Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation

Neil Gaiman s The Last Temptation Revisit this tall tale in its new stunning hardcover format by Neil Gaiman Alice Cooper Michael Zulli and Dave McKean Re enter the world of the Grand Guignol and the Theatre of the Real as Dynamite

  • Title: Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Michael Zulli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: ebook
  • Revisit this tall tale in its new stunning, hardcover format by Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper, Michael Zulli and Dave McKean Re enter the world of the Grand Guignol and the Theatre of the Real as Dynamite celebrates the release of the fully colored and totally remastered version of Alice Cooper and Neil Gaiman s terrifying series, Last Temptation Young Steven has a grave choRevisit this tall tale in its new stunning, hardcover format by Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper, Michael Zulli and Dave McKean Re enter the world of the Grand Guignol and the Theatre of the Real as Dynamite celebrates the release of the fully colored and totally remastered version of Alice Cooper and Neil Gaiman s terrifying series, Last Temptation Young Steven has a grave choice to make will he join the Showman and accept the horror Featuring remastered Michael Zulli art by David Curiel at InLight Studios Also, the collection contains complete scripts to all three issues, Neil Gaiman s original correspondence with Alice Cooper, and Neil Gaiman s original outline.

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    1. Neil Gaiman Michael Zulli Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman Michael Zulli author readers around the world.


    Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation Comment

    1. Creepy good time with this fantasy, in which horrific apparitions all turn out to be how stellar retro THE Alice Cooper Also, the animated corpses are standout, like the ghouls from the now classic film by George A Romero, Creepshow.

    2. The art here is black and white and it s stunning Alice Cooper is a character in this story and he made an album in the 90s with this same material It might be interesting to listen one day.I love Neil and this is well written but there was something about it that didn t feel as deep or take my breath away as normal The story had a creep factor and surprises, so it wasn t a bad story It did it s job I simply didn t enjoy this as much as I have other stories of Neil If you are a fan of Neil, then [...]

    3. Yazar Neil Gaiman, Sandman in izerlerinden Michael Zulli ve bir rock efsanesi Alice Cooper Daha fazla ne demeli bilmiyorum Tek noksanl k sa olmas Fakat eseri basan Marmara izgi bunun da n ne ge mi , Gaiman ve Cooper n ilk maille melerine, taslaklara, izerin d ncelerine ait ba tan sona proje detaylar n metin olarak vermi Bence Gaiman, Sandman, rock ya da Cooper seviyorsan z evde bulundurulmas gereken bir eser.

    4. A young boy named Steven is lured into the Theater of the Real by a Mysterious Showman who looks a lot like Rock and Roll Icon Alice Cooper When he enters the theater, he is offered a deal of immortality Can Steven resist this illusion of a deal Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good horror and Ray Bradbury October Country Graphic novel that was written by Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper for Alice Cooper s Album that is the same name as this graphic novel which Neil Gaiman helped [...]

    5. All Hallows Eve Halloween The first day of the death of the year Folk beliefs about this day go back forever.On Halloween, they say, the gates of Hell swing wide, and the dead and the damned ride out from dusk until dawn On Halloween, they say, the Dark spews out all the nightmares, all the pain, all the death And the hurt and the hate take shape and form.That s when they can hurt you or so they say On Halloween, Children, and those who are at heart children, celebrate the year s end with colore [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsI recently read on someone s blog that it s not good for reviewers to review books without a knowledge of the genre, the author, the series, etc to inform their opinion Hrmph While I can see why that would be beneficial, on one level at least, I mostly disagree with it overall I think books can, and should, be judged on their own merit I think that, if I pick up a book, it needs to stand on its own and not use my previous experience with the author s other books as a crutch I think that [...]

    7. I ve never really been a fan of Alice Cooper, or KISS, or any of those clown acts Alice and Neil apparently got together to cook up an idea for a concept album which I should have been playing while reading this, but see above and graphic novel which has the theme and flavor of much of Gaiman s children s horror work You re a fearful kid, you need to face those fears Our hero, a fearful kid, goes to a show for one with Alice Cooper as a main character, and this continuingly scary experience blee [...]

