Stained Glass Shards

Stained Glass Shards Elyce Fielding has cut ties with her college friend turned lover Griffin Belanger After three months without communication Griffin is back in Boston for the premiere of his latest film Elyce shuts h

  • Title: Stained Glass Shards
  • Author: Rosemary Rey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elyce Fielding has cut ties with her college friend turned lover, Griffin Belanger After three months without communication, Griffin is back in Boston for the premiere of his latest film Elyce shuts herself in her studio apartment, preventing any sightings of the famous man she is deeply in love with Following an unsatisfactory meal without dessert, Elyce goes to bed thElyce Fielding has cut ties with her college friend turned lover, Griffin Belanger After three months without communication, Griffin is back in Boston for the premiere of his latest film Elyce shuts herself in her studio apartment, preventing any sightings of the famous man she is deeply in love with Following an unsatisfactory meal without dessert, Elyce goes to bed thinking she survived the night without a visit from Griffin When he knocks on her door for a rendezvous, Elyce could not turn him away.After one last tryst, Elyce decides she can no longer continue their sexual relationship For months, Elyce works on her personal growth by losing weight, changing her style, and publishing her first novel set to become a feature film While traveling in California with her new lover and agent, Ritter Thorman, Elyce has a chance encounter with Griffin Griffin vows to win her back by any means possible Elyce must choose between her first love or her attentive lover.
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    1. ABOUT ROSEMARY REYSince the age of ten, Rosemary Rey never realized she wanted to be a writer, despite setting a huge Smith Corona typewriter on her lap, smudging black typewriter ribbon ink on her small fingers, and writing short stories based on her vivid imagination Before turning forty, she left her law practice to write, after rediscovering Romance, Erotica, and Contemporary Women s Fiction Her most favorite story lines contain plot twists and cliffhangers When she s not writing, she s watching sports, Hallmark Romance and Mysteries movies, and The Golden Girls Blanche Devereaux is her spirit guide, and Rosemary hopes to be as sexy and alluring in her second half of life Rosemary Rey lives in the Midwest with her husband and three children To learn about Rosemary Rey, join her Newsletter at, rosemaryrey newslett


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    1. I m actually pretty annoyed right now If i didn t love my Kindle so much, I d throw it on the floor and stamp all over it This to me was not a love story in the conventional sense This is a book that I can only describe as a love triangle scenario Basically we have one guy, Griffin who had held Elyce s heart for so long only to throw it away and then there s Ritter, her hot, doting, attentive lover Now what has incensed me so much about this book is that it made me side with one guy over the oth [...]

    2. I was provided a copy of the book by the author for and honest review.Ok so I don t even know how to start this review, but I will say that I love the book, love the characters I did not wanted to finish reading this book This is a book that I was no expecting to be how it came to be, after reading THE PENTAGON GROUP SERIE I did not know how this one was going to turn out But I have to say that I love it Even though the characters sometime made me mad, that I just felted like grabbing them by th [...]

    3. It was a little over a year ago that Rosemary and I stubbled across each other on I read her Debut novel and fell in love with her writing style and her story Both being very unique, her writing style is very refreshing, and her stories are unique in there own way They are super steamy but also a sit on the edge of your seat panting for story and steam kind of way Rosemary is one of my top favorite indie authors and although I recommend you read ALL of her books, I think you should start with t [...]

    4. Oh my God, this book is so good It isn t at all like a usual romance But at the same time, it has tons of romance Extremely well written I could not turn away from it I could barely put it down, it kept drawing me in and driving me nuts but in a great way At first, I didn t pay much attention to Ritter, believing he wasn t all that integral to the story, but soon realized he was a huge part And I soon LOVED him and how he cared about Elyce As much as I loved Ritter, I passionately didn t Griffin [...]

    5. I very muched enjoyed this novel about two people who were young lovers but had never truly learned how to love each other Elyce our heroine ends up writing a book about her feelings and how she rises above the loss of Griffin She never expects the book to take off but it does and unfortunately it sets off a wild chain of events that throws her life and everyone else who cares about her, their lives to fall off the rails Ely made him feel safe and warm he was homeElyce Fielding is his best frien [...]

    6. An author s life is never easy, much less when you become one by accident When Elyce Fielding penned her debut novel, she never expected it to take flight In her mind, she was purging her soul of the pain and heartache she was going through Writing the story was her way of coming to terms with the world around her Little did she know, her words would have consequences.A truly thought provoking story, Stained Glass Shards throws the reader into the chaotic world Elyce finds herself in Who would h [...]

    7. It s been a long time since I ve read a book in a day Nothing have been holding my attention at all I ve been in a reading slum until Stained Glass Shards by Rosemary Rey.Elyce is a girl who s been in love with her friend, Griffin, a Hollywood actor, sice they met in college They have carried on a casual affair, at least casual on Griffin end, for quite some time When Elyce demands from Griffin and he can t give it to her, she decides to end things and start living for herself No longer is she [...]

    8. Review coming soon Speechless.I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest review.This is my first book by Rosemary Rey and I don t know why I waited so long to read her work One word describes this book AMAZING Elyce and Griffin have a thing during college and a little afterwards but Griffin s career takes off and Elyce waits at home Finally figuring out that she can t just wait on the sidelines Elyce ends things with Griffin To help herself get over Griffin she writes a book that b [...]

    9. I received this book in exchange of an honest review How talented can an author be when she creates two stories in one Rosemary Rey blew me away with her writing style Iliana s quotes were as poetic as Elyce s loveVery well written, with a very creative concept and addictive characters, this side story of the Pentagon series, will hypnotize you from the first pages Deep and poignant, thrilling, interesting and impossible to put down, Stained Glass Shards is as beautiful as it is tragic Being one [...]

