How to Think Like a Millionaire

How to Think Like a Millionaire The authors of The Instant Millionaire explain how to reprogram one s inner attitude and think like a millionaire in order to create success

  • Title: How to Think Like a Millionaire
  • Author: Mark Fisher Marc Allen
  • ISBN: 9781577310358
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • The authors of The Instant Millionaire explain how to reprogram one s inner attitude and think like a millionaire in order to create success.

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      Mark Fisher Marc Allen

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    1. Mark Fisher Marc Allen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How to Think Like a Millionaire book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Fisher Marc Allen author readers around the world.


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    1. What is the difference between the millionaires who wrote How to Think Like a Millionaire and you or me Do they just happen to know the right people Are they somehow talented than us Do they work harder than we do Were they somehow destined for greatness, and we simply aren t According to How to Think Like a Millionaire, the only real difference between the haves and the wish I hads is focus Sure we all wish we had money, work that we find truly fulfilling, and time to do the things that are r [...]

    2. This is philosophic book We always want better life really quick and we don t think any how we can succeed in our life.This book just remember you how you have to take time and think before taking any descision, because each step in your life has consequenties in your future

    3. Fantastic book that really provides a clear cut explanation of all the personal development tools necessary for anyone to be successful in life.

    4. Quick and concise the book explores dreaming big, the power of a positive mind, and the power of goals Everything is all in one place in a concise gathering of the principles of the success literature The book is easy to read the key is to do what is suggested This book makes is easy to create a path by providing a template for you It won t do everything for you, but it will provide a way for you to work with yourself.

    5. This is the second time that I have read this book I think we all know the points that they mentioned, we just have to refresh what we already know by being focused and dedicated to what we really want.

    6. Having read The Instant Millionarire by Mark Fisher, it was only logical to read this one I will start by saying I gave The Instant Millionire 5 stars and would highly recommend it to anyone needing some inspiration, guidance, or just an injection of hopeat is what it did for me over 20 years ago.This book would be the natural follow up for the author and the reader and it ties neatly into the concepts outlined in the story The authors intent is not to go deep into success philosophies but provi [...]

    7. The problem I have with all these books even though I read a lot of them is that they are illogical Granted, I realize you can psych yourself out of getting rich by defeatist thinking After all, if you take no action, nothing is guaranteed to happen But is the opposite true Does positive thinking and belief in taking action make you rich hardly In fact, how many people do we all know that destroy themselves through their schemes and business ventures Sometimes, positive thinking and belief are j [...]

    8. In my opinion the title doesn t describe what the book is really about don t judge a book by its cover To me the book is about being optimistic about your potential, thinking positive on a daily basis, and writing down your goals so you can see visualize them and make them happen The book shares a positive message about finding success.

    9. When I first read this book I really liked it Now, as I flip back through it I find that I disagree with a lot of what it says Basically, it is a lot about positive thinking and how to think your way to success Think positive thoughts about money There are some good things in there, but I can t get with most of it any.

    10. This is a quick read 113 pages that was recommended by a corporate consultant If you read any books on intention, than either skip this one or look at it as a cliff notes version of intention rhetoric.I actually enjoy books on intention as I wholly subscribe to the theories This book is just the right size a quick peruse of a chapter and your subconcious is set for another day

    11. Condensed version of Think and Grow Rich, and the Secret combined Quick read and good reminder of being aware of your inner thoughts.

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