The Beautiful Lost

The Beautiful Lost Here are three things to know about Maia Ever since her mother left Maia s struggled with depression which once got so bad she had to go to an institution for a while She doesn t want to go back

  • Title: The Beautiful Lost
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Here are three things to know about Maia 1 Ever since her mother left, Maia s struggled with depression which once got so bad, she had to go to an institution for a while She doesn t want to go back.2 Maia s sure that if she finds her mother, if the two of them can talk about whale songs and constellations, then everything will be okay again.3 She s in love with Billy,Here are three things to know about Maia 1 Ever since her mother left, Maia s struggled with depression which once got so bad, she had to go to an institution for a while She doesn t want to go back.2 Maia s sure that if she finds her mother, if the two of them can talk about whale songs and constellations, then everything will be okay again.3 She s in love with Billy, the handsome, brooding boy who lives in the group home in town He doesn t seem to know that Maia exists until now.When Maia sets off on a road trip in search of her mom, Billy unexpectedly comes along They drive up the East Coast, stopping along the way for lobster rolls and lighthouses Maia learns that Billy has dark secrets of his own and wants to outrun his past, too But what will the future hold if they reach their destination
    The Beautiful Lost Rice The Beautiful Lost Hardcover June , by Luanne Rice Author The Beautiful Lost by Luanne Rice The Beautiful Lost Apr , Directed by Preston Walden With Lexi Balestrieri, Stefanie Davis, Jimmy Dempster, Candy Kate Casey has a unique gift he can look in the eye of anybody and tell then when, where and how they will die Having this means being alone, except for his beer One night Casey heads to his favorite bar where he meets a beautiful woman, Gail, who happens to be a call girl and addicted to The Beautiful Lost Luanne Rice The Beautiful Lost From internationally bestselling author Luanne Rice, this is a sweeping, stunning story about the surprising directions our hearts can take Barnes Noble IndieBound Kobo Indigo Three Things to Know About Maia The Beautiful Lost Point Paperbacks by Luanne Rice Jan , The Paperback of the The Beautiful Lost Point Paperbacks by Luanne Rice at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on or Due to COVID , orders may be delayed Thank you for your patience Book Annex Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores Events Help Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least letters The Beautiful Lost Audio CD by Luanne Rice Audiobook From New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice, a sweeping story of a girl and boy, both troubled in different ways, who take off on a whirlwind road trip up the East Coast Here are three things to know about Maia Ever since her mother left, Maia s struggled with depression which once got so bad, she had to go to an institution for a while. The Beautiful Lost eBook Rice, Luanne Kindle Praise for The Beautiful Lost Honest and intensely personal Justine Magazine Fans of Nicholas Sparks will fall in love with this YA title School Library Journal A riveting examination of the ravages of depression and loss that will tug at even the most jaded hearts. THE BEAUTIFUL LOST Kirkus Reviews Jun , THE BEAUTIFUL LOST by Luanne Rice RELEASE DATE June , It s been six years since Maia s mother left and one year since she was hospitalized for attempting suicide. The Beautiful Lost Luanne Rice Jan , The Beautiful Lost, my second YA novel, comes out this summer It tells the story of Maia, a girl struggling with depression who takes off on a road trip in search of her mother Maia s talisman, the object that gives her strength and contains the map to find her way, is, of course, a book.

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    1. Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty two novels including THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SISTERS, her first YA novel Five of her books have been made into movies and mini series, many have been New York Times bestsellers and two of her pieces have been featured in off Broadway theatre productions She divides her time between New York City and the Connecticut shoreline.


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    1. This is the most wanderlust book ever It just really puts you in the mood to go travel the world It makes me want to get in the car, and go on a road trip to anywhere, for however long it takes This book is definitely part of my bucket list go on a road trip to anywhere with someone I love, and figure out the details as we go This girl has depression because her mother left her and her family and she struggles with it She s on anti depressants, and she s even been institutionalized, after she tr [...]

    2. This is a beautiful, heartfelt and touching story of a young woman whose mother leaves her Depression envelopes her and she has to find her mother She needs answers and her mother s arms which she craves Luanne Rice opens the door for us to see what depression is like How fleeting it can be and how courageous this character was as she journeys out to find her mother with the help of a boy who understands her than she initially knows.The Beautiful Lost is such an important YA novel for both youn [...]

