Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes

Harlan Ellison s Phoenix Without Ashes Harlan Ellison one of the Grand Masters of science fiction and a multiple Hugo Nebula and Edgar Award winner returns to his roots with the graphic novel Phoenix Without Ashes The year is

  • Title: Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes
  • Author: Harlan Ellison Alan Robinson Kote Carvajal Robbie Robbins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
  • Harlan Ellison, one of the Grand Masters of science fiction and a multiple Hugo , Nebula , and Edgar Award winner, returns to his roots with the graphic novel, Phoenix Without Ashes The year is 2785, and Devon, a farmer banished for challenging his community s Elders, discovers a secret that changes everything he knew about the world, leading him on a quest to solve a mysHarlan Ellison, one of the Grand Masters of science fiction and a multiple Hugo , Nebula , and Edgar Award winner, returns to his roots with the graphic novel, Phoenix Without Ashes The year is 2785, and Devon, a farmer banished for challenging his community s Elders, discovers a secret that changes everything he knew about the world, leading him on a quest to solve a mystery beyond his understanding before his entire world is destroyed in a cataclysm.

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    1. Harlan Ellison Alan Robinson Kote Carvajal Robbie Robbins

      Harlan Jay Ellison is a prolific American writer of short stories, novellas, teleplays, essays, and criticism.His literary and television work has received many awards He wrote for the original series of both The Outer Limits and Star Trek as well as The Alfred Hitchcock Hour edited the multiple award winning short story anthology series Dangerous Visions and served as creative consultant writer to the science fiction TV series The New Twilight Zone and Babylon 5.Several of his short fiction pieces have been made into movies, such as the classic The Boy and His Dog.webmaster harlanellison


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    1. A very promising beginning to an intriguing, yet unfinished story Although this short graphic novel employs your typical three act structure, it merely hints at a much larger and even interesting story that, after a quick Google search, I ve found does not exist The book, based off a teleplay that Ellison had written, is an introduction to nothing grander than what is contained on these short pages Still, it is only 4 chapters long, and it doesn t take much time to read If you re a hound for co [...]

    2. I liked the premise of this very much won t go too in depth because it s a major spoiler but I felt like the dialogue was very forced and choppy may still pick up the second one however

    3. so the question is, would i have picked up this lil graphic novel if i d known ahead of time that it wasn t a complete story or even a volume 1 hard to say but prolly not this is apparently a graphic novelization of a television script penned by ellison for a sci fi tv show that was apparently so bad it didn t even survive in canada ok if you d told me THAT and handed me the book yeah i d ve read it harlan ellison s bread and butter is short works i feel like his stories work better when there s [...]

    4. Premise B Execution D This comic also has the everybody looks like the main character syndrome Maaaaaaaybe I will read the second volume Probably won t though.

    5. In 1973, Harlan Ellison wrote a pilot script Phoenix Without Ashes which he hoped would launch a groundbreaking 8 episode science fiction miniseries on television Instead, due to repeated mismanagement and interference from the producers, it became one of the worst series ever the now infamous THE STARLOST, which lasted only one season on NBC CTV.Ellison quit the project before the first episode was filmed The actual show that aired was much different than what he wrote His successor Ben Bova ev [...]

    6. I am a huge fan of the original series of Star Trek, so of course when I first saw that this book was written by the legendary Harlen Ellison, my mind immediately went to the episode The City on the Edge of Forever perhaps the best episode of Star Trek ever created, in my opinion Phoenix Without Ashes was no City on the Edge of Forever, but it still wasn t bad As an art major, I always tend to pay attention to the art then most when I m reading a graphic novel, and this book was no different I [...]

    7. Harlan Ellison originally conceived this as the plot for a television series His script for Phoenix Without Ashes, eventually became the short lived, STAR LOST in 1973 Due to the number of changes made to his concept Ellison had his name removed from the credits, using the pseudonym, Cordwainer Bird The original teleplay, which is here adapted by Ellison, won the Best Original Screenplay award from the Writers Guild of America the following year This adaptation published by IDW was written by th [...]

    8. Once upon a time, Harlan Ellison wrote a TV pilot about a generation ship that had been traveling for so long that all its inhabitants had forgotten where they d come from and where they were going It originally aired as the zero budget Canadian show The Starlost, which bore little resemblance to Ellison s vision.Phoenix Without Ashes is that original pilot, now seeing the light of day in comic book form It s an excellent beginning, but for the moment that s all it is Hopefully there will be vo [...]

    9. This is an introduction to a wider and grander story that never got off the ground Too bad as this one was enjoyable, with an interesting setting Characters and art were flat, but both could have flourished in later volumes.

    10. Meh.I m not sure what inspired me to put this on hold at my library, but something did, and it arrived, and I read it, and it was okay The idea isn t exactly new see Inside Out, Titan, and Cald of the Long Sun, just to name three off the top of my head , and the art isn t exactly phenomenal everyone has huge eyebrows, it s like they are all James Charlesso I wasn t particularly blown away And really, this isn t a story or a graphic novel, it s of a story boarded idea to pitch to a network Yeah, [...]

    11. I m torn on this one I honestly didn t realize that this was based on a series that flopped, until I read a few other reviews I know that this wasn t specifically my cup of tea, but I ll explain what I did and did not like as best I can The illustrations are detailed, and there is a nice use of light vs dark to depict the overall tone of each page In terms of setting, I d relate it most closely to an Amish homestead I believe John K Snyder III is the illustrator, if I m correct He does a great j [...]

