporting characters were entertaining and fun and their dialogue add [...]

    18. KitschyOk I am so full of fluff I resemble a marshmallow Not only that but the sweetness in the end really left my stomach hurting The heroine is looking for love she says and the hero needed her from the go All they both got was a relationship with no communication what so ever I felt like throwing my kindle due to the frustration the heroine gave me throughout the entire story Overall I am unsatisfied and kind of grumpy because of my time being wasted Although the only saving grace is the fact [...]

    19. It seemed to have a good start but soon fell apart into a repetitive pattern of jerky development and shaky plot I think the dads were great I think if Lauren and Drax could of switched up POV maybe we could of connected with where his feelings were at I couldn t connect him with Lauren because I thought he was just a rock star with man whore tendencies I think it would soften our feelings with him as a character IDK, IMHO Cover was hot Pepper was under utilized Maybe book was underwritten I wa [...]

    20. Drax and Lola are hotDrax and Lola meet for the first time when he does a signing at her fathers record shop He signed a picture of himself and asked Lola to marry her She doesn t believe what he wrote Drax doesn t show up for the gig and their manager drops them and black balls them for all their other gigs She becomes their manager and the first night one of the band members gambles away a lot of money and the loan shark wants it back They pay it back Drax and Lola have their ups and downs thr [...]

    21. So this wasn t my first book that I have read from Marina Maddix, but I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it then any other Although I am not a insta love kind of believer, if an author is able to en corporate an actual story and humor that flow as well as this did I m sold I m only sorry there wasn t to read about Drax and Lola, and how I d love to see about the other members of the bend hint hint Can t wait to see what Marina s writing next

    22. Marina Maddix is in the top 5 of my favorite authors and most of them are authors of the paranormal genre I love her writing I actually loved this book even tho it is not paranormal But, romance is the same world round and it is certainly in this book I am certain if you love romance you will love this as I did Seriously, I would give this book by Ms Maddix than 5 stars if I could I have to tell you I fell in love with Drax

    23. LOLA I found this book by accident and I am so glad I did I loved every character, the story line, the sexy scenes were just enough and the happy ever after Roadkill was just starting out, no rich luxury, spoiled rock stars here I laughed till the end Pepper and Papi killed me Draw was drop dead gorgeous and sexy Being large and built certainly helped Reminded me of a biker yum

    24. I had thought about not finishing this it after the first few pages into it, but I m glade I did I love Drex and his best friend Lola took me awhile to like She was so back and fourth and down on herself that I just wanted to slap some since into her But by the end of the book I didn t want it to end I want not only about them but also about the rest of the bandI really hope there is to come.

    25. ARC ReviewThe best part of a Marina Maddix book is the comedic value I love that she can make me laugh The MCs seems to stumble from one disaster to another, non stop crisis without making it seemed overblown or too far out there I am kinda hoping to read in the future regarding the rest of the band I love that they bring out the hidden sides of each others personalities It makes what they share special and heartwarming as well as cute and funny.

    26. A Sweet Bad Boy RockerI was pleasantly surprised reading this story and I really loved it I m used to a little spice in my contemporaries but there was enough to keep me reading I adore my rocker stories and I love that marina added in a curvy girl angle that happens to have 2 dads

    27. Bad boy rocks Couldn t put downLola and Drax rock drama was great Lola had comfy life til Drax rode into her life and rocked her world Together overcame crazy stalker, band problems, troublesome ex girlfriend and surprise drunken marriage Their love conquered all Hope there are books about other band members.

    28. Drax and Lauren Lola meet at her dad s music store He is in a heavy metal band and she works for a band promoter They come together thru several adventures in promoting his music They go to Las Vegas and end up married Will their marriage last or will someone else be in the way This was a fast read for me Will look at books by Marina Maddox.

    29. Awesome story wish I could find a super hot Rockstar to fall for me Really good story very fast paced and the H and h were both likable There were a very small number of editing errors but it the bigger picture they didn t even matter If u like hot guys who fall for bigger girls than I would definitely recommend this book for you

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