The Calling

The Calling There were thirteen crime scene pictures Dead faces set in grimaces and shouts Faces howling whistling moaning crying hissing Hazel pinned them to the wall and stood back It was a silent opera of

  • Title: The Calling
  • Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
  • ISBN: 9780151013470
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There were thirteen crime scene pictures Dead faces set in grimaces and shouts Faces howling, whistling, moaning, crying, hissing Hazel pinned them to the wall and stood back It was a silent opera of ghosts Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef has lived all her days in the small town of Port Dundas and is now making her way toward retirement with something less than graThere were thirteen crime scene pictures Dead faces set in grimaces and shouts Faces howling, whistling, moaning, crying, hissing Hazel pinned them to the wall and stood back It was a silent opera of ghosts Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef has lived all her days in the small town of Port Dundas and is now making her way toward retirement with something less than grace Hobbled by a bad back and a dependence on painkillers, and feeling blindsided by divorce after nearly four decades of marriage, sixty one year old Hazel has only the constructive criticism of her old goat of a mother and her own sharp tongue to buoy her But when a terminally ill Port Dundas woman is gruesomely murdered in her own home, Hazel and her understaffed department must spring to life And as one terminally ill victim after another is found their bodies drained of blood, their mouths sculpted into strange shapes Hazel finds herself tracking a truly terrifying serial killer across the country while everything she was barely holding together begins to spin out of control.Through the cacophony of her bickering staff, her unsupportive superiors, a clamoring press, the town s rumor mill, and her own nagging doubts, Hazel can sense the dead trying to call out But what secret do they have to share And will she hear it before it s too late In The Calling, Inger Ash Wolfe brings a compelling new voice and an irresistible new heroine to the mystery world.
    The Calling Aug , Directed by Jason Stone With Susan Sarandon, Gil Bellows, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace Detective Hazel Micallef hasn t had much to worry about in the sleepy town of Fort Dundas until a string of gruesome murders in the surrounding countryside brings her face to face with a serial killer driven by a higher calling. The Calling The Calling Dec , Directed by Richard Caesar With Laura Harris, Richard Lintern, Francis Magee, Alex Roe A woman is used as a pawn to bring to fruition the rule of the Antichrist. The Calling Rotten Tomatoes The Calling breathes new life into a moribund genre by touching oft ignored themes and offering a bit of introspection to go along with the obligatory slashed throats and biblical portents. Watch The Calling Prime Video There are two movies with the title The Calling, one from and one from As of this writing Jan the only one on Prime is the one from If the movie you are looking to watch has a red orange cover it is the one from and does NOT have Burstyn, Sarandon, or Sutherland in it. The Calling music, videos, stats, and photos Last rowsThe Calling was a rock band from Los Angeles, California The band started off with Alex The Calling film Susan Sarandon

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    About Author

    1. Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym of the Canadian fiction writer Michael Redhill Michael Redhill is a poet, playwright and novelist whom has written two novels, a collection of short fiction, three plays, and five collections of poetry His play, Building Jerusalem 2001 garnered him the Dora Award, the Chalmers Award, and a nomination for the Governor General s award His first novel, Martin Sloane 2001 , won the Books in Canada First Novel Award, the Commonwealth Writer s Prize, and was also nominated for the Giller Prize, the City of Toronto Book Award, and the Trillium Book Award His most recent novel, Consolation 2006 , won the City of Toronto Book Award and was also longlisted for the Man Booker Prize He has acted as an editorial board member for Coach House Press, and is one of the editors, and former publisher, of Brick Magazine.


    The Calling Comment

    1. Excellent mystery about a 60 year old female CO in a small Canadian town outside of Toronto There are the usual issues with superiors, staff, new detective, etc etc but the slant s a little different and I liked the fact that the MC was an older woman Who even has her older older cranky, independent mother living with her she used to be the town s mayor The situation a serial killer is targeting terminally ill people, especially the old, and leaving them with contorted mouths and mutilated bodie [...]

    2. The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe.I had read and enjoyed The Night Bell by I.A.W and decided to go back and start with the first book in the Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef series.Hazel Micallef is not your average Detective Inspector She s over 60 years of age with painful health issues and an aging mother she cares for at home Detective Micallef is also divorce with a history of alcoholism which has never completely left her life All that taken into consideration she runs a tight ship with a t [...]

    3. The hardest part of writing a mystery for North American audiences has got to be getting the ending right Because in American mysteries, the whole affair travels the arc from procedural to personal, concluding with the inevitable and once upon a time, appreciated face to face confrontation between law and disorder It s a formula that becomes tiresome the the genre adheres to it, and only Europe has truly embraced tossing a little mystery back into the business of, um, mysteries again Thank you [...]