    8. A mysterious theatre and a charismatic showman with an uncanny resemblance to Alice Cooper appear down an alley where before nothing stood, tempting a young boy inside for a show he won t soon forget warning signs anyone Not if you re a character in a Neil Gaiman book The boy is taken on a roller coaster ride of strange performances in the theatre and when he escapes to the real world is still dogged by a Krueger esque Cooper who haunts his dreams and waking life But why is he doing this Somethi [...]

    9. Basically, this follows a boy called Steven who is afraid of essentially everything ghost stories, growing up and many other things and who, upon hearing a scary story from one of his friends and making comments how it s gross and so on is called a chicken and he is given a dare to prove he is not as much of a scaredy cat as they think he is He is supposed to go into a theatre that is abandoned and therefore counts as haunted While he s in there, he meets the Showman, is offered a ticket to the [...]

    10. Alice Cooper n m zi ini ve sahnedeki anlat sanat n ok seven biri olarak bu kitab okumaya heyecanla ba lad m Hik yesi 94 yap m The Last Temptation alb m yle paralel ve bir ok yerde ba lant s var Konu fazla dallan p budaklanm yor ki ana karakter var Hik yedeki esas karakter olan ovmen ise belki Alice Cooper , belki ona olan hayranl m z ve belki de d lerin tek ger eklik oldu unu simgeliyor.Kitab okurken ger ekten ok fazla zevk ald m Bundaki en b y k etken ise Michael Zulli nin e siz, yarat c , sana [...]

    11. Gostei muito do tra o do artista Michael Zulli.Quanto hist ria achei a boa mas nada de inovador Ali s deu me a sensa o de j ter visto ou lido algo de semelhante.Nota positiva para Michael Zulli.Um grande Meh para Neil Gaiman.

    12. I read the first and third installments of this comic a million years ago when I was in college, but wasn t ever able to find the second one I m also not 100% certain I knew Neil Gaiman had written them they caught my eye in a dinky little comic shop in town So about 15 years later I finally got to read the middle I love this story It s clever and it has Alice Cooper, whom I believe is a wonderful, gentle person who endearingly loves golf and pastel sweaters as much as rock and roll It s a cool [...]

    13. I love stories like this and what better combination to create this kind of tale but Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper Granted there isn t anything massively new in the story itself but the style of the story and illustrations gives it an extra punch that is lacking in other similar tales, and it has Alice Cooper in it Okay I ll admit, I am a little biased, but still this is an enjoyable story with a lovely dose of creepiness and fabulous bonus materials showing how the idea came about so if you like [...]

    14. L ultima tentazione il biglietto dorato che vi dar l accesso ad uno degli spettacoli pi decadenti e graffianti a cui avrete occasione di assistere Nessuna legge, nessuna morale, solo uno spettacolo che deve continuare.Consiglio questa lettura in concerto con l ascolto dell album omonimo di Alice Cooper disponibile, tra le altre forme, su Spotify.

    15. Neil Gaiman could simply write about a tree, and one would still love it He has a certain charm in his writing, something effortless about him, that makes reading his books also seem effortless Having said that, The Last Temptation is unlikely to be one of his finest works This wasn t actually intended to be a book to begin with Neil Gaiman had gotten together with rock singer Alice Cooper for the latter s next album And from there the idea to develop a 3 part comic book also developed The Last [...]

    16. No me considero fan de Alice Cooper pero si lo tengo presente como a un gran artista Y este comic escrito por Neil Gaiman es muy entretenido, bastante oscuro, por momentos pesimista pero por otro lado lleno de un optimismo adolescente que no viene mal leer y disfrutar Me pareci una historia sobre la madurez y de la importancia de nuestras decisiones durante nuestra juventud.No es el mejor gui n de Gaiman ni por asomo pero se nota su letra en cada vi eta del comic.Los dibujos de Zulli son especta [...]