    3. The book The Beautiful Lost is a emotional, romantic and inspirational book This book was amazing I really enjoyed going on this big adventure with Maia and Billy The book made me feel sad because Billy was really close to his mom and how his dad killed his mom just made me feel very sad and emotional The book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and I absolutely loved this book Maia loved her mom so much and is on the plan to find her with an unexpected friend coming along They are both tr [...]

    4. This is a book about finding love in an unexpected person and learning the truth about the person you thought knew you best.It s also a story about depression, the insidious emotional quagmire that drowns the soul and the battle that has to be waged daily to rise above.The characters of Maia and Billy are so easy to like, and their journey of discovery and hope is beautiful to watch Maia s euphoric highs are rivaled by her crushing lows, and her dawning realization about her mother shows an amaz [...]

    5. I loved this book so much I had a little trouble getting past the part about the maggots, but others than that this book was amazing The Beautiful Lost is well written and emotional, while at the same time inspiring and romantic This book is wonderful and the Author s Note was lovely.

    6. 1.5 STARSI only hide negative reviews for spoilers so that I can explain why the story was so bad.Maia blames her depression on her father s remarriage to Astrid after her mother left town Using binoculars, she secretly stalks Billy, a classmate who lives in a group home Although Maia s father and stepmom worry she s suicidal again, she decides to runaway to find her mother in Canada without knowing he mother s address or taking any money but first she has to say goodbye Billy although they aren [...]

    7. Rice, Luanne The Beautiful Lost, 304pgs Point Publishing, 2017 10.79 Language G Mature Content PG Violence GWhen her mother leaves, Maia sinks in to a deep depression The depression worsens when her father is going to get married again to Astrid Maia s depression gets so bad that she needs to be hospitalized for her own safety Maia wants things to go back to the way they used to be just her, her father and her mother Maia dutifully takes her medication, but misses her mother She dreams of findin [...]

    8. Beautifully written story about a difficult subject Depression is real it effects all ages this is an important story for a young person to read.The story of the road trip was beautiful, loved reading about Innu the beautiful surroundings.While they may not have known each other for very long, both Maia Billy were drawn to each other by circumstances Thank you for so much honesty in your writing, Luanne

    9. Wonderful young adult novelWhat a heartbreaking, yet triumphant and hopeful story that explores depression No doubt someone who reads this story will see herself in it and perhaps feel less alone, and hopefully reach out for help As beautifully written as Luanne Rice s grownup books.

    10. I ll be blunt.I did not like this book.The writing was dreadful, the characters were unrealistic, I felt that Billy and, to some degree, Maia, had no backstory the author switched from about a hundred different topics in the span of a paragraph, and the dialogue kept jumping around without any good conjunctions.I started feeling that I was forcing myself to read rather than actually reading because I enjoyed it, near the ending of chapter one I was actually really close to dropping the book and [...]

    11. Beautiful, relatable, breathtaking, mesmerizing This book, The Beautiful Lost written by Luanne Rice, is one of my favorite books of all time It s the perfect love story and fulfills all of our boy crazy tender hearted kind of girls hearts If you re the type of dreamer who is waiting for the impossible to happen, on the look for your great escape, and you strongly believe that you ve found the love of your life but is unsure if he has the same feelings for you, then this is your book.Maia, the m [...]

    12. I loved this book It was one if those books where you couldn t stop reading until it ended The love story is beautiful and I love how everyone had a back story problem I would totally recommen this book to read Amazing

    13. This book starts out with some heavy, heavy stuff I use the word heavy, because it feels so weighty, so awfully real.Then we get to the road trip and it all goes to shit Am I meant to believe any of this Because I don t Maybe if Maia and Billy were a little older Maybe if they actually knew each other before he decides to jump in her car and scoot off to fuck knows where If they were older, the time frame could be extended, and the amount of people they met who were so conveniently lovely and wi [...]

    14. The Beautiful Lost The day everything changed, I shouldn t have been at school I had to institute The Plan, and I couldn t do it here The Beautiful Lost, by Luanne Rice, is about Maia and Billy on a journey to find Maia s mother Maia s mother left her and her father when she was young because she didn t like living in a small town and needed to do research on whales Maia really misses her, and suffers severe depression from it Throughout the story Maia and Billy meet new people, stay in weird a [...]

    15. How do you survive when you ve been hit by three waves of overwhelming loss and you re only sixteen That s what the last three years have dumped on Maia Her marine biologist mother walked out, leaving her with her dad, an insurance agent At that point, Maia had hope Mom would come for her and was keeping afloat emotionally by her memories of the two of them sitting on the roof outside her room, watching the night skies That bond was further strengthened, or so she believed, by their shared love [...]