    12. Jacob s world is small, specifically fifty miles, and of greater concern to him, oppressive By both overt and secret means, the Elder s control everyone s lives, determining who marries who, what they do, and what they think For an inquisitive individual, not to mention one in love, like Jacob all of this is intolerable With their secret discovered, the Elder s sentence him to death, but before they find him, Jacob falls through a tube Beyond it, he finds out the truth of their world Earth is go [...]

    13. This would have been the pilot episode of a short lived television series called The Starlost Enfant terible Harlan Ellison was so unhappy with the changes being made by the producers, director etc he had his named removed from the script, and pretty much disowned the show Devon is consistently punished by the Cypress Corners elders, a community apparently absed on an Amish Puritanical community A large part of his problems with the elders is that Devon loves Rachel who has been pledged to Garth [...]

    14. This is Ellison s first formal best seller listed in the NYT bestseller list for graphical novels I m not Mr Manga, much prefer text, but from time to time will try an adaptation or extension of novels or short stories I am particularly fond of.The novel, written by Ellison and Bryant, is much better IMO Nothing in the graphic novel extends the basic plotline of the novel, and to some degree dumbs it down One of the reasons I m neutral on graphic novels is their tendency to take ideas and create [...]

    15. A graphic novel rendition of a screenplay Harlan Ellison wrote and pitched to Canadian TV back in the early 70 s called The Starlost The show lasted one season I remember the show was mind blowing for a newly minted fan of science fiction desparate for a Scifi TV show to take the place of Star Trek and I would eagerly await each weekly episode The special effects were very good for the times and one of the recurring plot advancers was The Library A vast, voice activated, supercomputer that fed t [...]

    16. Picked this up a few weeks ago, less surprised to see a new Ellison story in a graphic novel format than to see a new story by Ellison, period, but I was pleasantly surprised at the greatness of this release Maybe a little less is approach, but if there is to this story I would like to read it According to some other reviews this is an adaptation of an Ellison work that was released on film The illustration by Alan Robinson was very easy on the eyes as was the paneling and lettering, and as a [...]

    17. I am upset and frustrated because I need to know I am entirely engaged and I know that somewhere on the internet I can find the answers but this story has sparked a fire in me that rarely burns so brightly I can only assume that this is the set up to an epic story about man insulated in his little world only sometimes the world is a lot larger than one initially assumes This is a graphic novel with novel text included, and I actually took the time to read both because I was so consumed by the s [...]

    18. HArlan Ellison was cutting edge in his time, but nowadays I think he s just trying too hard to keep up His other forays into the Graphic Novel medium were all right, but with Phoneix Without Ashes he s struck paydirt Although the premises is predictable, especially for a seasoned science fiction reader, the story carries itself and the choice of artist for this endeavor was a boon Beautiful and thoughtful, Phoenix Without Ashes leaves the reader anxious for the next installment.

    19. Harlan Ellison, baby I can sense a 60s 70s Scifi trend coming on after Jo Walton s Among Others and now this Devon s life is constrained by the Elders in what looks like a straight up Amish community , but Devon s questioning ways keep getting him in trouble He is being hunted when he falls down a mysterious tube and everything he thinks he knows gets up ended Really lovely art in this GN a quick read and lots of good threads to pursue and books to LADDER UP after this.

    20. Solid little story, though the whole thing is left somewhat unresolved But elegantly handled and evidence of Ellison s mastery of the short story From a writer s point of view, the first two thirds are deftly handled and worth studying as an example of structure All the usual Ellison themes are here the lone outsider facing an oppressive society, bolstered by the ignorant and apathetic existential emphasis on the individual choice etc Good stuff.

    21. A graphic novel presentation of what should have been a good television series Ellison fans will know the backstory of the Starlost, and will like this as a new telling a good first chapter Those who aren t fans will likely be frustrated that this is really the opening of a series, and leaves a lot of hooks for future episodes Appreciate it for what it is a very good opening to an intriguing world.

    22. This graphic novel is half graphic and half novel It includes the story Harlan Ellison wrote that spawned the TV pilot that spawned this GN But I only read the GN part I thought it was done very well The illustrations were beautiful, especially the one of the ARC and all the stars around it The story was interesting and left you wanting .Seriously, I want It kind of leaves us hanging at the end Is there going to be another volume I hope so.

    23. Good but too short to really enjoy The artwork is well done and there are actually several pages where the art itself propels the story forward instead of dialog which in my opinion is a good thing in a graphic novel.The real downside is that most of the story elements seem familiar As if I ve seen it in some episode of Twilight Zone or something before It s still not bad.

    24. Graphic novel adaptation of Ellison Bryant s story about a young rebel in an agrarian community of religious fundamentalists who discovers that their tiny world is not what it appears to be Kind of heavy handed anti religious metaphor.

    25. So apparently this is an adaptation of the pilot for a failed television series from the 1970s It doesn t show a lot of originality or interest in the writing Very far from Ellison s best work The art is pretty nice, though.

    26. Okay looking at the reader reviews this one seems to be all over the place I for one liked the creative and big ideas presented here but WTF is up with the ending Please tell me there is another volume or two planned or don t waste you time reading this one.

    27. I thought this was a fantastic and beautiful little story, and presented well in this format Its a quick read, with beautiful art, and could be the lead in to a wonderful science fiction epic, but I find it satisfying in and of itself.

    28. I really wanted to like this one a whole lot than I actually did It s a well written adaptation of the script, but I didn t care for the style of the art It s rendered in a sort of muddy Richard Corben way that doesn t do the sweep of the plot justice at all.

    29. Pretty good graphic adaptation of Ellison s original teleplay and Ed Bryant s novelization for what became THE STARLOST t.v series

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