Before I Knew

Before I Knew Author Jamie Beck returns with an engrossing series about family friendship and starting over In this first Cabot novel a legacy of secrets tests old friends seeking a second chance at life and lov

  • Title: Before I Knew
  • Author: Jamie Beck
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Author Jamie Beck returns with an engrossing series about family, friendship, and starting over In this first Cabot novel, a legacy of secrets tests old friends seeking a second chance at life and love On the second anniversary of her husband s suicide, Colby Cabot Baxter is ready to let go of her grief and the mistakes made during her turbulent marriage Her fresh starAuthor Jamie Beck returns with an engrossing series about family, friendship, and starting over In this first Cabot novel, a legacy of secrets tests old friends seeking a second chance at life and love.On the second anniversary of her husband s suicide, Colby Cabot Baxter is ready to let go of her grief and the mistakes made during her turbulent marriage Her fresh start comes in the form of A CertainTea, the restaurant she s set to open along Lake Sandy, Oregon, with help from her family But when her executive chef quits just weeks before the grand opening, Colby is pressured to hire old family friend Alec Morgan His award winning reputation could generate buzz, but their friendship has withered since her husband s reckless dare cost Alec s brother his life.Distracted by guilty secrets concerning the tragedy that changed his and Colby s lives, Alec self destructed and lost his famed restaurant With his career in tatters, he s determined to use this opportunity to redeem his reputation and to help the woman he s loved from afar find happiness again.But secrets have a way of coming out When Alec s do, they might destroy the new life he and Colby have rebuilt together.

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    1. National bestselling author Jamie Beck s realistic and heartwarming stories have sold than one million copies She is a 2017 Booksellers Best Award finalist, and her books have hit Heavy s Top 10 Romance Novels of 2015 and have been selected as a Woman s World Book Club pick Critics at Kirkus, Publishers Weekly including a starred review , and Booklist have respectively called her work smart, uplifting, and entertaining In addition to writing novels, she enjoys dancing around the kitchen while cooking and hitting the slopes in Vermont and Utah Above all, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.For updates on discounts, follow her on BookBub at bit 2GBcLM3 And to enter her monthly birthday sweepstakes, join her newsletter at bit 1V0d7Qi NO SPAM EVER Fans can learn about her on the web jamiebeck , which includes a fun extras page with photos, videos, and playlists She also loves interacting with everyone on Facebook facebook JamieBeckBooks.


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    1. Before I Knew is the first in a new series following the Cabot family It s billed as a romance and it most certainly is, but this wasn t the lighthearted read I was expecting it to be and unfortunately I didn t love it as much as I had hoped because of this I like to escape with a romance as a break from the dark thrillers that make up the majority of my TBR and since much of this one deals with heavy, depressing topics it wasn t quite the break I was expecting Don t get me wrong, it was well wr [...]

    2. The Cabot and the Morgans were friends and neighbours for thirty years until a stupid dare left Joe Morgan dead, shortly afterwards Colby Cabot s husband Mark killed himself over his part in the dare, devastated by his role in the death of his best friend and unable to deal with the guilt Mark was bi polar and Colby suffers from the knowledge that she kept his diagnosis from her family, she also worries that his illness may have been a contributing factor to the dare that led to Joe s death.Two [...]

    3. What a fantastic first book in a brand new series It s highly emotional and deals with issues that arise a horrible tragedy strikes Colby Cabot Baxter and Alec Morgan s lives were both changed by the tragedy but now they are both looking for fresh starts Their journey to happiness is painful and emotional and the past needs to be dealt with It can t be until all the secrets are revealed Will they be brave enough to face the past in order to have a future Definitely a book I recommend to everyone [...]

    4. Waaaay too muchI hate dropping a story midway through I always try to stick with it til the bitter end, no matter what I made an exception in this case.Before I Knew, is apparently part of a series Not wanting to offend any hardcover fans, let me just say, for me, this book is not worth the time it takes to read Over 5 hours is, to me, way and above too long for a simple romance Way too much back and forth, and round and round, in what should have been a simple romance It was like the thing just [...]

    5. 4 Heartfelt StarsBefore I Knew by Jamie Beck was an emotional and heartfelt read.They storyline was well written, it was easy to follow and hard to put down.Watching Colby and Alec come together was both heartwarming and painful They both had painful pasts that they needed to deal with so they could find true happiness.These two were easy to love and I really enjoyed reading their story.Before I Knew is a lovely start to the Cabot Series by Jamie Beck, looking forward to Hunter and Sara s book i [...]