    16. The Beautiful Lost By Luanna Rice is a powerful, sweet book It is a great example showing that thing do get better Having depression or being suicidal is such a hard thing to go through and as bad as it is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel And for Maia, she found the light This book delivered a good hidden message that every single person should know So many people can relate to have divorced parents and having not so good friends just like Maia did.This story stats with Maia living at [...]

    17. Little things bother me In Chapter two Maia locks her room from the inside and jumps to a tree from the roof There is no indication as to how she gets back into her room in Chapter three This teenage romance turns into a roadtrip, in turgid terms a picaresque novel Billy s definition of honesty is tenuous He condemns Maia for stealing a book but taking a truck he does not legally own, house breaking, trading a dead radio for a working one at a junk yard, and their flight from family and orphana [...]

    18. This book oh my gosh is so beautiful I am in love everything about it i had a major book hangover after reading this I even had a one sided conversation with myself when I finished it I am weird the thing I noticed is that road trip books never disappoint three out of three books I ve read about road trips make a mark on me And this book is my favorite out of those three the plot does not give justice to what s in the book so READ IT it has so much emotion, family drama, mental health issues it [...]

    19. The Beautiful Lost by Luanne Rice, was honestly the best book I ever read It first made me sad because of Maia, but then It made scenes When she and Billy started this road trip, oh, I knew they were going to be an epic couple I loved the story plot Girl likes boy, doesn t tell anybody, then goes on a wild road trip with him, and they get real close But I was supprised that their first kiss was a full on make out session But I smiled so much I din t surprise me, but, happieness went off in my bo [...]

    20. I really liked this book because Luanne Rice really shows how depression is present all the time After she stopped taking her meds, Maia felt like she was on Cloud 9 because she was with the new found love of her life and she was really happy but she also had a few episodes of her illness seeping through I m really happy it wasn t one of those they meet a person and their depression suddenly disappeared kind of stories Although I was kind of upset Billy left her near the end he did it because sh [...]

    21. 3.5 stars actually The main story deals on a young lady, Maia, her quest to find her Mother and find answers from her At the same time, Maia is battling DEPRESSION Her highs and lows makes readers to have the awareness that DEPRESSION is REAL And it s no joke and can to grave consequences if not dealt with On her journey, is Billy who volunteered who came along with her He was her crush Billy has family issues of his own where his Dad killed his Mother and he is serving prison time He was left i [...]

    22. 5 5 if i must This book Wow I am completely speechless Read it in a single sitting because it was such a page turner I relate to this because I for one suffered from depression once The pages were filled with genuine and heartfelt words, that I find it hard to put it all in words Maia, her character was someone who decided to take the plunge because she wanted to see her mother badly after her parents separation made her mother leave Billy on the other wasn t your regular bad boy He was just a b [...]

    23. Luanne s books transport the reader there immediately This YA novel, THE BEAUTIFUL LOST is the perfect title for two teenagers that take a road trip together Maia s parents divorced and her moved moved to Canada Billy s dad committed a horrific murder Maia and Billy s past merge these two wayward teenager s on the same journey, when Maia decides to leave home to search for her mom that now lives in a remote part of Canada Her neighbor and teen crush Billy decides to join her as they leave their [...]

    24. The Beautiful Lost by Luanne Rice is my favorite book for 2017 It is a book about Maia, a high school teenager who suffers from depression, and Billy a classmate who lives in a local group home This book is about travel, adventure, searching, making mistakes, and moving on The strength of the book is in character development, family relationships, friendship and love I have been reading books by Luanne Rice for at least 15 years This is my favorite of all of her books, because it addresses a tou [...]

    25. 2.5 starsI wanted to like this book I was really anticipating reading it but it just didn t work for me Not that it s a bad book, I just didn t feel anything.As I tried to get into this book, the hardest part was feeling that there was no connection, no chemistry between Maia and Billy The only thing keeping them together was being stuck on this road trip with each other, which honestly felt unrealistic as the two had almost never interacted, apart from a few short exchanges prior.From the start [...]

    26. Okay, so I got this as an audiobook and I totally selected it because I needed something cute and light and I did that thing that you re NOT supposed to do judged the book by its cover So, here I go into this story and I m really enjoying the writing It s about a girl named Mya who is struggling with depression after her mother leaves her and her father Mya wants nothing than to be with her mom again, so she runs away from home On her way out of town, she stops by the foster home where her crus [...]

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