Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University This author encourages you to stop living with guilt frustrations and headaches that come with trying to manage your personal finances You owe it to yourself and those you love to find what thousands

  • Title: Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
  • Author: Dave Ramsey
  • ISBN: 9780975303313
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This author encourages you to stop living with guilt, frustrations and headaches that come with trying to manage your personal finances You owe it to yourself and those you love to find what thousands already have Financial Peace
    A Proven Plan for Financial Success DaveRamsey The Dave Ramsey Show Live Weekdays pm EST Dave Ramsey started on one station in Nashville back in , sharing practical answers for life s tough money questions Today, the show A Financial Plan That Works Dave Ramsey A Financial Plan That Works Minute Read Before The Dave Ramsey Show joined the talk radio airwaves, Dave was counseling people one on one with his tried and true money principles Seeing the need for a relatable and proven financial plan to get your money in shape, he wrote The Total Money Makeover, a follow up to his first book, Financial Financial Peace University Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey created Financial Peace Universitynearly years ago after learning how to pay off debt, save and spend wisely, and build wealth Today, millions have used the same principles to Dave Ramsey s Financial Advice The Good and The Bad My May , Dave Ramsey s financial advice got me really fired up about getting out of debt and setting up our financial future for success I highly recommend reading the book However, since I Dave Ramsey s financial advice amid coronavirus pandemic Dave Ramsey s coronavirus financial advice Don t get off the rollercoaster Finance experts Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze urge Americans not take their money out of the market. Become a Financial Coach DaveRamsey Dave Ramsey started his business over years ago by offering one on one financial coaching to families in need Since then, Dave s team has expanded that vision by training thousands of people just like you to become world class financial coaches Financial Coach Master Training

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    1. David L Ramsey III b September 3, 1960 is an American financial writer, radio and television host.


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    1. It would help if there was a way to help someone budget money when their income doesn t even cover their basic needs I can budget money without the help from this book, but it sucks when it s the electric company that is below the line and the electric is getting shut off It s either rent or electric Childcare or gas to get to school I d like to see help for people in that situation I can t think of savings, but I once applied these principals, and I hope that one day soon I ll have money to act [...]

    2. what an amazing process to go through as a couplewhen your heart is open We did this as a class with other people which was so neat because other people had ideas that were great This brought hubby and I so much closer and on the same page with gazelle intensity with one single goal to become and to live 100% debt free I am not someone that loves a budget or loves to make one, but I am a huge fan now after seeing how quickly we can make our money work for us, just by having a place for every dol [...]

    3. Dave Ramsey is designed for today s Christian luke warm, wealthy, irresponsible, easily influenced by manipulation and repetition Dave Does this make sense, say yes Audience Yes.er.However, if you re not a luke warm Christian, not wealthy, and are annoyed by the abundance of cliches, Dave Ramsey s material probably won t help.

    4. I have needed to read this book for a long time Very helpful advise from a Christian perspective to getting my personal financial house in order.

    5. Good stuff, especially on the topic of paying off debt I would recommend it to anyone who owes on credit cards, car loans, or any other debt where they pay interest I don t believe Dave s specific advice on investing is as good as his advice on retiring debt To his credit, Dave says not to invest in anything you do not understand Compare the performance of an SP 500 index fund to managed funds and the fees before following his investment advice I am however suspect about Dave s specific advice o [...]

    6. Chapter 1 The Beginning A Very Good Place To StartNoise that they will make when they are financially free.Follow the rules and Commit to them.Dave s story Millions in debt3.5 years to end up broke.Chapter 2Enough of Anything Is Too MuchJust say no, to having it now We re being taught by everything around us to have dessert before dinner.Chapter 3The Basics A Foundation Money is active always moving, a current flowing.Money is amoral the love of money is evil Society that values you because of y [...]

    7. So as you can tell we are doing the Dave Ramsey class at church, I didn t really want to do it, thought it was all hype, felt I didn t need itI mean am I not already cheap enough But I must say I am learning things I did not know and needed to do, I have a spiffy budget and am doing my envelopes I probably would have preferred to do Larry Burketts study with Crown as it would have been Biblically focused but Dave s principles for finances are the same and he is a good speaker that holds my atte [...]

    8. Perhaps the book isn t as good as the video series done by Dave Ramsey but it still holds truth within its pages and like all truely great books it challenges your brain and makes you think As one of those guilty people who never wrote down a budget before this book, I agree whole heartedly that you can always spend what you make Even if you get a raise, somehow even then you don t have money lying around It is spent somehow With a budget, you know where that money goes and it works harder for y [...]

    9. Biblical with humor, reality focused, Dave s principles for finances are not the same as Larry Burkett, but he is a good speaker with a great sense of humor that held my attention.A very excellent financial plan for getting out of debt and investing for the future.The book has changed our financial lives and changed the way my wife and I think and organize God s money I am so grateful to have found these biblical truths on how to use money for God s purposes.Dave Ramsey is amazing, inspirational [...]