    17. Interesting Early Gaiman The Last Temptation is a studio concept album that was released by Alice Cooper in 1994 The story underlying the album, written by Neil Gaiman, was published as a three comic book set Cooper and Gaiman collaborated on the projects and each contributed to the other s work Alice Cooper is identified as one of the authors in this reissued volume The comic books were published by Marvel Comics in 1994 95 and the collected comic books were issued as a single volume by Dark Ho [...]

    18. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 2.5 of 5Neil Gaiman has the Midas touch when it comes to anything in the publishing industry, graphic novels in particular Of course he s earned that through hard work and awesome writing But even Midas had his early years.I really respect Gaiman s work, though I wouldn t count myself among his most ardent fans perhaps because I haven t read every word he s written and I wouldn t consider myself a fan of the music of Alice Cooper [...]

    19. Book signed by Gaiman at the 2005 National Book Festival, where Gaiman was promoting his new Anansi Boys novel Visited NBF at last minute, tagging along after a friend who had invited me down several times over the course of the preceding week because she really wanted to see the person whose name I heard as Neil Diamond I wasn t interested in traveling two hours to meet a singer whose music I m not interested in, and it was only the night before the festival that she finally said, I thought you [...]

    20. DNFI just couldn t get into this In the first portion, I was intrigued with the set up Introduction of anniversary edition by Gaiman was better than the entire portion of the book I read I m guessing the rest too, but I don t know I m a fan of Gaiman Not die hard, or anything, but I like his books I like Sandman a lot, haven t finished it yet having been introduced to the series only a year or so ago Anyway, I was hoping for something like that Instead, I got a great idea and set up but it didn [...]

    21. Halloween is almost upon them when Steven and his friends discover an alley that wasn t there before that leads to a theatre that wasn t there before The Theatre de Grand Guignol is for the , shall we say, discerning patron and the showman the only name he is ever given in the story , who bears a striking resemblance to Alice Cooper, is offering one ticket to any boy brave enough to enter As much as he is terrified by the prospect, Steven is shamed by his friends into accepting the offer.The man [...]

    22. I got my ARC from NetGalley.This version of the graphic novel is not yet released I have not read the original copy To preface further, I am a Neil Gaiman fan, and while I like Alice Cooper I am not constantly amazed by him.That being said, I personally did not enjoy The Last Temptation This is one of Gaiman s earlier works and it certainly shows Perhaps it was because he co authored it alongside Alice Cooper, but this reads as a commercial piece which was written to accompany the musical album [...]

    23. I picked the book up on a whimsy I like Gaiman, and this book looked different from the rest.The introduction was among the most interesting parts for me, the prose that allowed Gaiman to tell how Last Temptation came about Helping write a concept album for Alice Cooper sounded exciting and neat, and I imagine it is an opportunity that happens too often Within the context of the album, the resulting graphic novel take form.The tale is of Steven, a boy pressed with many fears and threats in his l [...]

    24. One of the only graphic novels I have ever read Of course I had to read it because the music cd it goes hand in hand with is one of my favorite Alice Cooper albums.When I first read it, I had no idea who Neil Gaiman was or what the big deal was about him Now I do and it almost makes me want to check out his previous graphic novel work, Sandman I think.Anyway, this graphic novel gives a story to a collection of songs It s a tale about the pull between good and evil that affects one young man The [...]

    25. Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper and Michael ZulliNow there s three names you wouldn t expect to write in the same sentence.I haven t listened to Cooper s Album version of this, but from reading the book, I was transported back to Cooper s early days of Welcome to my Nightmare and School s Out which were two of the very first 33rpm albums I d ever owned.So simply on a nostalgic note, this for me, was very pleasant to read.Zulli s artwork is as always, some of the best.

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