    4. This was an excellent new author for me to read The book was original in plotline and mostly stayed at a fast pace All of the characters were real to me and for most of my reading I didn t want to put the book down The book was a little slow in the beginning then there was some less edgy parts in the middle which is why I marked it down to 4 stars When I think of the characters, plotline, and setting, it reminded me of Lois Penny s series of books with Detective Armound Gamache, only the female [...]

    5. Wow The most compelling book I ve read in a long time The characters have lots of depth and the plotting is twisty, sharp and very, very creepy Not at all the mid of book I usually enjoy It was recommended on a mystery book list I read so I took a chance and was rewarded Set in Northern Canada, the female lead is 61, divorced and troubled by the very bad back and lack of support from regional headquarters Enter what turns out to be a very scary serial killer who comes only by appointment The pro [...]

    6. I am not quite half way through this and it is amazing If you like Cody McFadyen then this book is perfect for you Finished it and loved it

    7. Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym for a North American literary novelist, so I was curious to see a presumably skilled novelist put his or her genre instincts to work It was a disappointment.There were way too many characters and names introduced at the outset By page 23, 23 characters had either been met in person, or mentioned including two named Gord some of those mentioned would later appear, others didn t By the end of the book, this number had than doubled All the expected police departmen [...]

    8. How do you review this book It held great promise, the characters were well drawn and interesting but acted irrationaly The plot was complicated but lacked direction and believabilty Spoilers Follow I m still not sure what motivated the killer Nor am I sure why Det Insp Hazel Micallif refused to call in the Canadian Mounted Police when she realised there was a serial killer on the ramage It would seem the logical thing to do No, instead she kept silent and eventually called in a TV true crime sh [...]

    9. woah this was a seriously good murder mystery a friend who is a book distributor told me that this is the new margaret atwood, I thought he meant it metaphorically, but now I m wondering if he meant it literally the back cover says Inger Wolfe is the pseudonym of a prominent North American literary novelist hmmm in any case, if you have a stomach for gore and like salty 61 year old female police chiefs, buy this book I couldn t put it down.

    10. This book had almost everything I love in a book It has fleshed out characters who I ended up caring about It was beautifully written It had a real sense of place What I didn t care for was the graphic and gruesome descriptions of the aftermath of the killings Also, the ending I thought was convenient.I would like to read about Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef who is a great character but will look at reviews for the next book to see if I can tell if the gore level is lower.

    11. 3 and a half stars.Well, I just don t know what to write I did like Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef, sixty one year old and living with her mother But it would normally not be the sort of book I like, mainly because of there being too much gore for my taste However,it was quite a compelling book and I just had to read on to the end.

    12. This first portion of my review does not contain spoilers Please do not read beyond the bolded comments below if you don t wish to be spoiled on the ending.I really enjoyed this book The mystery element is solid and when the point of view switches to the killer, it is creepy, frequently gross, and thoroughly engrossing I think this book would have suffered without the reader being able to get an understanding of the killer s mindset and his victims Oddly enough, sometimes I understood the killer [...]

    13. THE CALLING is one of those books One of those books that I found sometimes utterly compelling was bored witless in some passages laughed out loud in others found myself heartily confused about some of the procedural elements and was slightly repelled by some parts.It is a serial killer book, and I will admit that I m getting to the point where I m over the whole serial killer thing I m particularly over the barking mad, out there motive serial killer thing And there s certainly a barking mad im [...]

    14. I read The Taken before I read this one, so I read out of order However, it did not take away from the story The story follows D.I Hazel Micallef, in a small town called Port Dundas in Canada The body of an elderly lady Hazel knows all her life, is found in her home, drained of her blood and yet it would appear, humanely killed The woman has a terminal illness and it would have seemed to have been an assisted suicide, had it not been for the strange post death mutilation When Hazel hears of anot [...]

    15. I finished this last night and I must admit it turned out better than I d been thinking it would Probably about two thirds of the way through, I was pretty much convinced that it was going to be a let down But it did pick up in the dramatics later on, so that s good.I really enjoyed reading about Hazel Micallef, Detective Inspector in a small town called Port Dundas She wasn t perfect, not by a long shot, and I like that she made the sort of mistakes one can totally see a small town cop with no [...]