    10. First off The book s advice is really sound He has great specific step and really clarifies some tough to figure out things like insurance and its role in our lives.The first 1 3rd of the book I was a bit turned off and had to struggle through it because Dave uses cliches and fluff sayings so much that it distracts from the message You know what I mean What a concept Do you understand Say yes Ugh That got old.However, once he got into the really interesting things for me investments, insurance, [...]

    11. Excellent Everyone should understand these concepts This is a series of lectures that discuss, first and foremost, personal finance But the series also touches on the inseparable adjacent aspects of life that impact and are impacted by one s financial situation and approach.Ramsey has a great way of speaking and conveying importance and individual application More importantly, though, the content is solid.I don t agree with 100% of what Ramsey says There s nothing revolutionary or magically abou [...]

    12. I took this as a 12 week class and it changed my relationship with money I am now debt free and working on living within a budget I want to control my money and financial future as much as possible and not have my money and debt controlling me I podcast Dave s radio show now and it s good stuff, people He s a southern guy who has made a ton of money, lost it all and made it again He s learned a lot along the way and now his mission is to teach others He works with a lot of professional athletes [...]

    13. My in laws enrolled in Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University and received the audio portion of the course on CD, which they let us borrow I absolutely loved it I would honestly recommend this course to anyone and everyone We thought we were pretty financially savvy and conservative, but we learned so much by listening to these CDs Dave Ramsey has a talent for powerful motivation, and everything he teaches is honest and God centered I cannot give this high enough praiseriously, check it out.

    14. This series on financial peace changed my life Dontae and I have set a goal to be debt free by December 2012 and we want to buy our first house all in cash, never borrowing money again Our credit cards have been shredded for good We have a fire lit under us because of Dave Ramsey s common sense message Debt is dumb and cash is king The greatest thing I m looking forward to in accomplishing our financial baby step program is having the opportunities to give back.

    15. Good book, GREAT class My husband and I took this 13 week class and it was well worth it It s everything you need to know about finances, budgeting, getting out of debt, getting a bargain, saving for retirement and college, insurances, and my favorite where and how to find a bargain If no one taught you about money, this is where to go If you did learn about it, get some great reminders and learn even .

    16. Dave Ramsey talks about his baby steps to eliminate debt and build wealth I m 41 and have been a believer in his methods for years It has done well for me to follow his guideline I re read this book recently on CD while commuting to get a better understanding of some of the higher steps retirement building, etc and plan to slightly redirect some of my focus to create long term financial stability for my family Thanks again, Dave

    17. Great for me, the basics to get things in order Even though I ma not there yet, the later bits seem weak to me, but I will have to find out when I get there Dave did a good job motivating me to get things straight get out of debt, pay off the mortgage, and make a monthly budget BEFORE each month, not just track what happened after it happens Of course, I wasn t fond of the religious part, especially towards the end felt like a sermon But all in all, it was helpful.

    18. Financial basics that everyone needs to know presented in a fun, memorable way.I m too logical and know the math to follow his debt snowball plan by going smallest debt to largest I ll stick with highest interest rate first, thank you His emotional momentum argument is well founded, though.

    19. GREAT read This has revolutionized my thinking on financial management I m motivated now than ever to attain freedom from debt and be a better steward, a better saver, and a better giver of what God has entrusted me with financially I will be recommending this book as a must read to everyone I know

    20. Great financial advice from a Biblical standpoint Dave always mixes humor, honesty, scripture, love, hard truths, and compassion in his teaching He has turned our financial thinking and operating upside down, inside out, and straightened it out We are headed down the baby step road to financial freedom thanks to Dave

    21. Practical, simple, and straight to the point The book is easy to read and flows from concept to concept David talks mostly from personal experience which I find valuable and enriching There are many advises in his book that i have followed for some years and they work, not because David says so, but because they are common sense A must read if you struggle to manage your money succesfully.

    22. My husband and I are taking this class at our church and it is awesome We are coming at this from a different place than most of the others in our class as we don t have debt to snowball Even so this still has such great truths for us, especially about our societies warped views of credit and car worship It is time to wake up teach our children a Biblical aspect of money.

    23. Phenominal and funny Helped me very much with getting my finances on the right track so that i could get my priorities straight.Perfect for all levels of financial chaos Mine personally being beginning family with little no dept Alot of what is advised can be very meticulous and aggressive Take what applies to you and works for you but don t stress the rest or else you may want to give up

    24. We took this class to meet and interact with other folks who where trying to do exactly like us debt free including the mortgage Although we had previously read The Total Money Makeover, this course was helpful as it forced us to finally develop a household budget and start on an estate plan.

    25. Dave Ramesy s system for living debt free is proven to be successful I m working my way through this program and learning a lot It s super simplified information written at an 8th grade level so anyone can use it While he is pretty Christian, I ve learned to tune those parts out and just take what s useful.

    26. It is so nice to see where each goes I started on September 1 as a part of a class An eye opener for my husband and I Couldn t have come at a better time with him just retiring and the ecomomy spinning out of control Great, informative book

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