    6. 3 Complicated Stars Wow This was a lot to take in We have two families who are on opposite sides of a serious tragedy This main issue colors everything and everyone After us learning this multi layered tragedy involving so many, we are set up for the main part of the storyThe goal for our gal is to make the restaurant she has worked so hard to be a reality the best it can be Unfortunately, that means the money partner brings in a chef who is part of this family complication and pain.This love in [...]

    7. Here I go again, in the minority about a story Unfortunately, Before I Knew just didn t do it for me It was so heavy, such a downer that I couldn t find my way through to the end with any kind of joy, any kind of excitement, any kind of anything positive It s not horribly written or anything, it s just that it s such a dreary, down on themselves kind of story that I could not connect with it or any of the characters.Colby has lost her husband to suicide Right before that, they both lost a good f [...]

    8. Before I Knew was my companion on a recent airline trip and thank goodness The time flew as I did.I thoroughly enjoyed this realistic love story Lately I ve been turned off by the plethora of so called romance books where the sex is important than the relationship I was pleasantly surprised to find that Before I Knew dove into the relationship head long and kept it interesting from start to finish There was just enough sexual tension to give it a kick, but there was nothing explicit I found tha [...]

    9. I received a free copy of this book from BookSparks for an honest review After reading and enjoying a lot of suspense books lately I was ready for a change Before I Knew came along at the right time Colby was widowed two years ago and is now ready to move on from her grief and start some new ventures in her life She has decided to open a restaurant and her childhood friend Alec has been hired as the new chef Alec is also ready to make changes in his life His brother Joe died just over two years [...]

    10. Before I knew is an emotional story about loss and starting over It has been two years since Colby Cabot Baxter watched her husband, Mark commit suicide She is ready for a new start with opening a new restaurant Her old friend Alec Morgan is dealing with his own regrets about his part in both his brother s accident and Mark s suicide He is now getting a second chance at making amends with Colby, his family and his reputation as an award winning chef.The story was well written and the characters [...]

    11. Well, this was lovely.We have Colby and Alec, they ve known each other for years, but sadly they are torn apart because of some horrible tragedies My heart really hurt for these two, they were in such a difficult situation, so much that it held them back from moving on, even with each other.I felt it was great they were both willing to move on from that tragedy and I hated Alec s dad for not allowing him to do that I get the grief, but that man was awful, just wanting everyone to hurt like him.I [...]

    12. The Morgans and Cabots live next door to each other Joe Morgan and Colby Cabot were best friends growing up When Colby married Mark Baxter, Joe welcomed him with opened arms and the three spent a lot of time together When Joe died after a dare issued by Mark, it tore the families apart Mark, dealing with issues of his own, feeling overwhelmed with guilt, commits suicide Fast forward two years Colby is still reeling from the past Her marriage wasn t what it seemed She s been practicing law and fi [...]

    13. Jamie Beck has a style of writing that always draws you in to the dynamics of a family making you their own personal cheerleader Before I Knew lays the foundation of the Cabot series which will provide lots love, heartbreak, drama, and hopefully healing.Two years after the tragic loss of Joe Morgan and Mark Baxter, the gaping whole remains in both the Morgan and Cabot families Secrets held by both Mark s wife, Colby Cabot Baxter and Joe s brother, Alec Morgan, are bound to come to light after Al [...]

    14. Standing OvationI confess I read other reviews before I read this book and was nervous before opening the first chapter I am a fan of Ms Beck s books and writing style and while this book was a different storyline approach for her, she did an excellent job in writing this couple s story Just because a story involves two people struggling with shared bad memories it does not make the book a bad read I did not feel weighed down by the storyline and characters and found the book hard to put down as [...]

    15. This isn t usually my type of book, it s been a while since I ve read a romance I started off heavily judging the characters and their drama, but by the end of the book I couldn t wait to start the second in the series Jamie Beck deals with some difficult issues in this book such as mental illness, suicide and grief These subjects are treated with dignity and respect and are not used as cheap plot devices While I enjoyed the romance angle of the book, I found the family relationships compelling [...]

    16. My MusingsThis book has some great moments and I enjoyed it for the most part It has a great ending.Happy reading

    17. This has the makings of an interesting series I liked this first book Characters who conceal basic truths usually annoy me to no end but, in the cases of Alec and Colby, the secrets make a bit of sense I am curious to see what the next book holds.