    16. Thanks to Peter Bailey, St Albert Public Library Director for recommending this series, and to CBC Radio Edmonton for having him on to spread the word about this fantastic Canadian mystery author in both genre and name Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym of the well known and really diplomatic Canadian author Michael Redhill The Calling is the beginning of a new wonderful friendship for me and thankfully I have 2 of the current 4 in this series locked and loaded A great police procedural that keeps [...]

    17. The murders are horrifying, but not gratuitous The detective in charge is sympathetic, but not quirky The setting is rural Canada, where the murderer travels fram small towns to even smaller towns, working on his murderous master plan I liked everything about this, and may have found a new favorite series The only stopping me from a five star rating was the ending I liked how relatively understated and realistic the novel was up to that point, and the climax was just a little too over the top.

    18. Reason for Reading My sister brought the book to my attention and I saw that Mo Hayder had put a blurb on it so I definitely was intrigued by this new author Summary Inspector Hazel Micallef is the acting chief of police at a small Ontario town At 61 years of age daily life for Hazel and this police force involves drunks, trespassing, speeding and maybe the occasional domestic dispute That is until an elderly town citizen dying of cancer is brutally murdered and drained of all her blood Investig [...]

    19. A novel recommended to me.As I ve probably told already, crime novels aren t my first pick I can see the plot coming a mile ahead and I don t like that in a novel.The Calling was something else, though.It s centers around Hazel Micallef, a 61 year old woman leading a police force in a small, happy place in Canada, until a grisly murders takes place Or seems to anyway, because the deeper they dig, the it seems as if the victim had agreed upon the murder.Hazel acts like a dog with a bone, not let [...]

    20. I loved that the main character of this book isn t some svelte young beauty who is new to the job and solves the mystery all by herself with hardly a clue Instead the main character Hazel is a 61 year old woman, recently divorced, and close to retirement who abhors technology Hazel is also hobbled by a bad back for which she relies on pain killers and whiskey to help, and has an 80 year old mother who is constantly torturing her to lose weight so she can find a new husband Her department is in a [...]

    21. Mystery number one who wrote this book The book jacket says, Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym for a North American literary novelist Mystery number two is actually less of a mystery because almost from the beginning of The Calliing you know who is killing and mutiliating old people with terminal illnesses The killer is working his way across the breadth of Canada meeting a precise schedule of pre arranged appointments, focusing on small towns in rural areas where police resources are stretched t [...]

    22. This first in a series is not a book to take along to lunch some gruesome stuff but it s a compelling story about a small town police force in Ontario and their hunt for a murderer who turns out to be a very strange serial killer Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef, acting head of her small police department, is short on staff and support from the higher administrative bosses That doesn t stop her from trying to fly under the radar in piecing together the trail of the killer who has murdered an e [...]

    23. This is the first Inger Ash Wolfe book, featuring Port Dundas police inspector Hazel Micallef but I won t stop until I ve read all the others 3 so far Absolutely beautifully conceived and written This is a riveting and harrowing crime story, of a truly sinister but somehow tragic serial killer Hazel, a 62 year old divorced woman, is a winning and wonderfully imperfect being Honestly, I would put the quality of this work with the best police books with Elizabeth George and Louise Penny, no less M [...]

    24. This book is actually a strong 3.5, but I just couldn t push it up to 4 because of some major problems with the mystery The main character, Hazel is so well drawn, interesting and different for a police chief in a novel I also really enjoyed the depiction of the killer and the manner in which the murders were described, but the motivation of the killer was never flushed out I wanted much background on the killer and to see some psychological analysis of his actions Besides Hazel s mother, the o [...]

    25. What a horrifying tale of physician assisted suicideI wanted to read this book because Inger Ash Wolfe is a pseudonym for a Canadian literary author, and it just could be Margaret Atwood After finishing it, I would not be surprised if she s the author, but I m not convinced she is It was a good book, with compelling characters and a very creepy villain Some of the tying up of details at the end was clunky, though.

    26. Wow This mystery was a real page turner An unusual premise and an unusual heroine helped However, the ending floundered It seemed the author wrote herself into a corner, so she pulled a cheap trick out of her hat Still, for a winter read, I d say go for it

    27. A good enough read but didn t quite get me page turning The characters worry me if this is to be a series because the author seems to have painted himself in to a corner with a 60 year old detective who it would seem has no career left.

    28. The Calling is a deliciously suspensely novel, with a creatively creepy plot, but its greatest strength is the characterization I could hardly bear to leave them, especially aging police detective Hazel and her mother I can t wait to dive into the next novel and be with them again.

    29. This book showed up on my recommended list Since the main character was a DI I assumed it was set in the UK No, it s in Canada Plot a bit different although I have encountered variations previously Over all ok.

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