Devotion Tick tock One day before the wedding of her dreams Penny is in a city that is no longer her home Alone Heartbroken Lost Could the past few years really mean so little to a man that became her world T

  • Title: Devotion
  • Author: Ivy Smoak
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tick tock One day before the wedding of her dreams, Penny is in a city that is no longer her home Alone Heartbroken Lost Could the past few years really mean so little to a man that became her world To a man she d do anything to protect There is no future without him There is no her without him.With only 24 hours until the wedding, is there enough time to repair thTick tock One day before the wedding of her dreams, Penny is in a city that is no longer her home Alone Heartbroken Lost Could the past few years really mean so little to a man that became her world To a man she d do anything to protect There is no future without him There is no her without him.With only 24 hours until the wedding, is there enough time to repair the damage Tick tock.And even if Penny and James do come back to each other, Isabella is still out there plotting The world is still against them Darkness still lurks in the shadows of James past A student and her professor were never meant to be forever They thought it was an everlasting love, but it was doomed from the very start Tick tock.Temptation led to addiction, which exploded into an eruption of chaos And when the pieces settled, only one thing became clearvotion One great love A love worth fighting for Because the only thing that lasts forever is love.
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    1. Ivy Smoak is the bestselling author of The Hunted series When she s not writing, you can find her binge watching too many TV shows, taking long walks, playing outside, and generally refusing to act like an adult She lives with her husband in Delaware Check out my latest release The Truth in My Lies amzn 2BtuaWOGet a FREE sexy short story and find out about all Ivy s latest releases by joining her newsletter eepurl byfJUvLearn about Ivy on bit IvySmoakAMZFacebook bit IvySmoakFacebookInstagram bit IvySmoakInstaMY NOVELS The Hunted SeriesMade of Steel SeriesStandalone ThrillersStandalone Fantasy NovelsStandalone Romances


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    1. ARC provided for an honest review.This book was high on emotion and full of drama I was at the edge of my seat to find out who actually did it Up until the very end, I suspected someone else also involved instead of the obvious ones The author did a very nice job of leading you into that direction.Fantastic side characters added depth to the story I noticed Rob and Mason s story out but I d like to see one about Tyler.In the final installment, we see different sides to Penny and James which adds [...]

    2. You promised you wouldn t push me away again, James You promised Oh my Gosh I can t believe I m done with this series From the day is started reading Temptation , I already fell in love with this characters And when I found out it was a series, I couldn t be pumped to get through them And now I m finally at the end point, it s kind of sad to put these characters away ARC Review I loved how easy it was to get back into this series and this world I was only 3% into the book and waterworks already [...]

    3. while this wasn t my favorite of the series, it was the best ending to the series after the conclusion of the last book, i couldn t even expect what was going to happen to james and penny it kept me on my toes and wanting i am so glad things happened the way they did for all the characters.

    4. WOW Just I, WOW Ivy Smoak has clearly outdone herself with this one What a way to round out an amazing series with characters I have grown to know and love She really knows how to write in her characters minds and make you see and feel all the nitty gritty emotions and turmoil This is one of those books series where the hero and heroine truly are strongest when together They complete and balance each other on a very vital level There are times where they take turns being strong for each other So [...]

    5. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review spoiler free review Devotion is the last installment in The Hunted Series It is not a standalone and all of the other books must be read prior to reading this since it picks up exactly where Eruption left off Devotion evoked so many different emotions in me throughout the story happiness, devastation, anger, nervousness, excitement, surprise, desperation, hope and ultimately contentment In the story, Penny and James not only need to find their way ba [...]

    6. What a ride That s how it felt like a ride blind folded taking unpredictable turns never knowing what was next When you feel like you are at the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happen next, you know it s a great read That has been the Hunted series Even so Devotion Penny and James have both grown and evolved into stronger people not just individually but as a unit What has truly captivated me about Penny James is how raw their emotions felt I fell in love with raw James Hunte [...]

    7. It s a lot harder to write this review than I thought it would be There are so many emotions going through my head and heart right now it s hard to find the right words to say Penny and James have been through so much, not only in this book which a lotttt happens in this one , but throughout the entire series I m happy to have finally read Devotion and find out how their main story comes to a close and I m sad that this is the last book that revolves around them I know, Ivy being Ivy, will have [...]

    8. I was very excited to see where the story went after the shocker end of book 3 But I found the reuniting of the two main characters a little predictable and I was a little disappointed that the breakup was morphed into a row They obviously still have huge trust issues and as the story line progresses those same issues just keep coming back they claim to love each other but they just can t communicate I wondered sometimes why they were even getting married, there just seemed to be a huge part of [...]

    9. Please say it isn t so This CAN NOT be the last book in this series I m sure we ll catch a glimpse of Penny and James in other books but not as main characters This book was amazing ALOT happens in this book I couldn t put it down No sleep and lots of snacks in under 24 hours There s heat, sadness, suspense It was sensory overload My only questions would be in regards to James parental units What happened with them How was his mom s reaction to the news and what happened with her during the inve [...]

    10. This is the final book in The Hunted series wow, the emotion you go through with this book as you read of Penny and James struggles, you will not want to put it down until the last page is read With a Mother in law that does not want them together, ex wife Isabella that is a very bad person and 24 hours until the wedding will things turn out for this student and her professor I wonder if this will be put out as a boxed set, so you have the series all together I received a free copy of this book [...]