    10. I think this was a great book Admittedly it took me a longer to get invested than The Pentagon Group series but in the end it was as it should be I found myself experiencing different emotions very early on Such as, frustration because Elyce came across as pathetic or weak Or angry because Griffin is a grade A jerk To happy that Elyce was finding her way or sad because Griffin was alone Talk about a roller coaster The book, to me, was really about self discovery and how hard it is to change As E [...]

    11. It has been a while that I have read a book that I truly could not put down, until now I even messaged the author and thanked her for the lack of sleep I received because it was always just one chapter and then I ll go to bed Yeah, that didn t happen I loved the character Elyce I was happy to see her stay true to herself throughout the story I kept trying to figure out who Elyce was going to end up with her new lover Ritter, her old lover Griffin, or neither of them couple of times I was rootin [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Griffin Belanger is a Hollywood heartthrob about to secure a role in a movie based on a romantic novel by author Claire Lark Little does he know that the author of the book is his old college lover The woman he loved yet could never tell her that.Elyce Claire Fielding s life used to be ordinary, her lover Griffin who pushed her to her limits being the most intense thing to ever happen to her Upon realising his toxicit [...]

    13. Stained Glass Shards is the first book I have read by Rosemary Rey I didn t know what to expect in terms of writing or character development by Rey, but the description made me give this book a shot I m all for a good romance with drama and a love triangle However, overall I don t think Rey fully succeeded in this book.Elyce and Griffin have been friends since college They developed a friends with benefits type relationship, and Elyce found herself falling hard for Griffin only to wake in the mo [...]

    14. Stained Glass Shards is a story of personal growth and strife Elyce drops Griffin when she realizes he will never give her what she wants and is only using her, but Griffin doesn t see it that way When he runs into her again months after the break up, he s certain she ll come running back She doesn t, but he s not giving up.This is an incredibly well told story Elyce is a complex woman, recovering from an extremely unhealthy relationship She s strong, but it s a recent development Griffin s reap [...]

    15. Stained Glass Shards A Pentagon Group Novel by Rosemary ReyRosemary Rey has a special talent when it comes to writing From page one, the story of Elyce, Griffin and Ritter will captivate you This is definitely Elyce s journey of self growth When your first lover has a strong hold on you but you don t see the future, can you really let go Elyce tries to let go and writes her story as a fiction novel, which subsequently, becomes a best seller Thereafter she sells the rights so it can be produce in [...]

    16. Elyce Fielding, still hurting from her unrequited love for hunk Griffin Belanger, writes a best selling novel based on their romance, Stained Glass Shards Elyce adopts the pen name of Claire Lark, then, following the suggestion of her agent Bruna, she transforms her appearance, losing thirty five pounds, and changing her wardrobe, makeup, and hair She acquires another agent to sell the film and television rights for her novel, handsome young Ritter Thorman Elyce feels a strong attraction to Ritt [...]

    17. Stained Glass Shards is a gripping story about Elyce and Griffin, two college best friends and the consequences that follow when you add sex to the equation.In the six years that follow college, Elyce and Griffin s life s go in opposite directions Griffin s acting career takes off, giving him the privilege of living the high life and travelling around the globe Elyce is living her own daily routine, writing to help her express the inner emotions she as coursing through her, knowing she desires s [...]

    18. This story was not at all what I expected after reading the description It s truly a story about journeys both Elyce and Griffin s It is told in dual POV s Both characters having major issues to deal with Elyce has low self esteem and suffers from depression and anxiety Griffin can be selfish and arrogant but has dealt with a lot of issues from his childhood They are both isolated people As the book progresses I started to wonder if the book would mirror the novel Elyce wrote as it started to ta [...]

    19. I really like these characters, the story is told by both POV, Elyce and Griffin I read this book pretty quick because I didn t want to put it down I could wait to find out how it would end Who would Elyce pick, Griffin, Ritter or discover she doesn t need a man to define her Griffin had used her for years and she finally let him go and made changes to get life, during that time she found Ritter and started a relationship with him Now Griffin decides he wants her back and will do anything to get [...]

    20. After years of a toxic relationship Elyce Fielding finally kicked him out, even though she had loved him she had to do what was right for her Now she is on her way up in the world with her book being made into a movie but it all come crashing down when he comes back into her life and threatens to destroy it, Griffin Belanger the cause of her heartache Now she must decide what she wants her past or her future with a man she truly loves I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review [...]

    21. This book will take your breath away Words cannot describe how this book made me feel The raw emotions of the characters are just too much to contain within the pages It leaps out of the book and suck you in.This is the story for everybody who is tired of waiting for somebody to commit, and for those who cannot This is a story for everybody who needs to learn how to give value to their self, and for those who gives themselves too much value This is a story of the one that got away, and of findin [...]

    22. DNF 41% I wanted to like this book I really wanted to like this book, but it was just the weirdest of love triangles I didn t particularly care for either of the male leads and the female lead was extremely frustrating Her lack of self love and self respect was caused me to roll my eyes on multiple occasions I tried to push threw this one, but ultimately decided I didn t care enough for the outcome to stick around Thanks to Rosemary Rey and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange of an hone [...]

    23. I really loved the idea of this story and I think with a little help this could be a 5 star book I thought it was lacking some dialogue and structure It might have been nice to get a little back story on Griffin and Elyse.

    24. This is hard for me to review because I have mixed feelings.On the one hand I love some dialogues a lot and the characters named Griffin and Ritter are amazing and I really found them entertaining, but on the other hand there were parts in this book that really bored me.Ely, the female main character is the reason for this boredom She is so whiney, playing the innocent victim all the time, being the heartbroken girl for far too long and I didn t like that at all.Griffin is an asshole, but his ch [...]

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