    18. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads An emotional and heart wrenching story from the first page to the last Ms Beck brought together well developed characters that told a story in a heartfelt and compelling manner.The character of Colby is one of a woman trying to find her place in the world after the tragic death of one of her closest childhood friends and her husband s suicide Her emotional state is fragile at the beginning but you can see her slowly regain h [...]

    19. Jamie Beck is one of my favourite authors, and I m always excited when she brings out a new book Before I knew is the start of a new series, The Cabots Books dealing with grief are not my favourite, especially when it is one of the main themes in a story However, with this said I still enjoyed this book It has a lot going on, and the story was really interesting.Colby Cabot Baxter lost her husband 2 years ago and has never recovered It s not because he was the love of her life, or she can t imag [...]

    20. This touched on the topics of mental illness, suicide and emotional abuse just to name a few of the family struggles Good book.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

    21. I greatly enjoyed reading this book, especially as a beach read of which it was perfect for The writing style was great and the plot moved along at a good clip I m a sucker for long pined for romances so this was very easy for me to get into.The story was clearly present day but the exact dates didn t weigh on the plotline and I liked that I could read it and be completely absorbed in it without wondering about dates It just didn t matter So with that being said my biggest issue with it was what [...]

    22. This romance grabbed me immediately and never let go I did not want to put it down for anything I think part of that was that the novel focused on relationships not the sex It was very thoughtful and went deep into the emotional components of the story I found that satisfying and a relief Sometimes, romance can start to feel like they re all about sex It was nice to read one focused on a relationship as a whole Now, there is a lot of angst here by nature of the story itself loss, grief, suicide, [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest reviewThere are so many romance books out there that follow the same path, but every now and then you get one that has something special, that makes it just a little differentd this is one of those stories This was real, and emotional, and heartfelt These characters rang true and hit a spot in my heart The personal struggles these two faced and the journey they took together were honest, and something I could connect with.

    24. I was thoroughly disappointed in this book I found it in the trending this week section hoping for a good read and ended up with a flop The book was whiny and uninteresting It also heavily featured the author s voice rather than writing so I can feel the characters voices Even having this be the first book in the series there were several times I thought to myself while reading that character would never say that Other than the author s overly effeminate voice coming through that random points, [...]

    25. BEFORE I KNEW is an exceptional first book in Jamie Beck s new series THE CABOT S I was heartbroken before the end of chapter one and relished my heart being mended as Ms Beck wove her magic throughout the remainder of the story.Jamie Beck has a knack for being able to pull a reader into her stories with potent plot lines and magnificently strong, yet flawed characters These characteristics are certainly present in BEFORE I KNEW and each enhances the story and allows for readers to be totally en [...]

    26. 4.5 Stars Before I Knew is the first book in the Cabot series It is also the first book I have read by Jamie Beck It will not be the last Beck s complex characters and perfectly paced, layered plot made this an excellent read Colby and Alec are likeable characters, credibly flawed and dealing with wounds inflicted by people they love These are characters in whom I believe and for whom I root without reservation Their story is one of the best contemporary friends to lovers stories I ve read.Beck [...]

    27. As usual Jamie doesn t disappoint I loved the story of Alec and Colby The characters were well developed and the history between was well written and drew you in To develop the Characters the story was a little dark in places talking about suicide of Colby ex husband and death of Alec s brother but this made you feel in sync with them both and understand where they were coming from I can t wait to read the next book in the series I would recommend this series to anyone.

    28. I have some mixed reviews for Before I knew It s like 50 50 for me Some parts I just so hooked and others I just wanted to skim because it was so boring Before I Knew, is about Colby Cabot Baxter and Alec Morgan Alec is best friends with Colby s older brother Hunter and Colby was best friends with Alec s younger brother Joe They all used to hang out, whether Hunter wanted to or not, when they were are little kids but everyone and everything changes when they grow up view spoiler Okay, so you sta [...]

    29. I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I completely lost interest in this book It had too much self imposed drama Both of the main characters spent large portions of time dwelling on the secrets they held that it finally became too much to get through I was too busy to read this week and I dread the idea of picking it back up.The book is about two neighboring childhood friends, Alec and Colby, and their families Alec s brother, Joe, and Colby s husband, Mar [...]

    30. Before I Knew The Cabots, book 1 by Jamie BeckAugust 2017I received this digital ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Colby Cabot Baxter has endured than her share of emotional duress over the years but nothing compares to what she experienced the 2 years before she decided to open a CertainTea She grew up in Lake Sandy, Oregon with her brother, Hunter and neighbors, Joe and Alec Morgan They grew up together and eventually went their own ways Colby married [...]

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