    11. OmgJames and penny have been through one shell of a roller coaster ride After reading this book I hate James s mom even than before and I hate Isabella even I am upset to see the friendship between Tyler and penny go the way it went and sad for Melissa in the beginning I hope to read on Melissa and Matt I really enjoyed the book I was excited that penny and James finally tied the knot and are expecting It was a long wait but totally worth it.

    12. This final installment had me plugged in Usually last installments in series leave much to be desired, and this was an exception This book was so action packed, it had me feeling so many emotions.James and Penny are planning their wedding and ready to have the best day of their lives, but sometimes horrifically tragic occurs James and Penny s family and friends are pulled into the darkest parts of their lives when a perfect day goes wrong Murder investigations, death knocking on loved ones doors [...]

    13. When it Rain, it pours that s the perfect way to describe this next book James kicked Penny out, deciding he d rather believe his ex wife than Penny Now, Penny does not know what to do Her ex fiance believes his attraction is due to his addiction complex and she wants to run away with her old friend Tyler Penny is willing to fight for what she wants, James.I wanted to smack James constantly His stubbornness to accept love was infuriating because clearly what he calls addiction is devotion betwee [...]

    14. What will it take to bring James and Penny back together after that break up scene So many things were said that can t be unsaid, but can they be forgiven This final stop on their road to their HEA has our couple enduring every kind of trial as they sort out just what they re willing to sacrifice to be together This author has crafted a truly legendary love story, one that tackles every emotion, soars to every height, and plunges to every depth before we can catch our breath and rejoice in their [...]

    15. Penny and James have been through so much I love to see how their relationship is evolving I love reading about how their friends are finding love as well They are the kind of couple that you find yourself rooting for and wanting the HEA lifestyle for Isabella was a super villain Anxiously awaiting book 5

    16. I have read all six books in this series and I have loved them all This series kept me hooked from start to finish This series had me laughing, crying, and everything in between I was so happy that Rob and Mathew got their own book, and it was nice to see how all have the characters have grown I would definitely recommend this book.

    17. I need Started reading this last Friday and I read all the books in the series expect for Tyler s story I could not put down my kindle I I was reading early morning, lunch break, minute I got home I needed to know what happened w James and penny I need please

    18. AMAZING I absolutely loved each and every one of The Hunted Series I could not put them down, the story completely sucked me in Loving with James and Penny , laughing with Rob and holding my breath waiting to see what evil thing Isabella done next.

    19. New beginningWith the wedding just days away Penny and James are stressed out They are both hiding things from each other allowing drama to enter their love So when they finally move past the drama and get married they should have their happily ever after, or maybe not

    20. I just finished reading your The Hunted series , i love the series it has suspense , love and drama and will keep you guessing on the plot and how it unravels i couldn t put the books down waiting to see what would happens next I can t wait for the next book to come out.

    21. Unbelievable story.Well I have become devoted to all of these books I know that I m going to read them a second time

    22. The bestI have never really been into the teacher student storylines but wow.holy hotnessuldnt put this series down.highy recommend this series.

    23. I finished this book in one day I couldn t put it down Its heart pounding, and pulse racing Despite what he thought, I never saved his life He saved mine We never were able to agree on who tempted who But there was truth in both our stories, and together, it came down to two things Two unmistakable truths that led us to this moment This perfect moment I looked up into his eyes I was the hunted But I had willingly let him hunt me.

    24. I have so much I want to say about this the first and final book in the Hunted Series There are so many emotions this books will pull out of you Reading though the red of anger and the tears of pain and sadness you feel for Penny It is a lot to take in and you want to know is there a HEA in it for them You have your fingers and toes crossed I got this book as an ARC for an honest review Penny is deal with a lot at this point The wedding it 24 hours away and she is not sure if what happen can be [...]

    25. I absolutely love Devotion, I love the entire series In this conclusion to James and Penny s story, there are a bunch of twists, tons of drama and suspense, action, tears shed and hearts breaking, and most of all, James and Penny s love coming full circle with their friends and family there to support them through it all.I really cannot say enough about how much I love Penny and James She s matured by the time she gets to this point of her life James is by her side and he s just as loving and su [...]

    26. My favorite of the four This series really reminds me of the fifty shades of gray series This was my favorite of the four books It had me laughing and crying and my heart pounding.

    27. Professor Huntergh This relationship has been a whirlwind, a brick wall on my chest, and lead weights tied to my shoes I have been wildly happy, completely turned on, and then utterly devastated I have been anxious, fearful, and aggravated I was ecstatic, giddy, and at peace If there was an emotion I didn t experience throughout this series, I can t possibly imagine what was lacking.In the previous book, Penny was dealt a crushing blow She left aimless and depressed at the opening of the novel U [...]

    28. I received a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review This is the last in a fantastic series To say that James and Penny have been through some ups and downs is a major understatement The ups and downs continue in this final book As James and Penny try to find a way back to each other, it seems there is nothing but road blocks ahead of them It was truly a test of their strength individual and as a couple to see them through to the end So many twists and turns you are on the edge of yo [...]

    29. So if you read my last review you will know that I started this book at 3am in the morning after not being able to put down Eruption I then stayed up to read this book as there was just no time in the book that I felt like I could put this book down and sleep I was so drawn in to this series and especially this last book I don t want to spoil any of it in this review So all I will say is this book was so full of action, love, suspense, drama and devotion, I know that you won t want to put it dow [...]

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